tagFirst TimeMeant To Be Together, I'm the One

Meant To Be Together, I'm the One


A 40-year-old virgin has a threesome with daughter and mother.

Unable to find her, Jerry, a 40-year-old virgin, grew tired of looking for the right woman. Truth be told, with one woman possessing this quality and another woman possessing that quality, after looking so long, he wouldn't recognize the right woman, if he tripped over her. Always striking out with the wrong woman, he made a pledge last Valentine's Day, his 39th birthday, after spending another lonely Thanksgiving, unhappy Christmas, and uncelebrated New Year's Eve alone, that this was the last year that he'd spend without a woman. He swore to himself that this year was the last year of his virginity.

Thinking it a big deal to be a virgin, when he was in his twenties and his friends were having sex with any available female, commendable to still be a virgin, when he turned 30-year-old, now that he'll be 40-years-old on Valentine's Day, being a virgin at his age is embarrassing. Even priests have more sex than him. His 18-year-old nephew is already in a sexual relationship and his 19-year-old niece is pregnant, again. Only, even with his best plans made to get laid, what suddenly got in the way of him having a hot date with an attractive woman and losing his virginity, before Valentine's Day was his best friend, Dan, dying of a sudden heart attack. Just a few years older than he was, taking stock of his own miserable life without a special someone, the reality of death hit him hard and just as Jerry didn't want to die alone, he didn't want to die a virgin. Yet, his pledge to lose his virginity will have to wait, until after Dan's funeral on Valentine's Day. A day typically saved for love has given its way to death.

Invited to spend the night, before starting his long drive home the next morning, Jerry was an overnight guest at his recently deceased best friend's house, after having attended his funeral on his uncelebrated 40th birthday. A childhood friend, he had known Dan all his life, before losing touch with him the past few years. Now alone with his widow, Elaine, and their 24-year-old daughter, Amanda, it was no secret that Jerry had always lusted over the both women. Nothing new there, with him being a 40-year-old virgin, Jerry lusted over any women wearing a skirt. In his defense, Dan's wife and daughter were striking beauties.

Two, hot blonde bombshells, sometimes difficult to tell one from the other, especially from behind, at 45-years-old, Elaine was young enough appearing and hot enough looking to be Amanda's identical twin sister. With Amanda looking more mature than her years and looking older and with Elaine watching her figure, exercising, and looking younger, both women looked 30-something-years-old. Of course, Jerry the horn dog that he has become, wouldn't mind losing his virginity to Dan's widow, Elaine. She was a nice piece of ass. Besides, they always had a mutual attraction for one another and, perhaps, with Dan out of the picture, as a physical way for both of them to grieve, rebound sex from a grieving widow may be me just what he needed on his birthday, Valentine's Day, the day of love and sex, to lose his virginity.

When Dan was alive, knowing that Jerry was a confirmed bachelor and an admitted virgin, his wife Elaine unmercifully teased him. Nothing more than touchy feely and a bit of kissing, along with a bit of desperate groping, after a long night of drinking, Elaine allowed him to feel her tits and finger her nipples through her blouse and bra, while she fondled his cock through his pants. Then, when in the deep, dark end of the pool, she allowed him to go up her bikini top and suck her nipples and down her bikini bottoms to finger her pussy, while she stuck her horny hand down his bathing trunks to fondle, squeeze, and stroke his cock, before submerging herself body beneath the water to take his cock in her mouth. Innocent, albeit erotic fun, always flaunting her sexy body and showing him her panties with up skirts peeks and her bra with down blouse views, too obvious in her intent to seduce him, even in front of her husband, Jerry suspected that Dan approved of Elaine flashing him. If nothing else, after Elaine flashed him and they fondled one another the entire night, he left their house with lots of masturbation fodder.

Knowing Dan as well as he did, he imagined that Dan and Elaine discussed all that she showed him, all that she did, and all that she allowed Jerry to see, feel, and do during some hot pillow talk that night. Fixing him up with women that he knew, Dan had always kidded him about his virginity, but Jerry remained steadfast in holding out for the right woman. Putting his career ahead of his nonexistent sex life, now that he was 40-years-old, now that he had pledged to lose his virginity, he was ready to finally have sex with a woman, rather than with his hairy hand.

