tagAnalMichelle's Revenge Ch. 02

Michelle's Revenge Ch. 02


Dr. Michelle Silvia was still thinking about her encounter with her patient, David, yesterday. She couldn't believe the way she took control and made this man, whom she had just met, do whatever she wanted. She was smiling thinking about everything she had made him do, bending over, taking her fingers and her vibrator in his ass. She was excited to see him tonight. She was walking out of the hospital with an extra swing in her step. Michelle had to be ready by 6:30, it was 4:30 now, and she had one stop to make to pick up some "supplies" for David's arrival.

She got into her car and drove directly to a local sex toy supply store that was only a little out of the way. She entered the store, filled a basket, and headed to the counter. It was then that she realized that she had forgotten to take off her Doctor's jacket and ID badge. She quickly unclipped her badge and slipped it into her purse. She arrived at the counter, smiled at the man and placed the basket on the counter. He put the items into blacked out bags and barely noticed her, she thought to herself that this must be so routine for him. Her blushing was not detected by the clerk behind the counter who was too busy reading the book in his hand.

Michelle got into her car and headed straight home. She arrived at her front door at 5:00 PM.

"Perfect," she thought to herself.

She brought the bag into the bedroom and put the items she had purchased into the bathroom. She opened each package carefully, washed each of the items, and put them away in an armoire the bedroom. She disposed of the packaging and started to draw a warm bath for herself. She placed towels on the towel rack and got all of her soaps and toiletries ready. She walked back into the bedroom and unzipped her navy blue skirt. She allowed it to drop to the carpeted floor and started to unbutton her cream colored silk blouse, she also let that fall to the floor while she glanced at herself in the mirror above her dresser. She stood looking her body, dressed only in her lacy, white bra and matching bikini cut panties.

Michelle eyed her pale skin, thin, short frame, and C sized breasts. She smiled and started to unclasped the bra. She walked barefoot to the bathroom picking up the skirt and blouse along the way. She put all of the clothes into the hamper in the bathroom, stripped off her panties placing them into the hamper as well. She stopped the water from flowing into the tub.

She dipped her foot into the water feeling it's heat relax her foot muscles which she had been standing on all day. The water was hot, but not so hot that it was intolerable. She placed the other foot into the tub and lowered her body into the water. She felt the water lap against her labia and her exposed ass as she lowered her bottom into the water. There was a pinch of heat and then relaxation. She slid into the white tub past her breasts and up to her neck. She took her mesh shower sponge from the shelf and added a generous portion of perfumed body wash to it. She started with her neck, closing her eyes and rotating the mesh ball around her skin, pulling aside her long, brown hair to make sure she didn't miss an inch, she continued lathering up her collarbones and shoulders. Her breasts were washed while under water along with her torso and sides.

Michelle brought the mesh ball back up and added more soap. She squeezed it a few times to allow the soap to lather and brought it back down below the water's surface. She spread her legs, her knees broke the surface of the water, she placed the ball on her belly button and slowly moved it down, shivering a bit when she felt the soapy ball graze her lips.

"I know I'll be getting some attention here tonight, so I should make sure I'm clean." she smiled to herself allowing herself a little pleasure before the night's festivities began.

She took her time rubbing her vagina and letting the folded material of the mesh to grab hold and pull the lips between her legs apart gently before letting them go. Michelle lifted up her bottom and scrubbed the cleavage of her ass, paying special attention to her puckered hole. She allowed a soapy finger to caress the opening, feeling its many creases and tightness.

Michelle gathered herself and washed her legs and feet. Once she was completely satisfied that she was clean from head to toe, she dipped her head under the water's surface to wet her hair. She lathered it up with her favorite vanilla and lavender shampoo and ducked under one last time. Michelle placed the mesh ball, which was floating gently on the surface of the water, back on the shelf and picked up her single bladed razor. She knew she could take her time and be very sensual and slow about shaving her pussy and legs, but there was no time for that. With the time she had remaining, she shaved herself almost perfectly clean, save a small strip just above where her lips started to part. She shaved her legs and thighs, making sure there were no hairs remaining. She turned herself over and got onto her knees. She did her best to shave in between the cheeks of her ass and downward. She didn't know if there were hairs there, but if there were, she wanted them gone.

