Memories Of Mom & Aunt


She asked me, "Did you like it?" "Bhalo legechhe to?

I silently showed my appreciation with a soft hug and said "Thank you" with a kiss on her cheek. She now hurriedly dressed me up, tidied up her own dress, picked up the towels & other stuff and hurriedly left.

After lunch, as I lied down in bed, old memories started rushing back in my mind.

1978 After about ten days or so, I started feeling better. Pains were virtually gone and bruises had, more or less, healed. The x-ray of the elbow also came fully ok. As the doctor visited, the plaster at the elbow was removed. He completely withdrew the painkillers & sedatives. As the doctor left, the feeling of relief was visible in my parents & monima and they were all smiles.

Within a couple of days, I was my normal self but still had lot of weakness. I sat up on bed and started reading books. My movements were still restricted and I was only allowed to leave the bed for using the toilet. Though I had recovered a lot, mom & monima continued to nurse me the same way. I enjoyed being very close to them and relished their care & affection. At the same time, I felt some sensual attraction towards these two gorgeous women. They were completely unaware that I had fully regained my adulthood both in body and mind. They still considered me as a child and continued to shower their motherly affection.

Sleeping in the same bed with two women, that too with their attractive bodies not fully covered, now affected me seriously. Looking at their bodies through the semi-transparent clothes strongly aroused me. I started having erections and felt like jerking off. As their bodies touched me off & on, I found it extremely difficult to control my self. I didn't have any opportunity to relieve myself by jerking off, as I was scared that they might wake up.

Soon an outburst of my physical desire took place and my very dear mom had to withstand the onslaught. Never before I felt any physical attraction to mom. But now as I saw her bare body only covered by a flimsy sari, I craved for her naked body.

One morning, mom was alone with me as monima had gone home for couple of hours. She was getting ready for bath. Sitting on a chair in front of my bed, she unbuttoned her blouse. As she took her blouse off I saw her fair armpits full of soft & dense hair. Her deep cleavage was also visible. She now took off her bra and I could see the round mounds under her sari. While I was dying to see her fully naked, she casually chatted with me. As she said she was feeling very relieved with my fast recovery, she showed her affection by kissing me on my forehead. As she knelt down to kiss, her soft breasts touched my chest. I can't describe the sensation I had.

I controlled myself with a lot of effort and told her, "Mom, why don't you kiss me nicely." "Ma, amake bhalo kore chumu khaona."

"Sure, my child," she said very sweetly. "Nischoi khabo, baba"

Saying this, she sat on the bed and lowered herself on my body. She kissed my eyes and cheeks with her very soft lips. With her body closely touching mine, I felt her soft boobs pressed on my chest and I could easily feel her nipples. My body was on raging fire. While I immensely enjoyed the touch of her boobs and pined for more, I was also scared that my erect cock could touch her. Fortunately that didn't happen.

Now mom disengaged her and said, "Are you happy, darling?" "Ebar khushi to sona?"

As she stood up, she said she would like to take off my shorts, as today she would wash the clothes first. "Tor shorts ta khule nebo ekhon. Ami aj age kapor kechhe nebo."

The possibilty of my erect cock getting exposed scared me so much that my strong erection started subsiding. By the time, mom unbuttoned my shorts and pulled it down, my cock was much softer. Mom covered me up to the waist with a sheet and went to the bathroom. She didn't close the door. I saw her loosening her sari and untying the petticoat strings. As the petticoat dropped to her feet, she steeped out of it. As she bent down to pick it up, I could see a part of her boob. She lifted her sari up to her knees and disappeared to the shower area. Now I could only hear the sound of running water and scrubbing of clothes.

I felt rather strange that for last ten to twelve days, I saw mom so many times with this much of exposure and enjoyed her kiss a number of times every day. But I felt nothing. But now I was feeling so horny.

As I was absorbed in these thoughts, mom came out of the bathroom. Now her sari was partly wet, particularly on her bum and thighs. The sari was tied below her belly button and was lifted up to her knees. I realised how gorgeous her body was. Below her large boobs with thick nipples, her curved belly with deep bellybutton was awfully sexy. Under her wet sari I could see a clear dark patch. She raised her hands to tie a bun with her hair and I saw nicely grown jet black hair in the back drop of the fair armpits. I completely forgot that this was my own dear mom. To me she was radiating sex appeal.

