tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 16

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 16


Elspeth twirled the gold cross that hung from her neck as she watched the young girl plunge a glowing crystal phallus between her thighs. The young slut groaned and writhed in ecstasy as her orgasm shook her body, releasing a glowing energy. Elspeth smiled as the portal to the world of sin materialised in the corner of the church.

Turning to the group of girls who circled the slut, she issued her commands. "Chain her up again. Her defilement has served its purpose." The girl cried out as her acolytes grabbed her wrists. "No, please Iet me cum again, please! Don't tie me up, it's torture!"

Elspeth knew her girls were virtuous. Chosen from the most god-fearing of her congregation, they were warriors against sin. They would rise above the addictions of the tainted world and strike a blow for the pure of heart.

The pretty young girl whom they restrained longed for the pleasures of the flesh. To lay with the foul spawn of sin world and debase herself in her weakness. She begged to be allowed to return to her evil ways but denying her the sexual release she craved had yielded so much information.

Elspeth watched her girls with pride. Mentally and physically strong, they had prepared themselves for the trials to come. Their bodies were covered in tight-fitting latex suits that were designed to prevent the addictive secretions and foul fluids from coming into contact with their skin. Reinforced around the genital area to prevent access, she was confident her warriors of purity couldn't be forced into carnal acts.

Maia tied the girl's hands together as she whimpered and begged for sex. The girl looked her in the eyes and smiled suggestively. "You look so cute in those outfits. You think they will save you but every creature there is going to want to fuck your brains out."

The devil responded to the girl's dirty words by sending shivers of temptation through her womanhood. Maia had found watching the girl defile herself had been more appealing than she had ever imagined. Pushing the bad thoughts away she turned to the girl. "I'm not a slut like you."

The girl smiled again. "You will be, pretty one. You and your uptight friends only think you can fight these feelings but you want it as badly as I do."

Maia recoiled from the girl. "I'm not going to fall to your false gods. I'm strong enough to control my urges."

The girl smiled sweetly. "So you do get horny. Thought that bitch had all you little robots programmed not to enjoy any sexual act."

Maia hated the way her voice betrayed her. "Watching you defile yourself is not something that I enjoy," she said huskily and pushed her towards her cell.

The girl struggled as Maia locked the door and turned to leave. "Please, I know you felt something, help me cum. I promise I won't tell anyone. Please, I'm so horny."

The stricken look on the girl's pretty face moved her heart and the dirty thoughts sent tingles between her legs. Maia slipped her hand between the bars and the girl pushed her womanhood forward. Straining against her bonds she moaned gently as Maia's fingers slid inside her body.

"Oh God, thank you," she moaned as she ground herself against Maia's hand."Oh fuuck that's so good."

The girl shuddered and came hard on Maia's fingers and she couldn't believe how wet and warm she felt. The look on the girl's face made Maia feel all squishy in her tight suit. "Oh God, why am I so horny, I'm not into girl's."

Her face flushed as she realised she had vocalised the thought. Mortally embarrassed, she turned away from the girl and was about to flee in panic when a soft voice stopped her.

"Neither am I, I have a boyfriend I love very much but I love sex and I'm not ashamed of my needs. Your leader is wrong, the Ashiri aren't gods. They are just protecting themselves from people like that bitch you follow. People who think inflicting pain and humiliation is acceptable and two people fucking each other is evil."

Maia was dumbfounded. "You have a boyfriend? How does he tolerate your whoring?" she wondered aloud.

The girl looked sad. "Because he is beautiful and I miss him so badly. Please set me free."

Maia was torn between her duty and misgivings. "I can't!" she cried and ran from the room.

Jennifer smiled to herself, thinking the weeks of torture would almost be worth it to watch the look on Maia's face when she felt the pressure of a hard cock against her cute bum. "Mei is going to fuck you so good pretty girl," she thought as the ache between her legs grew and she sat back on the hard wooden bench.

Elspeth was impatient as Maia finally returned from the cells. Rushing her charges through the portal, she felt righteous and proud. Soon she would destroy this carnal world and cast out the whores and sodomites.

The lightning flashed and Claire struggled to adjust her eyes as she realised they had materialised in a long corridor. Her latex suit rubbed against her as she pressed against the wall. Her pussy felt nice as the material stretched over her sensitive parts. Claire had felt lovely warm feelings ever since she had put the suit on. Feeling guilty she thought she was a bit of a perve for liking the sensations. None of the other girls mentioned the same effects and she dared not mention how good her friends looked in their outfits.

