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Meeting the Parents


Occasionally I will get a comment from someone who, "hates sluts". I like sluts; I don't mean women who give it up without discretion. I mean women who fuck with abandon--- wanton, fearless, teasing, nasty, dirty little girls. It's the old, "behind closed doors" concept. This is a story about a good girl who is this kind of slut, Jekyll and Hyde. She likes cock and is not ashamed of that fact but she is also picky and discreet. He didn't realize it and wasn't prepared for how incredibly erotic their first time together would be. He has issues with it. He had thought she was the kind of girl you take home to meet momma. Now he's not so sure.

"Fuck me baby! Drive that fat cock into me hard and fast...oh, fuck, what a great cock...oh shit...yeah...slap that nasty little ass...fuck this little slut...make me scream...oh...oh...yesssss!"

Peter Horton came almost immediate following her orgasm. He slammed into the hot little red head for all he was worth...lifting her body off the floor and sliding her along the carpet. Unfuckin' believable...without question the most talented piece of ass he had ever met...Jesus she was working her cunt muscles...grasping and releasing his dick...wow...he'd had no idea. The blow job which had occurred earlier...sublime. He'd rimmed her sweet little ass hole and to his surprise she had reciprocated. He finally removed his still serviceable organ from her steamy little snatch; she spun around and cleaned their collective slime with her pouting little mouth...and then she grinned.

What had taken Peter so long to make the first move? This was the fifth date; he hadn't even kissed her after the first one. She'd begun to wonder about his libido...or worse. She liked him...liked him a lot. He was a keeper, of that she was sure. The kind of boy you take home to meet your daddy. They weren't teens for God's sake, they were consenting adults. Well, at least the wait had been worth it she mused. He was a great fuck...fantastic hands...talented tongue...fat cock...delightfully uninhibited and nasty...he tongue-fucked her little crinkle...he'd get more than his tongue in there if he played his cards right.

Peter and Lynn were wrapped in each other's arms on the floor in front of the fireplace. God she was so pretty...what a body...perfect little tits...an astounding rump...those sea green eyes...freckles...that hot little red pussy. None of those features had been what initially attracted him other than possibly those amazing, wide set, piercing green eyes.

He had lost confidence in his company's actuarial and risk assessment consulting firm. They had made some close calls and finally a legitimately bad one and it had cost his company money and possibly legal and regulatory issues; time would tell on the latter. Risk management was a critical element in every decision his small limited liability company made. Peter had started a small medical device company after a decade with one of the big players in the industry. There was a niche that the big players had missed or decided to avoid. It was obscenely profitable but fraught with danger. Their products were invasive; they went inside the human body.

It took years of R&D and years of FDA wrangling to get them to market. Market was a very relative term; the products were not available for just any physician or any patient. He employed his own doctors to consult with the practitioners who wanted access to them. Each patient was evaluated on a per case basis. For the right patient the products could be miraculously life saving. Implanted indiscriminately they could do more harm then good. Giving a potentially terminal patient a hopeless last chance with an expensive medical procedure was all too common. The patient invariably died anyway and there was always a law suit and the slimeball personal injury attorneys always went for the "deep pocket" which was usually the device manufacturer.

Peter and his senior people had done their due diligence in selecting a new risk management partner. Lynn's company had won hands down. She had started out as a medical practitioner, acquired a graduate education in risk management and worked for a number of years for one of the top malpractice insurance firms in the industry. She had started her own LLC five years earlier working almost exclusively with small, high tech device manufacturers like Peter. The new partnership had been formed just over a year before.

The two companies meshed perfectly. Lynn's firm was able to provide the personal touch that the previous firm had failed to provide. They were technically far more knowledgeable. Their assessments had been letter perfect. Peter was pretty sure that their collective track record over the past year or so was playing an important role in keeping both the government and the bottom feeders at bay. It now appeared that the regulators were disposed to write off the one bad decision as a fluke rather than any indication of faulty product or cavalier risk assessment. A single major judgment against a small medical device manufacturer could quickly send the firm into bankruptcy. While there was one lawsuit pending, it wasn't going anywhere. It was costing his company money in legal fees but it now appeared that there would be no windfall for the sharks.

