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My family was fairly close growing up with all of us becoming partners in my father's financial services business. I had one brother who was fourteen years older than me and married while he was very young. He and his wife Melody had two sons with the first being born when I was only five years old. His second son would come a year later giving me nephews that were closer to me in age and interests than my brother and me. We all got along great and grew up to work in my father's business.

Dad had survived through the housing market bubble that burst ten years ago and with repos, refinancing, and buyers looking to capitalize on low home prices the mortgage business in our family was not hurting for customers at all. I was in my early twenties and making good money on origination fees and other financial products but was still single and able to splurge on foolish things occasionally. My brother Paul had opened his own branch location on the opposite side of the city we were closest to and was raking in the big bucks along with my nephews Dennis and Randy.

Dennis the older of the two went a route none of us were too fond of and took his income to mean he was someone special and above others. He had not been born when my father struggled and almost lost everything so he took it all for granted. This was at a time when many families were hurting and listening to him bragging about his financial status was just not something I thought was real cool. He had married a girl name Colleen that was every much as big a snob as Dennis was and I thought she was the driving force to his better than thou behavior.

They stretched way beyond their means and bought a big foreclosed house in a nice neighborhood, drove expensive cars, and didn't care too much for the people who weren't like them, as phony as they were. Colleen was a nurse who worked part time for one of those traveling mobile heart scan units and on two or three days a week she would go out to some remote location and would help the medical team with their customers for the day usually returning at night with the occasional overnighter.

Despite the fact that she was extremely fit and that most people considered her very attractive, we didn't get along too well and she knew I did not care for her bitchiness or attitude. We started avoiding each other at all costs. What was funny is that knowing their finances like I did, I knew she had spent a good fortune of her husband's money and that they were actually struggling for cash.

They were paying a huge mortgage each month and the cars they drove were not cheap either. She tried to keep everyone under the belief that she only worked to keep busy which was simply not true. They owed on everything and big time. This charade along with some others she played out told me to just avoid them at family gatherings and I would be less inclined to say something that would upend the flower cart.

With my brother taking the north side of the city for his first branch out my father asked if I could scout a couple of locations south and west of the city. The four locations he currently had offices in were already tapped out and he wanted to expand into another location versus expanding the size of a current ones. What surprised me is how far out some of the suggested locations were. However he convinced me when he showed me the statistics on where the originations were coming from that it made perfect sense.

Two weeks ago I was asked to go to Decatur and check on three potential locations along with the nearest realtors and find out about the market. He wanted on the street research and not off of the internet. Since I was still single I thought it could be a good break and something I could have some fun with. Little did I know how much fun I would really have when I embarked on my little fact finding tour.

The town was big enough and had plenty of survivable businesses which meant some housing turnover at least as employees came and went. The projected office locations didn't have one selling point over the other and the only choice to make would be a cosmetic difference if the choice had to be made at all. One was slightly larger but also more expensive and the lease per square foot was within pennies and dollars. I worked the car and phone driving around all day before I began to tire out and headed to the hotel I would make my home in for the next two days. That is when my fun started.

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot I saw a big tour bus size medical unit with the Healthy Heart and Vascular Scan logo all over it. This is the company Colleen worked for. I drove past the bus to find it empty. Apparently they were done for the day and most likely had gone out for dinner which is what I planned to do.

I went up to my room after checking in and took a quick shower, pulled on some nicer jeans, a dress shirt hanging loosely and decided to walk across the parking lot to one of the three restaurants that lined the street in front of the hotels. Nothing fancy just one of the barbecue joints that were popular down here was all I had in mind.

But that changed when I was taken to a table and walked right past Colleen with her arms draped around the shoulders of well-dressed younger guy in the booth next to her. When we got further away I asked the hostess seating me if I could go back to the booth right behind her and whoever he was. With a warm smile she acknowledged my request and seated me.

To make sure I would be hard to recognize I sat in the booth with my back to them making it so my head was only a foot away from them if they decided to break their trance and look over their shoulders. But fortunately they didn't and just kept talking in a voice loud enough for me to hear. Listening to their conversation was interesting and I found out that just like Colleen, the jerk she was clinging on was married and that he also had children.

The topics ranged from what a bitch his wife was to what a wuss my nephew was. They may have been right but that didn't matter as much as the fact that it was my family they were discussing. Plus they were both married and should have had some willpower to avoid the situation they were in. Only it was obvious to anyone who saw them that they were here intentionally and not together for the first time.

Colleen excused herself to go to the restroom at the perfect time as the waitress approached to take my order. I hadn't considered her recognizing my voice. After ordering myself a half slab, a baked potato, and a salad it dawned on me that I could use this to my advantage and to start filming it discreetly with my cell phone.

I couldn't have written a better performance as these two shared details about their marriages, their families, and their sex life both at home and with each other the last time they were together. They were proud of the affair they were having with each other and looking to take it up a notch.

