tagNonHumanMercurial Ends Ch. 02

Mercurial Ends Ch. 02



"I love upstate, but it feels great to be back in the city," Tabor squeezed Shy's neck as he carried her up the stairs of his apartment.

Her two legs hung over his forearm, a single small leg bounced with each step up on the stairs, the other outstretched in stiff plaster. She nuzzled her nose into his neck smelling his personal cologne of ambrosia; she could bottle it up and make a fortune even though she was still upset with him.

Not much had changed in his quaint apartment building; it was still surprisingly quiet for the four floor walk-up building in the middle of bustling Brooklyn. His neighbors' doors were decorated with various welcome wreaths or had small table sitting outside their apartment with dried flower bouquets on top of paper doilies.

He placed her upright on her single good foot and she lend against the wall while he jumbled his keys out of his pocket.

"I am glad to have you home, wherever our home is." Shy opened his door and then reached his arms out to carry her, but she was already hopping towards the door.

"Oh-no," he scooped her up before she could protest. "It's a threshold-"

"I've been to your apartment before Shy."

"Yes, but I am also taking no chances on you getting injured again."

"Shy, I am not that far off from you. I am not made of glass, I'm part vampire." Shy smirked proudly at her acceptance of her nature. "I should be able to walk through a door on my own without any problems."

"Fine, fine," he put her down and allowed her to hop down his long haul to the living room where she flopped exhausted on the couch.

Shy only glanced at her with amusement.

Shy:Tabor :: 15-Love

He pulled a crystal tumbler from the cupboards and filled it with water for her.

"So do you still feel like being part vampire while you catch your breath?" Shy tenderly kissed her forehead ignoring her eyes darting at him. Although, stubborn to the core, he loved this woman with his whole existence.

"Har- har, Shy."

"Har- har indeed, little Aura," A voice commented in the dark.

The room quickly moved into action around her. The lights snapped on and Shy's fangs were already unsheathed, his stance ready to attack whomever their intruder were. Ilsino stood in the center of the room beaming with a wicked grin.

"Oh come now Shy, are you going to let your Power Aura get all out of breath?" Ilsino's white smile gleamed with congeniality.

"She insisted," Shy responded through gritted teeth. "What are you doing here?"

"Ah, my friend, I am only here to make sure you keep your end of the deal." Ilsino slithered onto the couch next to Tabor who immediately stiffened. "Oh, come now, Tabor, we are beyond all that. You need not fear me. It was me who came to your rescue you know. I even stopped your Master from killing you faster." Tabor's eyes snapped to Shy with concern.

Shy crossed his arms and snorted, "Hardly the case, Ilsino. I almost fed you my blood Tabor, in efforts to save you. I did not know that it would kill you."

"Neither did I," She whispered.

"Well, now you do," Ilsino snapped his gums and pat Tabor's leg. "There is a lot that you don't know about yourself, dear Salome." Ilsino brushed a tuft of hair away from her face. "You looked troubled, my child, heavy in thought."

"It's nothing. I just think a lot." She looked away sheepishly.

There was something about Ilsino's magnetism that was drawing her to him. It was not like the feral animal that she experienced with Shy that aroused her. This was something else -- something dangerous, perhaps it was the fact that she was sitting so close to it. But deep within she wanted the danger, something deep within her was waiting for it to challenge her. But Ilsino was not a man logic wanted to tempt. She knew that he had a temper and a humor that were unmatched; equally, both were always dangerous.

"What troubles you my dear?" Ilsino cooed in a way that made her blush, a curly lock fell over her face and he brushed it away..

Such a simple gesture, but it was his touch that unnerved her. She wanted to tell someone how she felt, how she was like a trapped rabbit with Shy always watching over her with a determined watchful eye.

"Enough, Ilsino!" Shy snarled he had caught a bit of Tabor's mind struggling.

Ilsino grinned insouciantly, raising his hands in surrender allowing Tabor's mind to clear when he scooted away a bit.

"I may be cursed with Eros' namesake, but you are always a fiend." Shy shifted his protective gaze off of Tabor and trained like a predator on Ilsino.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Ilsino rolled his eyes at Shy's warning, he had already moved onto his next pawn to exploit and wagged his fine Italian black tapered shoe. His poise looked more like a minstrel than the fine dignitary he tried to emulate in the human world.

