tagNonHumanMemoirs of a Boy in Monsterbrothel Ch. 03

Memoirs of a Boy in Monsterbrothel Ch. 03


The bright summer day was Tyler's favorite. It simply brought out the joy of life in him after decades of seclusion in servitude. To his eyes, the human empire was a strange, exotic change after spending years in the monster girl's holdings, named Mamono Reik in some strange traditional lingo. Yet now he was in the Human Empire of Lescatie, retired after six decades of endless sexual servitude to poor monster girls who needed warmth and love.

And today, in his comfortable, wandering retirement, he was contacted by a "journalist", a new vocation amongst humans to document recent news and happenings. Sitting in his comfortable chair outside, Tyler sat, enjoying the sights of an empire cleaner and more disciplined than his as he waited.

The streets were paved with clean-cut slabs of a strange dark stone that was yielding, soft and self cleaning, traversed by clean, orderly horse carts, designed to hold far more storage than the more primitive designs of the monstergirl Reik and magically improved, as gleaming linings of the carts and their wheels clearly showed improvement. Rainwater would slip between the strange stones made from heat treated pitch and cleanly flow back into the earth.

Aqueducts made from clear glass and steel snaked across the buildings, a far cry from the old, clay-treated pipes of his time back in servitude under monster girls; even these were made by impressing human craftsmen and women, captured, into servitude. Tyler knew, for all their sexiness and loveable air, monster girls didn't make good craftsmen and researchers save for innate magical crafts. Men and women constituted the more "astute" lines of work.

And now, the petite, young girl carrying a satchel as big as herself had arrived before him, taking a seat across the table. Her glasses were covering half of her face, round lenses gleaming in reflection of the sun.

She stuck out her hand.

"Christine Anderson, journalist. Thank you for coming."

"My pleasure. Tea?" Tyler smiled, lifting a teapot. Seeing her nod, he filled it.

"I'm sure you have a lot of stories to tell. I waited so long to meet someone born in the Reik and growing there." She took it gently.

"Well I wasn't born but I was taken in early as a comfort boy to a brothel."

That made Christine gulp and blush, fanning herself, hanging her coat to the chair. He just laughed and went on. "A boy adopted to please all monster women for sixty years...isn't that like a lewd story plot?"

Coughing tea, Christine had to laugh along and nod. "Well, yes! Or dream job of a sexual...deviant!" That made Tyler's face go soft.

"It's a bit more complicated honestly. Have you read my past I told the Immigration office?" Christine nodded, wiping her mouth and sipping her tea again. "Yes. Seems a lot of disappearances in the frontier has its reasons..."

Tyler nodded. "Exactly. People can feel more at peace now, since everyone that crossed over during the war was not just taken care of, but also had reasons to be there."

"Of course I can't publish that the mamono took sometimes better care of her humans than us. The Inquisition would either imprison both of us, or worse." Christine sighed, drinking her tea. "Fraternizing with the enemy, defeatism, et cetera."

Seeing that she is more resourceful and educated than he thought, he added. "But I can give you a lewd...ish...story that helps your press to agree with state propaganda AND make you successful."

Christine raised her brows. "Oh?"


Your..."newspapers" won't be able to publish it all, seeing decency laws are...well...

Alright...you haven't heard it from me. Yes, the things you'll hear might upset some species...Fair enough...


You know Dark Elves, right? Which Lescatian doesn't? Stereotypical perverted monster girl: white-haired, chocolate-skinned slave keeping perverts; fucks anything with a pulse, fecund and horny, and breed like rabbits. They can turn the most chaste nun to a seductress given a month.

They outnumber their light cousins everywhere, even when they encourage their lighter cousins, most being maids and slaves under the dark elves' tender heels, to breed as much as them after the Demon Wars.

You know them for their slaving raids for centuries. And after that peace treaty, they just coerce anyone with a mental inroad to voluntary slavery, buying the poor from their families if they can. And can you blame them? Religious rewards in Lescatie don't attract that much when Dark Elf owners respect your faith, and still take good care of you in return for sex and labor. "Pray to whatever you want. Work, please us and breed, and we'll be good family." They say.

So don't tell me they didn't have their uses. Even I can see that. After equilibrium and understanding was achieved, they tried only to take the ones better off with them, and your leaders exiled criminals, failed citizens and religious dissenters back to us, the Reik. The unfortunates in your regimented system found a better life in the Reik, thanks to Empress Agrat's reforms "For the Unfortunate Humans under The Reik".

Anyway...Let me tell you how some of them were...


You see, I worked in a monster girl brothel. I specialized in pleasing monster girls with unusual physique like Centaurs, Lamia, and Ushi Onis.