The phone was picking up the audio but all I could get was the back of their heads. I would have to risk a trip to the bathroom myself to get a frontal shot of the two of them for proof which is what I decided to do. I put the phone in my hand facing backwards and walked away but was disappointed in the motion of the screen bouncing all over when I viewed the footage in the restroom. So when I walked back out I had my phone on zoom and stood in the darkened entrance to the bathroom hallway and captured a great close-up of her reaching up and kissing him on the cheek and remaining in an embrace complete with an seductive look into his eyes. This embrace allowed me to walk to my table directly behind them filming the whole time.

Recording the rest of the evening was mostly useless mush for now but with some editing I was sure I could pull out some good tidbits. One thing that did get asked was when Colleen mentioned having sex on one of the testing beds on the bus. The guy she was with laughed and said he had already tried that with Jenny. Now I had to figure out his name and also find out who Jenny was.

With a trove of information that I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with I quietly paid my bill and snuck out to my car to catch them leaving. It only took about ten more minutes before they walked out with Colleen once again clinging to his shoulder. I zoomed in and continued filming as she stayed at his side until they entered the same hotel I was staying at. To remain unnoticed I had to linger back a little bit but made it into the lobby as they ascending the stairs at the far side.

I listened to my phone and was proud of the recording and found that the video from the bathroom was remarkable and unmistakable to the fact that it was her. There would be no denying her voice on the recording if any of it if it ever got out, which was going to happen one way or another I just wasn't sure how yet.

When I went down in the morning the guy she had been with the previous evening was just walking out of the hotel. I didn't see any of the girls so I figured they were already on the bus. He walked over to it got on and within minutes he was on the road. I kept a good distance back and followed him as he pulled into a large park district recreational building parking lot. I passed him and went down a block to slowly turn around. As I approached from the opposite direction he as standing alone outside of the bus without the nurses anywhere in sight. This would be great time to get some info on him.

Guys like this just needed their egos boosted and they would do and say anything. I started with the "hey why do you have to do all of the work?" comment and then added how nice it must be to travel the country surrounded by nurses all day and more. He lifted his chest just short of pounding on it. When asked he said the nurses usually slept in and came an hour later after he did all of the work and everything was set up. It took a couple of more minutes before I asked him for his business card which he quickly produced. One with both an office number and his cell phone. His name was Scott. This was convenient.

With this information in hand it became very difficult to do the work I was here for. Was this enough evidence for blackmail? Would I use it to put her in her place and break up a marriage? What would I do about Mr. Womanizer Scott? Whatever happened he was not getting a free pass even though I had Colleen in my crosshairs for screwing with my family. Would I involve Scott's wife?

My mind wandered as I kept thinking of what Colleen looked like in the throes of an orgasm and that led me to consider blackmail instead of just revealing the evidence. I needed to see that picture in my mind come to fruition. But first I would need to be careful and find a burner phone. Smart phones were not cheap and burner phones weren't a reality in my situation. My options were limited and the salesman at the phone store convinced me to just add another line to my plan and then I could keep one number private. That is the route I chose for the next phase of my planning.

Colleen had hosted last year's Christmas party to show off her new dining room set and emailed invitations. Fortunately I was able to find the Evite on my laptop which had her cell phone number for the RSVP. With this little avenue of destruction in hand I decided to tease a little at first and get her mind working against her. The first text I sent to her simply read.

"Ask Scott if you are as good as Jenny was in bed?"

The look on her face would have been priceless if only I could have seen it. But my plan was to continue this tormenting her over time and there would be no way to see her as I did this. It only took a couple of minutes before she responded.

"Who is this?"

If she was expecting an answer right away she was mistaken. In fact I would not be answering that one for a while. Instead that evening I started looking at the screen capture and was able to get a nice shot of her draped over his shoulder in the restaurant with their faces clearly in view. I sent the photo hours later with the label.

"I am the one who has this photo."

Her response came quickly.

"Who are you and what do you want? Where did you get that photo? It isn't me."

I couldn't help but laugh. Looking at that photo would clearly show that it was her almost in Scotts lap at the restaurant last night. This was very enjoyable because somewhere in this hotel she was going to become a nervous wreck. I only hoped she was in Scott's room as there would be no coupling tonight. He should be as concerned as she is if he was seeing what she was.

"Are you still there? Who are you and what do you want?" She asked on her next text message.

"Yes, I am still here. I am also still waiting for an answer. Ask Scott if you are as good as his other slut Jenny."

"I am not a slut." She responded within seconds.

"That wasn't a question. I already have come to that conclusion. I want to know if you are a good one is all and whether or not you are as good as Jenny?"

I typed while trying to think of a way to string her along all night for maximum enjoyment and then before she could respond I added.

"And aren't you disappointed that you won't be the first one Scott has taken for a ride on his Love Bus."

"Stop it! That's not funny. Don't call it a Love Bus and I am not Scott's slut."

I thought over this for a little while. The good thing is that while I had all of the time in the world these two saw some of theirs slipping away. I had so many directions to take this. And all of them would be fun but I still had to break these two up first.