"I know more about Power Aura's than you do, Shy. I remember when there were many creatures in the world, such as yourself, Salome."

"Why do you care? I am the only one left, as far as both of you are concerned, but I have my loyalties."

"Your submission-" Ilsino added with a pull of his lips playfully and Tabor shuddered.

"My- loyalties-" she emphasized, not willing to say that someone was a master over her. "They are with Shy and I kindly ask you to not play head games with me. I may be an Aura and at that a less informed Aura, but I do know how you wish to plant ideas into my mind to pit my heart against Shy."

Shy only crossed his arms and smirked proudly. He knew to allow her to stand her ground on her own. His eyes twinkled- he loved her even more.

"Albeit, you have chosen... Phio, but I can show you things that you never knew you were possible, let alone learn them from that cur."

Shy hated when anyone used his birth name which meant bringer of love, especially when it passed flippantly off of Ilsino's lips.

"That was enough. She will not learn anything from you!" Shy roared.

"Perhaps she would want to learn how she could save herself, perhaps in the event that she were kidnapped. You know, Darling, there are other creatures in the world. What if she had to fend for herself if you were gone, Phio?" He drew out the imagery like long spider webs floating endlessly in the air. "Or when you plan to travel, she may want to be able to protect herself from any mad scientists, that go bump in the night and want to do experiments. Let alone the nightmares-"

A stifled wail escaped Tabor's trembling lips, she strained to stall any humiliating tears from making matters worse, thankfully, Shy was already in protection mode throwing Ilsino from the couch onto the floor.

"You've gone too far. Leave." Shy snarled towering over Ilsino.

"No!" The vampires turned to Tabor. "No he's right, Shy. If he knows more about Power Auras, I want to know what I can do if I need to protect myself."

"Tabor, don't you realize he has ulterior motives. He always has another motive."

"But who else is old enough to know."

Shy's eyebrows and eyes knitted together with stress; he knew that the only older vampire that would possibly know more about Power Auras would be Menefer. It was a trap, to watch him making sure he fulfilled his commitment against the werewolves and they were using Tabor as a pawn. He sighed deeply again and whispered. "Menefer."

"Yes, Menefer, yes," Ilsino boomed and clapped his hands together foppishly. "But, Menefer is not as experienced and as knowledgeable as I am." Ilsino reached out for Tabor with a melodramatic sigh, Shy knew he was enjoying this game of cat and mouse. Shy held her protectively sensing the play was going to twist into the catch. "Child, don't you want your nightmares to end."

"NO!" "Fine" Tabor and Shy said in unison.

"Good. Let's begin training in the morning?" Ilsino interjected.

"NO!" Shy stammered.

"Deal," Tabor knocked her knuckles on her cast in verdict.

"NO! She still is in a cast."

"For two more days, Shy." Tabor pointed out.

"You won't have time. You have physical therapy and you need to paint."

"No Shy, I will make time."

"No, Tabor, you-"

"I'll leave you two lovebirds; see you tomorrow, Tabor." Ilsino tipped his imaginary hat.

"No- Yes" Tabor and Shy confirmed at the same time while Ilsino kissed the back of Tabor's hand before letting himself out of the apartment.

Shy glared at Tabor, his chest rising and falling like hell was boiling in it. He yanked their suitcases from the hall and stormed into the bedroom slamming the door shut.

I can't believe you did this! He yelled but the room was silent, all but the tick-tock of his face clock on the wall, while Tabor sat in the living room unmoved.

"I need to be able to protect myself. You cannot be with me every waking moment of my life." She defended.

"It's my duty. I could force you as your master, you know. But I am giving you freedom of choice."

Ohh, how big of you, MASTER. Even while talking to him in her mind she let the word slither in the way, it was most disrespectful.

Don't tempt me Tabor Salome! Shy spat. He never used her name like that before, he was pissed, but so was she.

She sucked in air to stop the anger from building, she loved him and knew he was terrified of losing her again, but she was his lover not his child or slave. "Maybe I don't want you around me for my every breath of everyday!" It was a low blow and she knew it.

"That's rich Tabor," Shy snarled coming out of the room.

"But it's true Shy. No one is attached at the hip."

"You don't share anything with me, anyways!" It came out more fiercely than he wanted. Every fiber within him was racing with madness he leaned over her trapping her to the couch more so to help himself from doing worse.

