It has been a long day at work. I roll my shoulders, shuffling through the front door. The lights are off, and you're not home for another hour. I drop my bag, already forgotten in the hallway and make a direct line for our bedroom. I push the door open with my hip as I drag my blouse over my head, dropping it at my feet. My fingers come to the zip of my dress pants undoing it quickly as I step out on my heels. I wiggle my hips, pushing down my pants before stepping out of them. I run my hands over my stocking hips before sitting on the bed and slowly rolling them down. I shuffle back and relax on our bed, bringing my arms up behind me catching the clip of my bra; I feel the release, moaning as my breasts fall free hanging fully for the first time since this morning. I massage my breasts cupping and lifting their fullness before letting them fall free. I collect my pillows arranging them in a stack before laying back on them. I feel the cool sheets against my skin. Sinking into the pillows I unclip my hair and drag my fingers through it, releasing the tangles. Turning I reach out and tap play on the docked Ipod. Michael Buble' sexy croons fill my little Oasis and I smile.

I close my eyes; the soft light through the window enables me to see the red haze from under my eyelids. Sighing I raise my hands over my head, my elbows bent, I catch my fingers on the base of the headboard, arcing my back pressing my breasts up, feeling my nipples tighten in the cool air. I murmur letting my arms come back down, the soft fabric brushing my back and shoulders. In my minds eye I imagine us kissing, your soft lips pressed to mine, your stubble grazing the sensitive skin of my lips and chin as you take my mouth, thrusting your tongue into my willing mouth. I turn my head slightly, feeling the fabric brush against my jaw and cheek as I imagine you kissing along my cheek to my jaw before working your way up to my ear and nipping the ear lobe. I can almost feel your heavy weight between my legs, your hardening cock pressing against my thigh as I grind on you. I shudder as I imagine your chest hairs teasing my nipples as you press me down into the mattress.

I let my hands brush my collarbone, the warmth of my fingertips against the coolness of my breastbone causing me to catch my breath slightly. I pause brushing back an forth over the bone, then moving further down, feather light touches - skimming up the peeks of my breasts. I let my fingers circle my nipples, feeling them tighten further at my gentle touch, catching them between my thumb and four finger, I roll them, squeezing them firmly, causing a moan to pass my lips. I pull them a little bit harder feeling the ache spread along my nerves and a smile breaks onto my lips as I feel a growing wetness in my pussy. I squirm in my panties, one of my knees coming up to rub my thighs against one another. I pull my nipples again, feeling my clit throb in response. I release my nipples remorsefully; pushing my hands down I lay my hands flat on my ribs under my breasts. Ever so slowly I let my hands skim down my belly, I shiver as my fingers run over the sensitive skin between my belly button and pubic bone – I let my hands float over my mound coasting my fingers along my thighs. Starting at the outter hip, I slowly inch them in, feeling my skin goosebump under the delicate touch. My thighs spreading naturally as I caress closer to my aching pussy, the sensitive flesh begging to be touched.

Moaning I let my fingers skim my pussy lips, pressing slightly harder on my clit though my white panties. Rubbing slow circles, I feel my wetness soaking my panties. I bring my free hand to my nipples, unable to resist pulling and twisting one then the other. I let my fingers skim the waist of my panties, slowly creeping under. My fingertips brush my cropped pubic hair, soft but slightly prickly under my fingers. I push down, shuddering as I feel my finger brush my budding clit. I groan, as my finger presses heavily on my clit, quickly my other hand come to my panties, yanking them down and quickly kicking them off.

Spreading my legs wide I start to rub my clit, letting my fingers slide down, I dip them into my wet pussy, collecting some of my juices I bring it back to my clit and start to rub again, faster now, my knees raised, feet flat on the bed so I can push my hips up into my hand. My moaning is loader now; hungry for the shooting pleasure I'm providing myself with. My eyelashes flutter as I imagine your hands on me, parting my thighs so you can brush your soft lips against my pussy lips. I arch my back imagining your heavy weight holding me down, your hair, thick between my fingers as I twist and pull it, your hot breath on my heated skin, my pussy lips slick and shining under your divine touch. I imagine your fingers slipping inside of me, as I slide mine inside myself, one then quickly another as I moan and roll over, pinning my hand under me. I moan, feeling the deeper penetration as I roll my hips, grinding down on my fingers.

My breath comes out in short sharp breaths. Turning my face to the side I push my hair out of my face, pressing my fingers into the mattress as I draw my fingers out, finding my clit and rubbing it insistently. I start to groan in the back of my throat. I can feel my blood rushing in my ears, my eyes are shut and I see flashes of you, moving towards me, grabbing my hips and dragging me back to line up my dripping pussy with your throbbing cock. I whimper imagining it pressing into me, one solid thrust. My fingers are now slick with my juices I lift my hips, almost getting to my knees; I slip my fingers back into my aching pussy. Thrusting quickly, I'm moaning on every breath.

Suddenly I feel two big warm hands on my calves, I half scream from the surprise. I go to roll over and you press me down with your hands, running your hands up behind my knees, spreading my legs wider. I feel the cool air on my pussy lips; I shiver as you run your hands up my thighs, your thumbs grazing my inner thighs. The light pressure on soft skin, I push back with my arse, as your fingers inch closer to my begging pussy.

I hear your soft chuckle "Ah so needy, I can smell it, but don't stop pleasuring yourself my sweet" your breath is tickling the skin of thighs as you move up my body.

