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Meant to Be Ch. 06


Chapter 6: The restaurant

Jensen and Jared were back in LA for the weekend and decided to have lunch at a new small restaurant. They were sitting at a booth facing each other, checking the menu and chatting when Jared noticed that Jensen was staring at someone behind him.

"Hey, Jen, what is it?"

"It can't be...that's impossible...it can't be her."


"The brunette."

Jared turned around and tried to spot the girl but the restaurant was full and he couldn't see her so Jensen casually, and discreetly, pointed at her. She was standing barely six feet away from them talking to a waitress. They could only see her back from their table, hour glass figure and that long dark wavy hair, and that she was wearing casual clothes, just heels, jeans and a white shirt. So far, nothing particularly stunning, but then she turned around as if trying to find somebody and they got to see the full front of her.

"Man...she's a real hottie...no wonder you're having wet dreams...I mean, she has a nice ass, but check out her rack...plus she's got a lovely face..."

"Hey, all mine! Okay?" Jensen yelled at his friend.

"Okay! Sorry, I was just saying!"

"Well, just, don't!"

Jared smiled at Jensen's reaction. He'd never seen him being that possessive before ―though jealous was a better word to describe his current mood― and he was happy his friend was beginning to move on with his life. It was about time if you asked him! Then, they both stopped talking and tried to eavesdrop at her conversation with the waitress.

"I'm sorry. We have no free tables...and your friend doesn't seem to be here...does she?"

"No, she isn't here yet...Must be on her way, though...Don't worry, I guess I'll just leave then."

"I'm really sorry I can't be more helpful but we just happen to be full today."

"It's all right. Really. Don't worry about it."

Jared looked at Jensen and without any warning he stood up and walked towards the girl. He put on his best puppy face, the big smile and sweet eyes ―the one nobody could say "no" to― and talked to her.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to intrude but my friend and I accidentally overheard your conversation and wondered if you'd like to sit with us while your friend arrives," he offered with a wide smile.

"Ah...well...that's very nice of you...but I don't-"

"It'll be just a couple of minutes, till your friend arrives," he explained and quickly added, giving her zero chance to turn down his offer, "We don't mind at all!"

"Erm, I guess I could sit at your table for a short while if that's ok with you, of course."

"Of course! This way please."

Jared led her to his table and when they approached it, they found Jensen standing with a cheerful smile on his face and his hand stretched out to her. She couldn't believe her own eyes. It was the same gorgeous guy from the elevator and, gosh, he looked even better than she remembered!

They both smiled and shook hands completely lost in each other and, Jared, who immediately sensed the attraction between them and had been expecting a reaction along those lines, suggested they sat down, but not before blocking his side of the table so that she'd have to sit next to Jensen. His plan worked perfectly and she ended up sitting between the blonde and the wall.

Jensen had his eyes fixed on her and didn't even notice that the waitress was waiting for their orders. Luckily, Jared stepped in quickly and said they needed more time so she simply got them some more water and bread. Right then, the brunette excused herself and went to the restroom leaving the men alone.

"Man, she's really hot...you never said she was that curvy...just like a dark-haired Scarlett Johansson!"

"Dude, drop it!"

"Ok, I'm sorry!" he apologized grinning and then added "Besides, I'm dating this blonde hottie, you know."

"Really? You didn't tell me about it. Good for you, man!"

"Yeah, we've only had a couple of dates but she seems great."

Then, Adriana, that was the brunette's name, came back from the restroom and sat down at the table. Jensen stood up to let her sit and scented her perfume as she walked past him. It was fresh, inviting, and made him wish he could bury his face on her neck and hair and breathe in deeply till the sweet fragrance filled his lungs completely. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option at the moment and instead they talked for a little while about their jobs and lives in LA. Jensen was nicely surprised when he learned she had no idea who they were, he found it quite refreshing actually, and even more so when she didn't seem to be particularly impressed by it.

"Wow! So, you're actors. Must be really interesting and exciting! Where have I seen you?"

"Mostly TV, and a couple of movies."

"Sorry I didn't recognize you, it's just that I'm not really into celebrities and gossip and stuff like that..."

Jensen loved this. He had the chance to relax and be himself, not worrying about crazy fans or wanna-be actresses/models who wanted to take advantage of him. Right then, Jared's phone started ringing and he checked it. It was a text message, well, at least that's what he said.

"Sorry, guys, something's come up and I'm afraid I must go now...but please you two stay and enjoy lunch!"

Jared stood up and left and when he was at the door, he looked back at Jensen and winked at him.

Adriana sipped at her water while Jensen stared at her with his gorgeous green eyes. There was tension in the air and she could feel his eyes on her face and body. It was as if his eyes were caressing every inch of her. She quickly dismissed those ideas, though, and thought she was imagining things, but she wasn't, that was exactly what he was doing.

Jensen couldn't get himself to think straight. His mind was once again filled with pictures of her. She was looking straight at him seductively, lustful for him ―just as lustful as he was for her. Her lips parted and her gaze locked with his, her dark hair framing her lovely face in the sexiest way possible.

He imagined her in those blue jeans and white shirt ―though not exactly in the same way she was wearing them then and there! The shirt was unbuttoned and tied with a knot and her jeans were running low, really low, revealing a taut belly and hipbone he'd most certainly love to kiss!

There was an awkward silence of which Jensen was completely oblivious, completely lost in his own musings, when suddenly her phone rang. She felt grateful for it ―the long silence between them becoming too uncomfortable, not to mention his intense stare― and she answered it immediately. It turned out to be her friend Haylie, who seemed to be having some kind of hair crisis involving highlights. They talked for a few minutes and then Adriana ended the call saying she'd go to her place immediately.

She put her phone away and turned to Jensen, who was still staring at her but was now smiling, and she thanked him for letting her wait at his table and quickly explained that the friend she was waiting for wasn't coming after all and actually needed her help so she'd have to leave.

Jensen was desperate, he didn't know what to do or say to make her stay, but he remained calm, or appeared to be, while his mind went through a million different scenarios. Unfortunately, he couldn't think of a suitable one, but at least he knew her name now and where she worked, so he could simply google her, right?

He stood up and was saying goodbye to her when two kids came rushing by the table and accidentally pushed her. She couldn't help tripping and almost fell but he instantly caught her in his arms. She was in his arms, again, their lips a few inches apart, their gazes locked. They both blushed remembering the elevator, him feeling lustful, her feeling shy, the same breath-taking attraction enveloping them.

He looked into her eyes, and somehow managed to come out of the trance he was falling into and asked if she was okay. She nodded and quickly took a step away from him somewhat in a daze as well. He stood still, his arms on her waist, clearly refusing to let her go.

She blushed and looked at them, and he reluctantly let go of her uttering a barely audible "sorry". Then, they said goodbye and he watched her leave the restaurant feeling his heart beating faster and faster and thinking "please turn around and look back at me" over and over again. And someone upstairs seemed to like him because the second she was about to walk out the door, she turned around, locked gazes with him and smiled.

To Be Continued....


Hi, there! Hope you're enjoying my story and want to read some more. As usual, feedback is appreciated! :-)

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by Anonymous10/27/17


next time please make it longer and more elaborate and some more action. otherwise the plot is amazing and this story is awesome

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