"Maybe because they are just dreams, Shy. Maybe I don't want to humiliate myself by telling you what my pathetic sleeping mind says."

"What do you want Tabor? I am only a man."

"I want to be able to live. Yes, I am terrified that something will happen but I can't live like that. It's probably a once in a lifetime tragedy. But everyday life, the ups and the downs are normal. So what if I get a paper cut. You are not going to attack me and throw me onto a table of crystal over one drop of blood." She smirked trying to lighten his mood.

"Not funny, Tabor. This is your life - not some simple vampire romance novel- we are real and so are you."

"Yes, I am real. And I don't know anything about what I am that makes me so real. I don't know anyone who is like me and I can't ask my mother- she'll turn it into some melodrama. And I just as well, cannot tell my father who doesn't understand anything beyond science and reason-"

"But Ilsino is not the key to unlocking who you are-"

"But what if he is, Shy? Don't I deserve to find out?"

Shy sat on the coffee table in front of her, his long legs framing hers and was finally taking a deep breath in to calm himself. "I have lived a very long time, Tabor, and many of those decades I have spent regretting ever having met Ilsino. He has caused generations of troubles for me, Tabor. You have to understand. YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME!"

"I do trust you."

Shy cupped her neck tenderly, "Then tell me what's been troubling you. It's beyond dreams; I know it's not just the dreams, Love."

Tabor began to open her mouth to speak about how she was troubled by overhearing his conversation, but moreover seeing Shy so tender and nearly intimate with Genevieve. Genevieve was a vampire; she was not weak, nor scared like she was. She was a vampire and she could match him in strength and passion.

Tabor only shook her head.

Shy grumbled he knew there was more to it and she had blocked her thoughts from him. He narrowed his eyes on Tabor --

15 -15

He combed his fingers through his dark hair and proceeded to the entrance for the brown paper bags of Trader Joe's groceries.

"What do you want for dinner?" Tabor eager changed the topic.

"I am not hungry. You eat, I'll get something later." Shy placed the groceries on the counter and began to put them away.

"I want you to kiss me."

"What?" Shy folded the bag, not really paying attention.

"Kiss me damn it!"

He could hear her words turning like gears in a machine, scheming. "Tabor, don't be ridiculous."

"You are like an old married man, next I am going to have to give your blood meals to you like a neutered tiger."

"Neutered tiger, huh?" Shy chuckled deeply; he walked over to Tabor the water on the coffee table moved. She held her breath fearfully but he kissed her delicately on the lips.

She poked her chin up. "I said, 'kiss me', not peck me."

He kissed her more earnestly.

Tabor pulled him down to her and tore at his grey t-shirt, violently throwing it aside before ripping her blouse from her body. With every fervent move, Shy matched with tender sensual kisses down her throat. His strong hands gently holder her to him, while she crushed her chest into his.

"Help me take off these shorts," she quickly attempted to remove her shorts and Shy chuckled at his little nymph. He trailed kisses tracing the scar line down her stomach, teasing her.

Tabor pushed him off of her with her good leg. Shy looked down at her heaving body, her leg spearing him in the chest.

"Faster Shy." Was all she commanded, his own ardor growing by the second. He massaged her leg that was keeping him away from her. "Fuck me, Shy. No more tender bullshit."

Shy's mouth tugged to the side as he arched an eyebrow. He could hear her thoughts, racing for rough, fast careless sex. He brought the bottom of her foot to his lips and kissed. He won; she was raging inside, cursing him for his tenderness.


He quickly picked her up and set her on his kitchen island and easily pulled her shorts and panties down. She sat gloriously nude on his counter.

"I could eat you." His voice was gravely.

Wantonly she leaned back on her hands seductively arching her back and swinging her free leg to her side, opening herself up for him brazenly.

Shy chuckled deeply, "My, you are determined today aren't you?" Shy dragged her butt forcefully to the edge of the counter and was pleased that he elicited a little yelp.

His body towered over her even though she was sitting on top of the counter, Shy just commanded the room. Tabor snuck her hands around his waist to squeeze his butt that was so incredibly cute even while hidden in his jeans. She couldn't wait to see their Greek god, Eros embodied in front of her and gazing at her with heated silver eyes in lust for her.

His hair tickled her ears as Shy languished his tongue from his lips plump from his kisses, down between her breasts. She dared not make a sound or breathe.