She came close to me and sat on the chair by the side. She told me she was ready to give me bath. She removed the sheet and I was completely naked. I stealthily looked down and to my great relief saw that my cock had very little hard on. Mom sponged me with a wet towel. After cleaning my chest and belly she did my thighs and legs. Finally her hands were on my cock. She cleaned my cock, balls and lifting my balls the stretch behind. Now my cock attained the full erection and I had no means of hiding it.

I was now remembering what monima told mom about my cock a few days ago. I felt proud that my manhood displayed its full strength. At the same time, I had an uncanny feeling about how mom felt about it.

As mom was drying me, she was completely silent and her hands were away from my cock. I was feeling extremely uneasy at her silence and closed my eyes to avoid looking at mom. After a long gap her hands touched my cock again. She held it in one hand and moved the towel over it with the other hand. She opened my foreskin in full it was very tight those days and cleaned inside. My erection became stronger and the shaft quivered in her hand. I can't describe the feeling I had.

Mom finally broke the silence. "Are you feeling too uneasy dear?" she said still holding it in her hand. "Khub ki aswasti hochhe baba?"

Now I opened my eyes and looking directly at her I said, "No mom, I am feeling very nice." "Na ma, amar khub bhalo lagchhe."

"Can I touch you, mom?" I asked her. "Tomar gaye ektu hat debo, ma?"

As she softly said "Sure, my child" I dragged her closer. "Nischoi, babusona."

She came over to the bed and sat close to me, her bums under her wet sari touched my naked body. I placed my both hands on her lovely boobs and the sari pallu fell off. I fondled her golden mounds and played with her long and thick nipples, which were distinctly hard. I moved my hands under her arms and felt silky hair on her soft skin.

Keeping one hand on her boob, I softly touched her curved belly. As I moved my finger in her belly button, I noticed a few faint stretch marks under her belly button, the evidence of holding me in her womb. At the sides a little extra fat showed up like a pair of thin tubes On the overall, mom's belly was highly appealing to me. All this while, mom's one hand was holding my cock and the other hand moved on my hairy chest, once in a while her fingers tickling my tiny nipples.

Now I was not scared any more and had a wonderful feeling. As my hand was below her belly button, I felt a strong desire to remove the sari from her waist.

I told her softly, "Mom you are seeing me naked everyday. I wish to see you fully naked too." "Ma, tumi to amake roj nangto dekhchho. Amar tomake puro nangto dekhte bishon ichhe hochhe"

Now she protested, "No my child. That's not done. I have already given you a lot of indulgence, out of my weakness for you. As a mother, I can't go further." "Na baba, ami ma hoye tor samne puro nangto hote parbona. Tor jonyo moner jor hariye onek egiyechhi. Er theke beshi ar noy."

"Mom, there is no one else here. It would be a closely guarded secret between us. How can you not let me see your beauty in full?" I pleaded with her. "Ma, ar keu to nei ekhane. Eta tomar amar modhyei chirokal lukono thakbe. Tumi ki kore oi sundor sorir amake purota na dekhte diye parbe?"

She didn't appear to relent. She pulled up her sari to cover her breasts and stood up. I now got up from bed and held her in my both arms.

Pressing her lightly, I said, "Mom, are you angry with me?" "Ma, tumi rag korle?"

As she smiled, I said, "Then allow me to kiss you." "Tahole amake tomay chumu khete dao."

As she smiled helplessly, I held her face in my hands and planted a kiss on her lips. She kissed me back and I felt so nice that I kept my lips pressed on hers. I have kissed her many times in the past, but never on the lips. For the first time, I realised the sensuality of mom's lips. As my naked body touched her in full, mom was trembling in excitement. As her lips quivered expectantly I sucked the softness. Her lips parted and her tongue darted into my mouth. This was something unexpected to me and I was caught unaware. I never kissed any woman earlier. As her tongue created a great sensation in me, I got my tongue into action.

As our tongues danced at each other in fine tune, my hardness pressed at her belly. Her sari had already fallen off from her torso and her awfully soft breasts rubbed my hairy chest. As the kiss prolonged, mom's hand was tightly holding my manhood. I felt totally crazy and pulled at the bottom part of her sari. The sari got untied and dropped at our feet. I got wild as I felt her total nakedness pressed against my body. I could feel that mom's excitement was going beyond control, as she pushed her bushy crotch forward and pressed it hard on me.

