tagIncest/TabooMetamorphosis Ch. 03

Metamorphosis Ch. 03


When Heather woke up she found herself lying against a pillow wet with tears. She let her eyes open slowly, unsure of anything anymore and half expecting someone to be there. For the briefest moment, she thought when she opened her eyes she'd see Sean standing above, but the paranoia passed. She lay there in the same clothes she was in last night and thought to herself that she needs a shower and soon. She glanced at the nightstand and it read 3:27. She thought maybe she'd...

"Wait... 3:27?" she contemplated for a second before it hit her. "O Fuck!" she shouted and sprang from the bed in one agile move. She had only a few minutes before Sean normally got home from school and she couldn't believe she'd forgotten. He might already be home early, and then she would've screwed herself. She ran to the top of the steps and yelled down "Sean...?" After a second attempt and still no answer, she knew he wasn't home yet, although it wouldn't be long. She made way for Sean's room, and when in it, she froze again.

For a brief moment she thought it would happen all over again, but she shook her head awake, and moved towards the desk. The first thing she did was close all the open windows, go back to the desktop, and turn the screen off. She gave the desk a once over to make sure nothing seemed out of place and when nothing did, she stood up and took in the huge wet mark on the floor below the chair. It was impossible to hide, and after a few minutes of weighing her options, she decided she'd tell Sean she spilt one of his drinks while grabbing his laundry. She'd remind him not to leave drinks in his room to make it more believable. She looked around the room once more, accepted it as passable, and walked out. She was nervous she missed something, but glad she hadn't slept any later than she did.

Out in the hallway, she paused for a moment to decide what she would do now. She thought about exercising still, but the motivation was nowhere to be found. She knew she also had to talk someone soon, someone most likely being her sister Olivia. She didn't know how or even if she could start the conversation though.

There was nothing in the world she couldn't talk to Liv about, but to explain it all to her, she'd have to explain it to herself in a way. Heather felt like her emotions were driving her slowly crazy, but after a few deep breaths, she decided to get a shower. Sean would be home by the time she was done, they could eat an early dinner, and afterwards she'd give Olivia a call. She thought maybe she'd even take a drive over there if she felt so inclined to do so later. She took another deep breath and headed into her bedroom to freshen up.

As she stood looking through her top drawer, Heather's cell phone started vibrating on the nightstand. In the grace of a woman half her age, she put a knee of the bed, leaned forward, and grasped the cell phone. Still moving like a teenage, she rolled cleanly on her back and held the phone above her face to see who was calling. She wasn't sure why she was nervous when she saw it was Sean.

"Hey babe, how was school?" she tried to ask casually

"It was boring. And slow. The next week will be the longest of my life." he said matter-of-factly. He didn't know the week would prove to be much more than just long.

"O well. Grit your teeth and smile bud, it's almost over now." The casualness was flowing back into her voice. "You on your way home?" she asked

"Actually no, not for a little while. I have a really important final essay due tomorrow, so I actually thought I'd sit in the park and finish it." He smiled to himself. Heather couldn't help smirking at the sound of this, but she tried keep her voice just the same.

"Good for you. We'll I'm done working for the day, gonna grab a shower and then maybe head over to Aunt Olivia's for a little. Not sure though, so I might or might not be home when you get here."

"Cool. What should I do for dinner if you're at aunt Liv's?" Sean asked

"Hmmm well, it's Friday huh? You want to order pizza? Whether I'm at Aunt Liz's or not when you get home, why don't we plan on getting some delivery around 7-ish?"

"Alright sounds good. I'll be here about 2 hours at the most I'd guess. If you're not home when I get there, I'll see you around 7-ish. Tell Aunt Liv I said hello."

"Ok sweetie I will" Heather said. Then, some evil little side of her took hold and in a voice just slightly more sultry, she said... "And have fun writing baby..." She didn't wait for a reply before she hung up. Sean was momentarily stunned and the seductive sound of his mother's voice sent shivers in his ear and down his back. Before he could reply the cell phone screen lit up and she was already gone. He could hear his mother's seductive tone echoing in his head and quickly got back to writing.


