tagSci-Fi & FantasyMerry Adventures of Puck No. 01

Merry Adventures of Puck No. 01


Robin Goodfellow, known as the hobgoblin Puck, was from the land of Faerie. Knowing only this, people avoided and feared him. At least they used to. With the conquering of the lands of the Celts, the faerie were relegated to myth and there became grinning farces of themselves. At least, they became that way in people's imagination. In reality, they retained every ounce of their chaotic grace and delight for dangerous games. To them, humanity remained as much the plaything that they had been for thousands of years. However, luckily for mankind, most faerie ignored humanity preferring the company of animals and supernatural creatures. Unfortunately for mankind, Puck was no ordinary faerie. He was interested in mankind. He was very interested in their tales, their customs, their strange habits. Such interest never bodes well and this is one such occasion.

Puck looked up from his desk. Well, he called it a desk. The rest of mankind would have called it a picnic table. However, that's beside the point. The point was that he looked up and worse he had begun to think.

In front of him was a book. In most people's hands the book would be considered ineffectual. It was a mere glossary of little known holidays. Those humdrum celebrations that no one ever paid attention to. In Puck's hands, however, the book became more than that. It became a tome of human customs and their festivals. While many would say this is no big deal, it becomes a big deal in a literally minded hobgoblin with great control over magicks and glamours. This particular day it was a really big fucking deal. Puck had discovered National Nude Day.

National Nude Day is a holiday that's given very little mind by most of the world. It's one of those random celebrations given mind only by people who know when Vanilla Ice Cream day is or who really wanted a day to be naked in. Thus, to the public at large, it is considered a fiction or at least meaningless. Puck didn't understand this. If there was a holiday, surely it must be celebrated. That's how it was in the lands of Faerie.

He looked to the calendar, it was July 14th and the book said that today was the day. He hopped over to a window overlooking the street. No one was nude. He scratched his head with his back leg, a motion that had always made Lady Titania flinch. He stood at his window for a while. It was an older window but gleamed as if it was little more than a day old. Probably not even Puck knew whether the effect was magick or glamour.

His overall flat was modest and filled with disconnected pieces of humanity. There was the picnic table taken from the Park, which was covered in stacks of random books. In one corner, a copy of Don Quixote lay on its spine. That had been a wild weekend. No one ever did find out what happened to the windmill outside town or why a short banker came in on a donkey and drank half of the spirits at O'Malley's Bar.

In front of the wall behind the desk was a bookshelf filled with knickknacks and artifacts from garbage cans, gutters, and the occasional house and in the case of the ingot of gold one Bank vault. Next to the bookshelf on the wall were a couple of paintings. They were all hung at strange angles and the nails supposedly hanging them up weren't always connected to the painting except for one where it connected through the painting.

On the other wall there was a pile of random junk and devices. A bicycle here, a car's fuel-line there, a politician's toupee on top. All of it stacked like the mystery pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. On the opposite wall, there was a bed. At least it was a faerie bed, nicely done with flowers and morning dew and magick. It was all proper and functional. Puck had spent hours painstakingly moving it to his human home and getting the wards back in place on a floor surface that wasn't stone.

The residence was all above a pharmacy that he owned. He loved working there. People actually gave him shiny metals and colored paper for simple glamours and potions. Furthermore, they were happy about receiving these things. Men would squeal with joy at what they now thought was a full head of hair, women would give him big kisses for aiding their husbands' performance problems. It was all so confusing to Puck.

And this Nude Day was one more confusing event. He rubbed his mossy chin thoughtfully or to be truly honest, mischievously, though it seems there was no action Puck seemed able to take non-mischievously. He was made mischievous. He was mischief. Behind his eyes, a decision was made and he hopped down from the window. Throwing on his nondescript adult male glamour, he walked down the stairs to the street. Today, he was going to be mischievous.


Mary Harrison was a 35 year-old mother of one. She was divorced three years, following her husband's affair with his younger blonde secretary. She had foresworn sex since that day for fear of being hurt. The foreswearing had brought her a bit of angst for she was a very sexual woman and lusted very easily. Furthermore she had a great body for her age, her large D-cup breasts showing barely any sag. However, she huddled it in unflatteringly conservative clothes, hoping to drive her feelings away through pure denial.

