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Men-Only Sauna Club


If you enjoyed my first "True" story then I'm sure you will enjoy this one, also a true Story, only happened yesterday.

* * * * *

I was having a relaxing day off from work, just sitting back and surfing the net, not anything in particular. Not until I decided to locate some nudist clubs around my area. After much searching without any luck, I stumbled upon a site for a Bi/gay men's club that get together for social gatherings, such as camping, bush walking, nude bathing and just the occasional get together for drinks and fun and games. One of the events was for the group to meet at a "men's only" sauna club. Sauna club for men, I thought! mmmmmmm very interesting.

I read on with excitement, wanting to find out more about this club. This club was located about 30 minutes away from where I live. I grabbed the cordless and dialed the number provided. A man answered and introduced himself as John (not his real name) Hi! I said and introduced myself. I'm inquiring about your men's club, can you tell me more about it please, I asked. John proceeded to inform me about the establishment, what they offer whom they cater for, opening hours and the cost to enter. I'll be right over I said before hanging up.

It took me 30 minutes to shave that's including my cock and balls. I thought the readers would like to know that little bit of information! I showered, but on some sweat pants and a T-shirt as it was nice and sunny out. I checked my map book, grabbed my keys and small backpack and raced out the door only stopping to check the time. It was now 11.30am; I should get there by 12.00 I thought.

As I drove towards my destination I could feel my cock already getting hard with the thought of what may or may not happen at this place. Is it just a place for men to relax, have a sauna, spa and meet other men with the same interests as John had mentioned over the phone? Oh well! There's only one way to find out. I drove on until I came to the street, slowing down to check the numbers. Number 26, here it I said to myself as I drove into the parking area. I grabbed the backpack and walked towards the entrance. Not a very large place I thought. On entering I was greeted by a young man wearing only a yellow pair of shorts with no top, only a smooth musically chest. Hi there! I'm John, he said. I introduced myself and informed him that I was the one that had called earlier. Mmmm! You look much younger then you sounded over the phone John said. Thank you! I said trying not to sound too corny.

I did tell you about what we're all about here didn't I? He asked. Well! You did tell me about the sauna, spa and the cost but you didn't go into great details I answered. Ok! Maybe I should have told you a little more before you drove all the way here John said with a sly but worried grin on his face. Is there something I should know I asked? John proceeded to tell me that this was a club for Bisexual males to enjoy the facilities as I mentioned, plus to meet other Bisexuals who are single or married for Sexual encounters. I was a little startled, not sure if it was with excitement or apprehension. That's ok! I'm Bisexual myself anyway I said. John smiled with approval and led me to the front counter. He walked through a doorway and appeared on the other side of the counter.

I payed my fee of $12.00 and signed in. I heard a click as the security door unlocked to allow me access into a world I have never been before. The smell of chlorine came wafting through the doorway as I slowly pushed it open. John was waiting for me on the other side. He greeted me in and led me down a dimly lit corridor towards a row of lockers. He handed me a key to my locker and pointed out the sauna room and spa as we walked along, he stopped for a second to also point out a stairwell which led to a pool room, private rooms and a video room showing porn on a big screen. He also mentioned That all private rooms are stocked with condoms and lubes for those, How did he put it? Extra curricular activities. This is getting more interesting I remember thinking to myself.

Please feel free to walk around and make yourself familiar with the facilities and if you need anything come and see me at the counter, John said with a smile before heading off down the corridor. I couldn't help but stare at his masculine body and firm butt as he walked away. He did say anything didn't he! Snickering to myself.

I got undressed and tossed my clothes into the locker together with my backpack and locked it. I wrapped the towel around my waist and hung the key round my neck. Ok! This is it I thought. My heart began to beat faster with excitement. I took John's advice and had a look around. Walking back down the corridor and came to a room with tiled floors, I walked in and made myself familiar with the surroundings. To my left was a glass door with steam streaming from the gap below. That must be the sauna I thought. To my right was a large spa big enough to seat ten people. There was a man of about 30 something in the spa that I hadn't noticed when I first entered. He had his eyes closed and was resting his head on the headrest enjoying the hot massaging water on his body.

