tagIncest/TabooMeet the Keathleys

Meet the Keathleys


Robyn looked particularly gorgeous tonight, Terry thought as he sauntered from the bathroom, towelling his hair. He was naked, his cock proudly at full attention in anticipation of the night ahead. It was a hot night and Robyn was reclining on the bed. Terry's heart lurched as he saw she was wearing the red sheer lace trim baby doll nightdress he had bought her for Christmas; this was the first time she had ventured to put it on. My God, he thought, how she's changed in the past couple of months, since the afternoon when Drew seduced her at the Taylors' house. It was if a floodgate had been opened and she had allowed herself to be sucked through it with an eagerness that had amazed and delighted both him and their son. Drew had confided in him that Robyn had become hungry for him to fuck her repeatedly since. He had related the occasions to him graphically, thrilling Terry almost beyond endurance and fuelling his desire to have all three of them sharing a bed and one another, especially as it sounded as if Robyn and Drew's sexual couplings had become more and more adventurous.

Robyn smiled at him, her eyes darting from his rampant tool to his face and back again. She was overtly seducing him, something she had never done since their marriage. It was if she had found a new sexual persona and was determined not to waste a minute.

Terry gazed down at her, his hand gently caressing his tool as he smiled back. "God, darling, you look so fucking sexy," Terry croaked, "and you know it, don't you?"

"Do I?" Robyn replied huskily, playing the innocent but writhing a little on the white sheet, her huge tits lolling from side to side under the red nightdress.

"Do you like me showing it to you like this, baby?" he whispered sexily, teasing her by moving his cock close to her lips but not quite enough for it to touch her eagerly offered tongue.

"Oh yes, darling," she purred. "Please let me kiss it ... lick it ... suck it"

"Mmmmmmm ... my little minx, eh?" he smiled, taunting her more and enjoying her little moans of exasperation as he repeatedly denied her contact. He squeezed a drop of precum from the tip and slowly rubbed it over the head with his thumb, and then sucked his thumb suggestively. "You adore cocks, don't you hon?" He chuckled. "You really enjoyed that Brazilian waiter's one tonight!"

Robyn blushed very slightly, coyly grinning back at him. "Mmmmmmm, maybe," she giggled sexily. "That was a very sexy bulge in his pants."

They had had a wonderfully happy evening. The dinner had been a late celebration of Drew's 18th birthday. They had been rather touched that he had requested a simple, quiet dinner with his parents.

"It was," Terry concurred, his cock throbbing at the picture he had stored in his mind. "Fucking enormous! Hey, baby, did you see how Drew was staring at it, too?"

"Terry! You're dreadful!" Robyn half-giggled, half-laughed, blushing a little more at the mention of anything sexual in relation to Drew. Terry watched her lovingly. "I did notice, though. Do you think...?"

"That he might swing both ways?" He grinned down at her, now allowing his cockhead to stroke her lips, smearing them with precum. "Yep, I think he does, at least a little, anyway." Then, as a throwaway line, he added. "We've had quite a few father-son conversations about sex just lately." He winked at her. "He's even wanked in front of me ... with me, too."

Robyn's eyes widened and she gasped: "What... you mean.... you and Drew!"

"Oh yes, my darling," Terry purred. "But playing around with our son isn't just my preserve...is it?"

Robyn gasped, her eyes widening even further. "What do you mean...?" She flushed beautifully as he slapped his cock against her open mouth. "Terry...?"

"What do you think we wank over, baby?" he purred. "He tells me everything. I've held his cock and felt it swell as soon as he mentions you."

Robyn looked away from him, wracked with embarrassment. Terry placed his forefinger under her chin and urged her gaze back up at him. "It's OK, sweetheart, it's absolutely OK. In fact, there's no need for the full story right now, but I actually helped him with his first seduction of you. I know about it all... and it's absolutely what I want." He grinned reassuringly, bending down to kiss his wife gently on her soft lips. "We have a very sexy son, don't we? I mean, a REALLY sexy son."

"Oh, Terry," Robyn half-sobbed. "I couldn't help myself. Yes, he's incredibly sexy, darling, but I shouldn't have ... "

"Fucked him?" Terry grinned, caressing her cheek. "Don't you realise, sweetheart, I WANTED him to. I wanted him to have the experience and I wanted you to have it, too. I almost knew that it would change your outlook on sex, and L......" He was about to tell her about Louise and Ken but thought that would be too much information for one evening. "Ummm...and likewise on mine."

"Yours?" Louise asked, beginning to relax.

