Mexican Housekeeper/The Interview


I move my hand down & cup her wetness outside her panties. I rub her slit thru the material and force a finger into her pushing her wet panty crotch a little ways into her. My thumb is rotating in the area of her clit and she is starting to moan & breath more rapidly. I break my mouth from hers & bring my wet hand to my nose & lips. I inhale her scent & lick her secretions from my fingers.

I move my hand back down but this time it goes inside her panties. I stop & moan myself on what I encounter! I did not realize it before mainly due to the color of her hair & the shade of her panties, but I have my hand on a very thick bush of curly pubic hair. It is just how I like my women. Natural, the hairier the better in my point of view! And Carollita's mat feels like it is one of if not the thickest I have ever run across! This lady seems to be just what I was hoping to find.

Now my hand goes down a little farther & I slip my middle finger into her pussy. She is unbelievably wet & slick. My finger slides into her without effort. I finger fuck her cunt while my thumb finds her clit & massages it with vigor. I can't believe her wetness. The lower portion of her bush is soaked from it. It feels like her pussy hair runs all the way to the bottom of her slit, even the taint area is covered with wet matted hair. I am in heaven at the feel of her down there! As I finger her deeply & apply pressure to her clit, she tenses & cums on my hand. Wow I thought she was wet before, now my hand & her panties are drenched to the max!!

I let her settle down for a bit while I hold her & lick what could be a main dinner course from my fingers. I turn her & set her on the edge of the desk. I pull her panties down her legs while I slump to my knees in front of her. My god her bush & pussy are beautiful. I dive in face first licking & sucking my way to heaven. She flows all over me, I can't begin to swallow all she leaks unto my face & beard! She screams and cums again! Her girl juice runs from her pussy & puddles on the desk top under her ass!!

I take her arms and drop into the chair she was in earlier as she collapses unto me with her knees on the floor & her head laying on my stomach. We lay in this position for a long time, her trying to catch her breath & me just smearing my hands on my beard & face & licking all her flavor I can from them! I love pussy juice, I but I can't seem to get enough of Carollita's. She is so tangy, salty but sweet at the same time.

I still have not cum & my cock is rock hard sticking up beside her neck. She comes to life after she settles down and wraps her hand around my dick. She smiles up at me & mouths a soft thank you. Then she puts the head of my hard cock in her mouth. She bobs her head up & down on the tip of my manhood. I can tell this is something she has not done a lot of. But her enthusiasm makes up for her lack of technique. I am confident that with some patient lessons she will become a great cocksucker. I enjoy her hot mouth on me but it is clear if I am going to cum soon, as I really need to, I must take control of the situation.

I stand up & bring her to her feet with me. I put her back on my desk after clearing a bigger path with a swipe of my arm, sending our glasses and a few other items crashing to the floor. I lift her knees almost to her huge tits while her ass teeters on the edge of the desk. I stand close to her between her legs & I enter her cunt with a hard fast stroke.

My sack slaps her ass as I sink all the way into her slick canal with ease. I reach around her arms & grab her shoulders & start slamming in & out of her for all I am worth. My nuts slap her ass with a smack on every down stroke. I fuck her as hard as I can. I think my heart will burst from it pounding in my chest. Finally my nuts tighten at the same time she screams louder than any woman I have ever heard in the throws of orgasm. I pump spurt after spurt of hot seed deep into her at the same time she drenches us and the desk top with her cum!

After I have emptied all the cum I had in me, I slump away from her and end up back in the chair exhausted. She sprawls backward and lays across the desk, both of us panting loudly like animals & trying to catch our breath. After sometime, she raises up on her elbow, then all the way to a sitting position on the desk. She looks around at the broken glasses, the other items strewn on the floor & our clothes scattered around. She turns to me & smiles before she says it looks like we made a mess of your office. I tell her not to worry as I have a housekeeper that will be glad to clean it all up tomorrow! By the way, Carollita, you hired!!!


Well I hope you enjoyed my fantasy. I enjoyed it, twice while writing it and once while proof reading it. Wink! I have other fantasies I may put to paper. Another of Carollita & I as we build our employer/employee relationship and a couple of when I finally get to meet the lady I sort of moved hear to be near. I will share them if there is any interest.

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