Peter was intimately involved in the day to day decision making of the company he had founded. He had once planned to become a doctor and had been a premed student. He had a graduate degree in engineering. He had been the primary designer of the company's hand-full of products. Lynn's company was also small; she was a very hands-on executive with a superb mind and a stellar educational background to boot. Peter and Lynn had spent an inordinate amount of time together over the past year as Lynn elected not to delegate Peter's business to one of her other equally talented associates.

Neither of them had ever been married before. At thirty-eight Peter was three years older than Lynn. When they met several times a week to discuss a case, she was all business. Her attire was never provocative but rather decidedly demure. She'd never flirted nor sent any signs that she was interested in him romantically...or sexually. In spite of her keen mind, Lynn came off personally as rather innocent, even naïve and nonsexual.

He had met a colleague at an industry conference who also had engaged Lynn's firm.

"Ah, 'little Miss Goodie Two Shoes'. I'm pretty sure there's a body under there somewhere but I know I've never even seen her ankles. She's very pretty...I'm ashamed to admit I made a pass at her one time after one too many and she slapped me down pretty hard. There's one girl whose pussy is probably wired shut. What a waste."

"Maybe she's just one of those women that doesn't mix business with pleasure?" Peter had replied, defending Lynn's "honor".

"Yeah, or, 'I'm not her type'. Bullshit! She's probably a virgin or at the very least, frigid as hell."

Their first date hadn't really been a date; they'd gone to dinner after a long meeting involving a new product roll-out. He had not really phrased it as a date invitation; she had hesitated and then said yes. She had gone home to change; he had picked her up at her house but she had not invited him in. Her evening attire was glamorous and fashionable but not remotely revealing. Still, she looked amazing and he had felt his dick twitch when he caught a glimpse of silken encased thigh as she got into his car.

She had smiled often at dinner; she had been more relaxed and at ease than he had ever seen her before. For the first time they actually got to know each other, agreeing in advance to avoid business talk. She was a delightful and charming dinner companion. Her interests in art, music and literature were eclectic and demonstrated an inquisitive and interesting mind. They avoided politics but he got the distinct impression that they weren't terribly off base in that area. He could imagine his mother liking her a lot. He began to play that impossible mind game all women and men play on first discovery...is this the one? He tried to picture the two of them as a couple...raising children together...growing old together. As their delightfully long and relaxed dinner came to a close several hours later he realized that he had not thought about another woman in those terms since...ever?

He'd walked her to the door; she had paused for just a second...inviting him to kiss her good night? He had decided against it, shaking her hand instead. They had exchanged a brief, almost professional hug.

That night after her dinner with Peter, Lynn had struggled with very mixed emotions. Peter represented her number one client firm. It could get messy. She had grown fond of him long before their first date. He had an exceptional mind. He took patient safety very personally. She remembered one time when the decision had been made not to provide a particular device for a given patient. He had fought for that patient but ultimately agreed that the risk was too great and the likelihood of success too remote. She had been sure she had seen a tear in his eye. He wasn't the cold hearted son-of-a-bitch she so often encountered in this industry. He was a classic, "Golden Rule" kind of man always treating others with respect and kindness. His underlings adored him. He genuinely cared about their lives.

He was one damn fine looking guy. Lynn was fashionably tall; Peter was suitably taller. He'd never been married; she wasn't interested in some other woman's problems when it came to a partner. His smile was...easy, genuine...warm. Nice body, great eyes, all of his own hair. He was enjoyable to work with, always eliciting candid input but not afraid to be decisive.

Their second date was more of a real date. They attended a concert together. It was an artist and a style of music they both enjoyed. They'd caught a late supper at a small club and he had asked her to dance. He was a great dancer; she enjoyed the strong warmth of his arms around her. They had broached the future, not their future but families, children...life. They both seemed to be looking for the same things. He had finally kissed her; she had been close to inviting him in for coffee. That had occurred on date number three; they had made out on her couch. Date four was followed by a similar session on the couch but for the first time it got decidedly intimate as he stroked her hot little pussy through her panties and she rubbed his hard cock through his suit trousers.