Unexpectedly Shy twisted her nipple and it pulled more taunt making it beg him for more. Tabor couldn't help train her eyes on his. He continued to torment both nipples now but his eyes challenged her, dared her to ask for him to stop.

Pride before the fall. With a peep, "More." Tabor groan deep in her chest, throwing her head back. It was too much, she felt tears wet her eyes but she dared not release them.

Shy finally stopped and the swiftly suckled her nipple; bringing an odd mixture of relief and pain as blood returned to her tortured nipples.

"So you want to prove your fragility?" His voice was rough and fearsome.

"What are you going to do Shy," She opened the counter draw to pull out the wooden spatula he used to make pancakes for her in the morning.

He only grinned and grabbed the spatula from her hand and slapped it against his palm. Everything seemed to slow down between them. They only smiled at each other in various degrees of love, lust and challenge - it was competitor's game of passion constantly changing with each passing glance.

He moved her legs further apart forcefully, "Don't you dare move those legs."

Tabor snorted and licked her lips. She couldn't wait. She wanted this Shy, in his primal nature. She was tired of that Shy that babied her, tenderly held her like an already wilted flower. Most of all she was tired of the careful sex. She wanted to tap into the deep magic and the deep emotions, feelings and sensuality she would never experience in human sex. She wanted to have the raw dangerous vampire sex that sent all of her human and aura senses ablaze when they both thought it would be their last chance together.

She dared him and squeezed her legs shut. She felt her body react and tingle at her core just by defying him, her anticipation for the vampire to arise and take her savagely.

"Tsk. Tsk," Shy shook his head, his silver eyes glinted mischievous play. "You shouldn't have done that my dear."

"And?" Tabor challenged.

There was not time to fight, Shy grabbed her thigh and pulled her legs apart revealing everything she was to his eyes. He raised his hand, banishing the spatula and then brought it down on her sensitive sex, but not in a hard slap but a pat that was barely felt. Tabor sucked her teeth in disappointment but instead he tipped the spatula into her wet core and stirred. She melted. He continued his torture the spatula turning within her as if he were cooking and she were the stove, it pressed against all of her most sensitive spots, opening her up and making her drip copiously onto the counter. His lips captured her and turned all the right buttons to make her explode with heat within. Tabor loved this spectacular playful creature that smelt like sexy ambrosia and love to nibble on her bottom lips.

She wanted to scream when he removed the spatula from inside her, making sure to drag it along her g-spot. He tilted his lips up and her wet juices that had coated the spatula dripped into his mouth.

"My favorite part of your body." Shy said liking the spatula. "Your taste is amazing."

"Then bite me." Tabor panted.

"All orders now. Where's the love, Tabor," He slapped the finished spatula hard on the countertop making her jump. His hand forcefully covered Tabor's eyes, blinding her.

She heard the lovely jingle of metal and leather, her favorite sound -- Shy was taking off his pants. He then grabbed her hard and swiftly entered her, sawing into her with deliberate forceful strokes. The countertop rumbled, causing the glass salt and pepper shakers to rattle to the edge before having their own little deaths on the floor.

Tabor rocked onto his cock desperately trying to match his speed. Each stroke was meant to go deep, his cock was hard and long hitting her cervix and g-spot, filling her completely. She couldn't keep going and then her first orgasm flooded but Shy was relentless. He pushed through her spasming walls and massaged another little death. He held her body tightly against hers, his arms taunt, every vein and muscle was tight like the strings on a cello.

"Stay with me, my darling," he whispered tenderly yet his body was hard with amorous. He pulled her leg further away to open more of her pussy to his cock and then her third orgasm erupted and she screamed in ecstasy. Sweat dripped down her body and he came with her. His strong cock pulsating against her every nerve bringing a fourth, dare he pull out and give her a fifth.

Tabor fell flat against the counter, her arms winged out and she tried to catch her breath. She loved this man that was an incredible lover.

"And now for my reward," Shy smirked and lapped at her sex to illicit a sixth orgasm but the most important one.

He unsheathed his vampire teeth and dragged the sharp incisors along the length of her labia. The tiny scratch brought blood to her lips swelling them as he indented.

"When I feed from you, you will be hyper sensitive; there is no turning back, love." He moved to her nipples again and allowed his teeth to lightly piece her nipples. They pointed back at him and he groaned with approval. "Much better."

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