Once she was done she placed the razor back where it belonged and stood up. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her chest underneath her arms and tucked one corner into the fold of the towel in front of her. She took another towel and dried her hair, she walked toward the sink and used the same towel to remove the condensation from the bathroom mirror she looked at her soft face and pink lips and smiled. She removed the towel from around her body and allowed the heat of the room to dry her body rest of the way. She performed her ritual make up application, hair drying and styling routine. She perfumed her body and used some lotion on some of her areas of dry skin. She smiled in the mirror and walked into the bedroom. She had laid out a red satin pair of thong underwear and matching bra on the bed. She picked up the panties and slid them on; she loved the feeling of the back part of the thong as it found its position in the crack of her ass. She adjusted it so that it was comfortable and continued on. She placed the bra around her body and secured it snapping the straps onto her shoulders. Michelle walked over to her dresser and took out a pair of thigh high, white stockings and a garter belt to hold them in place. She laid the stockings onto the bed and stepped into garter, pulling it up to her waist, she felt the straps lightly touch her front and rear thighs. Michelle lay down on the bed and pulled up her left leg, she rolled up the stocking and pulled it up her foot, slowly releasing her fabric as she moved up her leg. Once the stocking was secure, she mirrored what she had done for the other leg. Michelle stood up and fastened the garter straps onto the stockings keeping them hugging her thighs.

Michelle glanced at herself in the mirror and thought she looked slutty hot in red and white, almost like a slutty nurse. She smiled at the thought of adding one of the old fashioned nurse's hats with the red cross on it.

"Something to think about for Halloween," she pondered as she headed to the closet to complete the outfit.

From the closet she pulled out her "little black dress" she had been saving for just such an occasion. She stepped into it and pulled it up and put her arms through, resting the fabric on her shoulders. She pulled the zipper up her back covering her garter and thong, as well as the bra strap. She found her stiletto heels and slipped her dainty feet into them. She lit a few candles around her house and heard a knock at the door. She knew that was the dinner she had ordered earlier in the day. She opened the door and it was the delivery man holding two large paper bags by their handles.

"Please come in," she said "Where should I place these," he asked.

Michelle could feel his eyes taking her in like someone taking a glass of water while standing the desert.

She smiled at the man and said "over here on the counter." She turned around and walked to the kitchen allowing him to watch her walk so he could see the swing in her hips. She wondered if he could see the tops of her stockings, the dress was certainly short enough. Michelle could feel the man's stare on her body as she moved toward the kitchen. So, she reached up on top of the refrigerator to get to her purse. She would have to stand on her toes to reach the purse and she knew the skirt would move up her thighs. Though she was facing the fridge, she smiled as she lowered herself back down holding the purse. When she turned around, she swore that she could see the man attempt to close his jaw. She smiled again and took her wallet out of the purse.

"How much is it?" She asked with a touch of sex added to her voice.

"Huh? Oh, um, what," he stumbled on his words

She giggled and repeated "How much is the dinner?"

He cleared his throat and told her still staring at her legs "Oh, right, sorry, forty-seven dollars."

She smiled again at the man, counted the money out of her wallet and handed him enough cash to cover the cost plus a decent tip. Michelle turned around again to put the purse back on top of the refrigerator, she knew that he would be watching her, she liked this feeling. When she turned back around, she noticed he had lowered his head so that his eyes followed the hemline of her dress.

"Something else you need?" she asked him coyly.

"Um, err, no," he said averting his eyes; Michelle noticed that he also started to blush.

She escorted the delivery man out of the kitchen and toward the door.

"Do you have a date tonight?" He asked, Michelle wondered whether the man thought he might have a chance with her.

"Something like that," she answered.

"Lucky, lucky man," he stated shaking his head trying to regain his composure.

Michelle closed the door behind him and smirked to herself. She set off to get everything ready.

