tagBDSMMessy Ch. 07

Messy Ch. 07


"Dammit girl, do you know what time it is?"

I had no idea what time we'd staggered to bed the previous day, but the bedside clock showed three twenty one, so we couldn't have gotten much sleep.

However, I awoke to a tall, skinny blond in my bed, reaching back to gently jack me awake. We were still in the same position in which we'd fallen asleep, my arm under her head, her body spooned into mine, her hair in my face and my VERY EARLY morning wood nestled into the cleavage of her ass.

"I woke up," Sienna stated. "And this monster was poking me in the butt. Seemed like a good idea to try to placate him. I can stop if you want. Or you could punish me for waking you up..."

I kneaded her left breast, squeezing it, rolling her hardening nipple between my fingers. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" I whispered in her ear.

"Uhhhhhnnnnn...maybe? It depends what you do?"

I slid my hand from her breast down her muscular flank, running over her hip and around one buttock, slipping slightly into the crack, then roaming elsewhere before fingers could stroke anything too sensitive. I let my hand rest on her hip a moment then slid it over to her belly and lower, between hot thighs.

Sienna whimpered as my fingers crept over the light fuzz of her landing strip, seeking between her nether lips for her excited clit. Her slit was burning hot and I slid my fingers lower, into the wetness I found at her opening, slicking it upwards as I rubbed the little button in firm circles. She ground back against my crotch, shifting under my touch as I inflicted pleasure upon her.

"So... You like to be taken from behind in the morning?" I asked, my voice low.

She turned her head to catch my gaze with the corner of her eye. "Oh yeahhhhh... I like it nice and slow when you're spooned with me like this. Or when you push me flat and spread my legs, pin me down and ride me. Or pull me up to hands and knees, play with my ass and tits while you pound me doggy."

Each description played before my mind like a movie as she continued to stimulate me, and I felt absolutely drunk on power at the thought. I could do whatever I wanted.

I rolled the blond flat on her stomach with a push on her back. "Hands above your head, spread your legs."

Sienna obeyed with a rustle of fabric, and I fished in the nightstand for a condom, rolled it on. I shifted over, kneeling between her widespread legs, lowering myself down, cock in my hand to press against and part her wet labia. She inhaled loudly as I breached her, and then I gripped her hands above her head with one of mine, held myself up with the other, pushing in relentlessly, stretching her tunnel open until I was fully seated inside her.

"Like this?" I began a slow, steady thrusting, dragging out of her until just the head remained inside, then grinding my way back in, the feeling of pushing against her upturned buttocks nearly taking me over the edge every time, but I held onto control.

"Just like that," Sienna said breathlessly. "Just like tha - " she shrieked, pushing her ass back against me then pulling away, humping me and the bed in turn as waves of orgasm crashed over her, the pulsing squeeze of her privates trying to bring me to completion as well.

I kept thrusting, changing my angle from straight in and straight out to more up and down, against the front wall of her pussy, keeping up the stimulation, even as she howled her way into another climax, her legs hammering me and the bed, her arms straining as she tried to fight her way out of my grip. So violent was her thrashing that I had to pull my head back to keep from being hit with blond-covered skull.

"Please, please, please..." Beneath me, Sienna was begging, for what she couldn't seem to articulate, the constant pounding against her g-spot having robbed her of intelligent thought. She fought one arm free of my grip with a powerful tug, reaching back to push against my chest. "Please!"

I angled down and changed my motion, scraping, sawing against the front of her clenching twat, and she screamed again, trying to pull forward, away from my overwhelming stimulation of her body. I stayed with her, driving forward, my crotch slapping against her thighs and ass, each forward push bringing me that much closer to my own orgasm. It was a miracle I'd lasted so long with the gorgeous blonde bucking beneath me, and now I wanted to finish too.

"Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple, pine - "

I pulled out of Sienna immediately, dropping down beside her. She was shivering with sensation, and I pulled her close. "You ok? Did I hurt you?"

She blinked several times like she was trying to force consciousness back into her mind through her eyes. "Just...just... Overwhelmed. Too much. I've never cum so quick in a row before."

I held her tight, feeling the hammering of her heart, the rise and fall of her sweaty breasts against me. After a few minutes of rest, she rose up slightly to look at me, her eyes still slightly unfocused. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Needing you to stop. Not getting you off."

