Meeting Kelsey


"Yeah..." I wiped the tear from my eyes. "Let's go downstairs."

"Wait." Kelsey put her hand on my shoulder, but didn't really have the leverage to hold me down. "Hey, Greg?"

"Yeah Kelsey?" Greg answered.

"Well, you know, I've never given a blowjob in my life. I was wondering if, you know, since she is so good at it and since Jake is such a great boyfriend and I won't do this for him. Would you let your girlfriend suck Jake's cock this once?"

"No." I said. "Greg, we need to go now."

"I thought you said she was really cool Greg." Jake admonished his teammate.

"What?" Greg spluttered. "She is the coolest, what the hell do you mean?"

"Well, I mean, I'm not saying this to give out a guilt trip, but your quarterback hasn't had a blowjob in a long time. When did we start dating Jake?" Kelsey interjected.

"Damn Kelsey, it's been over two years now, you know that." Jake answered. "You'd think someone would appreciate all the effort I give every week."

"Hey Jake, I do appreciate it bro." Greg answered. "But, I can't make her blow you man." Then he turned to me. "Come on Jess, just do it this one time so he can see what it feels like. Then we can go back downstairs."

I couldn't believe this. My boyfriend wanted me to suck his friend's dick. The friend's girlfriend wanted me to do it too. It was a given that he would want it himself. "Greg, don't you think it would be weird between you and Jake if I sucked his cock? I mean think about it, seriously. He will never look at you the same way again." Fuck these two, if they wanted to gang up on me, I'd turn Greg right back against them.

"Are you kidding me?" Kelsey laughed. The bitch actually laughed. "Greg, if you let your girlfriend give Jake head, well, how is he going to think of you as anything less? I mean, that is the ultimate gesture of friendship. I am sure if it was me who gave incredible blowjobs and you were dating someone who refused to do it, Jake would have me do this for you."

"Absolutely Greg." Jake joined in. "We have to stick together. Women come and go, but we are team brother."

"Greg?!" I screamed at him. "Are you listening to this? We come and go? I do this for you because I love you Baby, don't let them cheapen it."

"He didn't mean it like that Jessica." Kelsey tried to calm me. "Stop trying to twist everything around. When you suck Jake's cock, Greg is going to know it is because you love him. It doesn't cheapen anything. In fact it is an incredible gift that you are going to share. I can't think of Jake loving me that much that he would let me fuck someone else. Then again, fucking is much more intimate than a blowjob, don't you agree? From what Greg says you haven't even had sex with him yet. It's not like I'm asking you to let Jake stick his cock in your pussy. He only does that with me. Just a blowjob. It isn't all that intimate is it?"

What the hell? Was she serious? By that rationale I should just blow everyone in school. "Kelsey, I'm not sucking Jake's dick. I'm sorry that you don't do that, but I am not a slut. I do it for Greg because I love him."

"Really?" Kelsey followed. "Did you love him the first night you met him? According to Greg you blew him the night you met. So, come on Jessica, don't pretend you only do it for people you love. You know what forget it. I thought you were cool like Greg said. I guess you are just another lying little freshman bitch like the rest of them."

She stood up. "Let's go Jake. Sorry. I really thought this would be the one girl we could count on to do this for you. Maybe we'll just have to get you a prostitute, though I don't think I'd let you stick it in me again if you stuck your dick into some disease ridden whore."

"Greg, you might want to rethink your relationship. I mean, if you are just here for the blowjobs, I guess that is cool, but she is obviously not girlfriend material if she won't do this one thing for you." And she started walking out.

"Damn, wait Kelsey, Jake." Greg said. "Jessica, come on babe, you know I love you. Please just do this. Tell you what, you stay up here and I'll go downstairs and get us some drinks. Just fucking do it. You are too cool to act like a cunt."

And Jake pushed past and left the room, closing the door behind him.

"Wow, that was a little harsh." Kelsey said as soon as Greg walked out. I was in tears again.

"Hey." Kelsey knelt down next to me again. "Come on now, he didn't mean it like that. I am telling you right now, Greg brags about you all the time. I guess that is why Jake got it in his head that he needed to find out if it was as good as Greg always says it is. He isn't going to break up with you. He asked you to do this for him."

"Jake, if Greg breaks up with Jessica for sucking your cock, what would you and the guys do to him?" Kelsey asked her boyfriend.

"Jesus Kelsey, he even said it was okay. We'd give him shit non-stop. Hell, half the team would want to start dating her after everything he has said about her. He'd never live it down. Plus, I'd consider it an insult to me." Jake answered.