After a long time, I broke the kiss and held her at a distance to see her nudity in full. I wish my pen were strong enough to describe the awful richness of her nudity. She looked so very different in full nude, compared to when she was half clad. On her golden skin, the black thatch looked so rich. Her boobs were so full. The heavy mounds rested nicely above her curved belly. The nipples were about half inch long and looked gorgeous on the light brown aureoles. I bent my head and licked her boob. My hand pressed her other boob. As I sucked her nipple, she started moaning.

At this stage she broke off. She made me lie down on the bed. Straddling over my legs she bent down and started sucking my throbbing shaft. I screamed at the immense pleasure and squeezed her boobs. Very soon my shaft started discharging warm creamy liquid and shots started coming out in full force. As the stream finally stopped, she withdrew her mouth. I saw white liquid dripping out by the two sides of her lips. She was prompt in cleaning up her face with a towel.

Her face looked very flushed. She shook her head and said, "Oh, what a wild boy." {"Ki durdanto chhele re baba"

She cleaned my cock with the same towel. By that time it was limp and I was too exhausted to get up. She made me wear a pair of clean shorts and leaving me on the bed, disappeared in the bathroom. This time she closed and bolted the door. From behind the door I could hear her moaning. I wondered how she looked when she masturbated. A little later, I heard the shower running and mom singing a popular tune. After she came out of the bathroom, she looked composed.

Next day onwards, mom had early classes. So, monima gave me bath. She suggested that now I could have my bath properly in the bathroom. She took me to the bathroom and made me sit on a bath stool. She was wearing a pale blue knee length nightgown with nothing underneath. The nightgown was quite thin and I had a clear impression of her boobs, bum and the pubic thatch. It was sleeveless and I could see her thick & dense armpit hair. The hair was more dense than mom's and as she was fairer than mom colour of her skin was like ivory the hair looked much more black. I noticed that she had light hair in her legs also. I did see her partly exposed body a number of times earlier, but now it had a stronger appeal.

She asked me to take off my shorts and vest. Taking them from me she put them in a bucket. Having watched her sexy body for quite some time, my cock was already having a mild erection.

Monima said, "Oh, I can't hold my pee." "Oh, boddo hishi pey gechhe."

Saying this, she lifted the hem of her nightgown half way up her thighs and sat down on the commode seat. Immediately a strong jet of water started coming out. A lovely whistling sound accompanied the jet. The sound was much more shrill than what I heard earlier from my bed. Standing up, I attentively listened to the enigmatic sound and watched the stream of water coming out from the darkness between her shapely & smooth thighs.

As she finished, I asked her, "Is this whistling sound always there when a woman pees?" "Achha, meyera hishi korle sob somoy, ei whistle er awaj paoa jay?"

As she was about to answer my question with a smile, she suddenly noticed my hard on. By this time, her pee & its tingling sound had its effect on me and the hard on was very strong. She kept on watching it and the smile disappeared. Her face looked flushed in hidden excitement. I remembered overhearing her comment to mom about my size. I felt proud to show off my size to an admirer like her and kept silent.

Soon she regained her composure and asked, "Are you feeling pressure of pee?" "Tor ki khub hishi peyechhe?"

As I said no, she gave a meaningful smile and said, "You are now a fully grown adult." "Tui ekhon khub boro hoye gechhis."

As she asked me to stand under the shower, I said, "Your nightgown will get completely wet if the shower is turned on."

I knew this was too aggressive a comment, but something prompted me. I waited for her answer with bated breath.

Unlike mom she was pretty cool.

She giggled and said, "I know, but I would feel too shy to be fully naked in your presence" Ami jani. Kintu tor samne puro nangto hote amar lojja korbena?".

"If I can stand naked in your presence, why can't you? Is it only you who feels shy?" was my prompt answer. "Bah, ami je tomar samne nangto hoyechhi, tate amar lojja korena? Tomari sudhu joto lojja?"

As she still looked a bit hesitant, I pleaded, "Monima, you are so beautiful. It's my strong wish to see your fully naked body. Won't you fulfil my wish? None other than you & me would know" "Monima, tumi osadharon sundor. Amar bhison ichhe je tomake puro nangto dekhi. Amar ichheta tumi puron korbena? Tumi, ami chhara ar keu janteo parbena."

"You really think this aged aunt of yours is still beautiful?" she asked and pulled out her nightgown over her head.