I stroked sweaty hair off her face. "Don't be silly. That's what a safe word is for. Don't ever be sorry for using it."

"Ok." She sniffed and lowered her head to my chest again.

We dozed for an hour or two before Sienna rose to use the bathroom and I got up to make coffee. By the time the bedraggled blonde walked out, I was there to hand her a mug and a bathrobe. She shrugged into it with a smirk and took the cup. "I probably should've packed for an overnight."

"If you want to walk around naked, I won't complain..."

"Good to know."

Sienna flipped on the tv and found a Sunday morning cooking show, and I brought my convertible over to the couch, surfed the news while she paid little attention to the host cooking a lava cake. I got us each another cup of coffee, then I switched to drinking water when my second cup was empty.

"Have you ever worn a collar?" I asked.

"Hmmm?" Sienna was lost in her own world, and my words half-pulled her from it.

"Have you ever worn a collar?"

She thought for a minute. "I have a white one from American Eagle."

"I mean one for restraint. Like for attaching wrist cuffs to, or a leash."

"No, never." There was a dreamy look in her eyes, and I could tell by the far-away sound to her voice that she was imagining the scenario.

I rose. "Join me in the shower when the show is over."

I went through my morning rituals, dragging it out so I wouldn't be standing in the shower alone too long. About five minutes before the hour, I turned the hot water on and let the glass stall start to heat up, then stepped in. A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened and Sienna walked in. She held eye contact with me through the steamy glass as she slowly untied the robe and pushed it back off her shoulder, then opened the door and stepped in, shivering a little at the hot water contrasting with the slightly cooler air outside.

I looked her nude body over as she turned under the spray, soaking her hair down and warming up. Tall, pale, bigger breasts than my usual partners, she looked like a goddess, even as the water slicked he hair back and she scrubbed her face with a washcloth to remove the makeup.

"Still think I'm pretty?" she asked when every last race of red and black had been removed from her face. Like the day before, she looked almost illegally young. Her undecorated face and long legs and torso reminded me of an unsteady giraffe, a comparison I would not share with her.

"You're gorgeous." I took her in my arms and kissed her, my hands roaming over her smooth back and the firm globes of her ass. She kissed me back, leisurely, languorously, open mouths moving against each other without hurry.

"I really am sorry," she stated when she pulled back, one hand sliding down my abs to grip my growing erection. "I got you all worked up and you didn't get any relief..." Sienna knelt before me and looked up with an innocent gaze. "You should probably punish me for that later."

"I'll think about it."

She ran her tongue around the head, held me vertical, and licked up, then back down, slowly pumping me as she ran her tongue over my balls, electricity shooting into my brain wherever the wet tip of her tongue danced against my skin. She took one in her mouth, sucking gently, let it go with a pop, then pulled my dick back down to slide between her lips. One long slide down, and her mouth was pressed against my abdomen, my member bent at an angle as it pushed against the back of her throat. Sienna gagged and released me, settled into a more conventional blowjob, sucking and pumping, occasionally pulling back to jerk me while staring into my eyes, or forcing me down her throat until she could lick my scrotum at the same time.

Time seemed to stand still as I processed the sensations spiking through my body. Water hammering my back, hissing off the floor and ceramic tile. The feeling of suction, of compression and twisting, of tastebuds occasionally rough against my skin. Cold air, then warmth and wetness.

And the knowledge that this beautiful young woman was submitting to me, devoting herself at this moment to pleasing me without a thought to her own bodily enjoyment.

I don't know how long her oral worship lasted, but it felt like an hour before I put my hand on her head. "I'm close."

Sienna pulled back and her shy smile was a contrast to her raunchy words. "Good. I want you to shoot it all over my face."

I took over, jerking myself as she arched her head back, tilting her face up, eyes closed. "Do it," Sienna whispered. "Blow your wad on me. Don't you think I'll look hot and slutty wearing your cum facial?"

She did.

He words took me over the edge and I sprayed semen from her chin to her hairline, another stripe across her cheek, a few lashes of it over her lips, a puddle on the side of her nose, slowly trailing down her cheek. Sienna looked up at me and smiled. "Thank you." She licked her lips, then wiped some off her face with a finger, sucked it into her mouth.