After she hung up the phone, she let it fall from hand to the bed. She couldn't believe she just said that, or better yet, she couldn't believe how she said it. She stared into the mirror and thought to herself, "Something is happening here, and you can't feed into it. This is all wrong, and you need to stop. You're an adult, so get some control over yourself. Fun time has come and gone, so never again."

For the first time since last night, she felt like her conscious mind was clearing up, and if she tried hard, she'd forget all these overwhelming emotions of the past day. She got to her feet and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open. She stood staring at herself in the mirror for a few moments before she crossed her arms and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She looked at her firm breasts and tight abs in the mirror. She reached up and undid her pony tail, letting it fall down on her shoulders like silk. As she starred at her own naked body, she started to understand why her Son wanted her so badly. Her body gave off sex appeal, yes, and her ass and boobs were firmer than they should've been. Her lips were full and seducing.

It was more though, she now realized. It was the warm sensuality she gave off. Her soft creamy skin and hazel eyes were welcoming and promising, sure. Her auburn hair flowing in waves down on to her shoulders made her seem like a goddess. It was more though, it was all these things, mixed together with her motherly love and her soft touch to life. "Maybe Sean fantasies about a woman of sensuality, rather than solely me. Maybe I'm the closest he's come to a loving, caring, sensual woman." She thought to herself with growing excitement. It was starting to make more sense.

"Sean's never known unconditional romantic love. So couldn't it be that he just yearns for the sensual, passionate encounter that comes from such a woman, rather than literally me?" Her mind raced and she didn't know if she was fooling herself or making headway. It didn't matter though because right then and there, starring at her naked form, she came to a conclusion. "My thoughts are your own secrets and there's no use fighting them. Thinking something is different than talking about it, and even more so than doing it... so I won't resist thoughts anymore. That's all though Heather. You can never do more than think about it. And maybe after you talk to Liv you'll feel better."

While she starred at her naked body in the mirror, a little part of her knew, knew beyond all doubt, that there was an interesting road ahead of her, and the past 24 hours were only the beginning. With that, she turned on the water, stepped inside the shower, and spent a long time just noticing how the water felt as it poured over her.


Meanwhile at the park, Sean was sitting at his favorite picnic table, staring down at the page in front of him. He's was close to finishing his story but something was missing. Something small, but significant none the less, and as much as he wanted to finish the first draft at that point, he knew the price of rushing it. He read and re-read the last page over and over, and it was good thing his lap was out of view, because under the table his erection was full force as he read the words of his own fantasy. Then, after a few minutes of deciding his choices, he knew he had only one real option, slow it down and redo the last page. Somewhat reluctantly, Sean ripped the page from the wire binding, balled it up, and rewrote it one more time.

I was speechless as I watched her hand move up and down my dick. It wasn't the sight of it though; it was the sound of her voice in my ear. She was sitting next to me, leaning into my ear as she slowly stroked.

"You like that, huh baby? You like feeling your me stroke your dick? This is wrong baby... but I need it. I need to be wrong. Ooo ya Sean." she moaned in my ear.

"Ooo Mom. Ooo god Mom." I moaned.

"Ya baby... and your mom's got a surprise for you." and after the word 'you' she shoved her tongue deep in my ear, let go of my erection, and stood up in front of me.

"Stand up Sean" she practically whispered and I did, and we stood there staring in to each other's eyes. Then, she reached around me like she was hugging me, licked my lips, and stared into my eyes the whole time she sank down to her knees. She looked right at me with my dick only inches from her face and never looking away, grabbed it and licked slowly from the base to the tip.

"You want your mother to suck your dick? Her own son's cock? Say it... Say what you want." she told me.

"Suck me mom, you fucking whore." and it was out before I realized what I said. For a split second I was nervous, but my mother looked at me like a flip had been switched. She put my hands on the back of her head, and still starring right at me, slid my deck in her mouth and down her throat. When I heard her gag I tried to pull away but she shoved it in her throat deeper.