As David sat at his desk in the operations center he was lost in thought, he had been for most of the day. He couldn't believe the experience he had the day before, he had gone to the hospital with the hopes of finding a cure for his problem of not being able to achieve orgasm, but he had no idea what the solution would be. He took out the prescription paper with the cute doctor's address and phone number on it. David contemplated calling her up and calling the whole thing off, he had never started a relationship off with sex first.

"Wait," he thought to himself, "there isn't even a relationship yet," he reasoned.

David tried to think of a reason not to go. He liked the girl, she was pretty, they'd seen each other naked. He just wasn't sure he was into being penetrated by a girl, he hadn't been raised that way, of course he hadn't not been raised that way either. Actually, the conversation hadn't really ever come up throughout his life. Dad never sat down with him and said "Now son, please never let a girl stick anything up your ass or you'll spontaneously combust and spend eternity in hell." David shrugged his shoulders. He thought of opening up to someone on his team and asking if he was normal, if this was normal. He knew he liked it, actually, he loved it. The whole feeling was nothing short of amazing. David was just confused. He grabbed his iPhone and went off to an unoccupied meeting room and called his old roommate. Mike had been with a bunch of girls and was into some kink, maybe he'd understand, David thought. He dialed Mike's number; David breathed a sigh of relief when Mike answered the phone.

"Yo, Dave, what's going on my man!? I haven't talked to you since dinosaurs roamed the earth, what's shaking?" Mike sounded happy to hear from him.

"Hey Mike, umm, I have a weird question, it's kind of personal, actually, it's extremely personal." David said unsurely.

"Just me in my office dude, this sounds serious, talk to me." Mike said, David could hear the smile drop from his voice and his concern grows.

"Well, you know how Julia left me, right?" David inquired.

"Yeah, I remember, oh god Dave, please tell me you are not getting back together with that psycho, bitch, please!" Mike pleaded into the phone.

"No, no, nothing like that." David answered.

"Thank god for that, ok, go," Mike said

"Well, you remember why she left, you know, I couldn't ..." Dave started but Mike immediately cut him off.

"Visuals Dave, visuals, yeah, I remember, I just don't want to imagine you popping off in some chick ok?" Mike said with a chuckle and continued "Skip that part and keep going." he added.

"Well, I went to the hospital about my, well, problem, and I met a girl there." Dave informed him.

"Great! That's awesome bro, so what's the problem?" Mike asked

"Yeah, it was great. But, umm, well, I don't know if I should ask this or am I breaking the man code, but she umm, likes to stick things in my ass." Dave said with plenty of hesitation in his voice.

"That's just a great feeling isn't it? Most girls are way too freaked out by anal, but man, when you find a chick that digs it, you hold on to that one. They're usually to take it up the butt as well man." Mike laughed.

"So, wait, you've done this before with a girl?" Dave asked.

"Oh hell yeah, plenty of times. It's an amazing orgasm dude, it fuckin' goes everywhere" Mike said laughing to himself. "So, um, what's the problem? Wait; was it your first time, like you've never had a chick stick a finger up there or anything? Well, then again, Julie, you're lucky she was willing to have sex at all, surprised you didn't have to bathe in anti-bacterial gel before getting near that cunt." Mike continued laughing.

"Well, yeah, it was my first time, I'm just happy to hear that other guys like it too. So, I should continue seeing her" Dave asked feeling relief.

"Yeah, I wouldn't go around broadcasting it man, it's just not one of those things you bring up in a locker room and not have people look at you funny. Continue seeing her? Man, if she's funky like that, I'd freakin propose, and if you don't, can you give me her number?" Mike said making David feel even more relief and continued "Look man, do what feels good, don't worry about stereotypes and other people, if it feels good, just do it man, there won't be a sign on your apartment door that says 'gets fucked by chicks' or anything. Just have fun man; I can't wait to meet this chick." Mike said.

"Alright, thanks man, you saved me." Dave said feeling the tension loosen from his shoulders.

"You bet bro, I gotta bounce, but hey, I gotcha back, well at least when this chick doesn't." Mike said hanging up the phone laughing his head off.

