tagLoving WivesMichelle Goes Out And Gets Pimped

Michelle Goes Out And Gets Pimped


My wife Michelle was getting dressed and she had that look in her eye. It was a Thursday night and she had worked hard all week in her law firm where she was a partner. However as she got dressed, this was not her conservative persona. She put on a pair of way too tight jean shorts and some five inch red heels. When she walked her ass cheeks hung out and shook. She slipped on a tight red tank top that plunged at the middle and had open sides. She was changing into her slutty personality.

I had seen her like this before, walking into a bar and ending up on a young guys lap making out with him and letting him feel her up. She was forty two with long blonde hair that she had put into a pony tail. With her make up and thick red lips, she was clearly on the prowl. Tonight she had plans for a small bar near a community college. She loved teens, guys 18-20, and letting them hit on her. She liked to be called MILF and a Cougar.

I went to the bar first and had a beer and waited. About 40 minutes later she came in, excessively shaking her ass and smoking a cigarette. She was a slut on the prowl and immediately caught the attention of most of the single guys in the bar. Three walked up to her and within a few minutes she was stroking the arms of a young black teenager, running her finger over his muscles on his bare arms, as he was wearing a tank top. She let him order her a beer and wiggled into the back where there was a pool table. I could see her from where I was sitting and as her new boyfriend played pool she sat on a stool drinking and shaking her tits. After her new boyfriend missed a shot, she stood up and he sat down and she sat on his lap. Immediately his hand went to the side of her shirt and I could see him slip his hand in and cup her tit. She leaned back into him and he kissed her.

This continued for a while as I watched my wife drink more and more. Once when he came back from shooting pool she stood up and then straddled him facing him and they engaged in a long, passionate make out session. His hands were up her shirt the entire time. After a while she turned around and faced the other way and he reached under her shirt and pulled out one tit and just held it in her hand, gently fondling it, squeezing and rubbing her nipple, for everyone to see. She made a few attempts to cover up but every time she covered her tit, he pulled it out. Eventually she just sighed and sat there while he held her tit out for all to see. It was his way of exerting control over her.

A few minutes later he sent her for more beers and she sashayed across the bar, shaking her ass while tottering on her high heels and smiling because everyone was looking at her. This was her fantasy, to be a slut in public and she loved it.

She came back to her new boyfriend and sat on his lap while holding a beer. He whispered something in her ear and she shook her head but smiled. He whispered something else again and she reached in her shirt, popped out her tit and then took his hand and put it on her tit. Then she leaned back and sighed and just let him explore her body, while every now and then he kissed her. She was thoroughly enjoying her experience.

Eventually it got late and I knew what was next. The motel room. I left and drove to the room we had rented and waited. A car pulled up outside the room and I peaked outside the window and saw just the top of my wife's head bobbing up and down. I went into the closet to listen.

They came into the room and there was lots of fumbling and moaning and then the springs on the bed began to squeak. I peaked through the slats on the closet door and saw my wife, with her skirt pulled up, on her knees, with her ass in the air. Her boyfriend was behind her.

"Say you want it, slut."

"Oh yes, I want it. Please"

Smack. He hit her ass hard and she moaned. ""Not good enough slut. Beg."

My wife spun around and grabbed his cock and began to kiss it softly and talk to it.

"Oh please, please please, fuck this slut. Please. I'll do whatever you want. Just please please please fuck me good."

She turned back around and got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass suggestively.

Smack. He hit her again and she moaned. "Please do me now."

He pushed slowly forward and I heard my wife gasp. "Oh wow. It's so big."

"You want it slut?"

"So bad, I need it."

He began to pump her. "How bad slut?"

"I'll do anything. Just don't stop."

I could see he had his Iphone out and was taping her. "Turn around so I can see your face for the camera slut."

My wife turned around.

He pulled her pony tail with one hand and she arched her back while they continued to fuck and he continued to make a movie on his phone.

"You are a whore, right?"

My wife moaned. "Yes. I'm a dirty slutty whore that loves young cock."

"Will you walk the street for me, Ho?"

My wife moaned and he stopped pumping her. She panicked.

"Yes, yes. Just don't stop. I'll walk the streets as your whore."

He started fucking her again and she began to grip the sheets in front of her and her face turned red and she began to cum. She was moaning wildly as he continued pumping her through her orgasm. She collapsed but the fucking continued as he pulled her hair and she arched her back again.

"I ain't done bitch. Shake that ho ass for me."

My wife wiggled her ass.

"When I'm done bitch, you're gonna put your slut clothes on and stroll the streets and make me some money, right bitch?" He then slapped her ass.

