tagNovels and NovellasMediterranean Baby Blue Ch. 02

Mediterranean Baby Blue Ch. 02


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CHAPTER 02 -Velvet Twilight.

My mind was cloudy, my thoughts in turmoil concerning my relationship with Carol. The last thing I needed right now was to spend time alone. I was in such a somber mood. I was going to get a drink and try to forget this evening's events. Maybe some music and a drink would make me able to get past this hurdle.

At first I thought I would go to "The Earl's Home," our favorite hangout, in search of maybe a house party or a friend that had access to alcohol. Most of our friends hung out there though; I was not in the mood for them asking where Carol was. So, I started thinking where else I could go. In fact, I wanted to do something new. I felt restless. I remembered that Heather told me Wednesdays at the "Velvet Twilight" nightclub were better than the weekends. There was no cover, drinks were on special, and they always had good indy bands playing. The crowd was rowdy, young, and sexy. Being close to six feet tall and having one of the best fake ID's, I had gone clubbing before, I guess some people associate height with age, but then again there were times I was sent home.

I decided to change so I could fit in with the underground Goth crowd that were frequent regulars at the club. I stopped home, all my siblings were home watching TV.

"What's up?" I said, as I walked in.

"Nothing much," said Mary, who was four years younger than me. Daniel was about two years younger than me and he just shrugged. When he got into a movie, not even a earthquake could move him. My youngest brother, Justin, was the baby of the family. He was seven years old and excitedly ran to me and gave me a big hug. I messed up his hair, grabbed him and tickled his sides. He giggled loudly as we started wrestling, attempting some fake wrestling moves as I let him get me into a headlock. We annoyed Daniel so much that he had paused the movie.

"Tell me when your done messing around so I can watch the rest of the movie." Daniel said not hiding the annoyance in the tone of his voice.

"I think Daniel wants us to show him some WWF love." I said to Justin as I picked him up and threw him on the couch next to Daniel.

We cut off the "DON'T" he was about say as we tackled him on the floor and pinned him. He soon got into the fun and we had a mini fake wrestling match. We were all laughing and even Mary could not resist and jumped in to help us hold Justin as we tickled him.

After a few minutes of playing around we stopped to catch our breaths.

"Oh, mom and dad called. They said not to wait up, they will be late," said Mary, then as a after thought she added, "By the way, what grade did you finish with?

Darn, I thought, I forgot that today was my parents networking meeting.

"A, thank you very much." I said with a smirk on my face.

"Grats, Bro." said Daniel and both Mary and Justin added their congratulations.

"Woa, that means your probably going to get to go to Greece this summer," added Daniel.

"I hope so bro, I really hope so," I said. They all assured me that mom and dad had said they would buy me the ticket, and would let me go. That lifted my spirits up a bit. I really loved all my family, my parents were more like friends to us, and all our friends that had met them, thought they were super cool.

I told them I planned to go out with my friends, and to tell mom and dad I might be late. Mary told me to write a note and place it on the fridge, as my parents had instructed me to do when I would be out late as she doubted anyone would be awake when they came home. I thanked Mary for reminding me.

I started the note with the date, then followed with, "Hey Mom and Dad, I'm going out with some friends to celebrate my "A." I will have my cell on if you need me. Hope your networking meeting went well. Anthony."

I then placed it right on the front door of the fridge with the red magnet, where I was told to leave messages for my parents. It kept things simple, one location, no confusion. I told my siblings I was going up to get ready, Justin waved at me, and the other two were back to watching the movie.

I decided to take another quick shower. Though I was thinking about it, I resisted and did not jack off in the shower. The thoughts of sticking my cock in Carol's ass was still deeply embedded in my thoughts. When I finished showering, I turned the music on some random radio station. A heavy guitar solo blasted from the speakers and I bounced around to it as I started looking into my wardrobe for something Gothic to wear. I wanted to fit in with the crowd. I decided to wear some distressed black jeans, black leather beetle boots, and a white shirt with frills in the front and the sleeves. It was something I had picked up for a theater group I attended when I played in a Shakespearean play.