I stepped aside to allow her to wash her face off under the shower spray, then pulled her close again. "I've got to return the favor. But not here. I've got a better idea."

We washed and then dried off. Sienna was hot, but also cute, wrapped in a fluffy towel, scrubbing her head vigorously to get all the water out of her now-stringy blond hair. When she was satisfied, her hair stuck out in odd- angled wisps, a gold halo around her head that she quickly tamed with a few vicious yanks of my brush.

I liked watching her. It almost seemed, in a way, as intimate as anything carnal we'd done.


She scrubbed at her body with the towel, then let it drop to the tile floor. I looked her over and smiled, one she returned shyly.

We headed upstairs, and I had her sit on the edge of the bed while I buckled the nylon cuffs around her slim wrists and ankles. I retrieved the matching collar from dresser along with some long nylon ties, set everything on the bed, and motioned her to kneel on the floor with a gentle push to her shoulder. She reached out for my dick, and I stepped back. "Nope. Gather your hair and hold it back."

Sienna obeyed, holding the handful of blond hair from the side of her head, and I draped the collar around her neck, adjusted the strap until it sat snuggly around her pale throat. "You always kneel for a collar." I took the simple leather leash from the bed and snapped it to the D ring set in the neoprene and nylon. "Lay face down on the bed."

She positioned herself on the bed, stretching arms and legs to the four corners, expecting to be restrained spread-eagle again. She gave me a quizzical look when I knelt by the head of the bed and tied the leash in a hitch around the tubular metal at the center of the headboard, then attached the nylon ties to the posts, pulling them back to drop on either side of Sienna. Another quizzical look, and I knelt behind her, pushing her up onto her knees and attaching the hooks on the ties to the D rings set into her ankle cuffs. I snap hooked the wrist cuffs together and pulled pillows from the head of the bed to stuff between her legs.

With the leash tied to the headboard, Sienna couldn't raise her torso hardly at all, and with her ankles tied to the bedposts, she couldn't stretch her legs out to lower her lifted bottom either. It was a very simple, effective position to demonstrate dominance and immobilize and expose.

"How do you feel right now?" I inquired.

"Very, very vulnerable."

I placed a kiss on an upturned cheek. "Good."

Then I began.

Gentle kisses on her buttocks and inner thighs. Light fingertip brushes of her vulva and outer lips. Raking my fingernails in soft scratches down her back. Two fingers dipping into her opening to tease her growing wetness out onto and down her labia, slicking her clit with increasingly firm strokes.

I leaned down and began licking, working my tongue between her spreading pussylips, up and down, back to dip into her vagina, back down. I pushed down on her back, forcing her to arch her butt up, and with the change in position, I could get my tongue at her her clit, moving my fingers back to slide into her liquid heat to rub at the ridged flesh inside her, turning her moans into cries.

Just out of the shower, all she tasted like was skin, and and I smiled to myself, dragged my tongue back between her legs, up further to flick lightly and rapidly against her tight little backdoor. Sienna gasped, squeaked at the sensation. "What are you do - oh SHIT!" Surprisingly, her reaction to rimming was laughter, probably amazement that it felt so good.

Laughter turned into shrieks as the combined assaults of my fingers and tongue lit her off, and she thrashed against the ties, her hands twisting adorably and futilely in the cuffs. I quit my stimulation and watched her ride out her orgasm, making sure the tied-off leash didn't hurt her neck. When she'd finally relaxed to the point of heavy breath, I rose and retrieved the crop.

A flick of its tongue to her shoulder blade brought her head around quickly, and I tapped it around her back, delivering random sharp strikes before moving down to stand at the foot of the bed. She couldn't lift her head to look past her raised ass, and her whine of frustration turned to little yelps as I tapped the crop against against her thighs, making her anticipate a stroke there before slapping it down on her pussy. Sienna bucked as much as she could, and I kept up the rhythm, light taps before sharp strikes to unrelated areas, causing cries of of pain and surprise as the leather bit her glutes, thighs, her clenched rosebud, the fleshy mound of her perfectly presented pussy.