My wife moaned. "Yes. Anything. This is soooo good. I am your whore. I'll do whatever you say."

He continued fucking her and she reached another orgasm and was screaming as he came. They both collapsed on to the bed and my wife immediately snuggled into his arms and began kissing him and murmuring "I love being fucked like that. I am your whore. I'll do anything you want."

As they kissed her asked her "You married?"

"Yes. And my husband knows I'm a slut and a whore. Don't worry about him."

The lay entangled in each others arms and I could see my wife slowly stroking his cock. Soon she started kissing his chest, and then his stomach and then she went down between his legs, staring into his eyes, she sucked his cock, while he stroked her hair. "You are such a good cock sucker. You are going to be great in the street."

He came and she swallowed and then moved up and into his arms and they drifted off to sleep for a while.

He woke up first and then smacked her ass. "Ok slut, time to go to work."

My wife woke up and snuggled into him. "Can't you fuck me again baby?"

"You horny, ho?"

"mmm...yes I want you."

"Then you go shake your ass and make me some money and I will fuck you when you are done."

My wife got out of bed and sat on a chair, putting on her clothes. She put on some thick red lipstick and then pulled out a cigarette to smoke. "I'm nervous."

"Nothing to it. Just walk up and down the street and shake your ass. Get the money up front and then bring them here and fuck them or suck them quick and then get back out on the street. 50 for a blow job, 100 for a fuck."

My wife batted her eyelashes. "That's all I'm worth?" she was pouting. He boyfriend who was now pimping her took him in his arms and kissed her. "Your my ho baby. You go make me some money and I will fuck you real good. Go show me how much you want me by shaking that white ho ass."

My wife looked down. "Ok baby."

They both walked outside and I waited for a few moments and then opened the closet door and walked to the window. It was just past 4 am but the street was busy with hookers. My wife was smoking a cigarette and slowly strolling down the street aggressively shaking her ass. It was a far cry from her job in a big law firm as a lawyer.

A car pulled over and beeped and she walked while swaying her ass and bent over to talk to the driver with her ass sticking out. As they talked she slowly shook her ass to get the attention of anyone else who was looking. As she stood up I could see her put her tits back in her shirt. She had allowed the driver to pull out her tits and fondle them. Then I saw her turn and walk back towards the room shaking her ass suggestively as she tottered on her high heels as the car pulled into the parking lot. I got back into the closet.

I heard the door open and three young guys walked in. All looked a little nervous and none looked older than 20.

"It's 250 for you three. You each come once, ok?"

There was an agreement and she took the money and put it in her pocket and then dropped to her knees and unzipped the first college kid and began to suck him. He reached down and pulled out her tits.

"As soon as I saw these tits I knew I wanted you."

My wife continued to suck and then stopped for a moment. "You wanted this ho's lips around your big cock baby." Then she began to suck again on her knees. She was loving this I could see. The other two had their cellphones out videoing this.

The guy quickly finished and she went over to the second guy who was sitting down in a chair. She knelt between his legs and began sucking him and then he pulled her up and pushed her on the bed. He put on a condom and lay on top of her and began to pump her. Her feet were in the air with her high heels and she was moaning: "Fuck this ho baby. Fuck this street whore good.Pump me baby. I'm just a slut but pump me."

He finished quickly and the third guy walked over and had his cock out. He rubbed it on my wife's face and she licked it as she was laying down. He turned her over and mounted her from behind and began to fuck her. He was squeezing both tits in his hands and rubbing her nippled and I could see her squirm and her face get red. 
"You're fucking this whore good. Oh man you can fuck. I'm coming. You made this ho come baby. Don't stop."

The guy didn't stop, he just rhythmically pumped her and soon their bodies were moving in rhythm while his friends used their phones to video it.

After several minutes my wife buried her face in the pillow and screamed and then collapsed, all the while the guy kept fucking her hard. She was moaning and had her hands out to the side. She had collapsed and give up and he could do with her as he pleased. He pulled her hair and she lifted her face as he said "smile for the camera" as she was videoed. Then he let her hair go and she just stayed on her knees, her head hanging, as he plowed into her, occasionally grabbing a tit and squeezing it which caused her to moan.

"Anybody ever fuck you like this MILF?"

"No" my wife grunted. "No one...ever....has.....oh...I'm cumming again"

and she squirmed and moaned as I saw her cum for the third time.

"You're a good piece of ass. Tight. And I love MILFS." He smacked her ass. "You got a cell phone?"

He kept fucking her and my wife was moaning. "Yes." Then he smacked her ass.

"Give me the number. I want to take you away next weekend.In a cabin. Just me. I'll fuck you like this all weekend. You want that?"