"See Jess?" Kelsey asked as if this ended any arguments I might have. "By sucking Jake off, you are guaranteed to be dating a football player for the next two years at least. Probably longer if everyone keeps bragging about you the way they do. So, come on, please suck my boyfriend's cock for me? Be my best friend in the whole world? He really deserves it."

What a bunch of bullshit. I wasn't buying any of it, but I'm sure they got a lot of girls to buy into this lame reasoning. "You know what Kelsey, you and Jake are both full of shit. But Greg pissed me off enough by being dumb enough to buy into it, I'll do it. Just this one time and I expect you to keep it to yourselves, agreed?" I was trembling with anger, but I crawled over to Jake's knees anyway.

Kelsey smiled a very different smile at me and it scared the hell out of me. "Too smart for us are you? No, I'll tell you what Jessica, since you decided to tell us how superiorly intelligent you are instead of just playing along like a good girl, you are going to suck Jake's cock every day for the next week. Then the three of us will decide what happens from there. Or..." She didn't raise her voice at all, just talked sweetly with a powerful look that impressed me. "You can just go join up with Greg and we will see how long it takes Jake to convince him to break up with you. You can go back to being the nerd girl who doesn't get to go to the cool parties and we will find someone for Greg who actually is willing to spread her legs for him."

I couldn't believe this. What did I do to these two that they would treat me so badly? And I knew, Greg was probably not going to be my Mr. Right, but I did love him right now and I knew these two would convince him to leave me. They were that strong. I broke down and cried.

"Damn Kelsey, I don't want her snotting on my junk. I'll be back in fifteen." Jake got up and left me bawling by the bed.

"There now." Kelsey said softly and put her hand gently in my hair. I wanted to pull away, but I was too busy crying. "Come on, let's sit up on the bed and talk about it."

"I'm not a slut Kelsey. I don't know why you are being so mean to me. I love Greg, I do. I'm not dating him for the parties." I sobbed.

"Hey, I know Jess, I'm sorry. That was out of line. Tell you what though. Do this for me, suck Jake's cock for the next week, just once a day. I am going home for the holidays and Jake has to stay here for some wrap up of the football season. When I get back, you and I will go out, just the two of us and talk about it. I think you will like being my friend. It can have some big advantages. For example, I can get you a great job at a private school that Daddy sits on the Board for. Forget what I said before. I won't let Jake do anything to convince Greg to break up with you. Just do me this one big favor. I can't trust Jake if he isn't taken care of."

"You have to admit, he's a pretty incredible looking guy. He's the best looking guy on campus unless I missed somebody and dated the wrong guy the last two years. I'm not delusional or stupid. I know I am the best looking girl in school. But, we girls are stronger than guys. They are weak and think with their dicks. Do this for me and I swear, even though I know you don't care about the parties, no matter what happens with you and Greg, you will have an open invitation to any party you want to attend. So, what do you think?" She smiled.

"I'll do it Kelsey. But, Greg can't know about it okay? I don't think he would understand. Will you keep it a secret?" I sobbed.

"I won't say a word to Greg and neither will Jake, if you want that deceit in your relationship. I'll tell you what though, why don't you let me explain it to Greg and I promise he will be okay with it, wouldn't that be better for both of you?" She offered.

"Yeah, I guess that would be better." I sniffed. "Do you have any Kleenex?"

Kelsey giggled. "Sure thing!" She extracted some from her purse, then helped me to freshen up my makeup.

Shortly thereafter, Jake walked in with a beer and a smile on his lips and Greg was there with him and they were laughing. I hoped it wasn't at my expense, but that was what I was thinking when they walked in.

"We okay in here?" Jake asked. "She done crying now?"

Kelsey smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Her lips are so soft. It was like the most delicate kiss I ever felt in my life. "She's ready."

"Sweet. You are awesome Jess." Greg smiled at me and sat down on the bed.

Jake walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. "Okay, let's see what all this bragging is about. Greg tells me I am taking a back seat to him with Kelsey."

"Watch it." Kelsey warned him. They both laughed.

So, I was sitting on the bed between Kelsey and Jake and the man I loved was lying down on the same bed to watch. Kelsey gave me a light push on my back and I sank down to my knees. My hand was shaking as I reached up to open his pants. "Here, let me help." Kelsey smiled at me and opened his pants up for me.