"Hey I didn't name it the Love Bus, Scott did. And I wasn't the first to call you a slut, Scott was, and I wasn't the one who did Jenny on the Love Bus, Scott was. And it wasn't my idea to film you it was Scotts. And I didn't just install cameras in your rooms on my own, Scott told the front desk to let me into your room while you guys were at the park district today. So I am not sure why you are getting angry at me. I was just asking questions?"

She didn't respond to the last one. I am sure she had a good long talk with Scott. Hey maybe they had make up sex when the talk was over, maybe they didn't I would never know.

Google and White Pages can shed a lot of light when looking up people online. I found a listing for Scott and it had Pam listed as another name at the address both of them being 26. I sat there editing my videos until I could get a perfect ten second shot of them walking through the lot with their faces in plain view. I then sent this to both of them with a different message.

To Scott I wrote. "Can you help me, I keep trying to send this to Pam and it won't go through. Maybe I have the wrong number?"

And to Colleen I just wrote. "Hey when I send this to Dennis should I tell him that the man in the picture is Scott or will he already know?"

This was great I could keep this up all night. They were both quick to respond. I was bombarded with offers of money, threats of bodily harm, asked to think about the embarrassment of the families, etc. I couldn't keep up with the amount of messages I was receiving. It made it difficult to watch TV so I shut it off. Hey as far as I was concerned this was better than reality TV anyway. My next response went to both of them who were still trying to figure out who I was.

"So let me get this straight. You two want me to consider the effect that this will have on your families when you didn't? Sort of sounds like someone is passing the buck here. You two are having an affair and it is my fault? Let me think this through."

I hit send and then typed as quickly as I could to make sure they didn't have a chance to breathe in between text messages.

"Ok, you waited long enough. No. Not my problem. You guys figure the whole family thing out. Oh and by the way Scott? Is Colleen as good as Jenny was in bed?"

I didn't wait for an answer. One of the three of us was going to get some sleep and I was pretty sure it would be me so I went to sleep after turning off my phone. I didn't look for the bus in the morning or the nurses leaving but the lot was pretty empty when I finally awoke and made my way out to my car which I had parked around back last night. I would be driving an hour to the west and would be in a different hotel by the evening.

When the day finally ended and I unpacked I grabbed my fun phone, its new name, and plugged it in to charger and then let it start receiving the messages the messages I purposely avoided for the last 20 hours. They were spaced out and came from both Scott and Colleen all night and throughout the day. It was comical as there was no way either of them had slept last night or enjoyed their ride home today.

The banter continued for a couple of days. I asked Scott to send me a picture of Jenny naked which he claimed would be impossible so I asked for a picture of Colleen naked instead. That asshole actually had some. I filed these for later and then sent him another request.

"I am sorry, I said Colleen but I meant Pam. In fact I already have pictures of you and Colleen."

Taking the pictures I now had of Colleen I forwarded one of the one's Scott had sent me back to her and asked if I could see the real thing in person. It might be all I need to make this all go away I said. She sent some texts back that showed the Colleen I already knew. The mafia could use a girl like this. She had no reservations in regards to language, threats, or intimidation tactics. But unfortunately for her she was not the one in control.

"Never mind, I will just send Dennis what I got from Scott. Is his cell still 809-xxx-xxxx?"

"Or how about his father's? Do you call him Paul or Dad?"

Silence. No more text messages from here the rest of the day. Nothing. In fact I hadn't heard from Scott either. I seriously doubted they were talking or planning anything together as they both were focused on the own problem if this got out or went further. I sat down at my computer and searched for information that females could use to tell if their husbands were having an affair. One of the articles mentioned a sudden change in the husband where he starts showering her with gifts to satisfy his own guilt. To me this would strike as pay dirt and I wouldn't have to do anything. OK, I would have to cut the article out and mail it to Pam with that portion circled and then wait a day or two before sending Scott a new text.

"Scott, I am a person who likes to see two people in love. What I am going to ask you to do has to be done without reservation or questions. If you can't then none of your options you offered me will be accepted. See, I don't need your money. But you will. You will buy your wife a bouquet of roses on the way home tonight and then insist she gets ready to eat out. You will take a selfie of the two of you together in the restaurant and send it to me. If I don't have a picture by nine, she has a picture of my choice by nine fifteen."

Just to be sure, Scott didn't wait. I had a picture of him and Pam on my phone at eight thirty. She was actually very cute. She wasn't a glamour model like Colleen tried to be but she was pretty enough and had an incredible smile. I am sure if she spent what Colleen spent on her hair and makeup she would be more beautiful.

Two days later I told Scott he had to insist on her getting a new car. I don't care what you trade in or what you get, but I want to see her in a new car. Teach her to back it into the driveway. But I want a picture from the dealer lot and then I want the car in your driveway backed in all week. Once I sent the text I sent another copy of the cheating husband article to her with the same section circled only now in bright red sharpie then added along the bottom.

"And they start acting all weird. Ask him to see his phone for a second."

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