Met on the Net Ch. 02


Dana made fist in the blanket as the onslaught of his mouth and hands tortured her breast. Her body felt every touch and caress he made against her, the texture of the buttons on his shirt dug into her skin and she gasped in pleasure as his mouth moved from one nipple to the other, giving it to a slow and steady build up of passion and desire. She grabs his hair with her hand and pulls him up to her, smashing her lips against him thrusting her tongue deep inside, their tongues move quickly and they consume each other, teeth collide, biting lips that get in their way of consummating this joining of tongues and bodies. She pulls her mouth from his and bites his neck, pulling the flesh deep into her mouth, sucking hard losing herself to the passion she has pouring through her.

He pulls her head from his neck and moves moves his own mouth down to her white flesh exposed to him for the taking. He covers her neck and bites her back giving to her as good as she to him. He hears her pleads begging him to suck harder to leave his brand on her, not caring or worrying anymore what marks are left on her flesh. He feels her fingers dig into his scalp as he increases the power of his mouth drawing her skin between his teeth and making sure they both know that they belong to each other and no one else. He pushes her down and stands up gazing down on her form.

Charles body is like a hot iron rod, waiting to be submerged in the moist folds of cool liquid, wanting and needing cooled before it will become to much to bare. He removes some buttons from his shirt quickly while others, he just yanks as he takes his eyes from her neck to her heaving breast. He drops back to those two white spheres, taunting and teasing him. He feels her nails dig hard into his back, he loves the feeling, sensing that she needs this more then either of them realized. He continues to knead and press against her breast hard, not relenting until the strain of his cock causes a much noticeable and painful distraction.

Dana is on fire. Her body screams as her lover leaves her breast again. She hears a growl erupt from her own mouth and can feel the hot glare she rakes over his body as she longs to have him back over her. Her eyes widen as she sees his hands move to the button of his jeans. She forces her body, heavy with passion to sit up and thrust his hands away from his pants. The button and zipper all ready taken care, she puts her hands to the edge of his pants and grips both jeans and briefs, pulling them down quickly. She leaves them at his ankle and immediately grips his cock in her hand and takes the whole head and shaft deep into her mouth. His hips slam into her mouth as her hands work to stroke his cock and the other moves to grasp and massage his testicles. She lets her nails run across them making them tighten against his body. Her tongue continues to stroke his cock, lapping at it like an animal laps at a river of water after a long drawn out drought. She lets her mouth be the pussy his cock has been hungry for, she takes him in deeper and moves her head faster in and out of it's moist home. His hands move to her hair and she feels him slam her head against his cock. She puts her own hands to his ass and grips each cheek and as she pulls him deep into her, his cum fills her mouth completely. She lets the hot liquid slide down her throat as she continues to suck and gulp every ounce of his seed. Taking each drop and then running her tongue across her lips as if she were a cat that had just finished its bowl of creamy milk, she looks up to him wanting more.

He looks into her eyes and sees a hungry woman kneeling before him. He bends down and kisses her savagely as he finishes pulling his pants off his ankles and kicks them to land on the grass by their sandals. His mouth tastes his cum from her lips and he lays her back against the blanket. He moves on his knees to her feet and rest his weight on his calves and pulls her left leg into his lap. He looks up to her face and he sees the urgency of her desire written there in desperate pleas, telling him to take her now and quickly. He smiles and shakes his head no, then he slowly draws each pink polished toe into his mouth, sucking them gently one at a time. Her eyes widen and then gently close as he watches an acceptance cross her face, an acknowledgement that this is his territory now and he will take all the time in the world.

Charles moves his tongue across each digit on her left foot nibbling them and licking their backs, his fingers massaging her sole and moving up her foot. He moves his lips to the inside of her ankle and continues to circle his fingers gently moving his hands up her leg. Letting the smooth skin of her leg feel the hard calluses of his fingers, he moves his hands to the back of her knee. He scoots himself further up the blanket and she moves her legs opening up for him. He runs his gaze up her body and rests his eyes at the thatch of hair that peeks out from her skirt. The moonlight cast shadows of the trees over her pale flesh as his mouth moves to kiss her thigh. He stiffens his tongue and draws a wet path from her knee and her inner thigh until his cheek rest against the soft hairs of her pussy. He feels her wetness on his face and brushes his cheek against her lips, letting his skin become slightly moistened with her passion. He moves back to her knee again and follows the same wet path and sucks her thigh, licking it and biting it as his mouth makes its way back to the top. This time Charles presses his lips against the dark triangle of curls and lets his hot breath blow against the moist lips of her pussy.