On date five, this one, she had more or less invited herself back to his place and more or less taken charge when it came to carnal pursuits. Here she was, cuddled in his strong arms, admiring his tight, muscled frame and lingering in the post-coital bliss of what had been an exceptional, mind blowing and completely satisfying fuck. He was very quiet. She knew that could mean that he was deep in thought about what it all meant...where this was going. She was just a little afraid that she had come on as entirely too sexually forward and aggressive. It wouldn't be the first time a man ran for the hills after fucking her.

She couldn't help it. Outside of the bedroom, or in this case on her knees in the living room get banged from behind, Lynn was the demure, no nonsense all business woman that everyone saw. There had been very few men who had enjoyed her womanly treasures but those men would never forget it. In private Lynn was lusty, wanton, nasty and dirty and wanted nothing more than to be a special man's special fuck toy.

In point of fact Peter was having reservations while kicking himself for allowing the classic double standard to enter his consciousness. Beautiful, bright, charming, built like a...intelligent, no socio-economic issues and an amazing little piece of ass. Isn't that what every man wants? A woman whose company he enjoys who has a similar world view? Someone he feels genuine affection for...makes the heart go pitter-patter? Sucks cock like a pro, loves to fuck...exciting, amazing, fantastic fuck...so what's the problem? There shouldn't be one. Lynn was the perfect woman...the perfect woman for him.

Lynn spent the night; they fucked several more times. They made love. She sucked his cock, awakening him in the early morning light. He tongued her astounding little rear and she was pretty sure they'd explore that venue at some future date. They did a few days later and he was a superbly talented back door man.

Oh, fuck, Lynn thought to herself, I've done it again. This one was a keeper...damn he was more than a keeper...he was probably the one! And your little slut routine has him thinking...You're not a slut but he thinks you are. No trip home to meet mom on this cruise. She was a nice girl...a good girl...she'd never engaged in trivial, impromptu sex or one night stands. She'd never slept around. In truth you could count on one hand the men she had slept with...and every damned one had ended the same way..."love to fuck ya' don't intend to marry ya". Was she ever going to meet a man who understood that very good little girls have a right to enjoy cock? No, she wanted more than that...she wanted a man who was absolutely ecstatic that she was what she was...a bright, caring, attractive woman who would satisfy her man's sexual needs and fantasies until the day after she died.

And so as had happened before, their love life settled into an all too familiar routine. They fucked regularly; it just got better and better for both of them, at least physically.

And then one day she just ended it as she had done on several other occasions. No drama, no histrionics and outwardly not a hint of angst. She assigned his account to another, equally qualified associate. She wouldn't take his calls. She knew she missed him; she knew she missed the incredible sex. She'd been down this road before; this time she ended it sooner than in the past. Her biological clock was ticking. She wanted a man to grow old with...a man to have babies with. This one was the best on all counts that she had ever encountered but she could see no impending trip to meet the parents and she was, as she saw it, running out of time.

Peter was devastated; he was absolutely convinced that he had screwed up something uniquely special. He had and he knew it and he felt like a complete heel. He desperately wanted back into Lynn's life but she had shut the door. He searched his brain for a way to fix things...get her back...but nothing came to mind.

It was at an industry conference a few weeks later that he shared a drink with another entrepreneur, a man who had started out as a physician and then gotten into manufacturing, a man a few years his senior. The two men had hit it off and become business friends. They were not competitors; their products addressed completely different maladies. The subject of risk management came up; the subject of Lynn came up. The look in the former medical practitioner's eyes said there was more to the story.

"David, I don't mean to pry, well, yes I do, so tell my to go fuck myself if it's not something you want to talk about but I'm sensing that you had more than a business relationship with..."

"Lynn? You too?"

"Uh huh."