No doubt, had Dan lived, as a way to finally pop his cherry, it wouldn't have surprised him, if Dan asked him to watch him having sex with Elaine, after inviting him to their bed. Then, a few years ago, Dan's daughter, Amanda, on her 21st drunken birthday bash, started in on the flashing fun, too, when she accidentally, no doubt, on purpose, lost her bikini top in the pool and walked around topless in front of everyone, while pretending she didn't know her bikini bra was floating in the water.

C'mon, are you kidding me? Give me a break. How could she not know she was topless? Jerry suspected that Dan and/or Elaine told their daughter that he was a virgin, obviously, which was why she started teasing him, too. Admittedly a bit inebriated, Amanda walked around the backyard topless, while flaunting her sexy body and exposing her tits for ten minutes to him, her mother, her father, and her friends, before acting shocked and embarrassed, and before diving in the pool to retrieve her bra.

With the sight of her beautiful breasts in plain view, while trying not to let her catch him staring, he wasn't about to tell her that she was topless. Already having lusted over her, before she even lost her top, he spent countless nights masturbating over the thoughts of touching, feeling, fondling, and sucking Amanda's big breasts, while she was on her knees sucking his cock. Before Amanda flaunted her topless body, he'd give anything to fuck Dan's wife, that is, until his thoughts now turned to having sex with Dan's sexually uninhibited, provocatively adventurous, and daring daughter.

Truth be told, if only for the sake of comparison, and in some perverse memory of his decease friend, he always wanted to do both mother and daughter. Yet, true to his commitment to abstain from sex, until he met the right woman, now with Dan gone, with two available and attractive women before him, maybe he already has. Having sex with Elaine and/or Amanda separately or at the same time would be his sexual fantasy come true. Fucking one, while eating the other, before having them switch, as if they were a female wrestling tag team and he was the referee, he'd love to see them both naked and on their knees in front of him together, while sucking his cock. Knowing that his mother and daughter sexual fantasy would never happen, knowing he'd never have sex with Elaine or Amanda, he always fantasized, while masturbating, what it would be like to have one or the other or both of these hot women in bed together. Now that Dan is gone and he's alone with his women, maybe this is his chance.

Awake most of the night with mixed emotions, sadness, while thinking of his best friend dying of a sudden heart attack and horniness, while thinking of being alone in the house with his best friend's hot wife and slutty daughter, he awoke with an erection, when his thoughts turned from suffering sorrow to having first time sex with his best friend's wife and/or daughter. Unable to sleep and in the mood for a drink, he went downstairs for a beer, when the scent of Amanda's perfume wafted through the hall and drifted by his guestroom door. She smelled delicious. Hoping to run into one of them, mother or daughter, hoping to catch them wearing nothing but a smile, he hoped one or the other was feeling just as randy and sexually adventurous, as he was. Hoping that one or both of them subscribed to the medication that he prescribed and possessed, hoping that mother and/or daughter would give him the best birthday gift on Valentine's Day, he wondered if they realized that, sometimes, the best way to cope with tragedy is to have hot sex with an appreciative, albeit 40-year-old virgin.

Knowing she was downstairs, by the fresh scent of her perfume, he surprised Amanda, when he turned on the kitchen light. No doubt, hearing him coming down the stairs, but for the soft glow of her cigarette, she was sitting at the kitchen table in the dark, while having a cup of tea. Being the horn dog that he is, the first thing he noticed was her barely there nightgown. Low cut and short, covered in see through lace, her nightgown was as transparent as his horniness was heightened and engorged by the sight of her nearly naked loveliness. Obviously, with her coming downstairs without a bathrobe, while knowing there was a male guest in the house, especially after she, no doubt, purposely lost her bikini top in the pool and flashed him her breasts three years ago, like mother like daughter, he figured her for the exhibitionist that her mother was. With both women equally as hot as they were willing, if Amanda was intent on showing what she had by wearing such a revealing nightgown, then he was intent on looking.

"Hi," he said breathing out his word, with a hungry look, as if he was drooling over the steak that the waiter just brought to his table.

"Hi," she said with disinterest, cocking her head one way to look at him and fouling him with her bad mood, before looking the other away to pollute the room with a cloud of blue cigarette smoke.

