tagLoving WivesMichelle Gets Pimped By Tony

Michelle Gets Pimped By Tony


(This is a continuation of the story of my wife becoming a whore.)

Thursday morning my wife Michelle was up early for work. I saw her spending time in her closet examining outfits. In her hand she had a tube top that really didn't fit her. The word SLUT was across the front. This was one of the tops she wore when she became a whore on the weekends for the gang in the next town that had been pimping her out. She had picked up an additional pimp at work- Tony an intern in the mail room who was a black teen who was on his way to college on a basketball scholarship. Tony had seen Michelle working in the gang's bar and had taken videos of her on his phone and used those to blackmail Michelle at work. He had taken her several times, pimped her out to his friends in the mail room, and told her not to wear a bra or panties at work. As tough as it had been Michelle, who was a lawyer at a mid sized firm downtown had managed to satisfy Tony's demands while not revealing anything else to the staff or co-workers. She had gotten around the no bra requirement by wearing her jacket at all times, although Tony always found a way to maneuver her into a corner and slip his hand inside the jacket and play with her 36D tits.

Michelle picked out a skirt and jacket suit in which she had the skirt taken in a bit. It was a bit shorter and tighter than her conservative job called for but she had been able to pull it off. She put on highest high heel shoes that she had for work and then squeezed into the slut tube top before putting on a silk black blouse and then her jacket.

I asked her what was going on.

"Tony has something planned. I'm not sure what. Until he leaves for college after the summer I am kind of stuck with his demands."

Michelle left for work and I was worried what her pimp had in store for her.

I was working out of the house and checked my email around 1pm. There were three emails from Michelle with videos attached.

In the first video Michelle was walking down the street in her tight skirt, high heels and her slut tube top. They were in the city but on the west side down by the water where there was a lot of new construction going on. Tony was walking five paces behind her and someone was videoing it with her phone behind Tony.

"You better shake that ass like a Ho bitch and make me some money" Tony yelled and Michelle responded by looking over her shoulder and swaying her ass in an exaggerated manner as she strolled down the street. A few cars beeped and Michelle waved seductively at them but none stopped. Michelle walked to a bus stop and stood with her skirt hiked up high and her large tits spilling out of her SLUT tube top. Tony was talking to Michelle and I could make out that Roy, one of the interns Tony had pimped Michelle out to was videoing the whole thing.

Tony walked up and smacked her ass.

"Unless you want me to make you walk like that at work bitch you need to make me some money."

Michelle wiggled her ass and tits at Tony. "Baby I'm trying." I saw her hand go down to his crotch. "WHy don't you take your ho to that fuck motel we went to yesterday for lunch and I'll take care of you."

She had fucked Tony over lunch yesterday. That was news to me.

Tony smacked her ass again. "Get walking ho. I want to see you sell that whore ass for me."

Michelle started walking and shaking her ass and tits as she walked. The video ended.

In the next video Michelle was walking up to a construction site. Several guys were sitting down and watching her. As she walked and shaked her ass and tits and a large black construction worker called her over. Michelle walked over. She put a red finger nail on the young man's heavy muscled chest. "You got a light baby?" She asked.

"I don't see no cigarette" the guy said.

Michelle pulled open the top of her tube top. The guy looked down and then put two fingers down inside her tube top. I could see him run his fingers down over one nipple and then he pulled out a cigarette. Michelle took it and put it in her lips and then blew smoke out at him as he gave her a light.

"What's the deal bitch?" he said. Michelle shook her head at Tony who walked up.

"$200 for you, or $800 and all your friends get a piece."

The guy looked at Michelle up and down. He ran one hand over her ass in her tight skirt and then pulled the tube top towards him and he looked down at her tits. He couldn't have been more than 25. Michelle was 42 with long blonde hair. Her working on the weekends had caused her to lose about ten pounds. He legs and ass had gotten tight and toned from walking endless hours in high heels. And the constant fucking and walking in the street or the club had given her little time for food or rest.

"Fuck those guys. I'll give you $150 but I get her for an hour." Tony nodded and the guy counted out the money and Michelle snuggled up to him and ran her hand down the front of her pants.

This video ended and I went to the next one. This was a new phase for Michelle. Tony was now making her work as a whore on her lunch hour. The question I had was whether she would be able to work after getting fucked for an hour.

In the next video they were in a small room in the back of the construction site. There were a lot of boxes around and a small bed with a plain light hanging next to it.

Michelle was standing on her toes as the large black construction worker was kissing her. A few of his friends were watching and making comments and I could hear Tony offering them prices for a blow job or a fuck.

The guy looked at Michelle as he pulled off her tube top. SLUT the top said and the guy read it out loud. "That you bitch? A SLUT?"

Michelle shook her free tits at him as he pulled her to the bed.

"Uh huh. I am a slut and your ho for the next hour."

I saw Michelle pull off his pants and begin to suck his cock. Then the guy pushed her on the bed and got behind her. Michelle still had on her tight skirt and black high heels and the construction worker mounted her from behind.

Michelle moaned. "It is so big."

"Bigger than your husband's?" I heard Tony ask.

"mmmmm much bigger" Michelle said as she began to push her ass back into his cock matching his rhythm.

The construction worker pulled at Michelle's long blonde hair. That caused her to lean back and jut her tits out. WIth his other hand he reached around and grabbed her tit and tugged on her nipple. "This HO is married?" he asked incredulously.

"Yeah she's married, but her ass belongs to me." Tony said.

The guy kept fucking her. "That true bitch?"

"Yes ...." Michelle bit her lower lip. The guy smacked her ass. "Oh yes I'm married but Tony pimps my married ass out. I'm a slut and a whore."