It hadn't had the effect she hoped and she felt like she was walking on a razor blade, one push away from animalistic oblivion.

Overall not a good state to be in when mailman, Bill Thomas's uniform vanished into thin air, revealing a toned healthy body and an even healthier nine-inch standing half-erect in the afternoon sun. His cock slowly began to rise and his adam's apple began to bob uncertainly. "M-m-m," he babbled, his eyes wide open in shock.

She looked down. Her clothes were similarly absent. She felt a cool breeze flutter along her labia and felt her nipples stiffen in excitement. Her mind was slowing down and she could feel desire surging through every pore of her body. Somewhere up the street a woman screamed and she paid it no mind. By the time her eyes locked back on Bill's member she was pure lust.

"Bill, I want you," she tried to say, but it came out as the growl of a bitch in heat. She never was able to remember how she ended up with his cock in her mouth, but there she was on her knees, licking it reverently like the last Popsicle on a desert planet.

Bill groaned in embarrassment and placed his hands on her forehead as if to push her away, but exerted no force. Slowly as he felt the warmth engulf him and the cool breeze on him, the taboo of exhibitionism faded and he began to enjoy the feeling. He moved his hands behind her head and gently began to push her deeper onto him.

Mary was a very good cocksucker and after three years of nothing to suck but a rubber dildo that smelled far too strongly of either soap or females, she was enjoying the taste of her first real meat. She swirled her tongue around the head and shaft, letting the masculine sweat settle on her taste buds. She could smell his male pheromones being released into the air and began to push herself further down his cock with each thrust.

Her throat opened as she inched herself to the very base of his cock, letting his pubic hairs tease her nose as she wiggled. Slowly and involuntarily her throat contracted around the intruder as she held her breath. Then with a quick movement, she slid back to the head, leaving the whole shaft slick with her saliva and a little of his pre-cum.

She began to bob back and forth on his cock taking it all the way in on each thrust. She continued to throat-fuck herself forgetting everything but the moment. Her on the sidewalk, the sun shining down, the breeze flowing past, the nondescript man looking down and then leaving, and most of all the warm cock filling her mouth completely.

She began to turn her head as she sucked, corkscrewing his shaft. It didn't take long for him to stop resisting and explode in her mouth. She felt the white cum splash against the back of the throat and drank it hungrily, letting not a single drop escape her lips. And then, relishing the taste that she had once loved so well, her lips curled into a smile.

"Bill," she said after swallowing and cleaning off his half-erect shaft.

"Yes, Mary," he responded noticing for the first time in the sun how beautiful she was for a woman of her age. He drank in her beautiful brunette curls, slightly wet from sweat, shining dully under him. He had received many blowjobs in his young life, but this was the first one to arise these particular emotions in him.

"Want to come back to my house," she said through a smile as she stood up and slyly licked her lips.

"I thought you'd never ask," he half spoke, half-moaned.

Grabbing him by the cock, she led him back down the street to her house. Bill's mailbag lay where he left it on the sidewalk, a forgotten momento of the tryst. Puck turned his head as he investigated the area. "Intriguing," he thought. "So this is how they celebrate this holiday."

He walked down the street a bit. There were a few shocked denizens who the sudden lack of clothes had come to a great shock to. Sister Margaret from the Church was hiding in the azaleas, trying to crawl back to the church before she was spotted. On the other hand the O'Connor's nineteen year-old daughter Lily was enjoying the nakedness and was twirling like a drunk witch on a nearby hill. "Such strange effects the simple removal of outer coverings had on these mortals," he thought.

His lips pursed together and deep in his head he felt the power of chaos and mischief fill his mind. He could feel the disparate voices of Hermes, Loki, Anasazi, and all the other trickster gods urging him to continue. He smiled. He was hardly one to disappoint chaos. He would extend the nudity.

With a wave of his hand, his glamour faded into his natural state and he moved quickly bounding up into the rooftops until he was hanging off the top of the cathedral's bell tower. He waved his hands strongly and a pulse of magick flooded through the city sweeping away the clothes of the denizens to the four winds.