I took three silver rings, two necklaces, a variety of bracelets, and a large loop earring from my jewelry box. I had made the box; it was studded with semi-precious stones. I liked to adorn items with stones: jewelry boxes, daggers, snuff boxes, canes, masks, chalices, and any other items I found intriguing. I also made some interesting jewelry. I sold most of my items at the local fairs and some through word of mouth, mainly from family and friends that promoted my work. In fact, I had close to ten thousand dollars saved up for when I would get into college next year. A good portion of my savings was from the items I had sold.

I looked at the mirror, satisfied with my Gothic look. I left the house and headed for the Velvet Twilight. Constant thoughts of not getting to go all the way into that sweet round ass, continued to creep into my brain. I immediately turned on the radio for distraction.

I parked the car a few blocks away form the club, close to Heather's place. As I walked to the club, feeling the cool night breeze on my face, I played the events of this evening once more in my mind. I was still unsure how this was going to play out with Carol and me. One thing was for sure though, I needed to get laid soon. I had been so close to shoving my cock up her ass by force, that I kinda scared myself a bit. Was I really so desperate? My cock came back to its attention stance, thinking about how her asshole muscles milked and squuezed my cock-head.

"Holy ant farm colonies, Batman!" I thought to myself as I turned the corner and saw the lineup at the club. I thought I would walk down the line to see if Heather was there, or anyone else I knew for that matter, and suddenly I felt like I needed some company. The line was way too long, so I decided to walk to a nearby cafe to kill some time and have some tea as I waited for most of the queue to dwindle down.

As I turned to walk towards the cafe, I saw a real sexy, sleazy dressed girl in a black leather bra top, black-and-white-pattern catholic school girl skirt, and abundant jewelry ornamenting her different body parts. Her long, silky, raven-black hair was to her waist and the breeze picked it up and blew it around playfully. There was something vaguely familiar about this girl. As she turned to walk to her friends, the wind lifted her way-to-short skirt, reveling a perfect ass clad in skimpy, black thong panties. The thoughts of that ass made my cock so iron hard that I needed to adjust it. She was talking to two couples as she started to groove to the spill of music escaping from the club.

I was still staring at her ass, and I think one of the people talking with her caught me looking and told her. She turned and looked straight into my eyes. "Busted!" I thought to myself. She smiled and called out my name as she writhed toward me sensually with assured, long strides. Wait, how did she know my name? As she came closer, I realized it was Eleanor from school, the girl who had a crush on me since the sixth grade. "Wow," I thought to myself, she was real hot and different in makeup and her Gothic look made her look like a porn star, but in a good way.

"Hey Anthony, what are you doing here?" She said as she leaned in for fake air kisses on the cheeks.

I took in her scent. Musky, fresh, and dangerous is what I got from her fragrance, feeding my fetish of smelling women. My cock agreed with the scent and gave me a few tingles.

"I needed a drink and to celebrate my grade," I said to her as I checked her out a bit more from close up.

"Where's Carol and your friends?" she asked. Fuck, Damn! This was the question I came to this club to avoid. I hope this night would not become a mass of thoughts about Carol, I needed to keep her out of my mind.

"She wasn't feeling well, and also, she has to get up early for a function at school, so I came alone."

She beamed when she heard Carol was not here tonight. "You want to go in?" she asked me, motioning with her head to the club's door.

"I was going to go have tea at the cafe and wait 'till the lineup thins out a bit." I said.

"We don't have to wait in line." She winked at me.

She then gave me a sexy smile, took my hand, and walked to the door of the club, where she was greeted by a smiling doorman. She said something into his ear, and they both shared a laugh. The guy sized me up a bit as Eleanor gave him a peck on the cheek. He smiled and opened the door for us.

With a deep voice he asked me, "You have ID, right?"

I simply nodded my head and and smiled, trying to look confident.

"Welcome to the Velvet Twilight; have a good time. My name is Anthony; let me know if you need anything."

I smiled and replied, "What a wonderful name; mine is also Anthony."

