tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle's Payback Ch. 2

Michelle's Payback Ch. 2


Rachael and Alicia were lifted off the floor and carried to the bedroom where they were tossed onto a queen-sized bed. Their hands were still cuffed behind their backs as they lay there waiting to see what was to happen next. Tony, Rick and Joey sat on the bed drinking beer and playing with the two girls occasionally as time passed. But Michelle was not with them. The girls begged to be set free but got nothing but jeers and taunts in return. Then, after several minutes, Michelle entered the room.

The thin blond was wearing a very sexy black leotard body-stocking that left little to the imagination. But what frightened Rachael and Alicia the most was the strap on dildo she was wearing. The black rubber toy was thicker and larger than Rick's dick, which was once again hard as well.

"Now it's my turn to fuck you." Michelle said with a devilish grin. Her hard nipples were poking through the thin fabric of her leotard. Rick and Joey both were as turned on by her as they were over what was about to happen next.

Michelle adjusted a knob that hung off one of the straps around her waist. It had a thin, ivory colored cord that went in through a hole in her outfit.

"You don't think I want to be left out of the pleasure," She said while turning the knob. "This is a remote controlled butterfly vibrator that I'm wearing so I can get off while fucking the two of you."

Michelle approached Rachael's side of the bed first. It took both Joey and Rick to hold the tiny girl down while Michelle climbed between her legs. Tony remained next to Alicia, occupying himself with her tits while watching his sister mount Rachael.

"Please don't…" Rachael begged as Michelle pressed the bulbous head against her pussy. She had been raped by three men. Had her virginity stolen from her at Michelle's doings. Now she was going to be forced to be fucked by her former friend.

Rachael screamed as Michelle rammed the dildo into her cunt. The blond girl mimicked the actions of the other men as she humped her old friend. Feeling the vibrations of her own tiny vibrator stimulating her clit as she continued. Rachael was convinced that the dildo would tear her apart. She strained against the cuffs that held her hands secure, wanting to break free and strangle Michelle. But all she could do was lie there while Michelle continued to fuck her with the strap-on.

Michelle looked over to where Alicia lay watching. "Don't worry, you're next, bitch." She said with a smile. She continued ramming the rubber toy into Rachael's twat. Waiting for the vibrator to bring her to climax while she dildo-fucked the tiny girl. Then she was surprised when she felt Rachael's stirrings begin to change.

Rachael wanted to cry. The thought that Michelle was raping her was horrible enough. And the pain of the dildo inside her was just as bad. But what was worse was the knowledge that the dildo was about to make her cum. She bit her lip trying to hold back, but soon her body was quivering with unwanted joy as she climaxed beneath Michelle.

"Yeah, cum for me, bitch!" Michelle cried out as she realized what was happening to Rachael. She increased her pace, intensifying Rachael's climax. Michelle was surprised at how turned on she was getting listening to the other girl's moans. Her own pussy was drenched as the vibrator continued working its magic on her clit. "Ohhhhhh!" Michelle called out as her own orgasm released. She slammed her body harder against Rachael's, again and again until her climax subsided. Then she stopped, laying her full weight upon the smaller girl. "That was great, wasn't it?" She whispered before pulling back, removing the glistening dildo from Rachael's pussy.

"Your turn." She said to Alicia as she hopped over to where Tony was holding the other girl. Alicia fought harder than Rachael did. She may have been raped, and may not be able to avoid what was about to happen, but she was not going to sit still and allow Michelle to fuck her without any resistance at all.

Michelle enjoyed the struggle. Without her arms to help Alicia was unable to do much other than roll around and kick. But once Tony and Michelle had her legs in place it was a simple task to shove the black dildo into her well used snatch. Alicia yelled out threats in frustration as Michelle began fucking her with the strap-on. Like Rachael, she could not believe the fullness of it inside her pussy. Michelle fucked her even harder than she had Rachael, for she blamed Alicia more for what had happened to drive her and her oldest friend apart. Michelle was already moaning as her vibrator was bringing her closer to her second climax. She could feel Alicia beginning to respond as well. But Michelle's orgasm came more quickly. She cried out with delight as she came. Then quickly pulled out, denying Alicia her own climax.

Michelle walked around the bed, her dildo bouncing before her with each step. Now it was time to take it to the next step.

"How would you girls like to be butt-fucked?"

"Oh god no!" Rachael screamed.

Alicia began struggling again. But Tony already had her in his grasp and was rolling her over. He pulled her around so that her legs hung over the side, allowing him ample opportunity to her bum. With Michelle and Joey helping to hold the blond Tony began pressing his cock between her asscheeks. Alicia was yelling, begging to be spared this assault. She clenched her butt as tightly as possible, but with all of her own juices and cum that had already ran down her crack she was wet enough for Tony to begin inserting his cockhead. She held tight, but Tony persisted in pushing forward. Alicia had had her ass fingered a couple times while being eaten out. But had never gone this far. She yelled in pain as Tony's cock broke through her anal ring. He wasted no time in driving harder, assaulting her ass while enjoying the tight sensation of fucking her this way. Michelle watched in glee as Alicia was taken from behind this way.