With her hair brushed in place and wearing makeup, even earrings, looking as if she never went to bed, but for the cigarette and her tattoos, she looked like an innocent bride on her honeymoon. He wondered why she'd be wearing makeup at two in the morning. Was she hoping he'd come downstairs? Was she hoping to get him alone? Was she hoping he'd see her in her barely there nightgown? Did she want to flash him her hot body, as much as he wanted to see her hot body? Did she want him, as much as he wanted her?

He stared as much at the amount of cleavage she was showing, as she shot him furtive glances at the bulge in his pajama bottoms. Tit for cock, the more he looked, the more she looked. As if she was a thousand dollar hooker and he was a deep pocketed John, flushed with cash, the air was suddenly thick with sexual desire. Already proud, while carrying around his morning wood, but for a tee shirt that hugged his muscular body, he wasn't wearing any underwear. With the head of his erection rubbing against the inside of his pajama bottom, he hoped his one-eyed Jack would pop out of his pajama and make his excited appearance known. Serendipitously introducing himself, his cock was his not so subtle compliment of seeing her in her sexy nightgown and his way of showing Amanda how much he not only appreciated how much she was showing but also how much he wanted her.

Knowing she was no virgin, when she unabashedly paraded around him in her teeny tiny bikini earlier in the day, an unusually warm day, even for Las Vegas in February, immediately after her father's funeral, he wished she'd lose her bikini top in the way she did the last time they met. After seeing her in her bikini, wondering if she had a preference, he couldn't help but notice her tramp stamp on her lower back that read any hole will do. Obviously, she was every bit of the wild slut that her mother was. Dan told Jerry stories of Elaine cheating on him with younger men and women. It excited Dan to know that his wife was so wanted by both sexes. An open marriage, so long as she told him all the sexy details of the affairs, who, when, where, and everything else in between, and so long as she gave him hot pillow talk, while giving even hotter sex, he was okay with Elaine taking other lovers.

A bold move and a risk he was willing to take to be with this exceptionally rare, albeit slutty beauty, he wondered what Amanda would do, if suddenly confronted by his exposed, erect prick. Would she stare? Would she look away? Would she be shocked and run from the room screaming for her mother? Would she reach her hand out to touch it, stroke it, and suck it? Maybe she doesn't dig older men or maybe, now that Daddy's dead, looking for a new Daddy, she does.

"What are you up so late?"

Jerry got a beer out of the fridge, popped the top, took a long sip, and walked over to the kitchen table. He stood over Amanda to enjoy her down nightgown view, as if hovering in a low helicopter, while enjoying the exciting view of the hotels that lit up the Vegas strip. As if peering down the vast drop from the top of the Hoover Dam, he peered down her open nightgown top, while waiting for her to answer. Overwhelming his eyes with roundness, his cock throbbed at the sight of her exposed breasts. With cleavage that rivaled Salma Hayek's perfect breasts, big, symmetrical boobs run in their family. Just as Elaine has a rack, Amanda has beautiful knockers, too.

A confirmed breast man, he'd loved to touch, feel, fondle, and suck her big tits, while fingering, pulling, and twisting her hard nipples. Only, wishing she would, if she leaned forward, just a little more, he'd have a nice down nightgown view of her areolas and nipples, too. Knowing he was looking and, no doubt, knowing all that she was showing and all that he was seeing, when she looked down at herself, without closing her nightgown top, obviously, she didn't care that he could see most of her breasts. Then, just as he figured she would, on the pretense of moving closer to the table to take a slow sip of her tea, she leaned forward to give him a better and longer down nightgown view of her breasts. Obviously, she wanted him to see her big tits, as much as he wanted to see her big tits and he did.

"I couldn't sleep," she said, after a sip of her tea and a long, soulful and mindless suck of her cigarette.

Watching her take her cigarette to her lips with her manicured fingertips, he wished it was his cock she was holding and sucking. Always envious of Brad Pitt, she had full, red lips like Angelina Jolie's full, red lips. Lips that he'd love to kiss and lips that he'd love to feel sliding up and down his cock, while leaving red lipstick marks, as if measuring how much water a boat took at sea, he was just as mesmerized by Amanda's lips, as he was by her breasts. Oh, yeah, he'd love for this sexy bitch to suck his prick, while he fondled her big tits. Knowing Dan was a fan of reading incest stories, especially father and daughter stories, he wondered if he ever had sex with his daughter. Now no longer hiding her intentions with furtive glances, he watched Amanda look up and stare at his bulge, before blowing her cigarette smoke at his cock and before looking up to make eye contact with him.