He patted me on the back as I walked passed him. We entered a long hallway that was painted black with some type of sparkling overcoat that made the wall come to life with glitter. Oversized paintings depicting regal looking people in all types sexual innuendo poses. Rich, red velvet drapes pillowed on the top part of the walls and sides of the paintings, framing each painting. The material swayed from the breeze of the door opening.

At the far end of the hall was a lobby. Medieval and BDSM contraptions decorating different areas of the room, and dark red velvet couches and chairs trimmed in gold-painted wood gave the room a rich feel. The coat check area was to one side. A booth for when they had ticketed events on the other side lay dormant. The entrance to the main club area and the upper levels were in front of us. There was also one door next to the coat check that was probably a common bathroom for both sexes, because the door read, "Guys and Gals, enter at your own risk." I made a mental note to check out that room later.

Eleanor guided me into the club, holding on to my hand tight. I couldn't get enough of her ass, and I took peeks at it whenever I could. We wandered around the club until she found the booth that her friends occupied and introduced me to them. They all seemed nice and were friendly to me. One stood up and motioned to a waitress to come over and then treated us to a round of shots. He ordered the club shot called "Velvet Red". She returned, and on the count of "three" we all threw back and swallowed it down in one swoop. It had a bittersweet taste, reminding me of Campari. It went down smooth though, giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

The club was slowly filling up. People walked in, looking around the club, trying to find a good place where they could dance, have access to a bar, or a good place to watch the band from. Some people were already on the dance floor, dancing to the loud music as the DJ slowly built up the tension and created a electric atmosphere. This guy or girl was good; I was going to find out who it was.

I took a better look around the club as I headed for the bathroom. The walls were painted dark red and distressed, some accent walls were dressed in metal, rusted in some areas and highly polished on other areas and sealed with a high gloss shellac.

There were little corners everywhere, little private areas, and some private rooms where couples could get away from the crowd for some private time. The second floor was hollow in the center making it look like there were balconies all around the club. There were three full bars and a few service areas. Small single person stages dotted the dance floor and later in the night, club dancers and some club patrons manned them. All in all the club was really nicely done.

I went into the bathroom, and there were a couple of guys in their mid-twenties that looked like they just came from the set of a Bram Stoker vampire movie, dressed in noble looking eighteenth century clothing. I think I was looking at them a little too intently as I was taking a piss. They looked back at me and sized me and my cock up as I was pissing. They invited me to join them. I blushed and just smiled at them, shook my dick dry, and went to wash my hands. As I left they still made attempts for me to join them in a menage-a-trois, calling me pretty boy and handsome stud, and offering to suck me dry. Even though the compliments came from horny guys that just wanted to get their rocks off, it still gave my ego a boost.

By now there was a steady stream of sexy people entering the club and igniting the atmosphere. I made my way back to the booth, everyone was up mingling and moving too the heavy beat of the music being pumped by the speakers.

I joined in and bought the next round of shots, then we all danced and mingled some more. I could see people setting up the stage for the upcoming show from our spot. The party was definately under way. Everything became fuzzy, sexy and wonderful after I gulped down the fourth shot. The DJ played a new remix of a old Moby tune, and I could see people flooding the dance floor. Their hands were in the air and they were jumping to the rhythm of the beat.

Eleanor guided me to the dance floor, holding onto my hand so as to not lose me in the crowd. She still held my hand after we reached an open area on the dance floor. Looking at me she grabbed my belt pulled me close to her, and started to move sensually to the music. I stood there for a while, taking in her sexy moves. After a bit, I started to dance with her. The music had me in its rhythmic grips, modern dance moves guided my body to a endless worship of the beat.

Eleanor placed a hand on my chest. She slowly moved one hand between the buttons of my shirt and felt my nipple. I looked at her and smiled, neither encouraging or discouraging her. Bodies all around us engaged in all types of dance motions while others swayed with their hands up in the air, yelling shouts of encouragement to the DJ. I could smell the sweet scent of sweat, fragrances and sexual apprehension in the air. It was invigorating.