Dana thrusts her hips at his mouth wanting to feel herself cum on him. She pushes hard against his warm breath, and senses her pussy become more drenched in succulent fluids. She groans in desperation as his mouth moves away and the feels the cold night breeze replace his mouth. The calluses on his fingers heighten her senses as she feels them at her hips, yanking the skirt down her body, barely giving her time to lift her hips to ease their removal. She feels the heat from his legs that had been resting between hers disappear and she is struck by the emptiness they feel. She reaches up her arms, inviting him back in. Dana looks up and grits her teeth as he repeats the onslaught of tremors, he had caused moments ago, as he begins to work his magic on her right toes. This time instead of just letting her body feel, she watches along with it as each toe is loved individually and her foot is handle like porcelain. She watches her lover slide his hands along her calf muscle and then gently kiss his way to her knee. Her eyes glaze over with a mixture of love and lust as he sucks her flesh, drawing it into his mouth, greedily biting and tugging against the white skin.

She rest herself on her elbows and lays back just enough that her knees bend and her pussy lies in wait for him. She bends herself so she can watch as his eyes look up to her and he presses a kiss on the top of her moist raven curls. She breaths deep and feels her brow furrow, letting him know without words that she will not be teased any longer. Turning slightly and placing her hips at an angle she supports herself on one elbow as she pulls his head down to her swollen wet lips. She holds a handful of his hair in her grasps and thrusts her pussy into his face. When his tongue dives between her wet lips she calls out his name and lets her body drop to the ground, pushing her hips further into the air.

Charles takes his hands to this beautiful creatures legs and spreads them wide for his face. He moves them to her ass and lifts her to him, he sucks on her clit and bites it, bringing a gasp of pleasure and pain from the pit of her soul. His mouth moves back and forth on her pussy as he blows hot breath into its crevice. He licks the moisture that has all ready covered the outside of her, sucking the the outer juices, makes his cock leap and pulsate against his stomach. He uses his tongue to lick between the lips, stroking hard and fast, letting her feel the rough texture of his probing muscle against her smooth walls. "I need your help, love." He hears his voice breaking the silence of the night, "Use your hand and open yourself up for me."

He watches her eyes flutter open and sees her hand reach down her body, pausing at her breast where she pinches and pulls each nipple hard, until they are red from her ministrations. He sees her nails graze her white skin and swallows his moans as her hand dips inside her wet mound to stroke herself. His cock strains to let him know that it wants buried inside her moist, hot body. He watches her finger fuck her cunt and pushes his own tongue inside wanting to taste her again. Together they arouse her body, making her sweet nectar pool against the walls of her lips. He licks her deep and feels her finger and her pussy against his tongue, driving together. In rhythm they each match the other, stroke by stroke, thrust by thrust until he no longer wants to share her pussy with her finger. "Open for me!" he demands from her. His eyes darken as her fingers spread her pussy open so his tongue can dive inside and stroke her itself, with long laps and quick motions. He lets the stumble from his face scratch her delicate flesh as he continues biting and flicking her clit. He hears her screams echo through the night as the first spasm rocks her body against him.

Dana barely hears the echo in the night, not realizing that it is her own. She feels the rock of her orgasm, slam into her like jolts of lightning raging across the sky. Her body screams out for her release as she continues to slam her pelvis into Chuck's face, harder each thrust becomes, until she feels the last thunderous explosion erupt from its prison. Tears stream down her face as her body melts against him, she lets her whole self sag into his strong hands still holding her ass and feels the gentle kisses he lays against her skin. Her breathing is ragged and heavy, her silent tears of joy, passion and love, fall as she feels him gently lower her to the blanket. She is still recovering her sense of balance, her world having been shifted and spun on its heels when another set of tremors awaken, as his mouth travels up her body.

