Memoirs of a Menage


"Oh, God, Chelle... yes," I moaned. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Steve, propped up against the wall, watching us intently with an ever growing bulge in his pants.

Sitting up, I untied the ropes that were holding the rest of Rachelle's dress around her waist. I was shocked to see that she hadn't worn any underwear under her costume. I knew she wouldn't have a bra, based on the cut of the dress but no panties was awfully bold for such a prudish girl.

I raised an eyebrow at her and she just smiled a girlish, innocent smile. The cocky seductress she'd been with Dane was gone and in her place was my roommate, sweet, open and hopeful... only more naked than usual.

"I didn't want panty lines. Besides, no fair, Ava, now I'm naked and you're not," she whispered, drinking in the sight of me sitting next to her topless.

Getting off the bed, I slowly unzipped the dress and then slid it down my legs, revealing my soaked thong clinging to the lips of my pussy, outlining the wet slit. I slid my fingers into the elastic band and drug them down as well, bending at the waist providing the vampire a nice view of my ass and pussy. I figured it was only fair since it was unlikely he was going to be put in the game.

Climbing back on the bed, I moved over Rachelle's naked body, my leg sliding in between hers, the top of my thigh pressed between the apex of hers. Placing a little pressure on her clit through her outer lips, I leaned down to kiss her again. For a moment, I felt a little sad that I didn't have a cock with which to fuck her but then I remembered it had been a whole year since she'd had an orgasm. Even my inexperienced fingers and tongue should be able to do the trick.

I trailed my hands up her body to her breasts again, rolling them beneath my hands and kissing her neck. The way she squirmed beneath me, I knew that it wouldn't take much effort to bring her to climax but I was enjoying our play. In most of my sexual encounters, the touching, kissing, playful aspects of foreplay were rushed through in an effort to get to the end goal. This was different. I knew orgasm would be there at the end but it could wait while I explored the body I'd been day dreaming about.

I kissed the curves of her hips, the outsides of her thighs, down her calves and even tickled the soles of her feet. I wished I had something soft, fuzzy or silky to slide over her skin and realized that my cape would do nicely. Picking it up from beside the bed where it had fallen, I rubbed Rachelle with it until she grabbed my hands and moved them to her wet pussy lips.

She wasn't dripping like I was but she was definitely wet. I ran a finger up and down her slit, causing her to shiver before separating the lips and caressing each inch of the slick pink folds. I skimmed her clit and watched her nearly jump off the bed. I decided that I would wait before making her cum and slid a finger inside her instead. She was warm and ridiculously tight, which made sense but still felt incredibly staggering. I wondered suddenly, how many fingers I would be able to slide in her without hurting her. I decided that despite the tight grip she had on my first finger that two were better.

As I slid in a second finger, palm up, I rubbed her gspot, first lightly and then increased the pressure as Rachelle lifted her hips into my hand. I couldn't resist the urge to begin pumping them in and out of her and suddenly I understood the high school boy obsession with fingering a girl. I'm not sure I'd call it "warm apple pie" but totally fucking amazing... those words came to mind.

I decided then and there that I was going to use my tongue to bring Rachelle to her first orgasm in a year. I was a little anxious that I'd never done it before but then, if you can deep throat an 8 inch cock, you suddenly feel like you can do anything.

Pushing her legs further apart, I inhaled the scent of her arousal and tentatively began to lick the wetness, unsure how I would feel about the taste. I've never been overly crazy about the taste of cum but it's easily swallowed and escaped. This would be a lot more prolonged contact of my taste buds. What if all those hormones or pheromones or whatever only tasted good to men or women who were actually lesbian? I was delighted to find it sweetly tangy and while it was a new taste, it wasn't something I couldn't bring myself to lick up.

After drawing my tongue up and down her outer lips, I then spread them apart and zeroed in on her clit, suddenly anxious to see just how long it would take to make her cum. I slid my tongue in circles around her clit and then made crosses to mix it up. Thinking of one of my favorite toys, I then mixed it up by tapping in rhythmic bursts. If the moans and squirming from Rachelle were any indication, it was a good plan. Knowing that my favorite combo for oral is two fingers inside and a tongue on my clit, I decided to try that out too.

