tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle's Payback Ch. 1

Michelle's Payback Ch. 1


Michelle had been planning on how to get revenge on Rachael and Alicia for months. The 5' 6" blond was beautiful but everyone knew that she was just as conniving as she was pretty. She was better looking than both of her former friends, both in beauty and body. She was thin, weighing only 110 pounds, and though her B cup tits were small they looked very nice on her slender 34-24-34 frame. And her long blond hair and piercing blue eyes only capped the 18-year old's features.

Michelle had known Rachael since they were in elementary school together. They went to the same church; same schools and began cheerleading together as well. Rachael was a very pretty 18-year old with long black hair and green eyes. She was shorter than Michelle, standing only 5'2", and was very thin, weighing barely 100 pounds, and measured only 30, 22, 30, with A-cup tits. The two had been the closest of friends up until their senior year of high school.

As Juniors Alicia became friends with the two of them. She was slightly shorter than Michelle was. Very cute, but not as attractive as either Michelle or Rachael. Her blond hair was shorter with just a slight natural curl, and while her measurements were the same as Michelle's she was slightly better rounded into a c-cup bra.

Alicia had moved to town over the summer and became a cheerleader with Rachael and Michelle. But as time went on Michelle found herself becoming more and more distant from her oldest friend.

The first difference was their grades. Rachael was an honor student, and Alicia was not far behind her. Michelle had made good grades during her first ten years of school, but high school had been a struggle and during her junior year it became even more difficult. It was only with Rachael's help that she got by some of her classes with a good enough grade to stay on the cheerleading squad. But things continued to get worse and early in their senior year Michelle's grades dropped farther. Then she was caught smoking in the bathroom and dropped from the squad. Worse, Rachael and Alicia had been doing it too, but both girls had just flushed their cigarettes down the toilet before the teacher walked in. And Michelle wasn't about to rat on her friends.

It seemed that any time that any of them got into trouble it was always Michelle who suffered most. With Rachael and Alicia being teachers pets they always seemed to get away with anything.

The greatest act of betrayal was when Michelle lost her virginity to Tom Jackson. She told Rachael and then Rachael told everyone in their church senior-high group about it. Then, to make matter worse, Alicia stole Tom away from her.

Now things had gone from bad to worse. Michelle had been dating John Carter, the QB of the football team, and was regularly having sex with him. Then, with only a week to go before prom night, he dumped her in order to take Rachael to the prom. Michelle hoped that he would fuck her and dump her. But she knew that the virgin princess would never give him the chance for that. So Michelle sat home alone on prom night wondering how to get even.

She had one idea. Both Rachael and Alicia had been accepted to go to the same college on both academic and cheerleading scholarships. Michelle had solid proof that both of the girls had cheated on their midterms and finals. And if she would only turn that information in it would ruin their records, end their scholarships and cancel their acceptance into college. She was very tempted to do just that, but unfortunately she too had cheated with them. And it would only get herself into trouble as well. And right now Michelle needed all the help she could get just to graduate and get into community college.

So she began thinking of another way to get even with her old friend. She wondered what one thing she could do to Rachael to hurt her the most. The answer was all too easy. Take her virginity. The one thing that Rachael prided herself on maintaining. Michelle knew plenty of boys who would love to fuck both Rachael and Alicia. So she began plotting a way to capture the two girls. She also planned to take pictures of them having sex and then use the pictures and her evidence of their cheating to keep them both quiet afterwards.

After thinking it over for a couple days she approached her brother, Tony about the idea. Tony was 19 and worked as a mechanics helper. He was by all rights a real loser but he had always had the hots for Rachael. So Michelle offered him the chance to get in on it. Another reason she chose Tony was because she had heard about his reputation for having a nice sized dick and thought that it would be a special memory to see the look on Rachael's face as her brother rammed his big pecker into her virgin hole.

Tony suggested that they include his buddies Rick and Joey. Both were also 19 and had been friends for several years. Michelle thought that Rick was cute but Joey was an ugly guy. She agreed and they began working on their plan.

The following Friday was going to be Senior Skip Day. An unofficial holiday where the seniors blow off school and party. Several of their classmates had planned on going to the beach and spending the night. Michelle learned that Rachael and Alicia had planned to do the same. So she told her brother that this would be the best time to do it.

On Thursday Michelle asked Rachael and Alicia if they wanted to ride with her to the beach. The two girls were surprised that Michelle wanted to be friends again but Rachael quickly agreed, not wanting to miss an opportunity to rebuild her old friendship. The next morning Michelle picked them both up and then drove to the house that her brother was renting with Joey. She told them that she wanted to pick up some pot from her brother and asked if they wanted to come inside and get high before the drive to the beach. As she expected, both girls readily agreed.

Once inside they found Tony, Joey and Rick sitting around the room. The three girls sat on the couch and took a couple bong hits before getting up to leave.