On the other end of the room was another doorway, I made my way across the tiled floor and entered the room. It was a much larger room than the first. with a large shower area on the right behind a glass wall. There were three showerheads installed, so there were ample room for three people to shower at the same time. The shower was currently occupied by two men in deep conversation, one about 40 and the other much younger somewhere in the late 20's early 30's. They both ceased their conversation to glance my way for a second or two. The younger man gave a little nod before turning towards his male friend to continue the chitchat.

On the left was a smaller glass door that was difficult to see through as it was covered in mist from the steam. I noticed a faint smell of eucalyptus, I discovered later that smaller glass door was actually the entrance to the steam room.

By this time I was ready for my sauna. I re-entered the first room and made my way towards the sauna. I glanced towards the spa only to see another man had got in and was sitting very close to the man that was sitting there earlier. I noticed he was breathing heavily and letting out a small sigh in between. I could only imagine what was going on under the bubbling water. Maybe I'll check out the spa later, I thought to myself with a grin.

I hung my towel with the other towels on the hook besides the door, I opened the door and the heat and steam came gushing through. I walked in and closed the door behind me. It was difficult to see through the haze but I could just make out a long bench along the wall, I could also see two men. The first man was bent over slightly with his elbows resting on his knees. The second man was lying down along the bench with one foot resting on the floor and the other on the bench, neither of them looked up as if to ensure I didn't see their faces. I walked towards them looking for a vacant spot, that's when I noticed the man lying down had an erection. His cock was about 6 " long and thin, his left arm was resting on his belly and his head was resting on his right arm, eyes closed and breathing in a slow rhythm.

I sat in the vacant spot in the right corner of the sauna; I took a deep breath to relax myself and reclined back against the wall. I closed my eyes and slowly let the air escape from my lungs. I sat there for a moment enjoying the serenity. In my mind I was picturing the man lying there not far from me, naked and definitely horny. Had I rudely interrupted them when I walked it? I opened my eyes and turned my head towards the two men. The man lying down was now massaging his balls with his left hand his right hand was now sliding up and down his hard cock. I glanced towards the first man; I could just see him through the steam. He was now sitting back against the wall with his legs spread wide apart and he to was jerking off.

I found myself staring at the two strange men playing with their cocks. I felt myself getting hotter not only from the steam but from the excitement of watching this sexual act being carried out in front of my eyes. Yeah! I've seen it on videos but it's much more erotic seeing in real life. My cock also started to rise to the occasion; I sat back and held it in my hand caressing it softly as I watch the other two. I was in mid stroke as the first man got up from the bench and walked out the door. I was now alone with a strange man stoking our cocks in a steamy room. Had he noticed me sitting here? Did he know I too had my cock in my hand stroking it as he was? He startled me as he arose from the bench and also walked out with his cock still stiff and at full mast.

I sat alone for a while waiting for my erection to subside. I stood and headed for the doorway, as the heat was becoming unbearable. I grabbed my towel and made my way to the shower area. There was one guy in there washing himself down, I didn't recognise his face, or his cock for that matter… It was much smaller than the other two guys I had just seen. I entered the shower and turned it on, I used the liquid soap provided and wiped it into a lather over my body all the while trying not to look at the guy showering across from me. I stood under the warm water letting it wash away the soap; I closed my eyes and put my head under the spray to wash my face. I stood there for a few minutes with my eyes closed, sexual images going through my head.

Do ever get that feeling that you are being watched? I opened my eyes to see the guy across from me Staring down at my now half erect cock. He had his fully erect cock in his hand and was working the soap into lather up and down the shaft. I tried to look away but I was mesmerised by the sight as I was earlier in the sauna. He smiled up at me and gave me wink. What do I do now I thought! He wasn't overly attractive nor did he have a nice body to match, I have to be attracted to a guy before I can partake in any sexual activity, I'm very picky in that respect. I gave him a quick smile and turned off the shower before leaving. He'll have to finish himself off I said to myself.