For the record, I must apologize to all of the men whose oral skills I have criticized over the years. Trying to make my fingers stroke a gspot and my tongue do amazing things on a clit at the same time was way more complicated than rubbing my belly and patting my head. Thankfully Rachelle didn't seem to notice my coordination issues. Her moans became increasingly louder and the bucking of her hips made me wonder if it was possible for her to break off my fingers. She was definitely a fan of my work.

As I sensed her getting close to cumming I slowed my fingers and just maintained pressure as I licked her clit faster. I was rewarded by her gasping my name as she came, her legs stiffening, the walls of her pussy clamping down on my fingers and her hands pushing me away from her over sensitized clit.

As I sat up, I must have had a Cheshire cat grin on my face. I felt incredibly proud that my first time at bat had been hit out of the park. I even mocked myself, in my own head of course, that licking pussy had suddenly made me turn to sports metaphors but I was just so damn impressed with my abilities.

"You look very pleased with yourself, Ava," Rachelle said as she resurfaced. She looked even prettier in her post orgasmic glory.

"Oh, I am. That was... well, it was really cool. You should try it," I smiled, absentmindedly sweeping my hands over my body, eager to feel the way that Rachelle currently did.

She bit her lip again, "I don't know about the licking, but I do want to feel you. I guess I'll start there."

She sat up, took another deep breath to regain her composure and then surprised me by throwing me back on the bed. I don't know if she was taking a page from my own playbook or if it was just her intuition telling her that I liked to be tossed around a bit.

She wasted no time returning to my nipples. There was no doubt that the girl liked boobs. I noticed that Steve was outright stroking his cock as he watched, but he was dutifully staying away from the bed, as instructed. I almost felt sorry for Dane that he was missing the whole thing but his light snores began to annoy me and I endeavored to drown him out with my moans in response to Rachelle's fingers.

Rachelle's hands caressed my body, just as I'd done to hers. She even picked the cape back up and ran it all over my skin giving me goose bumps. It was definitely one of the more erotic moments of my life, watching this stunning brunette with rumpled hair caress my body with red silk. I tried to reach up and play with her but she swatted my hands away.

"No, no, you've done enough. It's my turn to play. Lay there and be a good girl," she commanded.

"And if I don't?" I smiled, thoroughly enjoying the bossy version of Rachelle.

"You're not the only one who has a costume to use as a prop," she grinned and pointed to the ropes that bound her dress to her, "Don't make me tie you up, Ava."

I couldn't resist. Being bound is just good clean fun. I did think the ropes might be a little harsh since they weren't specifically meant for tying up a writhing woman but I was willing to take a little rope burn in the name of exploration.

"Do it. And you might as well spank me while you're at it. I have absolutely no intention of being good," I responded cheekily.

It seemed Rachelle was also a fan of the bondage aspect of the playtime because she lost no time in tying my wrists together. Then she moved me to all fours. I assumed she was going to spank me as I'd requested, but instead she began to tentatively insert two fingers inside me, just as I'd done to her.

"I have an idea and since you're now my bitch, you pretty much have no choice but to go along," Rachelle said, an impish gleam in her eyes.

I couldn't imagine that I'd be opposed to anything she came up with so I just nodded and she motioned for Steve to come over.

"You... get beneath her. Lick her clit while I finger her. I want her to cum harder than she's ever cum before."

It might have been my imagination but the sternness of her voice sounded like her best Queen Gorgo impression. There was even the slightest hint of a fake British accent like Lena Heady. I was all for it. Whoever she needed to channel to get the job done was all right with me.

Removing his fake fangs, Steve then slid underneath me, his head positioned just beneath my dripping pussy. Rachelle placed a pillow under his head to help him reach better and then returned her focus to me. Her fingers stroked rhythmically in and out, first slowly and then faster only to stop dead at random intervals. It was shocking to my system and yet made the sensations so much stronger each time they resumed.

