tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMeeting Lindsay Lohan Ch. 05

Meeting Lindsay Lohan Ch. 05


The evening of July 2, 2004 continued on. It was Lindsay Lohan's 18th birthday, and she had met Me and my slave emmy at the Empire State Building. We had spent most of the afternoon and evening in her room, making love together. Lindsay had expressed a desire to be My slave, as emmy is, and now, under My direction, she was starting to make love with a bellboy we had played with earlier.

Ben, the bellhop, was fascinated by the sight of the naked star rubbing all over him. She wrapped one leg around Ben's legs, grinding her wet pussy against Ben's raging hard-on. He had been teased by Lindsay and emmy earlier and sent out without letting him cum. Now, with a word of agreement from Me, Ben realized that he will have his fantasy fulfilled.

He pulled his bellhop jacket off, and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. Lindsay, meanwhile, was using just her mouth to drop the zipper on his pants. His cock sprang out of the opening, as hard as it was earlier during Lindsay's blow job. Now, Lindsay started sucking and licking deeper on him, working to draw out the seed in his balls.

emmy and I watched in fascination. While we had watched porn together, we had never before watched another couple make love. Her hand was softly stroking My cock, and My hand was pulling at her nipples, stimulating her.

Ben was moaning loudly as Lindsay was humming on his cock happily. He was close to cumming, but he needed more than just a blow job. He pushed Lindsay off his cock and on to her back. With his pants still scrunched around his feet, Ben lowered himself down and impaled Lindsay with his cock.

As he drove his cock deep, both Lindsay and emmy moaned loudly. Lindsay was feeling a longer cock than My own sliding in and out of her. emmy was feeling a wetness and desire building inside her. She lowered herself down and, without taking her eyes off the fucking couple, started sucking My cock. Her slurping on My shaft caused Me to moan in time with Lindsay and Ben.

Ben was very close now. Each thrust in was met by Lindsay's pussy squeezing his cock tight. She moaned and groaned, and he pumped harder and harder. Sweat built up on Ben's body, and it started dripping on Lindsay's squirming body, giving her enough lubricant to slide more of her body against Ben.

Finally, Ben could hold off no more. With a squeal, he unloaded his sperm into the star he was fucking. Lindsay cried "Yes, stud! Give it to me." and continued to milk his cock until the last drop fell from his opening. Then Lindsay Lohan pulled off him, and wrapped her lips around Ben's cock, cleaning it off.

As Lindsay finished cleaning him, I looked over lustfully. I knew Lindsay had not cum, because i had not given her permission to cum. I could also see that she needed more.

"Ben," I said. "When are you off duty?"

"Not for another two hours, sir," he said.

"Pass the word to the bellhops then. Lindsay wants an orgy and as many cocks as possible. Each one gets to cum once with her. When you are finally off-duty, Ben, come back and take the last turn with her."

Ben looked from Me to Lindsay in shock. Finally, he stammered, "Lindsay? Is ... is ... is this true?"

"Yes. Do as Master says," she replied.

Ben was out the door in a flash. Lindsay used the free time to use the bathroom, clean up a bit, and down an energy drink. She felt she would need the extra energy soon. I did too. emmy, meanwhile, continued sucking on My cock, as it slowly started responding to My slave's tonguework and vacuum mouth.

All too soon the doorbell rang. Lindsay answered it, and stood back in shock as three bellhops entered. As soon as the door closed, Lindsay said "Strip" and the three did ... quickly. Lindsay took one cock in her mouth and two in her hands, working all three to hardness. She marveled at the difference in each cock she was presented with. The one in her left hand was uncircumcised, and she struggled to unsheathe the cock. The one in her right was hard already, leaking precum with each stroke of her hand. In her mouth was a cock nearly as thick as the "Big John" dildo we had fucked her with earlier.

The right-hand cock was hard, so he pulled out of her grasp, slipped around behind Lindsay, and slid his cock into her pussy. Lindsay switched from sucking thick cock to uncut cock, marveling in the difference in taste. She moaned in joy at feeling two cocks inside her.

Thick cock looked over and saw emmy's ass up in the air as she sucked My rod. He headed in O/our direction, until I said "No. you have Lindsay. This one is all Mine." Disappointed, he turned back, tapping Hard cock on the back. Hard cock pulled out of Lindsay, and Thick cock replaced him. They rolled Lindsay on her side, and as Thick cock fucked Lindsay from the front, Hard cock shoved his rod into her ass. Lindsay moaned harder, and Uncircumcised cock could take no more. He started cumming, pulling out to shoot Lindsay on the face with cum.

As soon as he was done, he stepped back and a new cock filled Lindsay's mouth. Two more arrived, one in each of her hands. I looked up, and it seemed the entire bellhop squad was in the room.

The sights and sounds from the other end of the room was too much. I rolled emmy onto her back. Despite My need to make love with My girl. I decided to give her total pleasure. I reached into My bag, and pulled out some toys.