Grabbing my towel I walked towards an open doorway with daylight streaming through. Someone must have left the back door open I thought. I stuck my head out to see if anyone had stepped out. It was a nicely paved garden area with a table and chairs in the middle. There were some beautiful flowers in big ceramic pots placed around the garden and a high timber fence surrounded the perimeter. A sign on the fence read "outdoor tanning area" I walked out to dry myself off. I stood there enjoying the heat of the sun beaming down on my naked body. The thought of the videos and private rooms popped into my head, time to check this out…

Making my way back inside, I headed for the corridor where I first came in. I found the stairwell and proceeded to climb. At the top of the stairs were three guys just standing around, one guy was naked and my eyes instantly focused on his cock which was semi erect. The other two had towels wrapped around their waist that looked more like miniature tents as they both had hardons. I brushed passed them and as I did so the naked guy went to grab hold of my cock, I took a quick side step to avoid his advances. I turned to see him smiling and give me a little nod towards a small room on his right, suggesting for me to go with him for some "extra curricular activities" I guess. I just gave a smile and kept walking.

As I walked I towards a room at the far end of the building I could hear two men moaning loudly in sexual pleasure. My heart rate sped up as I got closer and peeked in hoping to catch them in the act. It was dimly lit with a large TV screen at the far wall. Around the other walls were vinyl mats with pillows scattered around. On the screen was a young white guy about 20 lying naked on a kitchen table with a massive hard cock another guy who looked to be a bit older was standing between his thighs and was pumping his cock deep into the young guys arse. It wasn't for real, as I had thought! I entered the room and stood there transfixed on the action occurring on the screen. My cock began to rise as I watched the young guys arse being fucked as he played with his own cock.

They changed positions, the guy that was doing the fucking was now on his hands and knees on the kitchen floor as the younger of the two knelt behind him. He spat on his hand and massaged it onto his cock which was now glistening with his saliva. He held it tight with his left hand as he spread the guys arse cheeks with the other. His cock head slid into the hairy hole with ease as he pushed in slowly. He breathed a sigh of pleasure as the large heavily veined cock slid deeper into his stretched arse. His lover held him around the waist as he began to pick up pace. He was now letting out a loud murmur as the cock went in deeper and deeper, the sound of his lover's thighs hitting his arse cheeks filled the room making my own cock rigid.

I could feel my heart pounding as I watched more and more. I slid my hand under my towel to feel the pre cum dripping from my cock, taking it into my hand I began to jerk off in a slow rhythm. My towel fell to the floor in a heap around my feet, I was so horny and so involved in what I was doing I left it where it was not caring who may walk in. My other hand went to my balls and I began to massage them squeezing them very gently. It was at this point that I felt that I was not alone in the room…

I turn to see a figure standing in the doorway, I recognized him as the guy sitting in the spa when I had first entered. He too was standing there with his hand under his towel stroking his cock. I felt a little embarrassed getting caught jerking off to a porn video. It reminded me of the time my dad had walked into my bedroom unannounced, he had caught me with my cock in my hand while reading a porn magazine I had taken from his stash he thought he had well hidden. Without a word but with a stunned look on his face not forgetting how I must have looked. My dad spun around and walked straight out shutting the door behind him. That was a major embarrassment, especially for a fifteen year old kid. We didn't speak or look each other in the eye for nearly a month until it was all forgotten.

Without looking away I bent down and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist. I was walking towards the doorway when he held out his hand. Hi how are you? he asked. I took his hand in mine shaking it and waiting for him to introduce himself. I'm fine! I replied back. I hope I didn't interrupt you there? he asked with a sly grin. No not at all! I replied, I was a little startled but I'm fine. We were an arms length apart and I could now see his face much clearer, he was an attractive man with nice smile and freshly shaven. He actually looked much older close up then what I thought when I first saw him in the spa.

Would you like to get together? he asked. I wasn't sure how to answer and I could feel my face getting hotter. In that split second all these questions came flooding through my head. Was I ready for this? Is this going to fast? Is it to early?... I had been here for about an hour but it felt more like an eternity. Suddenly the words came out of my mouth, Sure! why not.

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