I knew she wanted it hard, so I pulled her head against my dick as hard as I could and I watched my whole shaft disappear in her throat. When she finally needed a breath she took it out and stared at me. Saliva was dripping for her mouth. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it while looking up at me.

"You like me Dirty, huh baby?" she asked starring directly at me. "You want me to be your little slave, huh?"

"Mom I'm close" I warned her.

"You gonna cum baby? Why don't you cum right here Sean, all over your mother's face. You'd like that huh? You'd like to shoot your cum all over me wouldn't you?" she pushed further. "Cum baby, cum for me. Look at me looking right at you baby. Cum on me Sean. Cum on this face" and as she said that staring up looking right at me, my dick pumped harder than I've ever felt before, and the first stream landed in her right eye and her hair. The second and third were on her lips.

I barely had enough energy to keep standing, but when I looked down what I saw made me legs even weaker. My mother's hand was covered in sperm and she was still starring at me as she sucked and licked her cum soaked fingers. She opened her mouth to show it was full of my sperm, and then slowly swallowed it as she looked into my eyes.

Sean starred at the finished piece of paper with a smile on his face. It was just right, and with it being completed, he closed his notebook, put it in his backpack, and waited for his erection to subside before walking home. It was a nice spring day outside and Sean smiled as he walked home.


It was a little after 5 when Heather was out of the shower and in her room getting dressed. She was standing in front of her closet wearing nothing but matching black panties and a bra and leafing through the hangers. She finally decided on a light pink blouse, and as she pulled it from the hanger, she heard the downstairs door open and close.

"Mom, I'm home." Sean shouted from the living room. He dropped his backpack next by the front door just as he'd been doing mindlessly since kindergarten.

"I'm getting dressed... be down in five." Heather shouted back from her room. She pulled the pink blouse over her head and shut the closet door. She walked over to the dresser at the foot of the bed, took a pair of jean shorts from a drawer, and pulled them on. They were shorts meant for a girl in her twenties, and from behind, you'd think Heather was just that. Once she pulled up the zipper and buttoned her shorts, she grabbed a hair brush from the dresser and ran it through her hair a handful of times. Finally, she leaned forward to let her hair hang down and wrapped it neatly in pony tail. When she stood up, she looked in the mirror, took a deep breath, and told herself, "Relax.", and with that she headed downstairs.

Sean was sitting on the couch with the remote in his hand flipping through the channels when Heather walked downstairs. "Hey mom" he said without turning to look at her since the stairs were behind the couch.

"Hey sweetie, how was your day? You finish your essay?" she replied. She walked right into the kitchen without walking in front of him. The house was very open on the bottom floor which made multi-room conversations much easier.

"Almost" he answered, still flipping channels. "Essentially... yes. I'm just not happy with the ending yet." and with that, he thought of the story he wrote in the park, and couldn't help but smile at his own cleverness. It was an ambiguous remark to Heather, but to him it was a brilliant inside joke. "It'll take another hour of writing at most."

"Good to hear Sean. I'm glad you're not neglecting school because it's almost over. You still have a lot more papers to write yet, and believe me... they don't get any easier" Heather said as she skimmed the pile of mail on the counter.

"I'm aware"

"Good" she concluded and walked into the living room. "Anyhoo, I'm going to go over to Aunt Liv's for a little. I'll be back about 7 and if you want to wait, we'll get some pizza. Don't wait on me though if you're hungry. I left 20 bucks on the counter" she told him as she passed in front of the couch.

She went to the closet by the front door to grab a pair of her tennis shoes, breaking Sean's daze in the process. When she bent down to get the shoes from the bottom of the closet, Sean's eyes widened. His mother was wearing tight jean shorts her ass looked firm and round and young. Sean followed her silky legs up and down and in just those few seconds he could feel his penis swelling in his shorts. Heather could almost feel his eyes on her, and the part of her that acts before thinking told her to turn her head and look back at him. When she did she saw her son's eyes wide and attentive, but after just a second he realized the situation and looked away fast. Embarrassment filled him and he felt like he'd been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Seeing this, Heather reached even further into the closet, going onto her tippy toes before she finally picked up the pair of shoes and stood up.

