tagGroup SexMichael Fucks Two Older Women

Michael Fucks Two Older Women


I don't have much luck generally. I'm 21 years-old and I work in a dead-end job in a supermarket but the other day, something happened to me that restored my faith in life.

For a while now, I've been trying to have sex with my girlfriend but she finds it hard to relax. This means her vagina is always too tight for me and it hurts her when I just slip an index finger inside her!

Well, at lunch the other day, I decided to seek some advice from someone a bit more experienced in these things.

In my distress, I turned to 41 year-old Julie. Julie was a co-worker of mine and pretty damn hot for a 41 year-old. She had quite short dyed blonde hair and an amazing body. She was slim with an amazing pert ass and massive DD sized tits to die for.

I jerked off over Julie at least once a week if not more. Anyway, Julie was sex-mad. She loved cock more than anything in the world. She was always teasing me and coming out with little sexual comments here and there. I think she loved to see me get turned on. I can remember once how she was bragging that she gave the best blowjob in the world. I would've given anything to sample that for myself!

Anyway, back to what happened at lunch the other day. I was telling Julie about my sex problem when another co-worker of mine came into the room. It was a woman called Becky. Becky was in her late 20's with long, brown curly hair. She also had a hot body despite the fact she'd had a kid.

Now, when Julie and Becky get together, they go sex-mad. I don't know why but all they talk about is sex, sex, sex.

Soon after Becky had come into the room, my "problem" turned into a joke.

"Come into the empty Meeting room with me and Becky and we'll show you how to fuck!" Julie joked as Becky looked on and laughed.

I was about to leave the room with embarasment, when I felt a hand grab my cock through my trousers. Out of nowhere, Becky was stood right next to me.

"Yeah, come into the other room with us. We'll have some fun." She whispered in my ear.

Next thing I knew, Julie and Becky had dragged me into the empty Meeeting room and had locked the door.

"First step to sorting out your "problem". We need to see what you're working with." Becky smiled.

Before I could object, my trousers were round my ankles, followed by my boxer-shorts. Becky and Julie both had their hands on my cock and balls. Needless to say, it didn't take long for my dick to get hard.

"Oh yeah, get that dick nice and hard for us!" Becky groaned as she wanked up and down my shaft.

Next, I felt their warm tongues flicking all over the swollen, pink head of my dick. Shit, it felt soooo good. While my head got licked, the two women took it in turns to massage my heavy ball sack. Then, Becky sucked like crazy on my hard 6-inch dick while Julie licked nad sucked my aching balls.

Becky knew how to suck a man's dick. Her mouth was unbelievable but Julie, she was even better! As Julie's mouth sucked on my cock, I really had to concentrate on not cumming in her mouth right there and then!

"I need to fuck you right now!" Becky said as she somehow managed to strip naked in about ten seconds flat!

Before I knew it, my clothes had been ripped off aswell and I'd been pushed onto my back on a table. Becky then crouched over my lap before using her hand to guide my hard dick into her wet, hot pussy. I nearly exploded as her vagina sucked my dick deep into it.

Becky bounced on my dick as she moaned and groaned with pleasure. I had to close my eyes. The feeling of her pussy hugging my cock was enough to make me cum, let alone the site of her naked bouncing up and down on me!

While Becky fucked me, Julie kissed me and caressed my chest and stomach. She used her fingertips to caress my nipples and navel. I hoped this was what Heaven was like! Having sex with two gorgeous women wouldn't be a bad way to spend eternity!

"Does that feel good? Are you enjoying Becky riding you?" Julie whispered softly in my ear.

I couldn't bring myself to respond but Julie knew the answer.

Next, it was time for me to have sex with Julie. She stripped and led on her back on the table. Ithen came between her legs and slipped my dick into her hot, loose cunt. I then started to pump into her body with all the energy I had.

I fucked her pussy so hard while I grabbed her big, juicy tits and held onto her small waist with my hands. I couldn't go on like this for much longer without spunking. We were both getting really sweaty. Becky was kissing me with passion while she massaged by butt-cheeks.

"Fuck her! Fuck her brains out!" Becky said into my ear.

"That's it! I have to cum!" I yelled as I pulled out of Julie's awesome body, causing her pussy to let out a wet fart as I did.

The two naked women knealt in front of me with their mouths open and their tongues out. I knew exactly where they wanted my cum. I wanked hard until I let go of a massive load. At least five strings of thick, milky cum shot from the end of my well-fucked cock. The fresh cum landed in Becky's and Julie's waiting, hungry mouths. They loved it. They ate all my warm, thick spunk and then took it in turns to lick and suck my dick as it started to go soft.

"Wow." Was about all I could say as I watched the cum-hungry women get dressed. I had just fucked two gorgeous older women and satisfied them. I was feeling pretty good about myself!

"Anytime, you need advice about anything sexual, you know where to come." Becky said with a smile as she and Julie left the room.

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