Elspeth silenced the girls with a look as six large creatures moved past them with military precision. Looking like large men, the creatures were over seven feet tall with hard bodies and vacant expressions. Claire thought they were rather attractive. Sort of like Greek statues. Her eyes roamed over their muscular bodies and widened in shock as she saw their rock hard erections. "Oh my God, they must be a foot long!" she thought as her pussy started to ache and her head filled with dirty thoughts.

Elspeth was amazed as the creatures ignored her charges and carried on marching down the corridor. She felt sure she would have had to sacrifice one of the girls so the rest could escape. The rapt look on Claire's face told Elspeth she would be the one. The pretty young blonde had unconsciously licked her lips as her eyes locked on the beasts' obscene phalluses. Elspeth smiled, thinking of the naive girl screaming as the creatures violated her virginity. Yes, some of her team wouldn't make it to salvation but this was war.

Mei helped Michael force the lock open and they entered the church. Their search soon located Jennifer and the two lovers held each other close as they kissed deeply. "Please Jen, tell me you're ok," Michael pleaded.

Jennifer looked deeply into his eyes. "I'm ok babe. I had to do this. Couldn't have that crazy bitch hurting the Ashiri. She's so messed up she's convinced it's some sort of crusade."

Mei cleared her throat as Michael slid both his hands over Jennifer's hips and pulled her bum into his crutch. "Missed you so much," he breathed in her ear as Jennifer pushed her cute bottom back towards his hard cock.

"Ahem, time enough for that later. Remember crazy zealot lady wanting to kill our new friends?"

Jennifer pouted. "Oh all right but you owe me," she said as she wriggled her bum at Michael and followed Mei into the light.

Chloe looked at her friend Claire as the infiltrators had reached a wide open room. The two girls stared wide-eyed as they watched a huge tank of pulsating fluid in the centre of the room. A hideous creature swam within the tank and its tentacles shimmered through a ring of holes on the top of the tank. Two beautiful women were on their hands and knees moaning as the tentacles penetrated them. Chloe watched in horror as the woman closest to her cried out as the creature pumped her. "Fuuck me, oh god fuck my arse. Cum in my arse fuuck," she pleaded. Her dark hair was matted with sweat and her face flushed with pleasure. Chloe thought she was beautiful and couldn't imagine why such a pretty woman would say such things. Her heart beat in her chest and she felt her nipples harden painfully as the woman continued to urge the creature on.

Elspeth realised the exit was on the other side of the tank. Noticing there were only two free holes at the top of the tank she pulled a knife from her boot.

Maia stood in shock as Elspeth grabbed Chloe by the waist, slipped a knife up her suit and tore it open. The young brunette tumbled forward half naked as Elspeth pushed her towards the beast. "Run!" she yelled as the girls sprinted for the other side.

Maia stopped half way and stared in fascination as the lightning fast tentacles wrapped around Chloe's thin waist and slipped inside her suit through the cut. Chloe screamed and thrashed around as the muscular appendages slithered around her small body. The tight suit stretched around the tentacles, leaving the watchers in no doubt of their targets. She cried out as the slippery phalluses found their mark. "Oh please no, not there!" she screamed as her bum hole twitched and she felt the beast enter her back passage. "Ohh noo please ooooh!"

Maia turned away as Chloe succumbed to the aphrodisiac in the creature's slime. The innocent young girl who had never even masturbated moaned and begged to be fucked harder. Maia felt her own arousal build as Chloe revelled in her violation.

Claire felt her pussy spasm as she poked her head around the door and looked back into the room. Chloe had ripped off the top of her suit and was enthusiastically rubbing her small hard breasts. Claire stared and whimpered as tentacles the size of her wrist pushed deeply into Chloe's obscenely stretched bottom and pussy. Her own bum clenched and made her pussy feel amazing as it rubbed against the tight latex.

Maia shook Claire back to her senses. "She's gone and Elspeth will do the same to you if you can't control your urges," she hissed at the girl. Claire knew Maia was right. Elspeth was obsessed with killing the Ashiri. Her callous use of Chloe shook Claire's belief in the cause. Taking one last look at her friend, she squirmed in her suit as she observed the look on Chloe's face. "Oh God why does that look so good?" she wondered, as the sounds of her friend cumming echoed in her mind.

