tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMegan's Girlfriend

Megan's Girlfriend


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first ever story of this kind and hopefully the beginning of an ongoing romance! If you like the story and want it to continue, let me know!


"I MISS U ALRDY <3" was the text message that popped into my phone as I pulled up with my parents to the first day of my freshman year at Woodland State University. It was from my girlfriend Laura, my high school sweetheart, who I had said goodbye to six hours earlier to begin the drive to my new school. After almost a year of dating we were in love, and even though she would be attending a different college upstate, we decided we would try to make our relationship work over the long distance. "MISS U TOO" I texted back. As I pressed send I looked out the window and saw two girls in short denim miniskirts walk by on the warm, sunny sidewalk, and thought to myself, "man I love college."

After moving into my new dorm room I couldn't get my parents out the door quickly enough. I gave my mom a hug and my dad shook my hand, saying "son, make me proud".

If only he knew what the next 16 weeks would do to me.

I waved goodbye to my parents as they walked down the hall to leave my dorm and drive back home. And that's when I saw Megan. She burst out of her room after some poor guy, yelling obscenities and throwing what appeared to be an endless barrage of shoes at him. As he walked by my room on the way out the door I heard him mumbling, "crazy bitch."

Megan came out into the hall to pick up all the shoes she had thrown at him. She was dressed in short cheer shorts that said "WSU" on the butt and a white tank top. The shorts showed off her perfect long legs and shapely ass, but the tank top had to be given credit too, because it was struggling quite noticeably to contain Megan's voluptuous breasts nestled in a black D-cup bra. I was speechless.

I quickly realized that I was staring at her from my doorway, and before she saw me I started to walk over and help her pick up the shoes.

"These all yours?" I asked as I picked up a pair of sneakers.

"Yeah. And you are?"

"Oh, my name's Adam, I just moved in down the hall from you." I pointed to my door.

Her eyes followed my finger to the door, then they came back to me. She looked me up and down, then smiled and continued picking up shoes. "I'm Megan," she said as she walked into her room. I quickly followed.

"Just throw those in my closet, I'll sort them out later."

I tossed the sneakers I was holding onto a huge pile of shoes. In the corner of her closet was a large box with red hearts drawn in sharpie all over the side of it.

"What's with the box?" I asked without thinking.

"You're a nosy little fucker aren't you?" she spat back at me. It totally caught me off guard and I stammed, "I... I'm sorry... you're right.."

Megan looked at me and laughed. "I'm just messing with you. But seriously, quit snooping around you pervert."

She walked over to her desk and picked up a picture of her kissing someone and looked at it for a moment. I recognized the guy who had just left her room minutes before. She tore up the picture and threw it in the trash.

"What an asshole! God I hate Scott!"

"Was that your boyfriend?"

"He's my ex now. Fucking asshole."

"What'd he do?"

"What'd I tell you about being nosy? Listen Ben, or whatever your name is, you're cute and all but I need to be alone. Please leave."

"Oh... okay..." I turned and left. As I walked back to my room all I could think about was, she called me cute!


A week went by, and I was just getting used to my new classes and making new friends. At night I called my girlfriend and talked to her. One night after a particularly steamy phone conversation I was left alone in my dorm room and looked over at my computer. A few minutes later, I visited my favorite porn site and was jerking off. The video I was watching finished before I did though, and on the screen was a link where it looked like two women had tied up a man and were whipping him. I shrugged, and clicked.

Then someone started banging on my door. I nearly jumped out of my skin, slamming my laptop screen closed and pulling up my shorts. I walked over to the door and looked through the peephole and saw Megan standing there, arms folded underneath her heavenly tits. She unfolded her arms and kept banging on the door. "I know you're in there!"

I swung the door open.

"Uh hey, whats up?" I asked, trying to play it cool.

Her eyes went straight to my shorts, which were not doing a good job hiding my erection.

"Whatcha doing in there, stud?" she asked with a grin.

"Ah fuck, I'm sorry..."

"Yeah whatever perv. Listen... hey is that a beanbag? " She was slurring her words pretty noticeably.

"It is, yeah... so what's up?"

She didn't answer, just pushing past me and heading over to my beanbag. Her tits jiggled as she plopped down on it.

Then she said, "what the hell is that?"

The sound was still playing on my laptop. The porno. FUCK.

"Do you like that, slave?" some woman was asking. There was a whip. A guy yelped in pain.

Megan darted over to the laptop and flipped it open. I was mortified.

"What kind of stuff are you jerking it to, you little pervert? You like this stuff?"

"I... no I don't, I just..."

"I'll bet you love this stuff. I'll bet you wish you could be somebody's bitch, huh?"