Sean didn't want to look away from the TV in fear that his mother was going to say something, but she just walked in front of him again and sat down in the arm chair across from the couch. As she leaned forward to put on her shoes, Heather told Sean, "O, and by the way, I was picking up some dirty clothes in your room today, and knocked over a drink on your desk. Don't worry it didn't spill on anything but the floor, but you do need to take better care of your living spaces. Just try to not leave half opened bottles all over the place. Can you handle that babe?"

"I suppose I could give it a go, but only since you asked so nicely." He had a playfully sarcastic tone and a smirk to match.

"I'm flattered" she said dryly; her own sarcasm coming through. "Any idea what your plans are tonight?" she asked.

Slyly, Sean said, "Well I was thinking about going out with Jeremy, but with this paper to finish, and plans to have dinner with a super model, I think I'll stay at home just this once."

Heather wanted to take his comment as an innocent remark, but she couldn't help but feel a bit flattered and more so... excited. Finished tying up her shoes, she stood up and looked at Sean. "That's a funny joke babe... A for effort." Sean wanted to explain to her how he truly did think she was as attractive as any model the world over, but he thought he'd be starting down a slippery slope.

"I'll take it." was all he replied. "Anyway, tell Aunt Olivia I said hello and that we need to hang out soon cause I miss her."

Heather grabbed her keys and purse off the counter, walked to the front door, and said to Sean, "Can do. I'll give you a call when I'm leaving and we can go from there. Don't hurt yourself on that couch while I'm gone." was the last thing she said as she turned and pulled the door shut behind her.

"I'll try..." he said to the now empty house and a guilty smile came over his lips.


While waiting for the red light to change, Heather was tapping her fingers on the steering wheel nervously. It was 5:30 and rush hour traffic was not only horrendous in this part of the town, but in full bloom. She'd told Olivia she'd be there by now, but it wasn't running late that was irritating her... it was the fact that she couldn't decide if she was making a wise decision. She had no doubt in her mind that Olivia would hear her out and speak without judgment. Shit... I could kill someone and she still wouldn't be judgmental she thought to herself. No, she wasn't worried about that...she was worried her sister would try and push her further.

Olivia was a lot like Heather in some ways, but mostly, they were two very different people. Their looks were noticeable similar, and if Olivia wasn't 8 years younger, they could be twins. This wasn't entirely true though. Olivia had a taste for tattoos and had a collection of them, including a very well done half sleeve on her right forearm. She'd taken a liking to piercings too, but practiced more restraint with those. She had her tongue and eyebrow pierced, but she didn't wear the eyebrow ring very often. Besides their build, they were intelligent and outspoken woman, but that's where the similarities ended for the most part.

Heather had been a motivated woman who enjoyed having a fun night once in a while. Olivia had decided early on in adulthood that she wouldn't deny herself pleasure for the sake of doing what others wanted her to do. She went to art school, experimented freely with drugs, had worry-free sex, and engaged in all the things she wanted to with no concern for anyone suggesting she do otherwise. In her late 20's she began settling down in regards to getting high and having frivolous relationships, but for the most part, she still tried to live for the moment. And this included her line of work.

Olivia was what she referred to as a "Sexual Fantasy Specialist". In reality, she was highly sought after fetish sex counselor. She worked with couples that wanted to try something new, but needed help getting on the same page with each other. She charged a hefty price but it didn't matter, she had all the business she could handle. Sometimes she'd spend upwards of 10 sessions with a couple, getting them comfortable with each other's fantasies. Heather didn't know any of the finer details of her sister's work, but she knew enough to be scarred she was making a mistake.

She remained committed though, and after a few more red lights, she finally pulled into the parking lot of her sister's apartment building. It was a tall building and the majority of residents were old and wealthy, and Heather always wondered why her sister liked it so much. She assumed it was the "high society" feel to the building. She crossed the marble lobby and swiped her electronic key chain to open the door. Liv had given her one when she moved in. After a short elevator ride to the 10th floor, she walked down the hall to Olivia's apartment, knocked once, and let herself inside.

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