"We aren't going anywhere." Michelle spoke up.

"What are you talking about?" Rachael asked in her sweet, innocent sounding voice.

"It's payback time for everything you bitches have done to me." Michelle informed them.

When Rachael and Alicia began moving toward the door Rick and Joey blocked their path. Tony and Michelle jumped them from behind. The two girls screamed and fought but were no match as the three men and Michelle grabbed them and began dragging them back into the living room.

"What the fuck do you think you you're doing?" Rachael cried out as Rick and Michelle pulled her to the floor.

Alicia put up a better fight and nearly broke free a couple times before Joey and Tony were able to pin her to the carpet. Once the two girls were down Tony pulled out two pair of handcuffs and they forced the two onto their bellies and cuffed their hands behind them.

"Why are you doing this?" Rachael screamed.

"This is to get back at you for ruining my life." Michelle answered. "You've fucked me over plenty of times so now you're both going to get fucked back!"

The three men began tugging at the two girl's clothing. Both Rachael kicked and screamed the entire time but were unable to prevent the men from tugging their pants and panties off of them. Then their tee shirts and bras were torn off, leaving them naked and unable to cover themselves.

"Let us go now and we won't call the cops." Alicia insisted.

Michelle just laughed. She pulled out a digital camera and took the first pictures of their captives. "You won't call the police," She informed them. "We're going to take plenty of pictures of you two having sex and if you report this to anyone they'll be spread all over the internet. Then I'll turn over the proof I have that we all cheated on our exams and you'll be staying home instead of going to college."

Rachael was on the verge of tears. She knew that if they went through with the threat to rape her and Alicia that she would never be able to tell anyone. Her scholarships were her only chance of getting into college and she could not take the humiliation of being kicked out now. Especially when the alternative included her nude pictures being seen by everyone in town.

The guys were tired of talk and pounced on the two girls. Rachael and Alicia struggled as the three men groped their bodies. Rachael shivered with fear as she felt a finger shoving into her pussy, going farther than anyone had even been with her. Alicia struggled as well, not out of fear of being fucked, for she had had a few lovers already. But she did not want to be taken by force, and not at the command of Michelle.

Rachael cried out when Rick lowered his head and began licking her pussy. She looked over to see Joey doing the same thing to Alicia. And then she saw Michelle taking more pictures.

"Please stop!" Rachael begged.

Rick got up and dropped his pants. Rachael saw his cock standing fully erect. He shoved it into her face. "Suck it!" He ordered.

"Fuck you!" Rachael replied.

"Suck it or take it in your pussy." He said.

Rachael didn't know what to do. She had never done anything like this with a boy before. Now she found herself held in place with a cock slapping her face.

"I'll do it if you promise not to fuck me." She said.

Rick agreed. Rachael opened her mouth and accepted Rick's dick. He grabbed the sides of her head with both hands and held it tight while he began fucking her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Michelle taking more pictures.

Not wanting to be left out Joey stripped off his clothes and stood over Alicia. She had already given up any hope of resistance and began sucking his cock.

Rachael fought the urge to gag as Rick rammed his pecker into the back of her throat. She tried to pull her head away but he held it too secure. She could feel his balls slapping her chin each time he thrust forward. It seemed to her that his dick was swelling even more as he continued. Then she tasted something peculiar. Something salty that dribbled onto her tongue. Suddenly Rachael knew that he was about to cum in her mouth. She let out a muffled cry for him to stop but it was ignored. She heard him groan just as a blast of something warm and sticky launched into the back of her throat. She was forced to swallow or risk choking. He shot blast after blast of cum into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but felt some of it slip out of her mouth and over her cheeks. Michelle came in closer to get a picture of the head cheerleader with a cock in her mouth and cum dribbling down her face. Finally Rick's cock stopped spewing and he pulled out of her mouth. Rachael sat there coughing, trying to rub her cheeks on her shoulders.

Meanwhile Alicia was bobbing her head back and forth on Joey's dick, showing that she was no stranger to blowjobs. Joey stood there admiring her cute face as it took every inch of his manhood. His legs began to grow weak. "Oh yes." He cried out as he unleashed a torrent of cum into the girl's mouth. Rachael was amazed at how her friend was able to swallow every drop.

"Please let us go now." She pleaded.

"Not until I get a turn." Tony said.

Rachael looked at Michelle's brother as he stood there naked. His dick was hard and measured over 8 inches. She prayed that he would take Alicia but knew that he would choose her instead. It was no secret to her that Tony had had a crush on her for years. She didn't want this to happen, but decided that she would try another blowjob if that was what it was going to take to get out of this.

As she expected, Tony came over to her. Rachael opened her mouth and closed her eyes while he was still standing at her feet.

"Isn't that sweet. She wants to suck my dick." Tony said with a grin.

"Too bad that's not what I want."