Maia followed the other girls as they trudged behind Elspeth. The icy brunette turned to her charges. "You must all be strong. Chloe knew the risks. We are in an evil place and some of you may fall before we purge this unholy presence from our world."

The girls nodded and followed but Maia couldn't help the dirty thoughts as she watched Elspeth's latex-clad bottom. "I wonder what you would look like in Chloe's place." The woman was attractive in a severe, repressed way and Maia pushed thoughts of Elspeth being anally raped out of her mind as they continued their journey.

Kelly was the minister's daughter and the other girls assumed that she was the strongest of them all. The petite young brunette knew her friends were mistaken. Her faith was shaken by the inequities she saw in her church, the politics and un-Christian behaviour as people struggled into positions of influence. Realising Elspeth was one of the worst couldn't prevent her from being drawn into her group. It was expected because of her father's position. Kelly had regularly touched herself in her naughty place, thinking of Mark, and she loved the feelings. Mark was so cute but they had both taken the pledge not to have sex before marriage. He was a good, respectful and gentle friend but at times Kelly ached to see his manhood. Her supposed moral fortitude had meant she had been the one tasked to get information from the girl Elspeth had captured. Somehow Elspeth had got hold of one of the beasts and Kelly was at first repulsed and scared of it. However, she was tasked with milking its secretion so they could be fed to the prisoner. Kelly found the gross assignment had started to arouse her as she imagined the slimy creature's phallus was Mark's cock. Every day she grew more excited by the act and felt more evil as she fed the poor girl the beast's fluids. Tied and unable to relieve herself, the poor girl was going crazy with lust as the potent aphrodisiac in the creature's ejaculation inflamed her passions. She would have told Elspeth anything but the woman continued to torture the poor girl, making her hornier than Kelly thought possible. The girl cursed Elspeth and threatened her with unspeakable sexual acts but still begged for release.

Kelly felt so sorry for the girl she had helped her one night, rubbing her womanhood and slipping a finger into the girl's bottom like she asked. The girl had cum like a volcano as the pressure released and the blissful look on her face told Kelly she had done the right thing. That night she dreamed of being ravished by Mark and the girl. The dreams were intensely erotic and Kelly woke hornier than ever. That day was the first time she took some of the secretions home and started to experiment with her body. "So much for being the good daughter," she thought as she lay in bed with the nightlight on. Closing her eyes and trying not to wake her little sister Maisy, she pushed a slime-covered finger into her bum hole. The naughty feelings of masturbating her bottom and pussy at the same time made her cum harder than she ever imagined possible.

Kelly's thoughts were rudely jarred back to reality by a crashing boom. In her reverie she had slipped to the back of the group and now she was trapped behind bars that had descended from the ceiling.

Elspeth watched in horror as six of the unmen they had seen earlier marched towards the trapped girls. It was with regret that she saw Kelly was in the group. "This will take some explaining. The minister will not be pleased if his daughter succumbed," she thought.

Kelly and Claire were mesmerised as the creatures ignored the other girls and stood in front of their cage, stroking their huge erections. Maia was behind the two girls when the unmen ejaculated in unison, spraying Kelly and Claire with torrents of cum.

Claire was shaking as the goo dissolved her suit and soaked her pale skin. The creature closest to her aimed his tool at her and she felt the cum splatter against her pussy. Her knees gave out and her hands reached between her legs as the beast's stimulating cum made her cry out in ecstasy. "Ohh my god. Oh fuck that is so good," she moaned as she frantically rubbed herself to orgasm. Cumming for the first time, Claire was in heaven. When the creature pushed its huge cock between the bars she grabbed it with hunger and passion.

Kelly watched Claire succumb to the irresistible fluid and her pussy spasmed as she watched the cute blonde's eyes widen as the creature came in her mouth. Kelly felt familiar urges as her now naked body was drenched in secretions. While she masturbated she knew she couldn't resist the need building up inside her body. Her womanhood was pulsing and aching to be filled. Kelly remembered the vow to Mark and shuddered as a dirty thought coalesced in her sex-addled brain. Turning around and protecting her virgin pussy with her hand, she wriggled her bum between the bars. The creature didn't take long to recognise the opportunity and Kelly moaned as it pushed its cockhead against her twitching bum hole.

Ellie stood beside Elspeth while Kelly screamed in pain as the huge cock penetrated deep into her bottom. Ellie's head spun with doubts. "Why did she do that?" she murmured, as the creature started to pump her friend's arse.