I reached into Jake's underwear and pulled his cock out. It was maybe a little longer than Greg's, but not much. It was, however, a very beautiful cock, as cocks go. I looked up at him, like I did for Greg, expecting that anticipatory smile, but instead I saw a smirk. He was an asshole. I hated doing this for him, but I was kind of committed to the task now.

I took his hard cock into my mouth. At least I didn't need to work him up from a flaccid state like I had to do for Greg when he had been drinking. I felt him throb in my mouth. The warm, pliant skin of his shaft was on my lips. The soft bulbous head was inside my mouth and I bathed it quickly with my tongue. I dared to glance up at Jake and he was just smirking.

"Go ahead slut, show me that trick you do with your tongue." Jake said and I cringed at him calling me a slut.

"Jake, don't call her that." Kelsey said, "She isn't a slut. She is a wonderfully talented cocksucker."

Jake laughed. "Sorry, show me your tongue trick cocksucker."

I really hated him. Maybe enough to bite his cock off. He should have thought about that before demeaning someone with that much ability to cause eternal pain.

But, I didn't bite his cock off. I showed him my little trick, the one that made me special and probably got me into this mess in the first place. Damn boys, why did they always have to brag? If Greg had just kept his mouth shut about the intimate details of their sex life, I wouldn't be here right now, sucking the gorgeous cock of this gorgeous, but despicable boy.

I worked his cock into my throat and sucked hard. Then I showed him my trick. I wrapped my tongue around his cock and twirled it clockwise and counter-clockwise. Jake moaned and it gave me a sick sort of pleasure that he couldn't contain himself. I figured he would want to stay smug through the entire sorted affair. I started then to give him the best blowjob of his life.

"Damn Greg, you were right, this bitch can suck cock like a pro." Jake said.

Kelsey saw me blush bright red and cringe at his language and she leaned down to whisper to me. "You must be the best cocksucker in school Jessica. Greg is very excited, I can tell you must be making his dick feel wonderful. You are doing such a good job Jessica. Do you like it when you get to suck a man's cock?"

I nodded as I kept working my mouth, tongue, lips and throat on Jake's cock.

"Jesus Kelsey, she is really working the hell out of my cock. I mean, it really is incredible. You should have her give your whole sorority lessons. Or maybe you can just lend her to the whole football team Greg. Damn, the guys are going to be so jealous." Jake laughed.

I cringed again. "Easy Jess, it's just talk. Jake is not going to whore you out to the football team. You aren't his cocksucker, you are just mine and Greg's. And I would never want you to suck all those cocks. Would you Greg?" Kelsey looked up at Greg who was enjoying the show.

"Hell no!" Greg responded. "Jake is cool, after all, he is the quarterback, but I sure as hell don't want any bench warmers getting my girl's special gift."

"See?" Kelsey smiled and kissed my cheek softly again. I kept bobbing up and down and swishing that dick with my tongue. "Jake is just too vulgar. I'm glad I'm not like you or he'd probably have me on my back in the locker room after every game. Don't you ever let Jake control you, he can't handle the responsibility."

"What the hell are you talllll...." Jake paused mid-sentence as he suddenly came in my mouth. I sucked it all down, every drop, and swallowed.

"Damn girl, that didn't take long at all." Kelsey laughed. "Talk about your premature ejaculations."

"Hey, ease up Kelsey, it isn't my fault. The girl is a great cocksucker. I never felt anything like it." Jake said, a little miffed at the premature ejaculation comment.

"Told you so Jake." Greg laughed.

I stopped the soft suction when his cock stopped throbbing. Then I cleaned his dick up and put it back in his pants. I let him zip himself up.

"Pretty awesome Jess." Kelsey smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Hey Greg?" Kelsey turned to him. He had the biggest smile on his face, like he was the one who just gave the blowjob.

"Yeah Kelsey?" Greg shot back.

"Well, I'm going out of town tomorrow for a week and I was wondering if you would let Jessica suck Jake off. Just once a day until I get back. I know how much he is used to screwing me every day and I don't want him to go wandering off to find a replacement while I'm gone. So, since she already did it once, would it be okay if she did it for the next week? It obviously won't take long and she won't leave you hanging I'm sure."

Greg frowned a bit. Yes! He was going to stand up for me.

"Come on bud, just for the week, it isn't a big deal, hell it already happened once, what is six more times?" Jake added.

"Yeah, I guess, but call me to arrange the place and time." Greg smiled.

