tagErotic CouplingsMemories of Valentine's Touches

Memories of Valentine's Touches


The sensual feelings washed over my mind. I felt his fingers caress mine. They gently rubbed over my knuckles and around the webbing at the base of the joints. His voice was hypnotic. I can't really remember what he was saying, just how his words made me feel. A glow of warmth and excitement flowed over me and I still can recall it to this day.

Jason and I had been giving tax lawyer seminars for the past week in Boise. Heavy snow and sleet had delayed our return to our separate homes. The raging storm outside threatened further delays. Tonight, instead of dining in the hotel restaurant, we had chosen to eat in my suite. I cooked and Jason provided the menu. Lasagne, salad, red wine, and a decadent caramel cheesecake, all of which came from the delicatessen across the street. All I had to do was set the table and punch the buttons on the microwave.

We sat on stools at the kitchen island. Conversation had ceased and we were sipping the last of the Merlot. I was enjoying the wine and the touch of his hand when the rasping ring of the phone shattered the moment. Startled, I reached for the phone. When I put down the receiver Jason could see the disappointment on my face.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"That was the airline. They called to tell me that my flight was cancelled. The chipper little voice on the end of the phone said something about planes being grounded in Fort Worth, but that since I was a valued customer the airline will cover my hotel costs until my flight can be rebooked. Damn, damn, damn!" I exclaimed. "I'm stuck her in Boise, with nothing to do."

A note of concern passed over Jason's face. "I had better check my flight," he responded and left for his room. He returned about 20 minutes later with another bottle of wine and a box of chocolate truffles. "My flight is cancelled too, so we might as well enjoy ourselves," he said with a smile. "Perhaps wee can find something to do together," he said with a smile as he started to uncork the wine.

Glasses of wine were poured and I curled up on the couch while Jason sat on the floor leaning against the couch by my feet. A music history show, from Bravo, provided the entertainment, but soon we were engrossed in our own conversation. As we sat and talked, my feet brushed against his arm. Soon he began to massage my feet. "You don't mind, do you," he asked.

"Feels wonderful," I replied with a smile. Closing my eyes, I relished his touch. Tension melted away. The firm sensual movement of his fingers across the balls of my feet, teasing my arches, and his curling and uncurling my toes was a positive delight. His hands crept onto my calves. I sighed.

"You know, I could do a better job at this if you removed your stockings," he said with a sly smile.

A hoarse laugh caught in my throat. I found myself reaching under my skirt and starting to remove my stockings. Momentarily I arrested my movements, when I thought of the view of my panties and bottom Jason must have. "What the hell," I thought and continued the removal as quickly as possible and nonchalantly tossed balled stockings across the room. Jason just smiled, chuckled, and resumed his massage. However, this time his fingers seemed to have greater urgency.

His touches radiated warmth, no they emitted more like a tingling heat seemed. It flowed up into me. My stomach quivered. Magic strokes soothed my calves, caressed my knees, and teased the sides of my thighs. I opened to his touch. I shivered, when I felt his breath and lips touched my skin. I sighed, gasped for breath. I arched my back slightly and felt his body move against mine. His breath caressed my face. Jason's lips brushed against my cheek and found my lips. We kissed deeply.

His fingers found my panties. I closed my eyes. Moist excitement greeted his explorations. My heart faster, as his fingers gently outlined the folds of my essence. I felt his chest pressed against my breasts and his lips nuzzled my neck. I gasped and turned my head. We kissed and our tongues intertwined. My passion was building. I wrapped my arms around him and drew Jason into me.

Jason's kisses carried me to a new world composed only of his mouth and his fingers. They slipped under the elastic of my panties. My wetness welcomed him and they slipped easily inside me. His thumb softly rubbed my mound while his fingers curled back and forth within in me. He teased my folds and stroked my G spot. I could feel the excitement building in my belly and my face flushing. Tingles spread through my legs. My back arched and spasms of ecstasy flooded over me.

Later in bed, we shared the chocolates, soft conversation, and more wine. Snuggling close to me, Jason whispered in my ear, "...Since tomorrow's Valentine's Day, and since we have obviously become lovers, why not let me give you a special massage to celebrate?"

"Mmmm...That sounds fantastic," I replied with a slight slur and pushed the pillows aside and turned face down on the bed.

"You don't happen to have some massage oil do you?" came a voice from the bathroom.