"Oh yes, honey, I just love the idea of sharing you with him. I want to take it further, darling ... or rather, I want him to take it further."

She tensed again but he kissed her. "Don't worry, baby, only if he wants it. Don't tell me you wouldn't like to see him ploughing that wonderful dick into me ... and you know how much I love having my ass played with." He winked and Robyn giggled, nodding. "Remember, when we were first married and how I used to tell you how I would love to have your Dad fuck me while I was screwing you?"

"Terry, you're dreadful!" Robyn exclaimed. "Yes, I remember but I never thought you were really serious!"

"I've seen your dad's cock a few times – like in the men's room and in the locker room at the club. Remember hat time he and your mom came for Christmas, when we all went over to swim He's got a beautiful big thick veined dick, sweetheart, and I swear he enjoys exposing it to guys, the way he pulls and strokes it when he's peeing... as if he's telling us guys that he knows how much bigger he is than us. And I reckon that's where Drew inherited his beautiful cock. Not from me, for sure!" he laughed.

Robyn smiled but said, "I love yours, darling. It's not that small!"

"Well, maybe, but you've only really enjoyed fucking since our son eventually got his into your pussy." He reached for Robyn's hand and pulled her up. As she turned to swing her legs over the edges of the bed, Terry glimpsed that she was also wearing the crotchless panties that he had bought to match the nightdress. He groaned and pulled Robyn into his arms, holding her tight to his naked body. He reached down to slide his forefinger along her exposed vaginal lips. "My God, Drew's changed you, you little whore - you sexy, wonderful whore."

She grinned, licking his upper lip. He slipped his finger inside, found her inner lips and slid in between them. "I was thinking, darling ...." He played his finger around her soft, warm, moist cunt. "Tonight might be the night for us three to finally get it all together. Drew's downstairs, finishing off that champagne. We could go back down and join him. I'll just put on a pair of boxers and..."

"Terry! You can't be serious!"

"Baby, do you realise that kid would give his fucking life just to have his way with you totally ... to fuck you freely in front of me. He already knows I find the whole idea so fucking mind blowing. It's just knowing that you'd be OK with it holding him back."

Robyn shook her head. "No, Terry, that's just too much."

"Darling ... he wants it! Anyone can see it," he groaned, grinding his cock against her hip. "I bet his his lovely dick is hard and ready down there already, imagining you and me together up here!" He felt her cunt contract on his finger and knew he was beginning to get through. "Come on babe, it'll be fun and what a way to mark his 18th!"

He placed his lips against her ear, smelling the warm musk of her sexy perfume that always drove him wild.

He whispered,"And to help us all get over the awkwardness, I've arranged something very special."

"Oh...?" Robyn looked at him quizzically.

"Yeah ... when I went up to pay the check this evening, I took that Brazilian waiter aside and invited him over. He's coming as soon as he finishes - which is any time now."

"You what...?"

He grinned. "I told him how much you enjoy cock and that you were very impressed with what he has to offer..."


He chuckled, noticing that she couldn't mask her instant excitement, especially as her silken cunt was pulsating around his two fingers. He slowly slid them in and out of her, and whispered. "And if this works out, imagine how many more similar evenings we could arrange in the future – with any man or boy who you want! Just wow them with those beautiful tits and they'll be ours!"

"Oh yessssss," was all Robyn said, leaning against him. Her breathing was fast and urgent and Terry knew she was hooked already.


When the doorbell rang, Terry was waiting at the top of the stairs, wearing only his boxers, and he bounded down, calling out to Drew that he'd get it.

"OK, Dad," Drew called back and settled back in his chair, cursing under his breath because he'd just got into a porn DVD that he'd put on five minutes before, determined to enjoy himself if his parents were screwing upstairs. He switched it off and re-arranged his swollen cock in his boxers. It was a hot evening and he had stripped down when his parents had gone to bed.

In the hall, Terry opened the door. The Brazilian waiter stood there, looking a little unsure but eager. He was a handsome, man in his early forties, and Terry thought how even sexier he looked out of uniform, dressed now very casually in tight tee shirt, jeans and beach sandals.

"Mr Keathley." The Brazilian smiled, looking Terry up and down. If he hadn't understood the motive behind Terry's invitation earlier, he did now

"Welcome, Paulo." Terry stepped aside for him to enter. "My wife and I just wanted to get comfortable."