Yes ma'am, and don't laugh. My first Ushi Oni broke my ribs and arms. She had cried for days, apologizing afterwards. I still...write to her. Yes we had a child; she works as a security advisor in Temirburg. See? This is her magigraph picture. Anyway...

I loved having breakfast alone, after the other sex workers ate and started their shift. Just for that I always worked an hour later into the night. Because I love my privacy.

The human maids that worked in the brothel were often runaways or orphans, either taken by monster girls or wandering to our humble frontier brothel, hungry and alone; especially girls did that. Madame Zsa-Zsa is an obliging woman: women are rarely prostitutes in an empire ran by women fueled by sex and clear bodily fluids. They work and clean and cook.

Heh, sorry.

Anyway. This human maid by the name Melissa had made extra pancakes that day, and I had my coffee, eager to fill up for the day. We chatted politely, talking about our pasts, and sharing coffee and pancakes.

Then the voice of doom rang.

"Ty-leeeeeeeeer~~" It was Zsa-Zsa's melodic voice ringing in the sweetest tone imaginable. Melissa was giggling at my predicament.

It did NOT sound good. And her footsteps came closer!


"Tyler's dead, we buried him." Changing my voice, I tried to scramble under the table, only to be gently, but FIRMLY pulled up by a strong, clawed hand appearing behind me. She smiled sweetly, far too sweetly to be kind, holding me effortlessly in her arms, my posh, wealthy keeper, the Jabberwocky lady Zsa Zsa, my owner, mistress and madame.

Jabberwocky, you say? A rare monster lady who is a dragon, but with sentient tentacles and more elaborate, artful appearance. She ran the brothel and was my owner and mistress, buying me from a monster girl patrol who found me near-dead.

"Now now Ty-kun...what do we do when customers come calling?" She had a feral, predatory grin from ear to ear! Even her tentacles grinned the same!

"It's a Dark Elf roleplay session again, isn't it?" I sighed, resigned and defeated. "Please, just no...I'll work double, just..."

"You haven't heard it all..." Zsa-Zsa giggled.


"You get to be the one on top. Clients will pay YOU to rape them."

Melissa dropped a plate with a dreadful clatter, eyes wide like plates hearing these words.


"You are kidding me, right? This is just..."I finally burst into laughter, alongside my friend Tobias. "I'm paid to dress and be magically made to look like a male orc, stuff that doesn't exist for two centuries! An orc that rapes Dark Elves!"

We kept laughing along with Zsa-Zsa until tears came from our eyes.

"Y-yeah..." Zsa-Zsa explained. "This is the job: in three hours, both will make a picnic in the groves; I made sure no one intrudes, and they won't act out of character." She drew some smoke from her pipe. "You and Toby will look like orcs, ambush them in a knuckle-dragger gait and just rape them hard when they take a walk in the brothel's grove. I know, funny fantasy huh?" Seeing us nod, she added. "Well, money is money. I ain't complaining."

"Neither do we." We both added, though one thing lacked. We were both hung well enough honestly, yet orc men of ancient history are told to have even bigger penises, with a barbed head to stun females into a strange bliss when raping them.

"No worries. I'll have some magic and potion for that."

After the magical treatment, we were still laughing along with Tobias, waiting for our clients. Now we were both stronger for one day, blessed by potions, our muscles bulging. Our skin was now green, jaws jutting with small tusks, arms thicker and longer, and of course, with barbed, cunt-destroying cocks in our shorts and longer, pointy ears on our heads.

I looked like a caricature of a moron. Seriously, every time I remember that day, I burst out laughing.


"Tyler...Gods, I am about to bust a nut!..." Tobias gasped in discomfort. "This has got to be a joke. Look at them!" That was no joke. He had the best orgasm control amongst the male prostitutes in the Reik.

Our customers looked like walking fucktoys. Plump, chocolate colored butts strained their skirts, ears unnaturally long and poking through two earholes in their huge pink hats, their lovely heads adorned with bright white hair in ponytails. They kept wandering in the grove, eventually sitting down and apparently having a picnic in complete innocence, dressed in short, white, flowery skirts and shirts. The clients' names were Mala and Vura.

Why, you don't believe? You human girls have less sex drive than monster girls, remember that. And yes, attractive monster girls don't need to go to brothel much, except to satisfy specific fantasies, or urgently tank up on human essence.

That was their fantasy, miss journalist. Not mine.

Elves had very sad and tragic historical accounts of being kidnapped and raped by orcs. Light Elves defended themselves in a series of guerilla wars before Maou arrived to the west.

And you can guess what Dark Elves did.

Being Dark Elves, they enjoyed being plowed by monstrous rapists.