Dave felt a million times better. He knew he wanted to be with Michelle, and now he thought back and wondered why he ever questioned himself. He wished he had Mike's self-confidence when it came to sex. He was pretty sure that had something to do with Julia's frigidness.

He got up from the meeting table and headed back to his desk. He was able to handle the issues and workload of the rest of the day with a smile on his face. He was excited now, he couldn't wait for tonight, couldn't wait to see what Michelle had in store for him. He had a few ideas of what he wanted to do to that tight little body of hers too. He hadn't seen her without panties yet, which made his fantasies about her even hotter.

David left work at exactly 5:00, he drove straight home to his apartment to get ready. He mapped out Michelle's house on his GPS, she was only 22 minutes from the apartment building he lived in, so that worked.

David parked, locked the car, walked into the apartment building, got into the elevator and took it to the 10th floor. He got off of the elevator and walked down the hall to his door, unlocked it and walked in. He shut the door behind him and locked it; he made his way through the living room and kitchen area and into the bedroom. He stripped off all of his clothes and headed for the bathroom. David checked his face out in the mirror. He decided to give his face another shave after the shower he would take. He walked back into the bedroom and laid out a pair of dress jeans, a pair of black briefs, black shoes and a black, button down short sleeved shirt. David headed back into the bathroom and turned on the shower, allowing the water to heat up. He set out all of the things he would need to get ready so he wouldn't take up unnecessary time later. David stepped into the shower and was greeted with warm water running down his back. He reached for his favorite bar soap and lathered up his chest and arms while dipping his head back into the warm water to wet his jet black hair. He continued to lather up his entire body, paying special attention to his groin and backside. He didn't know for sure that he would have sex with Michelle tonight; he wasn't the type of guy that just expected it from a lady. But, hey, why not be ready, right? He thought about her cock sucking ability while his soapy hands made their way to his cock. He found himself stroking himself in the shower and stopped. He couldn't believe how turned on the thought of this girl with her hands on his body made him feel. He hurried up, grabbed the razor and shaved himself down which Michelle seemed to like before.

Once he was finished, he soaped up his hair with shampoo and rinsed off. He stopped the water, got out of the shower, dried off, and performed his grooming routine of shaving, removing any stray hairs and using an electric trimmer to eradicate his sideburns and any other stray facial hairs. He was satisfied that he was presentable; he applied deodorant, aftershave, and cologne. He spritzed a little cologne around his groin area smiling to himself. David made his way into the bedroom and got dressed. He checked himself at least a dozen times in the mirror to make sure he looked good. He thought of asking the cute girls down the hall whether or not they thought he looked good. He was on purely platonic terms with these girls, though they were two blonde bombshells who any guy would lust after. Now, he was lusting after only one girl.

David made his way out of his apartment, and walked down the hall, he decided against asking the girls for their opinion as it would tie him up and it was already 6:00. He was giddy as he was in the elevator and almost sprang out of it when the doors opened up. He walked briskly toward his car, got in, set up the GPS, and headed out to meet this dream girl. As he drove his stomach sank, he didn't have anything for Michelle. David remembered there was a florist along the way to Michelle's house; he prayed they were still open.

As luck would have it, the clerk informed him that they were preparing for a wedding which would occur that weekend, so they figured they would stay open. David bought a dozen roses, a mix of white and red. He didn't know why, but it seemed appropriate given Michelle's profession.

David got back into his car and drove the rest of the way to Michelle's house with rampant thoughts of her body running through his mind. He almost ran a red light, but stopped short at the last moment. He checked the rearview mirror to make sure there wasn't someone behind him and the coast was clear. He drove the rest of the way to Michelle's house. He found a spot on the street and looked at the clock on the dash, he was a little early, but that was ok. He located her exact house and noticed the door opening. He saw a man in a baseball hat walking out of her house shaking his head and getting into a white van.

"That's strange." he thought to himself with a small pit growing in his stomach.

David watched the van turn a corner, he couldn't make out the name of the business, but he could see Fine Italian Restaurant. He laughed at his pang of jealousy which had started to grow and was quickly wiped away.

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