Maia observed Kelly change. The initial cry of pain had been replaced by guttural moaning and grunting. Kelly was pushing back on the beast's cock and juice was running between her fingers as the girl's pussy throbbed under her hand. Maia tried to pull Claire from her cocksicle but the young girl squirmed from her grasp and continued to noisily slurp at her creature's phallus. Cum poured down her chin and she gurgled to Maia, "You have to try this, it tastes so good. Ooooh fuck, I'm cuummmimg again! Oooh fuuuck!"

Maia looked at Kelly and she smiled. "She's right Maia. I've never been so horny. It feels amazing. Oooh god I can feel it building again. Yes, come on fuck me you beast, fuck my bum. Aaarrrhhh, arrrrgh oooh fffuck yeeess!"

Maia watched Kelly shudder and shake uncontrollably as the orgasm ripped through her slim body. She was looking at Kelly's pert breasts when a creature repositioned itself and cum splattered against her body as well. Her already aroused body went into overdrive as the wicked secretions started to affect her. She parted Kelly's hands and pushed her mouth into the girl's pulsating pussy. "Ooooh, Maia oooh," Kelly moaned as she gently licked her soaking womanhood. Claire squealed too as Maia slid a hand down the girl's bum crack and found her virgin hole. Claire pushed back enthusiastically as Maia slipped her slim finger into the blonde's tight bum.

The sounds of the three girls' enjoyment reached the remaining group at the end of the corridor. Ellie looked at Beth and Maddie in confusion. Her own pussy ached and she noticed Maddie was discretely rubbing herself. "Be careful she doesn't see you," she whispered and nodded in Elspeth's direction.

"What does it matter? We are fucked," Beth whispered, giggling at her use of words. "If Kelly can't resist all of us are going to succumb. God I'm so horny."

Maddie nodded in sympathy. "I know I'm going to hell but I can't stop thinking of the thing that got Chloe. God help me, I wish it was me Elspeth sacrificed."

Beth's large breasts heaved and she rubbed her hands through her red hair. "Oooh I wonder what it would feel like to have both your holes filled," she cooed.

Ellie smiled as a mental image of Beth and Maddie being taken almost caused her to cream herself. "Did you hear Kelly moaning? She was so getting off on having that thing in her bum. It's so dirty I want to try it. I'm so sick of being pure. If virginity is so important why does it look so hot when someone loses it?"

Maddie whispered in Ellie's ear and sent her pussy crazy. "I'd like to do you like Maia did Kelly."

Beth saw Ellie's eyes go wide and wondered what Maddie had said. Judging by the way Ellie was grinning the slim blond found her friend's words agreeable. Nudging Maddie in the ribs she whispered, "Knew you were a godless Lezie, be gentle with Ellie."

Elspeth felt a burning anger build inside. The minister's daughter had been lost and half her team had been found wanting. "Godless sluts and whores," she thought as she saw Ellie smiling. Back handing the girl she knocked her to the ground and felt her sex tingle as the girl looked up at her in horror. "God can hear your thoughts you slut," she roared as the girl's tears made her warm inside. Two of the other girls lifted Ellie from the floor and comforted her while Elspeth continued to rage.

Maddie held Ellie tight as Elspeth charged into another of the seemingly endless rooms. Gently she kissed the younger girl on her swelling cheek and felt Ellie snuggle closer. "This is all wrong, Elspeth is crazy."

Beth gave her friends a sad smile. "Yeah, I can't help but think we're on the wrong side. You guys look good together. How's that going to work when we're back home?"

Ellie looked pensive. "I don't know but I've had dreams about being with a girl and I liked them. I want to see where this leads. It can't just be this place that's making me feel so......."

"'Horny' is the word sweetie," said Maddie as Beth nodded in agreement.

"God I can't stop thinking about the other girls. The look on Chloe's face...." Beth said as a shiver ripped up her back.

A scream brought the girls' reminiscing to an abrupt halt as they ran towards the commotion.

They stood in horror as Elspeth stood with two long knives drawn and moved towards an elfin figure in the centre of the room.

"Run!" screamed Beth, unconsciously choosing sides as Elspeth lunged at the beautiful creature.

Sarah and Mei materialised just in time to see the manic woman stab both blades deep into Saiera's back. They both screamed in agony as the violence unfolded before them.

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