My mouth attached itself to her nipples, and as I sucked each one to hardness, I followed My sucking with a metal nipple clamp. As the clamp bit into her flesh, emmy screamed in joy and pain. After both nipples were clamped, i attached a metal chain to each clamp. I tightened the clamps, and the nipples pulled together. Another scream met My ears, and emmy started whimpering louder.

Lindsay, meanwhile, was hearing O/our play, and knew she had to cum. She called out, "Master, please!! I need to cum!!"

"Cum freely," I responded to My little star, then I returned My attentions to emmy. My release, however, set off a new series of orgasms in Linday Lohan's body. As each cock in her pumped her full of sperm, she responded with an orgasm of her own. More and more cocks arrived to play with the star, fucking her in her pussy, her ass, her breasts, her mouth and her hands. Semen flowed over Lindsay, coating her on this, her 18th birthday.

I was too busy to notice. I had grabbed some ice from the mini-fridge, and was shoving ice cubes into emmy's pussy and under the clamps on her nipples. emmy's screams intensified. As I pushed an ice chunk into her ass, emmy begged for her orgasm. "No," I said. "Hold it until I allow it." emmy did as I said, fighting hard as I thrust the "Big John" vibrator, one that was three inches thick, into emmy's ass and turned it on "High."

As emmy shook, screaming and fighting off her mounting pleasure, I judged the time was right. I took My cock and thrust into her pussy. Each shove of My cock into her caused her joy, and emmy could hold on no longer.

Without asking permission, emmy came. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded emmy's every sense, as she orgasmed once, then came harder, then harder, then harder still. Four successive orgasms were too much for Me, and I came at last, joining My pleasure with her own.

emmy's orgasm caused a chain effort. Three of the guys with Lindsay came at the same time, filling her pussy, ass and left hand with cum. Lindsay pulled her mouth from the cock she was sucking and cried "More!! Give me more!!"

As the cock in her right hand spurted cum onto her breasts, Lindsay shuddered and came. In mid-orgasm, two more cocks took their turns, and the gang-bang continued.

I continued My play with emmy. I rolled her over and pulled out My paddle. I started spanking her for failing to ask for her orgasm. Each swat with My ping pong paddle resonated in the room, causing emmy to cry out "Forgive me, Master!" as her asscheeks turned red.

When I judged her punishment over (10 swats), I took My cock and thrust it into emmy's mouth. Eagerly she sucked My rod like a popsicle, working up and down on it to get it hard. All this time, I realized, her asa was still being filled with the vibrator. I whispered to emmy "Enchanted" and she came, the approval code setting her free. As she came, her moans on My cock got it very hard.

I was ready. I pulled away from her mouth, to her slight whimpers, and moving around, I pulled the vib from her ass and buried My wet cock in its place. Her ass opening squeezed around My cock, grasping it tightly. I stroked deep in her ass, leaning down to drop My sweat on her back. I said "Cum freely, My love," and emmy started orgasming again, joy in her heart and wetness flowing from her pussy.

Lindsay and emmy matched orgasms for a while, but Lindsay, getting many more cocks, soon outpaced My slave. I could hold off no longer, and emptied one last load of sperm into the ass of the woman I love.

As I looked up, I saw a truly marvelous sight. Three of the girls from the kitchen, hearing about the orgy, had come up to the suite. The bellhops who had already fucked Lindsay were getting seconds with one of the girls, while the others were sucking and licking the cocks of those waiting for their turn, getting them hard. This sight affected Me totally, and I plunged two fingers into emmy's ass and two into her pussy, filling her as she loved. I moved My hands through her, she screamed in orgasm.

Soon, I heard a familiar grunt. Ben was back, fucking Lindsay in the ass. I watched Lindsay, her skin glistening from the cum covering her body, her mind expanded beyond belief at the amount of orgasms she had received this night. I saw two girls in a torrid 69, with two straggler boys watching and a third doing the ass opening of the top girl in the 69. All three came together, screams of orgasmic pleasure filling the room.

The third girl had arranged herself under Lindsay, letting the star lick her pussy as she licked Lindsay's pussy and Ben's balls.

Lindsay and Ben came together, one orgasm setting off the other. Their cries of joy added to the symphony in the room. The girl under Lindsay came, filling Lindsay's face with female cum to join the male sperm all over it. emmy came last of all, as I changed My fingers into a fist, and thrust it into her pussy to clash with the two fingers in her ass. We all collapsed then, driven to sleep by the overwhelming sexual encounters of the night.

In the morning, Lindsay Lohan woke alone. The only evidence of the previous night's excursions was her skin, splattered in dried cum, and a note from Me.

"Lindsay. Happy 18th Birthday. I hope you were satisfied with your present. I know I was more than satisfied giving it to you. I am going back home now with emmy. she says hi, by the way. I love My emmy more than ever before, since she allowed Me to be with you.

"P.S., here's My cel number, in case you want another lesson about sexual slavery. 555-xxxx.

"Love, Master SweetShadow and enchanted emerald."

Lindsay Lohan smiled, and before even thinking about a shower, was on the phone.

The End

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