tagInterracial LoveMichael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 02

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 02


The school bell had rung as Michael was walking nervously towards his wife's classroom: he had dismissed his class early in anticipation for today's "extended lunch break." That was Shawn's euphemism for a ritual he made the three of them go through weekly: they would go to a sandwich place near the school and grab a bite, chatting innocently, perhaps with some colleagues they would often run into, and afterward Michael would drive them all to a secluded spot to watch Shawn fuck his wife in the backseat.

Often the whole ordeal would be over before Michael had time to drive them anywhere. Shawn would take his wife in his arms and put his lips to hers right when they got in the car. Soon, he would have stretched out of the backseat, his black cock plunging into her. Needless to say, it was hard for Michael to concentrate on the driving at times like those: he would pull out his penis and rub it with one hand as he alternated between looking at the road and glancing in the rearview mirror.

Strangely, though, what Shawn liked best about the whole thing was the lunch. To an outsider, little would have seemed out of place: just three teachers talking nonchalantly about school stuff. But the knowledge that in a few minutes Michael was going to drive his wife to be fucked in the back seat made the whole experience very delicious was Shawn. He wasn't the only one: Shawn never failed to make note of how wet Jessica was by the time he parted her legs in the back of the car.

Shawn was usually careful during the lunch itself to keep the whole thing under wraps: many other teachers from their school took lunch at the same place. But he liked to have Jessica play footsie under the table with him whenever their table was semi-secluded. He would sit across from the married couple and instruct Jessica to take her shoes off and massage his crotch with her legs while whispering what she was doing in Michael's ear.

Today, when the three of them arrived at the sandwich shop, Shawn took a chance with something new. As they were standing in line to pay for their sandwiches, after making sure no one was standing behind them, he put his hand under Jessica's skirt and groped her ass. Their conversation did not change, and no one around them noticed anything unusual, but the three of them knew that as they were carrying on their small talk, Shawn' was groping Jessica.

Michael felt his cock twitch as he watched Shawn's black hand disappear inside his wife's skirt. He thought about how they got into this in the first place. Michael had always enjoyed cuckold-themed interracial porn, which Jessica discovered after they got moved in together: it really is very difficult to keep stuff hidden from the person you live with. He had feared she would be disgusted, but that turned out not to be the case; but neither had she expressed any great amount of interest in sharing his fetish. He did convince her, though, to watch some of the videos with him.

They ended up watching many of the movies and clips he had collected over the next few months. She claimed she wasn't into the cuckolding or the interracial bits, that she just enjoyed the sex in the videos. Michael couldn't help noticing, though, that she always had loud, tremorous orgasms whenever he put on something involving a gigantic black cock plunging into a blonde white wife that resembled her.

They had settled into a comfortable porn-watching routine. But one day, Shawn was hired as the new PE Coach at their school. He remembers seeing them chatting outside her classroom on one of Shawn's first days at the school - her, a tall, athletic, perfectly dressed blonde and him, visibly fit, very black, with somewhat shabby clothes.

He couldn't help but think how the two of them would look fucking, how great the color contrast between her blonde hair and his coal black skin would be. He imagined himself sitting in the corner, stroking his cock as he watched the two of them go at it. He found himself rock hard.

Over the next few weeks, he would often hear Jessica complain about Shawn - in fact, she had felt he was underqualified for his job and put in some effort to stop him from being hired in the first place. But Shawn was friends with someone on the school board, the district did not have enough minority teachers, so Jessica's efforts were to no avail. She now complained that Shawn said borderline inappropriate things at meetings, that he was overly familiar, that he made sexual jokes that made people uncomfortable. Oddly, his wife's complaints made the fantasy of watching her being fucked by Shawn more erotic.

He thought of all that now as they were standing in line. They were talking about one of Jess's students, how bright she was, all the while Shawn's hands all over Jessica's ass.

It wasn't that Jessica had grown to like Shawn any more since those early days. But it turned out that she was far more submissive than Michael ever thought. He knew his wife was hopelessly turned on by the idea of surrender, and the thought of surrendering to someone she disliked like Shawn just made it so much sweeter. She was probably already turned on by being groped in public by him, submitting to his wishes while her husband stood there and did nothing.

They ran into a couple of colleagues who joined them for lunch. Shawn saw this as an opportunity to push the boundaries a little. The three of them sat on the same side of the table, and, for the first half of the meal, he kept his hand on Jessica's knee. The teachers sitting across from them could not know this but Michael saw.

As the meal went on, he got bolder, slipping his finger under Jessica's skirt, massing her clit, and sliding a finger into her. When the others weren't paying attention he told her to whisper to Michael to do the same, and soon there were two fingers inside her. It made Michael think how odd it was to feel another man's finger inside your wife.

Lunch was over soon. Unsurprisingly, each of them was very horny by the time they got in the car. The moment that their car was not surrounded by others on the road, Shawn put his massive cock at the entrance of Jessica's cunt and slowly began to slide it in.

Suddenly, he stopped.

"Wait," he said. "here's how this is going to happen. You can't whack off this time Mikey. Keep your left hand on the wheel and hold Jessica's hand with your right hand."

They were both too horny to refuse. For the next few minutes, Michael drove as he listened to his wife's muffled screams of pain and pleasure in the backseat. He felt each of Shawn's thrusts into her in the tremors of her hand.

"Oh darling," she suddenly burst out, "he is so big and thick! It hurts but it also feels so fucking good."

Michael's cheeks reddened with shame. He was confused and horny at the thought that Shawn was giving his wife something he never could.

Shawn wanted to encourage this line of thought.

"Just how much bigger am I, Jessie?" he asked.

"Oh God, so much bigger."

"You'll never be satisfied with your husband's dick again, will you?"

"Dear God, no! I need your big black cock inside of me!"

"You'd do whatever I wanted to get it, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Shawn, yes! I'll be your slut, just don't stop giving me your cock!"

With a grunt Shawn came. He slipped himself out of Jessica and looked down with satisfaction to see his loads of come slowly ooze out of her cunt.

"Now what do we say Jessie?"

"Thank you for making me your white whore Shawn," she smiled as she said it. He had previously instructed her to say this after they fucked.

"And Mickey?"

"Thank you for satisfying my wife like a real man and for perfecting our marriage." Michael always felt burning shame at these words - this was only the second or third time that Shawn had made them thank him.

"Why don't I drive on the way back," Shawn replied. He reflected that Michael and Jessica were very well behaved today and deserved a little reward. "Jessie, why don't you take care of your husband in the backseat - but remember, only a handjob since you were mine today."

For the rest of the way back, Shawn watched the married couple in the rearview mirror. He reflected on how different their lovemaking was - lots of loving kisses and caresses as Jessie gently stroked her husband's cock in the backseat. Not much stroking was required: Michael came four or five times in the fifteen minute drive back to the school. His plan was working, Shawn thought. The two of them were growing more submissive and accepting more and more humiliation from him. He would have to step their ordeal a notch.

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