She whirled around and walked up to me. Her hand shot out and grabbed my dick through my shorts. She grinned devilishly at me.

"I see you're pretty excited there, loverboy!"

All I could do is nod, and she laughed. "Do you think I'm hot?"

I nodded again. She squeezed my cock and I flinched.

She looked around the room. "You got any shot glasses?"

"I got some cups..." I said as I pointed to my desk.

Megan grabbed two cups and produced a flask from the back pocket of her jeans. She poured a little into one cup and a lot into the other. She handed the cup with more in it to me.

"This is you. Drink up stud!"

"Um..." I paused. My heart was still racing from all that had happened. "...okay."

I drank the whole cup in one swig. It burned like hell going down and I started coughing. "What the fuck... was that..."

"What's the matter, don't like partying with the captain?" she said and poured me another drink.


The next morning I got out of bed with a splitting headache. A note on my desk said, "Call me! xoxo Megan" and had her number underneath it. I poured myself a glass of water and dialed the number.

Megan picked up. "Good morning stud!"

"Uh, what happened last night? Did we hook up?"

Laughter. "No, but I think you should come over and take a look at these pictures!"

I ran over to her room. Her door was open and I threw it closed after I went in.

"What pictures?" I asked, exasperated. "What the fuck?"

Megan laughed and went back to scrolling through pictures on her laptop. When I saw them my jaw dropped.

The first few showed me getting undressed and making out with her. Then I was completely naked, and she had pulled a small vibrator out. In the next picture I was naked on all fours on her bed, with the vibrator coming out of my ass.


Megan kept flipping through the pictures. "Sure did stud, and if you don't want these being sent all over campus, you're going to be my new girlfriend, sound good?"

"Wait, don't you mean boyfriend?"

She just laughed.


"Here's the deal," said Megan, as I sat slumped in a chair with my head in my hands. "I think you're cute, and I know you think I'm hot. I can see you staring at me all the time. There's no reason why we can't be together."

"But I have a girlfriend already, it's a long distance relationship..."

"That's too bad for her isn't it? Does she know that her boyfriend likes taking a vibrator up his ass?"

I stared at the floor, saying nothing.

She continued: "Look, I'm sick of dating assholes. I want to be in control in a relationship for once. So that's why, from now on, you're going to be my girlfriend. I'm gonna be the one with the cock in this relationship, and you're going to do whatever the fuck I say because you love me. You got that?"

"What the fuck..." I mumbled.

She slapped me across the face and I looked up at her in shock. "You got that?"


"And if you tell anyone about it I'll make sure your little long distance girl sees these pictures along with everyone here on campus."

She walked over to her closet. "Now you get to see what's in the box!"

She pulled out the box and opened the lid. Inside were handcuffs, dildos, vibrators, strap ons, of all shapes and sizes.

"Jesus," I said, "are those all yours?"

"Shut up you little whore, you're going to love each and every one of these!"

Megan pulled out a strapon black dildo that looked to be about 8 inches long and thick. It was much bigger than my dick, which was pretty average for a guy, maybe six inches at most. She began peeling off her clothes and I sat there stunned as her perfect tits hung pertly in the air. She strapped on the dildo and told me to get on my knees.

"Now I'm going to teach you how to suck cock. Does that sound good, baby?"

I stared at her. She slapped me hard across the face again.

"When I ask you a question you answer me, got it? And you always call me mistress when we're alone."

"Yes mistress..." I stammered,

"Get on your fucking knees!"

"Yes mistress," I said and dropped to a kneel.

She brought the dildo up to my face and held the back of my head.

"I want you to lick it up and down. Get it all nice and wet like I'm your boyfriend and you're about to suck me off."

She rubbed the dildo across my face and I opened my mouth, licking the big plastic cock.

"Perfect, you're a natural! Now take me into your mouth, and keep your teeth off of it or I'll shove this in your ass, got it?"

She placed the head of the dildo on my lips and I opened my mouth again. She thrust her hips, shoving the dildo deep into my mouth. I gagged as it neared the back of my throat.

"We'll get rid of that gag reflex soon enough baby," Megan said with a smile, and pushed the dildo back into my mouth. Then she grabbed the back of my head and slowly thrust the plastic cock in and out of my mouth. I gagged and sputtered and tried to keep my mouth open wide enough so that my teeth wouldn't touch the thick black shaft. Saliva dripped off my chin.

She pushed the dildo into my mouth deeper and held it there. My face turned red as I tried not to gag.

"Look up at me while you suck my cock, baby," she said.

I looked up at her, my mouth full of black plastic cock, and saw her smile at me from over her gorgeous tits. I was in love.

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