The guy started fucking her even harder and her tits were shaking. Her eyes were closed and I could see her face begin to flush.

Michelle looked at Tony. "Can I come Tony? Please?"

Tony snickered. One of his rules was that she could not cum unless he agreed.

"She's not just a married ho. She works as a lawyer during the week."

The guy fucking her slowed down and now was making long slow deep strokes. Michelle leaned over and thrust her ass high in the air and her hands gripped the bed.

The guy fucking her pulled her hair and made her turn around.

"No shit. This ho a lawyer too?"

The guy let go of her hair and Michelle moaned and hung her head. The guy slapped her ass hard. "Answer me ho. You a lawyer?"

"Yes. Yes. I am a lawyer. But I'm just a dumb ho." Sweat ran down Michelle's face. She turned and looked at Tony.

"Oh shit. Please Tony. I need to cum. I neeeeed it now. Please."

"You a whore?" Tony asked.

"Oh yes. I am a whore. I am your whore being fucked by a guy you pimped me out to. Please Tony let your whore cum. Please. I'm begging."

"If I let you cum then you come home with me tonight?"

"Oh yes...I'll come home with you and fuck and suck you all night. Just let your whore cum now. I'm begging you."

The guy increased his pace. He was now slamming his large cock into Michelle. She was wiggling her ass wildly and gripping the bed until her fingers were white from tension.

"You want me or your husband tonight?" Tony asked.

Michelle was bucking wildly. "I want you. I want to be your whore. Let your whore cum please now....."

Tony said "OK" and Michelle shouted and bucked her ass wildly into the guy who was fucking her. He had grabbed her ass and was pumping her as hard as he could.

Michelle started to cum and pushed hard against the cock three times, then she collapsed and started to whimper. The guy fucking her smacked her ass. "Get your whore ass in the air, I ain't done yet."

Sweat was running down the guy and staining her skirt with his sweat as he pumped her. Michelle raised her ass and wiggled it. "Fuck this ho baby. Fuck me hard."

The guy reached around with both hands and grabbed her tits as he thrust inside her as hard as he could. Then he shook and grunted and fell on top of her as he came deep inside her. Michelle began to moan. "Oh you are cumming on my g spot. Oh jeeze, I'm cumming again." She moaned two more times and then the video ended.

There was so much to think about and digest. For one thing Michelle would not be coming home tonight. This was the first night she would stay out during the week. She never came home during the weekend any more, she was too busy working or taking care of a gang member who bought her for the night. But during the week we had managed to keep a semblance of a normal life going.

About 5:30 my phone rang and it was Michelle. "Did you see the videos?" she asked.


"So you know I promised Tony..."her voice trailed off.

"Yeah I heard it."

"I'm sorry. I was over come. I needed to cum so bad."

"Ok." I said simply."

"I'll try and call later and be home early tomorrow." She hung up the phone.

Around 10:30 I checked my email. There was a video from Michelle's phone.

She was on her knees and holding Tony's cock and giving it small kisses.

"It turns me on you are 19 years old and pimping my 42 year old ass out" Michelle said as she kissed her young pimp's cock.

"You just a dumb ho ain't you?" Tony sneered. Michelle moaned. She liked being humiliated.

"Yes. I'm just a dumb ho. But I'm your dumb ho baby." Michelle put his cock in her mouth and I could see her tongue running underneath it as her bee stung lips sucked his cock.

Tony pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed her mouth to his balls. Michelle started kissing his balls. "I love being your whore. I love it that you pimp my dumb ho ass out to who ever you want. I loved walking down the street today shaking my ass and tits as your whore."

Tony stroked her hair.

"Those guys want you there every day for blow jobs. It's going to make me some decent money."

"Whatever you say Tony. I'm your whore. Pimp my dumb whore ass out."

Michelle went to put his cock back in her mouth but Tony pulled it away and stood up. Michelle stood up and shook her ass which was in a tight whore's lycra skirt. One tit was hanging out of her SLUT tube top. Tony bent her over a chair and started fucking her from behind. In a few minutes Michelle started to moan. "I want to cum Tony. Let your ho cum please."

Tony concentrated on his stokes and he quickened his pace. Michelle began to squirm underneath the assault.

"Please baby. Let your whore cum."

"What kind of whore?" Tony asked.

"Oh I am a dumb stupid whore baby. I love it when you pimp me."

Tony quickened his pace and grabbed her one tit that was hanging free. He pulled at her nipple and Michelle gasped. "I can't hold out much more baby. Let this dumb ho cum. Please baby."

Tony ignored her pleas and pushed her down and began plowing her hard from behind. Michelle screamed and moaned and her face was flush and red. "I...uhhh...I can't wait baby. I need to cum now...."

"Who you gonna fuck?" Tony asked.

"Only the guys you pimp me to" Michelle gasped.

Tony pulled back and stopped. Michelle was quivering, bent over a chair, wiggling her ass in the air. Tony pulled her hair back and Michelle turned her face and Tony kissed her hard. Then he put his cock back in her and pushed her head down. He smacked her on her ass hard twice.

"I need you to be more of a slut at work."

"OK" Michelle gasped. "Anything. I just need to cum."

"Wear sluttier clothes. Flirt more. Shake your tits more."

"Anything you say Tony. You the man I'm just a dumb ho.Please Tony, let me cum."

Tony laughed and said "OK Ho, you can cum."

Michelle took in a deep breath and then started to shake. "Oh yes, baby, your ho is cumming."

Her body quivered for a few moments and then she collapsed and then the video ended.

I couldn't help thinking that she sounded so fulfilled sexually with Tony. She loved being his whore. I wondered how long this would continue before something happened at work.

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