Throwing themselves at orc patrols and surrendering, pretending to take a bath in a river and gasping in exaggarated surprise, pretending to fall to orc snares and being gangraped, they were only released because they praised their enormous penises and promised they'd bring their sisters next time. What's more, in those dark ages, orcs and minotaurs became mercenaries serving dark elves in payment of sex and other slaves to rape (and yes, eat, if the slaves were useless) until the First Knighthood of Lescatie led a genocidal war against said races and saving light elves from cannibalism. Those beasts would be exterminated were it not for Maou to come in a ship to rule the western monster girls and kill the First Knighthood of Roses to the last man.

These were dark times. VERY dark.

Bottom line, Dark Elves loved beastly men raping them and used rape-sex as mercenary currency to enslave others.

Gods, it's an insult to actual rape victims if you ask me.

I know right? They look all dominant and sexy but there are always artwork in their culture, about being raped by humanoid monsters with large penises. You know...craving the thing you project against, bla bla...That sort of thing. If a man can suddenly overpower and take them by force, they turn into drooling sexpots with lolling tongues. Win or lose, both sides end up sexually satisfied, victory only defining the winner's social standing. Dark Elves are like that.

And now for one day, I was Grognak and Tobias was Urgnot. Painted green, we looked more or less like orcs.

Time to act. Theater classes better pay off now... Madame Zsa-Zsa said they are recording this with magic, so no out of character moves for us...

...Sometimes I loved my job.


"Oi smell elf cunt." Urgnot sniffled the air. "...or overripe flowahs, dunno which iz which."

"Hee hee...cunt..." Grognak, with an even stupider smile on his porcine face, snorted. "Elf cunt, hee hee, cunt, he, cunt, he he..." He mumbled, both nudging each other and sneaking haphazardly behind the Dark Elf couple, each a cute, curvy female, sitting down to picnic. Their ears wiggled with every sip of the wine, an adorable little display of happiness elves are so famous about.


They snuck into some bushes, with Grognak nudging Urgnot. "We fuck'em roight?"

"Yah, stop nudgin'" Grognak shushed him with a green hand. "Spicy honey smell. Dats dem darkie elfs."

"Wots da diff'runs anyway..." Urgnot scratched his ass, subtly wincing when he realized some of the green paint came off. Grognak punched his head, angrily breaking into a tirade.

"Ya zoggin' Grot, dats dark elfs, bestust wommin to fuck in all da realmz, they makes others slaves, makes them works for them an' makes them love da slave loife, dey women are ba best butts to fuck an' don't ya ever zoggin' forget dat!" He pointed to one of the dark elves' asses straining under the skirt when she bent over to take a sandwich from her picnic box. "Seen dat butt bongos in an ork womman, ya stupid Grot? Milk woite elfs aint half the worth em, so dey just slaves of best darkie elfs."

(((I love my job, but I want to have a heart-to-heart with Mala about the script. She must be really insecure)))

"OK! OK! Keep yer zoggin mouf teh yerself!"

"I'mma bust mah Orky nut to that black butt bongo...Zoggin hell..." Grognak muttered, and drew a club and ropes. "Oi. Wen oi says foive, we bustin'"

Urgnot just shrugged and farted "K."

"Wun, foo-awzoggit foive!"

Two orcs burst out of the bushes, swinging clubs and ropes towards two pure, innocent dark elves who just came to have a picnic. Both poor girls, upon seeing two evil rapist orcs shrieked in abject terror, screaming for help and dashing out of their peaceful spot to look for help. Each had a frilly, wide brimmed hat and high heeled shoes which made them trip over, and whimper in fear as two massive green brutes towered over them. Crying in tears, both dark elves hugged each other for comfort.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US! HELP!" The one with purple eyes, Mala, otherwise indistinguishable from her green-eyed sister Vura, shrieked in terror and waved a tiny dagger with a pink-hilt. "STAY BACK YOU UGLY MONSTER!"

"Sister!" Vura whimpered, her smaller frame and innocent eyes full of tears. "Save me!" Before the two ugly orcs could seize them, she took her tiny purse and tossed it at the nearest brute.

"W-w-we got some money! Please leave us alone!"

Her pitiful plea was met with a throaty laughter, the little bit of gold disappearing in a big green hand.

"Well dat's noice mizzy, but we finkin' sumfink bettur!" Mala hissed in unconcealed hate.

"Don't you EVER think of *that* you green ugly brute! If my family finds you you're dead! Do you really believe I'd...*gulp*"

Both orcs pulled their crude rope belts, dropping their crude shorts to free their enormous manhoods in front of the dark elves' faces.

The chocolate-skinned cute dark elf's mouth was locked in shock, eyes having a look of a shocked rabbit.

"Cat got yer tongue, elfie?"

Two huge manhoods, slabs of green salami dangled before the horrified dark elf sisters, who gulped at the sight.