She thinks to herself, how can she ever return to a life without this heat, desire and love having a part in it? How can she continue to live a life of empty love and only grasp these threads of joy she feels when she is with him? She pushes the thoughts from her mind and locks them away, willing herself to relish in the moments they have together. She feels his lips cover her stomach gently, tracing the scar on her stomach and licking its length. Her sighs of pleasure are heard once again as her breathing returns to soft sounds of air filling and releasing from her love worn body. The new growth of whiskers scratch her flesh and she lets her fingers comb through his hair, tucking it behind his ears and stroking the back of his head. She feels her back arch gently as his mouth begins to love her breast once more. His cock rubs against her thigh and she moves it letting the firm rod tease her flesh, feeling the moisture on the head slide and drip on her leg.

Charles moves up her body slowly wanting to give her time to regain her breath so she can continue to be pleasured and loved. He lets his hand cup her breast and he softly caresses it, loving it, petting it. He whispers words of love and desire to her, letting the words join the night sounds and mingle in the air. His touch takes long lazy strokes around the globe of her flesh and leaves it moist and wet. He moves to the other breast and repeats the same technique leaving it also to lie wet against her skin. He moves his hands to her ribs and lifts her to him, placing a kiss along her collarbone and then at the center of her neck. He kisses her lips and lets his tongue savor her taste.

He gently lays her back down again, as if she were a porcelain doll, to fragile to hold but, always wanting to touch. He returns to her breast and licks one nipple then the other, letting both of them feel as if they are the most important thing to him. He watches them tighten into hard pearls and his teeth bite each one, bringing a deep moan from his lovers mouth. He moves to the birthmark under her breast, he places his mouth over it and sucks gently, then with more determination he sucks harder, he knows they have left marks of their love making all over each other so with abandon he leaves one more. Her hands clutch his head and presses him against her, "Yes!" she cries out "Make me yours!" Her cries reach his ears and he moves back up to her mouth.

Straddling her hips he puts his hands under her ass and impales her on his hard cock. The folds of her pussy separate for his penetration and he forces his cock deep into her hot cunt. Pulling it back out only to drive it against her with more force then before. He hears her voice yelling in the night to fuck her, to fuck her hard. So he does. He drives her hips against him taking her and pounding against her pussy, their pubic hairs join as one, the moisture from all their other encounters, slide together soaking their sexes. He lifts himself out of her, watching his cock, leaving only the head imbedded inside her. He calls out her name as he pushes back in, over and over he stabs her, feels the walls of her pussy clenching against his shaft. He feels each pinch of her muscles roll over his cock's head as he moves in and out of her sweet haven. He longs to cum inside her and longs to have her cum with him. "Wrap your legs around me baby."

Dana responds out of a natural state of hunger and lust. She raises herself and with strength she had thought had been spent, she stays joined with him, wrapping her arms along his neck and her legs locked around his hips. She lowers herself fully back onto his cock and rocks up and down letting her breast press into his face. Her head falls back while her body trembles and shakes while his mouth pulls and sucks hard on her breast. His teeth forget to be gentle and her body screams from the lust raging through it. "Harder!" she screams. She feels his teeth biting again this time bringing her pussy to tremble and quake. "OH GOD!" Her cum flows hot from its holding place deep inside her covering his cock, as she feels his own release shoot up to join hers.

Charles throws back his head as his own orgasm wretches itself from his body. Her name rings through the night as he loses himself in her arms and her body. He pumps her tender flesh, with his cock till all the seed is released, deep inside her. He feels her hot cum covering his cock and he holds still, letting the warmth pour over him. He moves her up and down on his cock, as it stays firm, until she collapses against his shoulder and nuzzles his neck with her kisses. His own body quivers and needs to rest, so he holds her tight against him as he rolls on his back, letting her rest her head against his chest. His eyes close and he moves his hands up and down her body. He feels his eyes moisten as he feels her tears run along his chest and down his sides. He strokes her hair and he knows she doesn't need words right now, just his presence.

She moves her lips to his chest and slowly slides her body from his, she lays beside him and wipes the tears from his sides and then from her own face. She looks up to him and kisses his lips softly, placing her arm on his chest as his wraps around her, bringing them closer together. They both look to the sky and watch the stars flicker and the moon stretch higher. As time moves, as it always does, they both wish on the star falling from the sky, hoping that wishes really do come true.

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