The chaos was now rampant. On the edge of town, the police officer who had just pulled over Mrs. Mulligan for speeding doubled over in shock at peeking over the window at her beautiful breasts made turgid by breast-feeding.

"Abba abba," he mumbled indistinctly as he stared down at the twin girls on her chest. He knew she was stacked, but he had never really had an idea that she was this stacked.

"Officer Thompson, are you-Oh my God!" she screamed in horror as she beheld his naked hairy potbelly and hard-on just outside her window. Too offended to even notice her own predicament, she stepped on the gas and sped away.

"Ack," he muttered before shaking his head. "All right, let's just call that a warning then, Mrs. Mulligan," he called to her speeding bumper before walking dazedly back to his car. "What the hell is going on," he thought.

Just at that moment, an excited squeal erupted from the bushes to his right. Puzzled and intrigued, he marched over to investigate. What he saw made him ejaculate immediately. The Turley sisters were nibbling at the breasts of new schoolteacher Harriet Thompson. There was a picnic blanket underneath them and Officer Thompson suspected that there had been an innocent lunch there not more than a few minutes ago.

What had happened was the Turley sisters, two closeted 18-year old twin lesbians and suspected perpetrators of incest, had gone on a picnic with the new schoolteacher to welcome her to the neighborhood and when the clothes disappeared, Harriet had gasped. The Turley sisters began to cover themselves up before noticing that not only was Harriet not moving her hands in horror, but also her nipples were growing hard and the blanket underneath her was beginning to dampen.

They had squealed with joy at the sight of their first fellow lesbian and wasted no time in exploring the Sapphic possibilities. Pushing Harriet gently on her back, they began to suck and nibble at her beautiful little B-cup breasts, toying them and teasing them tenderly and hungrily. Harriet moaned at the touch and feel. She so missed having her tits sucked by an expert mouth.

Officer Thompson stood dumbfounded behind the bushes, his white cum dripping off the leaves in front of him. His day was summing up to be the most bizarre and surreal of his life, but at the same time... it was the best day of his life. He was a lonely bastard who wasted his time on bad porn. He started to think about his life, looking down at his fat gut and patting his thinning hair. "If the best day of my life is spying on three dykes," he thought glumly. "Then I desperately need to turn my life around."

Meanwhile, the Turley sisters were engaging in a little southern exploration, their fingers entwining and stroking Harriet's clit and pussy. Harriet began to buck and moan underneath their dual ministrations. One began to slowly move down off her breast and began kissing a way down, while the other began kissing her way up.

The movement was fluid and before she knew it Harriet felt a soft tongue probing the folds of her labia. She opened her mouth to moan and felt a cunt press into her mouth. The smell of excited pussy wafted pleasantly up her nose and she began to slowly swirl her tongue around the young piquant cunt.

Harriet was in heaven. It had been five months since her big breakup with Allison and her move to this closeted town from glorious San Francisco had weighted heavily on her mind. She felt a Turley tongue on her clit, tasting it with the eager vim of an inexperienced dyke trying too hard. Still, it was good and the taste of the other Turley was driving her wild. She ran her tongue deep inside the Turley pussy and licked along her g-spot causing the crotch to spasm on her face. "It's not going to take much to make her come," she thought before moaning softly at a sudden feeling of a tongue trailing down to her asshole, "or for that matter me."

Harriet felt the tongue press and swirl around her ass giving her a rimjob, the first she had ever had. The feelings were bizarre but oddly sensual and when combined with the soft plucking on her clit was driving her fast towards orgasm. She grabbed both thighs of the Turley on her face and went into hyperdrive on her cunt. Her nose masturbated the young clit and she could hear the young girl cussing and moaning and could definitely feel the bucking. "Not long now," she thought. She could feel the signals of impending orgasm from her pussy. "No, not long at all."

The orgasm came strangely, surging through all three bodies at once. The Turley below Harriet's legs must have been frigging herself while tasting the schoolteacher because she bucked in rhythm to both of them. In a cacophony of moans rising in tempo as the seconds passed, they let out a final bucking cry and all came once and due to an unwillingness to stop the pleasure, came once more. The collapse at the end was almost poetic. Bodies entangled, purely sated yet thoughtful of what could come next.