"It's unnatural..."

"Goddess save us!"

"WHY IS THAT...*THING*..."Mala pointed in terror, "...so BIG anyway!!" She looked away, pushing her sister to do the same...

Vura didn't turn her head, entranced by the huge orc penis. The THING dangled fully erect before her face, slowly swaying with the green brute's heartbeat. Mala, after an uneasy eternity, slowly turned to look at the atrocity dangling before her nose as well.

"Loike what you seein huh? I calls it Da Big Stikk, hur hur hur..."

For a minute, two cute dark elves, hands and knees hurt from the fall, recoiled in fear at the two now naked orcs, looking at the penises pointed to their faces with abject horror.

"Please...just let us go. Keep the money, sir..." Mala whimpered, hugging her smaller sister and trying to look away from two, healthy, huge penises aimed at their faces.

"Hmph...ya think we'll let two bestest dark elfs go?" Grognak drawled, slapping his massive cock repeatedly on her face, who whimpered and cried softly.

"Here's wot. You takes care of dis...uhh, problem with me an' Urgnot 'ere, and maybe we'll let youz go..." He grinned, flashing a toothy grin.

Mala shook her head in fear, whimpering: "This will never fit in me! We are both virgins set to marry next week!" She closed her legs tightly, hugging her sister even tighter and pushing her behind her own body. Seeing the orcs grunt in anger, she tried to appease them.

"I...can use my hand..." The orcs glared impatiently until she spoke, which made them relent and grin. "...my mouth too. But please leave her alone!"

Grognak nodded, laughing heartily. "Urgnot, tie da small wun, we's gonna hafta crack open a blakk cold wun 'ere." The dark elf, upon hearing this, sniffled.

"Promise you won't rape her...please..." Her purple eyes shone with tears, which made Grognak snort.

"Fair 'nuff. Unless she wants mah Big Stikk, we won't make the lil' chocolate elf into a livin' cocksock. If she wants it tho, you shaddap. K?"

Tearfully, Mala nodded and gulped when Grognak started stroking his huge cock and pushed its head to her lips.

"I-it's so big..." In horrid fascination, she extended a hand to softly hold the orc penis inches away from her nose, and slowly stroked the green shaft. Looking in desperation at the orc's grinning face, she found none. Crying in sorrow Mala opened her soft, thin-lipped mouth and engulfed the massive cockhead with her mouth and lapped at the head with gentle strokes of her tongue.

"oooooooh! Oi, she gives good 'ead...Grognak groaned. "SO GOOOD!" The Dark Elf's cheeks bulged, her throat expanding as she pushed her head down and down, taking more of the enormous penis down her throat. Already her cheeks were red, losing the pretense of virtue. Her nose gave wisps of hot pink demonic energy, sucking off the enormous cock of her orcish assailant in return for mercy.

"Ye're good...Good guuurl..." Grognak grunted, pushing her head further until he felt her coughing, sporadic breath warm his balls. Suddenly he pulled her head off his cock, letting her cough and swallow.

Mala coughed, holding her throat under the shocked gaze of her sister, Vura.

"Again." Grognak commanded, axe and club on his side.

"B-but sir..."

He growled. "A'ight. Guess we hafta fuck yo sister's both holes. URG! BRING DA LIL' CUNT" That made her panic, and in desperation, start her fellatio on her own.

"Wait wait, I'll do i-mmph..." She closed her eyes, opening her aching mouth and fitting his massive orc cock with one smooth move until her soft-skinned chin tickled his balls. That made the orc brute groan and throw is head back.

"Dasssss gooood! Yeah, suck it elfie...Suck so we won't hafta fuck yer sister...ughhhh..." He pushed and pulled the Dark Elf's head, using her mouth like a pussy, plunging his cock down her throat again and again. Every thrust was marked by a bulging throat, time and time again as Urgnot watched, his cock rock hard holding the tied-up Vura on his lap. The younger Dark Elf shifted uneasily every time his huge penis rubbed her butt and got stuck between two, dark brown, plump orbs of her ass.

"You'z got sum soft choclit bongos elfie..." He chuckled, licking the terrified dark elf's cheek. "Yum."

Gurgling in laughter, Urgnot pulled Vura on his lap, grasping her plump, round chocolate butt and hotdogging his shaft between her cheeks. Vura was, entranced by his ungodly musk, far too entranced, her eyes bleary at the spectacle of her sister slowly deepthroating a shaft more than a foot long until her chin hit fat orc balls. If she realized the ugly orc was hotdogging her butt, she didn't care. Just like her, Mala's eyes were crossed, hands slipping to her belly and under her dress, to her crotch and playing with her wet, soaking twat, lips spread by her index and middle finger.

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