"I couldn't sleep either," he said stopping himself from saying anymore. Not wanting to ruin the mood, he wanted to say that he couldn't sleep because he was thinking of Dan, before he said that he couldn't sleep because he was thinking of her.

Using this chance, early morning meeting, as his perfect opportunity to get her alone, he decided to take the chance to see, if she was as interested in him as he was in her. Stepping closer to stand a mere foot away from her, with her mouth so close to his pajama clad cock that, if his erect prick poked out of his pajama bottom and he leaned forward just a few inches, at the same time, his prick would impale her lipstick clad mouth. Wanting it to happen, hoping his cock would accidentally on purpose appear, he voluntarily pulsated his cock to make it grow bigger and harder, while hoping that it would make its way out of his pee-hole opening. Every time his cock moved, catching the throbbing movement out of the corner of her eye, he watched her eyes turn to look at his pulsating bulge. His captive audience to his pajama puppet show, just as he was mesmerized by her tits, she seemed captivated by his dick.

"Is that for me?" As if his erect prick was a pesky fly that bothered her, she flicked his cock with her manicured fingers and nearly knocked it out of the opening, before dumping her cigarette ashes on his pajama clad bulge.

Nice. Oh, yeah, Dan brought her up right. Like mother like daughter, she was one class act. All she needed was a g-string, tassels on her nipples, and a pole between her legs to top off the slutty image that he had of her. Suddenly seeing her on stage, the thought of her making love to a pole, while stripping off her clothes, hardened his cock. Except for still wanting Dan's wife, never had he wanted anyone, as much as he wanted Dan's daughter.

"It is, if you're interested," he said looking down at his erect prick, before making eye contact with her and before putting a hand to his hip and sticking out his pelvis in his best Captain Morgan pose.

Wanting to just put a hand to her blonde head, he couldn't believe she touched his pajama clad cock with her fingertips. He couldn't believe she dumped her cigarette ashes on his erection. Then, as his cock grew bigger and stiffer, with one big pulsating push, as if this was meant to be and as if she was he one, it happened. His cock popped out of his pajama bottom and, just in the way that Amanda pretended she hadn't noticed her lost bikini top, Jerry pretended that he didn't know his cock was so exposed, sticking straight out of his pajama bottom, and pointing at her mouth.

With his throbbing and bobbing elephant trunk in the room, just inches away from her mouth, Amanda turned and stared at his cock, before looking up at him, and then turning away with disinterest. He couldn't imagine the number of cocks she must have sucked for her to be so cavalier about seeing his cock. He would have preferred had she feigned a bit of shocked surprise or slutty appreciation, while staring at his exposed prick.

"Nice cock, Jerry and I'm flattered by your obvious excitement but, really, I'm not interested," she said briefly making eye contact with him, before staring down at his exposed prick again and before looking away to pay more attention to her cigarette than to him. "I'm sure my mother would like to suck on that for you, though, if you take it and yourself up to her room. No doubt, she'll be expecting you," she said exhaling her coldness with her cigarette smoke. "Never making any secrets about her sexual attraction to men and women, for that matter, especially younger men and women, she's always had a special attraction for you," she said turning her head to stare at his hairy, one-eyed monster.

"I'd rather be with you, Amanda," he said hoping she'd reconsider his stiff offer. Now knowing, after Amanda's confession, how her mother feels about him, that if she rejected him, he could always go upstairs to Elaine's room and finally keep his pledge to lose his virginity on Valentine's Day, albeit a day late.

"Put that thing away," she said dismissing him with a wave her hand and a flick of her head and hair.

She looked away, while taking another drag of her cigarette, before squashing her butt in the ashtray in the way she had just squashed his chances of bedding her. When he didn't move to cover his exposed erection, she stood, walked to the sink, and dumped the rest of her tea. Then, with her hand pushing away at his cock, as if it was a subway turnstile, she shouldered her way past him.

"So what do you say?" Encouraged that the side of her hand brushing by his cock, Jerry took a step closer to her. "Don't you want to give Jerry, Jr. a kiss, a squeeze, a stroke, and a suck?"

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