"You blew it, didn't you? So did I. Peter, I finally got married a couple of years back. We're very happy; one darling little boy and another on the way, a girl this time. I love my wife but Lynn...ah, Lynn! She'll always be there...a piece of her inside my heart...damn!"

"She ended it, right?" Peter asked.

"Yep! And once Lynn ends it you are never going to get back inside. That's just the way she is. Look, we were pretty damn close. Close enough to share sexual histories. Hers is remarkably limited for a woman who..."

"Is the best lover you ever even imagined sharing a bed with?"

"You've got that right. Lynn's what, thirty-five now? Assuming she's been sexually active since...God now I'm getting clinical, well that is my professional end of the female anatomy. Anyway, Lynn has probably had four or five lovers in the last fifteen years or so...I'd bet you're number five. All of them were with men with whom she believed there was a future. All of them ended the same way. God! We men can be so stupid sometimes! She is everything you could dream and wish for in a life partner. She just happens to enjoy sex and well...you know. I got hung up on it. I lingered too long without making a commitment. She moved on. I lost and there are no second chances with her."

"Not what I wanted to hear."

"What are you going to do, buddy? My advice is accept it and learn from it and move on...wiser the next time...but I'm pretty sure there never will be a next time for you that's come close to her."

"Did you try to, ah, make amends?"

"Oh hell yes! 'Got no where. How long has it been?"

"Just a few weeks. I'm pretty broken up about it."

"How long were you together?"

Peter told him.

"She's sizing up the situation a lot quicker than she might have done in the past. You are screwed."

"She won't take my calls...but I've got to try...any suggestions?"

"Nothing worked for me...nor any of the others. I've actually met a couple of them. I was looking for advice also. A string of hopeless broken hearts. You just don't get over Lynn. Other than buying billboard space, hiring a sky writer and singing her a love song outside her window every night---all of which I considered---I can't help you. There aren't enough roses in the world to make it right again."

Lynn and Peter met a week and a half later at a quarterly review session which she as her company's principal was obligated to attend. He had written her several personal letters addressed to her home address. More than one had come back to him stamped, "return to sender". At the end of the conference he handed her another sealed note.

"I know you don't want to read this. I know you don't want to have anything to do with me and I understand why. I hurt you and there aren't words that will make that go away. It isn't that long. It's the last note I'll ever give or send you if that's what you want. Please don't throw this one away until you at least look at it. Then do what your heart tells you that you need to do. I love you and I always will...I didn't say it often enough or loud enough, did I? Words are kind of meaningless at this stage but I can't give up without trying something hopelessly desperate."

Lynn drove home without opening the note which was enclosed in a very formal, high end envelop. She knew she was being insanely stubborn; she had given Peter less time than she had given the others. A piece of her said that he was...oh, fuck! Damn men! I'm good enough to fuck every night but not to carry your children? Grow old with you? Meet your parents? Fuck all of you! And then she just started to sob uncontrollably throwing herself on her bed until, blissfully, she was all cried out and sleep overcame her. It was Friday; she had no place to be on Saturday. She awoke before the sun came up, showered, changed into comfortable and comforting clothes and went back to her empty bed. In the dim light she stared at the envelope; she had already decided that she would not open it. It was calling to her...begging her...it finally won the day.

Lynn Milton was not remotely prepared for what she found inside. She was in fact almost in shock. It was not a hand written note; it was in fact an engraved invitation to an event, a party, with a map on the back.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Horton request the pleasure of your company At an Engagement Party given in the honor of Lynn Marie Milton and Peter Conyers Horton on Saturday the twenty-seventh of May Two thousand and six at one o'clock in the afternoon at their home 2606 Butler Road Mount Gilead, Ohio R.S.V.P. 740-555-1234

No! This was too much! She wasn't going to fall for it! How dare he do this? What was he thinking, that this little bit of drama was going to win her heart? No, no. no! She was angry; she dialed his home number fully prepared to give Peter Conyers Horton a piece of her mind. She got the answering machine; he wasn't going to be home for the weekend. He was visiting his parents.

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