I frowned, but knew this was going to happen. "Can I have a sip of your beer Babe?" I asked Greg. I wanted the taste of Jake out of my mouth as soon as possible.

"Umm... come on Jess, it's just ... well, here, you finish it, I'll go get a fresh one." Greg handed me the last 1/3rd of his beer and I sipped it down. I was too disgusting to share a beer with now. I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him, it was another guy's cum and there is that whole double standard of homosexuality to contend with.

"Jake honey, would you excuse us for awhile? And keep Greg downstairs, we'll be down in a bit." Kelsey said when Greg left.

"Sure thing Kels" Jake smiled and smirked at me and left with a chuckle.

"Kelsey..." I started. "I don't know if I can do this."

Kelsey frowned slightly. She still looked good. "You promised." She pouted.

"He's so mean."

Kelsey laughed. Her laugh is so intoxicating. "Take off your pants." She told me.

I looked at her like she had three heads. "What?!"

She laughed again. "You heard me, just do it. I'm not a lesbian. Here, I'll lock the door." And she got up and locked the door. And then she stared at me expectantly.

"I.." She didn't say anything, she just stood there smiling at me. I don't know why, but I stood up and unbuttoned my pants. I sat on the bed, took off my shoes and then slid my pants down over my ass, thighs and off. I stood up in my panties and shirt.

Kelsey laughed again, but covered her mouth a little as she did so. "Just as I thought." She snickered.

"What?" I asked. I saw her eyes looking at my panties and I looked down. There was a huge wet spot covering the front and lower of my panties. I gasped and touched my panties, they weren't just wet, they were saturated.

"Okay, sit down." Kelsey smiled and crossed the room to sit next to me.

Dumbfounded, I sat down on the bed feeling very uncomfortable at her proximity to my severely under-dressed body.

"You are an absolute slut Jessica. Only a slut would suck off another guy while her boyfriend and his girlfriend watched you do it." Kelsey said to me and she looked at my face, then to my thighs. She laughed out loud and jumped up and down on the bed a little.

"I..." I felt about two feet tall and I got up to get my pants and leave this warped but beautiful girl. I started crying again.

"Jess, sit down." Kelsey said softly. "I don't think you are a slut, I just wanted to see something and I saw it and I... well... to be honest, I never thought I would see it so prominently displayed."

I looked at her with tears flowing once more.

"You get off on humiliation. It's so cool Jessica. I know you think it is terrible, but you were just rubbing your thighs together trying to get off when I said those mean things."

I started to protest, but she cut right through me.

"Don't deny it. Accept it. In fact, embrace it, because I know now and you are going to enjoy it. I promise you." Kelsey smiled at me and leaned in and kissed my lips!

She blushed a little at her move and sat back. "Sorry, I got carried away. Look, this doesn't make sense to you right now. You have some free time, look it up on the internet before I get back. In fact, since you are an English major, I want a ten... no, twenty page write up on what would humiliate you the most when I get back next week. You can make it a list or just a long story, but you will do it for me. We have a lot to talk about. But, frankly, there is a party downstairs and we are missing it."

She put her hand on my bare knee and I jumped. She giggled. "I'm going to embarrass you downstairs. I don't hate you, remember that. I love you in fact. Well, not love, but I absolutely adore you. If you can make it to morning without giving yourself three orgasms, I'm wrong and you can tell me that when I get back and I will leave you alone forever. If not, well, we'll talk. You are confused right now, but it will make sense soon. God, I never thought I would meet someone like you. I mean, some with a light interest, but never as blatant as yours. Hmmmm..." She looked pensive. I'm pretty sure I looked terrified.

"Let's get one out of the way right now. I know you want to, go ahead, finger yourself off." Kelsey laughed.

"Oh my God!" I screamed. "No way!"

Kelsey laughed so hard she fell back on the bed. "Just do it, you know you want to.... Slut."

"I'm out of here." I said and stood up and she grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed.

"No you aren't you filthy cocksucking whore." She climbed over me and straddled my chest. "Get your slut fingers in your slut cunt now!"

She wasn't angry, but she was shouting.

"Do it now you nasty skank." She laughed and started rubbing her crotch against my chest, riding me like ... God she was rubbing her pussy on my breasts!

"Do it Jessica, finger yourself now!" She screamed as she drove the tip of my breast into the gusset of her panties under her skirt. "Fuck yourself you dirty, filthy slut!" She kept bucking on my tit and I was scared. She was screaming out so loud, I knew someone had to hear it.

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