Officer Thompson picked himself up from his vantage position with a thoughtful grin on his face. "That was good," he thought. "Really good."


Puck roamed the streets. There were signs of ladies and men enjoying the sudden exhibitionism. He paused often to check out the couples and groups who were enjoying it a bit more than the others. He tried to put the pieces together in his mind. National Nude Day=no outer layers=removal of hang-ups=celebration and happiness. He looked to young Sister Margaret who by the look of things had given up her vows with a curse and was enjoying what Mother Superior always called "the sinful exploits of the young and damned." "Yes, definitely happiness," he thought as he heard her squeal with glee at the feeling of cocks in her virgin pussy and ass.

There were a few who'd run into their houses fearful of the chaos, but they seemed to be in a surprising minority. For the most part the initial confusion and fright faded away once everyone noticed that everyone else was similarly unclothed. Married couples strengthened their relationships with a partaking in the taboo while it was still not really taboo. Their private exhibitionism could be seen on every corner.

Puck was fascinated by it all. He had done so little and the humans were reacting so much. It was like the mere presence of outer layer was responsible for repressing thousands of natural feelings. He glanced around. Women living in fear of how their bodies could never look like supermodels twirled in giddiness at the sight of stiff cocks twitching in their presence. Men who had railed against the immorality and sexuality of the youth looked like dirty old men as they wandered wild-eyed through the streets drinking everything in hungrily. Closeted individuals of gay, lesbian, and bisexual persuasion began to see others of their type hidden in the crowds and with proper relish enjoy them.

Puck smiled. This was chaos. And it was good.

This was true. Many believe chaos to be a horrid thing to be fought at all cost, but chaos in its pure state is amoral. It can be used for good or for evil with equal expertise. And today was shaping out to be more good than evil.

Puck finished his explorations at midnight and crept around a young couple enjoying themselves in front of his shop. He walked up the stairs with a feeling of accomplishment. "Holidays are important," he thought. "They must always be important or else we'll quickly forget their point." He hopped to his window, his ears bent back to lengthen his grin. "And their point is celebration."

He looked out into the streets, the sounds of moaning from the streets themselves had continued even until this late hour and under the glow of the lampposts he could see various couples still in celebration. Everyone was out in the streets caught up in the chaos. "Summer's twilight," he thought. This was the time of the faeries as he well knew. And his deeds hung magically in the night air as if they were tangible.

"I am that merry wanderer of the night," he mused. "And look what merriment I have brought." His smile got really wide. "And I don't even have to do that stupid 'If we spirits have offended' speech again." His smile left his face and hung in the air. "No, not this time."

And then the hobgoblin known as Robin Goodfellow went to sleep and woke in a new town and embarked on a new adventure, one that perhaps did not end as cleanly as this but definitely as chaotically. And that was the end of his tale.


The end of his tale, perhaps, but not the tale of the town.

It was now one year later to the day of the town's First Annual Nude Day Celebration. The big event at this year's celebration was a nude wedding of Bill Thomas and Mary Harrison at the Cathedral. Their eyes were wide with love as they finished their vows. A few sobs came from the crowd. As they descended the steps, Bill's best friend Sheriff Thompson whispered to him.

"You caught a good one, man."

"Yes, I did," he whispered back turning to his lovely bride. "So did you, it seems. Aren't you dating Margaret?"

"Yeah," the sheriff said thoughtfully. It had taken a lot of exercise and dieting and a promotion to woo the choosy and delicious former nun to his side, but in the end it was worth it. She had learned a lot of technique in a year and was mastering it under the steadiness of a monogamous relationship.

He glanced over to the bridesmaids. They were all connected at the moment. One of the Turley sisters must have started playing with Harriet again. "Enjoying yourself, girls," he asked with a smile.

"You know it sheriff," Harriet said with a sultry smile. The Turley sisters giggled in assent. The sheriff smiled back. He always wondered if they knew he had seen their first tryst.

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