She was much more attractive than what I thought. Her breasts were conical; mom's were round. Its downward tilt added ripeness to her body. Her nipples were even longer than mom's, though not as thick. Her aureoles were golden brown and nipples were almost pink. Her belly, unlike mom's, had very little flat. It was silky smooth and no stretch mark. There was a sexy curve around her belly button, which ended at her erotic zone.

Her pubic bush was full of coarse & thick hair and was not as curly as mom's. The shape of the bush was neat and triangular; mom's bush was a bit unwieldy. She had a clear line of hair joining her bush to the belly button. Her belly button was not as deep as mom's. Her body dazzled because of the sharp contrast of jet black body hair and ivory coloured skin. Her hips were not as large as mom's, but still quite heavy and beautifully curved. Her waist was quite narrow and it gave her a lovely hourglass shape. Her back had a distinct canal like line along her spine and that enhanced the beauty of her back.

As I was pining to touch her body and thinking of an excuse, she came close to me.

Now she was looking quite excited. Softly holding my cock in her hand she asked in a husky voice, "Has any woman, other than your mom, seen it?" "Tor ma chhara ar kono meye eta dekhechhe?"

As I said no, she said, "That's why you don't know how attractive it is to women. Even as your aunt I am shamelessly wanting to possess it" "Tai jonyoi tui janishna meyeder kachhe er akorshon kotota. Tor mashi hoyeo ami nirlojjer moto etake pete chaichhi"

Saying this, she knelt down and placed her both hands under my crotch and lifted it along with the balls. She closely examined it and moved her finger over the thick veins. She opened the foreskin and exposed the pink head. She kissed it as if it was something highly precious.

I lifted her up and holding her face close to mine I said, "Monima, your body is also extremely attractive to me. "Monima tomar sorirtar akorshon o amar kache bhishon beshi."

Saying this, I embraced her gorgeous nudity and enjoyed the exciting touch of her ripe body. Monima now kissed my lips and I parted my lips to accommodate her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues moved in unison and my hands explored her back and bum. I parted her bum cheeks and moved my finger in her crack. I was amazed that there was so much hair in her asshole.

As the kiss ended, my body was on fire, and I started kissing her body. I kissed her neck & cleavage and raising her arms kissed her armpits. The sensuality of the silky hair on soft skin made me wild and I started licking her armpits like mad. I sucked and even bit her in the armpits. While she moaned loudly, her hands pulled my hair and she pressed her crotch on mine.

I bent further down and licked her boobs all over and sucked on her long nipples. I pressed her other boob at the same time.

She pressed my hand on her other boob and screamed, "Harder, Ronnie, harder, press as hard as you can" "Aro jore, Ronnie, aro jore, joto jore parish tep".

Holding my head on her boob, she yelled, "Bite, bite, tear it off." "kamra, kamre chhire phyal."

For quite some time, I tortured her boobs & nipples like a wild animal and she screamed in excitement. Her fingers were firmly gripping my back & bum and her nails fiercely scratched my skin. I bent further down and started exploring her body with my tongue. I reached her erotic zone and put my face in the dense jungle. There was a lovely smell of perfume there. As I searched through the hair I found her very wet pussy lips. I smelled inside and this time the smell was very different. It was very exciting. I parted the lips and saw the pink & moist inside.

Now monima pressed my head with her hands and said in an excited voice, "Suck me with your tongue, eat me!" "Jiv diye chat, jayga ta ke kha"

As I sucked her pussy she screamed. As I moved my tongue excitedly I found a soft piece of flesh throbbing under my tongue.

Monima screamed, "Lick harder, chew thing with your teeth." "Jore chosh, otake dant diye kamra."

As I continued my aggression with full vigour, monima yelled, "Oh dear, I can't stand it any more!" "Oreh baba, ami ar thakte parchhina!"

Screaming like this she pulled out my head and made me lie down on the floor. She rode me and placed her pussy on my towering shaft. Wow, I was ecstatic at the feel of the soft & wet tunnel on my throbbing shaft. Monima pushed her hips up & down and each stroke played havoc on me. While she stroked me wildly, my cock couldn't hold the excitement and it spurted shots of warm liquid. As shots of liquid came out endlessly, monima continued her strokes but my shaft started getting soft and it came out.

I felt great pleasure but realised that monima was disappointed as she yelled, "Oh my god, what have you done!" Frustration & disappointment was clearly evident in her voice. She got up, squatted on the floor and inserted her finger in her pussy. She held my hand with her free hand and made me insert my finger in her pussy too. I moved my finger as fast as I could and watched monima enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed.

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