Rachael's eyes came open with a start. "Wh-what?"

"I'm gonna take your cherry, Rachael." Tony explained.

"But you promised to let us go if we sucked you." She protested.

"Oh they may have promised you that. But not me."

"Go ahead and fuck her!" Michelle shouted.

Rachael screamed and attempted to roll away but Tony dropped down between her legs and held her in place. The petite girl struggled as he began licking her hard nipples. Then he placed the tip of his cock between the lips of her cunt.

"Please don't do this to me!" Rachael begged. But Tony just got more excited by her pleas. He began pressing his dick further between her tight lips. Pleased that he found her somewhat wet already after being probed and fingered before. He slowly pushed forward, ignoring Rachael's cries, until his cockhead met her virgin wall. He pressed up against it a couple times making sure that Rachael was aware of his location.

"Are you ready to become a woman?" He asked. "He goes."

Tony drew back then slammed forward, bursting through her hymen. Rachael cried out as her cherry was ruptured. Pain filled her as Tony's cock pushed all the way inside her. She could see Michelle laughing as she photographed the entire event. Tony was now fucking her fast and furious. He had been with several girls before, but had never been with a virgin. He could not believe how tight her pussy was around his dick. The feeling was wonderful. He had long dreamed of fucking Rachael and now his dream had become reality. His excitement was so great that he was unable to last very long and could already feel his cum rising through his cock, ready to release into her. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum in you, Rachael."

His words cut like a knife. "Oh god no. Please don't cum in me!" She begged. But Tony continued pumping into her. "Yes!" He cried out as his orgasm began. Rachael could feel his semen filling her torn pussy. Tony looked into her eyes with smug satisfaction as he released every drop into her and continued fucking her until his cock began to shrink inside her.

"Now you can't brag about lasting longer than me." Michelle mocked as she took a close-up picture of Rachael's used cunt.

"Next." Michelle said.

Rick jumped on top of Alicia. The girl struggled beneath him but was unable to prevent him from shoving his hard prick into her pussy. Beside her Joey was now doing the same to Rachael. Rachael was glad that Joey's dick was smaller than Tony's. But she was still horrified at being fucked again. The two men enjoyed pumping away at the two captive twats beneath them. Alicia was surprised to feel her body starting to respond as Rick fucked her cunt. She tried to fight the feelings that were growing between her legs. She knew that it was an involuntary reaction, but she couldn't help herself. If he didn't cum soon she was afraid that she would have an orgasm. It was with relief that she felt Rick's cock explode inside her and he pulled out before she could climax. Alicia felt her body craving release, but the last thing she wanted was to cum for these bastards.

Joey fucked Rachael for a few more minutes before he emptied his balls into her belly. Then the he too got up. Both men switched positions and forced the two girls to suck their friend's juices from their cocks.

Tony went to Alicia and decided to take his turn in her pussy. He pushed the girl back and shoved his thick pecker into her. Alicia lost control of herself moments after he began fucking her. She cried out in a mixture of shame and relief as she climaxed on his cock. Rachael looked at her friend in surprise, knowing that Alicia was cuming as Tony fucked her.

Hearing Alicia's orgasm had Rick hard again. He jumped between Rachael's legs and shoved his dick into her. Even after two fucks the girl was still very tight. Rachael lay still as Rick banged her. But after two orgasms it was going to take him a while to cum again.

Tony was enjoying the sounds of Alicia climaxing. He increased his pace, which intensified her orgasm. Finally her climax ended and Tony continued fucking her for several minutes before blowing his load into her.

Rick had been fucking Rachael for ten minutes when Tony got off of Alicia. He was still a ways off from another orgasm. But now Rachael was beginning to feel the same stirrings that had overtaken Alicia. Though she was a virgin Rachael had orgasmed before. She had often played with herself at night so she was fully aware of what was happening when the sensations began filling her. She could not believe that she was going to climax as a result of rape. She wondered what this meant about her, but had little time to think about it before her first male-induced orgasm began. "Ohhhh." She moaned as her climax filled her. Rick rose up farther to make sure that his shaft caught her clit with each movement and Rachael's cries became louder. Her body shivered as she climaxed. Rick continued to fuck her as she quivered below him. When she was finished he was still going strong. After another minute or two she felt a second climax beginning. This one stronger than the first. Now Rachael was spasming with unwanted delight as Michelle took picture after picture of her rapture. She was in the midst of her third orgasm when Rick finally popped his load into her. After they both quit cuming her pulled out and left her lying on the floor covered in sweat.

Rachael and Alicia looked at each other, hoping that they would be let free now. Each had satisfied all three men at least once. Michelle snapped a couple more pictures of them then withdrew the floppy from the camera. She had already used up two others, and was now placing a fourth into the camera's drive. This let Rachael and Alicia know that their ordeal was not yet over.

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