The music came to a screeching halt and the club turned pitch black. I felt Eleanor come closer to me, holding fast to my arm. People started talking loudly and yelling. A strobe light flashed once and we saw the band appear. Screams of elation filled the club in anticipation. The strobe light flashed two more times. The room still dark, the anticipation building even more. I got shivers down my back. I joined the crowd and howled, primal instincts taking over, and the alcohol in my body making the experience surreal. Eleanor's lips touched mine; at first I kept my lips tight, closed, reluctant to let her tongue join mine in a ritual of lust. Though my mind told me no, my body suddenly decided otherwise. I melted into her kiss, returning the passion she showed me.

Wailing sounds from the band's keyboards sent the crowd screaming, the strobe lights turning on and off making it look as the room was filled with people from a twenties movie.

The guitar joined the keyboard in the intro, it sounded familiar, the room went into a frenzy. As people recognized it as being the cover song of "She Sells Sanctuary" by the Cult.

When the drums hit the intro beat, the room erupted in lights and firework effects. Everyone in the club was on their feet jumping up and down to the beat, waving there hands above their heads, joining the band in singing the song. They were being so rowdy, some of the song was lost to my ears.

Eleanor had turned her back to me to look at the band then started moving her body sensually against my crotch, making me want to cum in my jeans.

The band's version of the song was darker with more bass and drum beats than the original, the singer was incredible, his range was inspiring as I just listened in awe. All the band members wore makeup. Gothic and BDSM clothing expertly put together to give a rock-star effect. They all looked so sexy, you could tell some of the girls swooning were going to have wet panties soon if they hadn't already.

Eleanor reached behind her back and slipped one hand down the front of my jeans. She held my cock in her hand and after the initial shock, I felt the pleasure of her strokes. To add to my excitement, her ass continued to rub up and down my crotch. I started to move and thrust my pelvis in enjoyment and knew she was slowly trying to build me into climax.

Unbelievably, the song built harder and harder. This band was beyond good; the lead singer played with the crowd, touching his body suggestively, making a lot of people scream. I was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. I had never felt this sensation before. It was like morphine and I was becoming addicted to this new high.

Carol would never do this to me in public, but Eleanor showed no inhibitions what so ever. I ran one hand down her spine, she reacted by pushing her body closer to mine. I lifted her short skirt up a bit from behind and slid one finger into her pussy. She was already wet and ready for me.

She stroked me harder and faster even though she was in a awkward position. Her ass added to the pleasure as I felt her ass cheeks rub against my crotch and hand. Her hand was now needy for my cum. She moved her ass to the beat, and she was sending me to the point of no return. The drinks, the music, Eleanor's scent, and her hand on my pulsing cock meant... I was going to betray my love for Carol for this moment of lust. But as Gable had once said, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

"I'm going to cum," I whispered in her ear.

She responded by pushing her ass closer to me and clumsily stroking my cock harder.

I did something I would never have done with Carol. Both of my hands reached around to Eleanor's front and under her skirt. I pushed her thong aside and stuck fingers from both hands into her wet pussy. The chaos of the atmosphere was still strong and electrifying as the band continued with their first set of music. The darkness of the dance floor and the bodies around us concealed our playful lust. I rubbed her clit and finger-fucked her, trying to reciprocate the pleasure she was giving me.

I tensed as I was about to cum and sucked on her ear and neck trying not to moan, grinding my pelvis on her as I started to shoot load after load of hot sticky cum on her hand.

"Fuck yeah, baby," I moaned in her ear, thrusting and cumming on her hand. When I was done, she took her hand carefully out of my pants and started to lick the cum off her fingers. Once she had it all in her mouth, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. I suddenly became hard again, tasting my own juices in her mouth for the first time. The heat and lust of the moment was mind blowing. We kept kissing until all my cum was swallowed.

"Anthony, please fuck me now!" she moaned into my ear as she undid my zipper. She fumbled trying to reach my cock. She bit my lower lip and started to kiss me hard and hungrily as she pulled my cock up out of my pants.

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