Almost on cue, Robyn appeared on the stairs, barefoot and wearing a lacy white robe over the nightie and panties. She had ensured that it revealed her magnificent cleavage, and it was so diaphanous that it did little to cover any of the rest of her. Smiling, she came towards Paulo, her hand extended, and Terry noticed how he was staring wide-eyed at her huge, soft tits as they swayed and juddered underneath.

The Brazilian took her hand and just held it, almost unable to speak. "Good evening, Mrs.... Keathley." He couldn't tear his gaze from her breasts, now at close quarters, and Terry knew that he would now be able to see his wife's swollen nipples and smell that wonderful perfume she splashed in her deep cleavage.

"Hello Paulo," she said warmly with a knowing and naughty twinkle in here eye and he grinned a little coyly. "Come through," she continued. Welcome to our home ... and, please, it's Terry and Robyn." Terry couldn't have asked her to perform better.

As they walked into the living room, Drew stood up, his face a picture as he first recognised the hunky waiter and secondly at the shock of seeing how his parents were dressed in front of him.

"Son, you remember Paulo, our waiter tonight? I thought it would be nice to invite him around." Terry loved the total incomprehension his son showed on his face. He let it carry on for a few seconds and then mothed 'Surprise!' at his son and winked. Drew suddenly realised that a plan was afoot. But, Mom!! She would never ever reveal herself like this ... unless! Realisation washed over his face that she must have been in on it.!

"Hey, man!" Drew grinned at him. "Great to see you again!" Fuck, this guy is HOT, he told himself and couldn't resist a quick glance at Paulo's bulge, now appearing more obvious than it had earlier that evening - in fact, he was revealing the thick ridge of his cock, whereas earlier it had all been an amorphous package.

Paulo noticed the boy's gaze and grinned back, and, in much the same way, showed that he was equally appreciative of the youngster's toned body and the ridge of his cock straining against the leg of his boxers.

"This is very kind," Paulo said formally as Terry gestured him to sit on one of the sofas.

Drew sat on the other and the next moment his Mom sat beside him. My God she looks so sexy, he thought, seeing properly for the first time what she was wearing. Fuck where had she been hiding this one!

"I'm new here in this place," the Brazilian continued in his thick accent. "I am very grateful you decide to ask me to your home."

"You're very welcome, buddy," Terry called out as he returned from the kitchen with a bottle of champagne. "You looked after us so well this evening that we thought we'd like you to help us enjoy our son's 18th birthday. He filled the glasses and they sat and chatted, polishing off the bottle in no time at all, Terry quickly replacing it with another. They were all visibly relaxing.

Drew glanced pointedly and admiringly at his Mom when he noticed that Paulo was watching them and grinned at the Brazilian.

"What do you think of my Mom, then, Paulo?" he asked.

Paulo grinned widely. "I think she is so beautiful," he replied in a sultry tone, looking at Robyn coyly. "I thought that many times tonight in the restaurant."

Terry, who was sitting next to Paulo, leaned towards him and almost whispered: "My wife gave Drew a really wonderful birthday present. Didn't she Drew?"

Drew nodded. "Yeah, Dad." He leaned over and kissed his Mom on the neck. Robyn lifted her chin so that he could kiss her throat, which he did. Once again, Terry almost couldn't believe that his wife was being so compliant with the situation. It was beyond his wildest dreams. His thigh was touching Paulo's and he could feel the guy tense.

"Mmmm," Terry said softly as Drew's fingers undid the remaining two buttons of the lacy robe and opened it. "Robyn let Drew fuck her."

Paulo's face was a picture. He turned sharply to Terry to see if he was joking.

"Oh my God! You're kidding me!"

Terry nodded. "No, my friend ... and not just once ..."

Paulo's mouth remained open in wonderment as he looked back at Robyn. By now, the robe was wide open and he saw her incredibly luxurious curves barely covered by the sort of nightdress he had only ever seen in porn movies. He leaned forward a little in order to see better.

"Hey man, come over here and join us," Drew winked. "You can see better here. You don't mind, do you, Mom?"

Robyn smiled sexily at Paulo, shaking her head.

Paulo looked at Terry who just smiled, placing his hand on Paulo's shoulder. "Go on buddy. You're very welcome. Enjoy it!"

Paulo put his champagne glass down on the coffee table. "America ... I love it!" he chuckled and they all laughed as he moved over to the sofa, sitting on the other side of Robyn. As he did so, Drew pushed the neck of the red nightie bodice away from Robyn's huge left tit and it tumbled out, voluptuously heavy and full. Terry smiled as he saw the Latino suck in his breath, staring at it hungrily. He gazed longingly into Robyn's eyes. "Beautiful ...!" he breathed. "Can I....?" His hand moved to the other side of the nightie.