"Ahhh...Just some lotion in a pump bottle...It's by the sink, I think..." was all I could manage as I succumbed to exhaustion on the bed. Moments later I stirred from my sleep. The most wonderful feelings were radiating over my feet and up my calves. Jason first worked the sole of one foot and then the other. He kissed and sucked my toes. Then he spread lotion over my calves and skilfully ran his fingers and palms up and down my legs. I was now fully awake and aroused. I purred encouragingly, " That feels so nice," and slowly spread my legs apart.

Jason accepted the invitation and knelt between my legs. In next to no time, his hands were massaging my back and buttocks. It was a sensuously delicious feeling. His fingers teased the crack of my ass. He kissed my neck, back, and then his lips and tongue traced intricate patterns over my buttocks. Jason's hot tongue soon found my crack. He whispered in a hot, hoarse voice, "...You are so beautiful. You taste so great. Here is a special Valentine's kiss..."

I squirmed as his tongue darted inside me. My passion rose. Before long his fingers were inside me and his tongue circled my anus. My hands clenched the pillow. I arched my back, as waves of tingling heat flooded overwhelmed me. I kept cumming until I was just a quivering, limp mass and then I drifted into oblivion.

Jason and I continued to see each other over the years. We kept in touch by emails, cards and phone calls, but his greeting was always the same, "Hi, Valentine girl..." As I rubbed the paper of the latest email, memories of a fall Valentine's meeting flooded over me. An October hurricane had curtailed all flights and left us stranded in Dallas.

After dinner, Jason invited me up to his room for coffee and a liqueur. Upon arrival, I found he had decorated the room with several pink, helium heart balloons, and covered the bed with red rose petals, and heart shaped chocolates. The romantic site caught me by total surprise.

"Happy Valentines," Jason said with a smile and hugged me.

"But its not..."I tried to reply.

"Everyday I get to spend with you is Valentine's Day," he said as we embraced.

It was not long before we were naked together. We kissed, fondled, and teased each other as we rolled across the bed. Then Jason placed a succulent chocolate in my mouth, grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. "I want to clean you up, " he said hoarsely.

"But I just had a shower before dinner, and besides I don't want to get my hair wet," I protested indignantly. He just laughed and lifted me up onto the marble counter top. Its coldness felt good against my skin. I watched intently as he turned on the tap, reached for a bottle of the hotel hair conditioner, and brought out his sonicare toothbrush. "What the..." I gasped.

"Its not your beautiful hairdo nor your teeth, I want to play with, but your pussy. Now trust me, just lean back and enjoy."

I tried to follow his instructions and leaned back. He gently spread my legs around the sink. I watched in fascination as first he wet my pussy with warm water and then lathered my short, neatly trimmed hair with conditioner. Jason's fingers seemed to linger over my clit. I sighed encouragement, closed my eyes, and enjoyed his manipulations. The sound of the toothbrush startled me. I tensed as I watched the vibrating head approach the essence of my being.

Jason's soothing left hand brushed against my neck and breast, while his right controlled his new sex toy. With gentle words he encouraged me to close my eyes and relax. The first touch of the toothbrush bristles against my skin was soft yet exciting. The dancing bristles soon traced large patterns over my abdomen and upper thighs. By the time the bristles combed through my pubic hair, I was fully aroused. I had never experienced such an erotically stimulating feeling. Millions of rhythmic tingles pulsed through my abdomen. My vagina throbbed. Then when the bristles found my clit, my whole being exploded in waves or orgasmic color.

I continued to cum, without stop until the little electric wonder ran out of charge. By that time, my clit was hard and protruding, my pussy lips red and swollen, and my thighs and the counter top covered in a blend of pussy juice and conditioner.

Jason helped me off the counter. I stood on quivering legs as he soothingly patted my pussy dry with a towel. I had to be helped back to bed. There flushed and still panting, I burrowed into his arms. I remember the delightful feeling of Jason's cock slipping past my pussy lips and thrusting, slowly deep within me. The last thing I recall was his baritone whispering "...Oh Valentine..." in a rhythmic cadence in my ear.

I looked again at the paper in front of me. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes as I again re-read the words. "...the management regrets to inform you of sudden passing of Jason ..." I could not believe it. I looked at the roses, which had arrived just a few days before. The words on the card were still fresh in my mind. "...can't be with you this Valentines, but look forward to Valentines in March. Love Jason"

I knew that now that would never happen. As I dried my tears, I tried to console myself with the thought that we had shared something very special and rare and that all of Jason's Valentine touches could never be taken from me. They were locked in my heart forever.

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