I tore open a condom and slid it down my straining shaft, teased the head up and down her glistening slit. She bucked backwards, trying to get me inside, stopped by the restraints. I seized her buttocks and gently pushed forward, catching just the tip inside her, pausing, then filling her in one long stroke. Sienna groaned as her tunnel stretched to accommodate me, and then I was pressed against her ass, straining to drive further into her.

I began sawing back and forth inside her, scraping my dick against her interior walls, changing the angle to stimulate different areas. "I like this view," I growled at my bound prisoner. "Face down, ass up in the air, completely immobilized, completely helpless." I picked up the pace, pistoning into her over and over, her cries of pleasure picking up urgency, even more so when I relocated a hand reaching around to strum her clit from beneath, rubbing quickly at her hot, wet pussy lips.

Her hands twisted in the cuffs, straining to grab something - ANYTHING - as she came with a shriek, and it was only my grip on her ass that kept her from lurching in the direction of the only slack in her ties and banging her head on the headboard. I kept thrusting though, even as she clenched rhythmically around me, keeping up the pace. As the spasms ceased, I pulled my hand back to deliver a hard slap to her asscheek, eliciting a yelp at the unexpected impact. Sienna shivered at and managed a corner-of-the-eye glance at me over her shoulder, and then she cried out again with pain and ecstasy as I left a bright red handprint on her other cheek.

I kept up the thrusting, losing myself in the motion, in the sound of hips hitting butt, the rhythm of my breath, the pleasured cries and yips and shouts coming from the girl below me, the wet sounds of flesh emanating from our joining, the yearning excitement building in my chest and my sensitive prick. I had recently cum, so we must've been at this a while. I lost track of the number of times the little box I was thrusting into squeezed me, how many times Sienna screamed out her ecstasy before my need to climax grew undeniable.

I pulled out and yanked off the rubber, jerking myself quickly to maintain the stimulation, aiming down...

With a mind-numbing jolt of pleasure, a ribbon of semen shot from me to splash across her bottom, another throb and a second joined it, my whole body jerking with the contractions. A third rope sprayed across her crack and perineum, and then I leaned over her to squeeze and shake out a last few globs of cum.

I sat back exhausted, admiring my handiwork.

The gorgeous blond was flushed and panting, shaking with exertion. Her pushed-up ass had a bright red handprint on each cheek, and clearish-white trails of liquid slowly ran down her skin, sliding down her back and down her legs, running over her asshole and dripping down her red, engorged feminine mound. Her pussylips gaped slightly, glistening with her wetness, obviously stimulated by violent movement against them.

Sienna looked totally, completely fucked out.

I unhooked each of her ankle cuffs, and she stretched her long legs out with a moan of enjoyment. Wrists were next, and then she shook her head as I tried to undo the collar. "Ok." I leaned over and undid the tie around the tubular headboard.

"Stay there." I got a wetwipe from the dresser and gently cleaned her back, ass, and pussy of ejaculate, then tossed it. I lay down next to her, pulling the pillows from under her hips, allowing her to lay flat. She twisted to her side so she could face me, then molded her long, lithe body to mine, kissing me passionately. I slid one arm under her head, the other down her side to cup her hip, and Sienna lifted and twisted to get the leash free. Without breaking our liplock she pressed the loop into my hand, the pulled me even closer, wrapping an arm and a leg around me.

The proximity and intimacy was going to get me hard again.

But instead of continuing her amorous stimulation, Sienna curled her head into the crook of my arm, and we lay there together, exhausted.

I made us sandwiches for lunch and we curled up under a blanket on the couch and talked. Sienna told me about her family - parents in southern Minnesota, brother in North Dakota, her work on her degree - paralegal, and her interests - volleyball and videogames and karaoke. I told her about my parents deaths, Tori, and my life - living and hunting at the cabin a few months out of the year, owning this block of townhouses, discovering my nonmonogamous tastes in college, and coding Selector.

She'd refused to put on even a robe after coming downstairs, wearing only the collar and leash, and fortunately we spent most of our time covered up with blankets, because the visual of the coltish blond wandering through my house naked was quite...distracting.

Covering up wasn't much help though, because every few minutes she'd curl her naked body against mine, the drag of her smooth skin against mine sending jolts of electricity right through me, and then she'd give me a long, wet, passionate kiss while running her hand over my groin before pulling away.

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