Your knees now between mine you press them apart further effectively pinning me down to the bed. You kiss my left arse cheek biting the smooth skin. I groan feeling my pussy flood with warm. Your hands run over my arse cheeks, spreading them, your fingers running along my arse crack, grazing my arse hole. I shudder pushing back against you. You ignore my efforts, kissing and licking up my spine. I squirm as you run your hands along my hips and the inward curve of my waist, out toward my breast. You catch my arms pushing them up away from my pussy, causing them to become trapped somewhere around my waist. I groan, frustrated by the suddenly empty feeling. My clit throbs in protest, demanding attention and I can't stop myself when I grind down against the mattress, seeking some form of relief. I feel you laugh softy against my shoulder, giving me a fond nip. I turn my head to look over my shoulder at you; your were leaning over my now, braced on your elbows I can feel your hard cock pressed between my arse cheeks though your work pants. You grind slightly against me and we both moan. I feel the light fabric of your pants cling to my wet pussy lips as I spread my legs even further to take better impact of your cock against me. Brushing my hair aside you kiss my neck, making me shiver under you. You work your way up to my ear giving it a gentle kiss.

"Do you have any idea how delicious you looked when I walked through the door my sweet?" You ask in a husky purr. I shake my head slightly and you tut softly in my ear.

"Though... your efforts were just beautiful to watch, I thought I could be of service." You say before kissing my neck and pushing up onto your knees. Before sitting back on your calves and starting to unbutton your business shirt.

A smile splits my face as I get up on my knees as well, raising my arse towards you and looking over my shoulder at you. I see you look at me, before your eyes drop to my pussy lips, swollen and slick with my juices. I grin and then roll over, now on my back I lay back on the pillows. I look over your body as you remove your shirt; the thick hair on your chest looks soft to the touch. I bring my hands to my breasts, catching my nipples in a firm pinch as I place one leg on either side of your body, opening myself to you. You give a soft groan in the back of your throat as you look down at my offering. I snuggle down into the pillows as you start to kiss your way down my leg, starting with the inside of my knee. I shiver as you slowly creep closer; your hands making a soft sound along the sheets are you slide forward. Your hands come up to hook around my hips as you place the last soft kiss on my inner thigh.

I take a deep breath, knowing you're looking directly at me now, I can feel your gaze like a caress on my flushed skin, I shift a leg, opening myself further to you as I feel your fingers spread me slowly. The soft puff of air as you breathe out, drawing closer still I squeeze my nipples feeling the antipation building inside of me, before the first nuzzle of your lips, the spreading of my pussy lips further before the slight touch of your tongue on my clit. My hips lift, as shoots of pleasure run through me. I cup my breasts, rolling the nipples as you start to flick your tongue, one of my hands releases my breast, going to your head I catch your hair in my fingers, pulling you closer to me, I moan feeling you suck in breath around my dripping pussy.

"Oh... mmm yes baby... fucking lick my cunt.." I growl squeezing my fingers more tightly in your hair. I look down to see you watching me, as you stop and suck my clit, I groan, feeling the suction before you start to flick your tongue again. My hips move with your tongue, twisting and half bucking in the tight space between your face and the bed. Your fingers dig into my thighs, pinning me down to the bed, I suck in sharp gasps of air as you lick faster and faster. My eyes flutter closed and I imagine your cock in my mouth, sucking it aggressively. Filling my mouth over and over, I thrash my head, desperately wanting to buck up, to make you take more. You pull back and a whimper, my need for your touch is so great. You let go of one of my thighs and bring your hand between my legs. You run one of your fingers along my slit, at each up stroke you brush my throbbing clit. I can feel your pants on my skin, and I try and pull you back to me but your resist.

Frustrated I feel a frown cross my face, as I look down at you to stop toying with me. As my eyes clash with yours, you thrust two fingers into my begging pussy, going easily to the third knuckle. My teeth click close and a I hiss through my teeth, squeezing your fingers tightly. The corner of your mouth kicks up and you lean forward once again tending my clit. You start off with slow thrusts, almost drawing all the way out before thrusting back in, making me grip you on each inward thrust. With less of a firm grip on my hips, I can grind down on you finger when they are fully inside of me, rolling my hips for maximum pleasure. Your fingers start to dig in to my skin as you start to focus on your task, I look down to see the top of your head between my thighs, your face almost out of view as you work my clit and pussy. My hands fall to the bed sheets and I grip them tightly as I feel my orgasm rising.

"Faster... darling... harder..." I groan as I spread my legs wider, catching my feet on your thighs so I can let my knees sag out. I close my eyes again, imagining its your cock fucking me, hard and solid you impale me over and over, my pussy milking your thick shaft as you do so. I feel my skin prick with sweat, my knuckles almost white as I grasp the bed sheets. My breathing becomes short, I'm moaning on every breath. Helpless to stop the rising tide you are chasing. You slow your thrusts, feeling me shudder as I draw closer.

"I... ohhhh.... I... umm.. ohhhh love..." I stutter, unable to get out the screaming thoughts in my head. You seem to understand; curling your fingers upwards you start to move them in a curling motion. I close my eyes, behind them I can see black swirling motions, that seems to move faster and faster as the pressure insie me builds. My breath coming out in only pants now I can't stop the tide. I feel my body shudder as the darkness behind my eyes explodes, becoming a white light. I open my mouth, sucking in air as the first wave hits me. I scream, my hips bucking aggressively as you use your free hand to hold me down. My whole body shakes, my hips bucking uncontrollably as wave after wave hits me. I can feel your fingers still inside me, thrusting as I cum around them. My head thrashes from side to side, my fingers twisting in the sheets. I feel the waves recede and I can't take the sensitive touch, I plant my feet and push you back.

Gasping for breath I look down at you, sitting on your claves again, you have a cheeky grin on your face. Maintaining eye contact you creep forward over my body looking down at me, you softly brush your lips against mine, feeling my lips open under yours you kiss me deeply. I taste myself on your lips, moaning softly into your mouth. You roll to your side, I sigh curling into you. I hook my arm around your waist and close my eyes, fully satisfied.

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