"Of course," she murmured. "My husband really doesn't mind. Is it OK with you too, Drew darling?"

"Oh god yes, Mom," Drew whispered, dry-mouthed now. Terry could see that he was already showing a huge tent in the leg of his boxers and itched to get his hands on it. However, he satisfied himself with thrusting his hand under the waistband of his own boxers and massaging his half-hard cock. Oh fuck, he thought. I never thought I'd get to see this - my sexy wife and son seducing another guy.

Paulo peeled the neck of the nightie down and Robyn's other breast tumbled out, but now that they were both exposed, the neck of the nightdress pulled them so that they were forced together, forming the most exquisite cleavage, accentuating their size and creamy fullness.

"Oh my god!" Paulo gasped and immediately put his arm round her, grasping both tits in his hands and gently squeezing them to test their firmness. Robyn sucked her breath through her teeth and closed her eyes, a wonderful look of contentment on her face. She loved having her tits played with.

Drew's hand was on her thigh and he gently pulled it aside, encountering no resistance. There were the red panties and, as her thighs were spread apart, the panties parted at the crotch to reveal her beautiful ripe pussy. "Oh, Fuck Mom!" Drew hissed. "Your cunt's so wet already!" He couldn't resist running three fingers along its length and holding them out for Paulo to see.

The Brazilian groaned as he saw the nectar glistening on the boy's fingers. "Ohhhhhh, baby," he moaned, leaning round to find her open mouth with his and his tongue slipped in as he kissed her, his mouth mauling hers. Robyn kissed back, her hand reaching up to clasp him by the neck, pulling his mouth against hers as she writhed on the sofa.

As Paulo's two fingers replaced Drew's, eagerly forcing their way between her swollen moist pussy lips, the boy got up and walked over to Terry. His cock had forced its way out through the leg opening of his boxers and it waved with each step. He sank down next to Terry, openly stroking it as he watched Paulo gently finger fuck his mother as they kissed, Robyn working her body against the handsome dark Latino.

"Jeeesus, Dad," he hissed. "She's got to be the sexiest mother in the world!" He looked at his father in wonderment, shaking his head to emphasise his words. Terry had removed his own boxers and had his cock in his hand, his knob showing swollen and shining above his fist, a clear pearl of precum oozing from the slit.

He grinned. "I reckon so - and it's due to you, you know? I could never have got her to do anything like this if you hadn't fucked her, son. That was the turning point in your mom's sex life. She was never like this."

Drew looked at his Dad long and hard, his expression suddenly soft. "Yeah, but dad it was you who allowed me to do it. I'll never forget that." Their eyes locked and both were overcome with an extraordinary affection. Slowly they moved together and kissed. It was the first time they had ever kissed like this and Terry shuddered with emotion as he felt Drew's soft boy's lips on his. He felt Drew's sweet tongue enter his mouth and they moaned softly as Terry sucked on it and teased it with his own. He felt Drew move his hand away from his cock and take it firmly in his own, stroking it. He reached for the boy's and shuddered massively as his fingers encountered its length and thickness.

It was a minute or more before they parted. Drew grinned. "Wow!" he chuckled. His fingers and thumb were sticky with Terry's precum and he brought them to his moth and licked it off, looking coyly at his dad. He was about to bend down and take Terry into his mouth when his dad whispered: "Later, son. Let's you and me help those two out for a while first."

Drew grinned. "Oh fuck yeah ... I'm going to enjoy this!" He stood up again and peeled his boxers off. When he straightened up, his big tool looked even more impressive and Terry longed for it. However, he also wanted to partner his boy in pleasuring the sexy couple on the opposite sofa, so he resisted the urge to reach out for it.

Seconds later, they had sunk to their knees in front of Robyn and Paulo who were still kissing and moaning. Robyn going berserk as Paulo now had three fingers in her cunt, rhythmically fucking her with them as she ground her voluptuous body against his. "Fuck, Dad, look how big her nipples have got," Drew said, taking one between his forefinger and thumb and rolling it.

Her legs were virtually as wide apart as they could get, the red lace around the open crotch of her panties glistening with drops of her juices as Paulo's fingers ploughed her velvet flesh faster as every moment passed. His thumb was frotting her clit and the guys could see it was swollen and engorged, poking from her sheath every so often. One leg was thrust across Paulo's crotch, rubbing the hard thick ridge of his engorged cock, a dark wet patch marking where his swollen cockhead leaked copious precum.

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