I can't complain about the service I was getting to my clit either. Steve was well trained, his tongue flicking, licking and slurping at intervals to help overrun my senses in time with Rachelle's thrusting fingers. I was trying to hold out, to enjoy the sensations for as long as possible but he reached up and pinched my nipples and I found myself collapsing in a heap on top of his body as my orgasm ripped through me.

It was a couple minutes before I could even move myself off of him, though he didn't seem to mind. Between the two of them Rachelle's goal had definitely been met. I couldn't remember ever cumming that hard before and yet all I could think about was wanting more. Typically I cum two or three times during sex, but never were any of the orgasms as hard core as the one I'd just experienced. I wondered if my body could even stand any more attention.

Rolling away, I tried to sit up and survey the situation. Two naked girls and a nearly naked guy who hadn't cum yet. That hardly seemed fair. After all, he'd been awfully helpful.

"Rachelle, after you untie me, I think you owe this man a blowjob. He's the only one who hasn't experienced oral in this bed."

Rachelle smiled, acknowledging the truth of my statement. We had definitely given him a show but we hadn't let him release all of his sexual tension. Pulling me to her for another deep kiss she whispered to me, "Let's do it together."

The two of us positioned ourselves on either side of him, licking, sucking and stroking with our fingers. With all of the stimulation he'd already had stroking himself, I knew it wouldn't be long before he came.

"Sweetie, he's close. You haven't been fucked in a year. You should just ride him. Hell, maybe you'll even cum again," I said to her, wanting this night to be everything for her.

"No, I don't think I do want him inside me. This night was something just for us girls. Besides, I don't know him and I don't have a condom handy."

Steve might have protested this in-depth conversation during his blow job had we not both kept stroking him. Leaning over, I took the length of him into my mouth, sucking slowly. He wasn't eight inches but that just made the job easier. Relaxing my throat, I swallowed around him a few times and he came with a loud cry.

Normally I enjoy giving a good bj but this one just felt obligatory. I was still so caught up in the sight/smell/feel of Rachelle but I didn't want him to feel left out, even if he absolutely was mentally.

After I swallowed his cum, comparing the taste to Rachelle's sweet pussy I handed him his clothes and sent him packing. While I wanted to play fairly, I didn't need him around for cuddling and I desperately wanted to touch Rachelle more.

I tried to play with her clit again but she was just too sensitive so I settled for caressing her body, which resulted in her falling asleep on me. I couldn't fault her though. I tended to pass out after orgasms and I had them far more regularly.

Dane began to stir in the armchair, laughably having missed the entire episode. I mentally promised myself that I would never drink so much as to be dead to the world while hot sex happened just a few feet away from me.

I decided to tuck Rachelle into bed and then dress so I could lead Dane back out to the couch. It might not have made sense, since Rachelle was planning to fuck him, but I suddenly didn't want him to see her naked the next morning.

He was reluctant to go to the living room but I didn't really leave him much of a choice. I tucked him in with a spare blanket, near a cute redhead who had passed out in the recliner. I wished him luck with her in the morning but he was already back asleep. Leaving him on the couch, I crawled back into bed beside Rachelle. I wasn't sure how this would affect our roommate situation the next morning but at the moment I just wanted to snuggle up next to her soft warm body and figure it out later.

So here I am, November 1st lying next to my naked roommate feeling... well, I don't even know how I'm feeling at the moment. There's so much to figure out. Will this change our friendship or just be something we write off to drunken abandonment? Will Dane figure out he missed the opportunity of a lifetime? Will Nick be upset that we didn't take better care of his friend? The thoughts are spiraling like mad through my brain but the real question is how will Rachelle feel this morning? Will she thank me for my extensive efforts on her behalf or will she feel like it was all a big mistake. Trick or treat? I guess I'll find out when she wakes up but either way, the evening definitely goes on the books as my best Halloween ever...

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