My wife moaned and didn't say anything so he smacked her ass harder. "Answer me MILF."

"Yes oh yes. Take me away and fuck me all weekend."

"I ain't paying you whore, you got that?"

"Yes yes." my wife moaned. "Just take me and fuck me like this all weekend."

"You like being fucked by me?"

"I love it. I love being your whore and want you to fuck me like this all weekend."

All of this was being recorded on various phones and I worried that with her phone number they would figure out her identity and be able to blackmail her.

The fucking continued and my wife came again and this time just whimpered as her young lover moved her into several positions, but they ended up with her on her knees and he fucking her from behind when he came. He finished and pulled out and my wife curled up into a ball, whimpering on the bed. She had come several times and had never been fucked like that.

One of the guys found her purse and pulled out her lipstick and went over to her and wrote "slut" on her forehead and then he sat next to her and one of the other guys took their picture. Then he switched places with the first guy she blew and he wrote whore on her left tit and had her sit on his lap with "slut" on her forehead and "whore" on her tit as the other two took several pictures. Then the last guy, verifying her phone number smacked her ass and told her to get ready for next weekend and then they left.

A few minutes later her pimp walked back in and went immediately to her money. She had blown a few guys in their cars and had over 400 dollars. My wife was still lying on the bed exhausted and naked. "Good work bitch. You need a ride home?"


The pimp pulled off two twenties and put them into my wife's shorts and then kept the rest of the money.

"You gonna work a full night for me tomorrow night?"

"I'm so tired baby. I don't know."

"Come give me some pussy before I go."

My wife crawled over to her pimp and put her head in his lap.

"Baby, I just got fucked real good and my pussy is sore. Let me suck you baby."

And then she pulled out his cock and began to suck it. The pimp laid back for a few minutes as her head bobbed up and down on his cock before he slapped her ass.

"I want some of that ass ho. Get ready."

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rolled her on her stomach and then smacked her ass. "Get that ass in the air ho."

My wife moaned but put her ass into the air. "Baby, please I'm so sore. I'll give you pussy tomorrow. Let your ho finish you off with her big thick whore lips."

He pimp slapped her ass hard. "This is my pussy ho. You don't give me pussy. I take it. Now shake your ass like you want it. "

My wife whimpered and shook her ass as her young pimp began to fuck her.

"This is my pussy right?

My wife was moaning. "Its all yours baby. You own it."

He smacked her hard and she cried out. "Don't you ever tell me I can't have this pussy."

"No no. Baby. You right. This whore made a dumb mistake. You take that pussy and fuck it whenever you want. It's all yours."

He pulled out of my wife and she gasped and then he lay down and she stratlled him, riding his cock and then bending down to kiss him.

"You my man and I'm your whore baby. I'm so sorry baby."

The pimp grunted while my wife bounced up and down, her tits flopping as he played with them. The pimp came and my wife did and then she collapsed into his arms and began to kiss him.

"Baby I love being your whore. What time you want my ho ass out on the streets for you tomorrow?"

The pimp lay back as my wife began to cover his body with small kisses, working her way down to his cock. He was heavily muscled and only about 19 or 20 and watching my 42 year old wife being so subservient to him was fascinating as it was so outside her normal behavior.

"Baby, can I suck your cock again? Can I just put it in between these ho lips and keep it there until it gets hard and then comes?"

The pimp was silent but pushed her head down between his legs and my wife cooed as she put his big cock between her lips and they just lay there like that for several minutes before he began to get hard again. Then my wife began to give his cock small kisses.

"I love this black cock. It makes me feel so good. I love being a whore and slut for this cock. Please let me suck it. Please please...." and then my wife began to give her pimp a long slow blow job, stopping every few minutes to tell him how much she loved being his whore and how she would be back tomorrow shaking her ass for him as much as he wanted.

The pimp got up and left and my wife went into the shower to wash off and I came out of the closet. Things had gone way beyond where they had ever gone before. My wife had become a whore, walking the street, shaking her ass, earning money for a pimp. She was on several phone videos saying she was a slut and a whore and had a date the following week with one of her customers who was promising to take her away for the weekend to fuck her. I wasn't exactly sure just how much further she wanted to go with this. I would have been happy going home and just forgetting the whole matter but I wasn't sure she felt the same way.

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White wife willingly nigga pimped as CuckHubby watches secretely

I love breaking and training married white sluts to become nigga cock addicted RagDollWhores pimped with their CuckHubbies knowing its never gonna stop being their regularly Breeding SlaveKuntWhoreWifemore...

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Ho down

Awesome what a whore

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