Rachael watched in horror as Alicia was being anal-raped. Then Rick grabbed her and forced her into the same position on the bed, opposite her blond friend. As tiny as Rachael was she was no match to outmaneuver him as he positioned her in line for his cock. Rick had never fucked a girl in the ass before. He looked down at Rachael's tiny butt, while his dick was not as big as Tony's, it looked massive along side the petite girl's cheeks. He knew that this was going to be even tighter than most girls would be. And he had some concern for the girl's wellbeing, but lust was driving him more. Rachael begged and pleaded even more so than Alicia. But Rick pressed against her tiny hole and began pushing. He had to try several times before he began gaining access. Once he broke through Rachael was yelling even louder than Alicia had been. Rick slowly pushed in until his belly was snug against her backside. Rachael felt as if she were going to be split in two. The pressure in her ass was overwhelming. Then Rick began fucking her with long, smooth strokes. Rachael thought she would pass out from the pain. Indeed she wished that she would pass out in order to escape what was happening to her. To Rick, this was wonderful. He had never imagined how good it would feel to fuck a girl in the ass like this.

"Fuck their asses!" Michelle was chanting over and over. "How does it feel having a cock up your ass?" She mocked.

Alicia had calmed down. The dick in her ass was no longer hurting as much. Worse, his balls slapping her cunt was continuing the sensation that was started by Michelle's dildo. She found herself wanting to have her pussy fucked. Her lust was rising to the point that she found herself fucking back against Tony in order to have his balls slap her cunt harder. Tony was pounding away at her ass. Feeling his cum rising, ready to release once more. Alicia gasped as he began pounding harder. Then his jism sprayed deep into her asshole.

Rachael was watching Alicia across the bed as Rick continued slamming her ass. His right arm reached around her, sliding under her torso until her found her right tit. He began pinching and playing with her nipple while fucking her ass. Rachael could tell he was approaching his release. "Oh baby, yes, that feels so good." Rick was saying as he pounded her from behind. Then he rolled his head back and slammed forward as his cock exploded in her asshole.

Both girls lay exhausted after Tony and Rick pulled their dicks out of their asses. But it was obvious that Alicia was beginning to desire more. She was panting, and not from paid. Her pussy was dripping wet. The change was not lost on Michelle.

"Looks like you need a little more action, Alicia." She commented, holding her dildo in her right hand, pretending to stroke it like a real prick.

"No, not that." Alicia whimpered.

"Don't worry, you'll get a real cock too."

She motioned for Joey to come around in front of Alicia. He shoved his pecker in her face and did not let up until she began sucking him. Then Michelle got behind her and rammed her dildo into her sopping wet hole. Alicia felt her cunt welcome the invader. Her body had taken control and was responding as Michelle fucked her. She greedily sucked on Joey's dick, welcoming the orgasm that ripped through her. Michelle did not let up until she saw Joey spew his seed into Alicia's mouth.

Then she did the same to Rachael. She forced the dark haired beauty to suck her brother while she fucked her with the strap-on. Rachael climaxed three times before Tony filled her mouth with cum.

They took another break, allowing the guys to rest up for more. Every so often Michelle would force herself on one of the girls, fucking her until she forced another climax. By now Rachael and Michelle were welcoming the orgasms. Both girls hated Michelle, but the passion they were feeling was overwhelming. Time passed and they were fucked by Michelle and her strap-on over and over while the guys watched. Then the trio got back into the action. Rachael and Michelle were forced to suck Michelle's dildo while she lay there with her vibrator buzzing away beneath her leotard. The thin black material was soaked with her own juices. The guys took turns fucking Rachael and Alicia as they sucked Michelle's pretend cock, listening to her cry out in climax.

After another marathon session it was time for another break. Both girls were allowed to go to the bathroom, but they were forced to pee while the guys watched. Then they were taken back to the bedroom to await the next turn of events. They enjoyed the respite, wondering how long it would take before the three men would be ready to go again. Every so often Michelle forced one of them to get on her and ride her rubber cock until they climaxed. It was obvious that she was getting off on their ordeal even more than the guys were. Tony took the many disks that were used during the day and loaded them onto the computer in his room. Then forced the two girls to view the pictures of them being taken over and over.

Then the guys were ready again. Rachael looked as all three men grew hard. She wanted to scream in frustration. But she also felt her legs spreading, waiting for the first of them to enter her now well-experienced pussy.

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