Michelle's Revenge Ch. 02


David felt her run her fingers under the briefs he had on, he felt her gentle prodding touch as she stroked his puckered ass. Shivers ran up his spine, memories flooded into his head of her fucking him there with her fingers and her vibrator. His cock flared with excitement, he longed as much to be fucked by her as he did to fuck her. He found pleasure with each part of her body that he touched. So, he rolled over hoping that she would stroke him, suck on him, he didn't care, he just wanted her to do everything to him. She freed his cock almost immediately, and began stroking and sucking on him. Only now, he wanted to taste her again, he grabbed her supple hips and pulled her ass toward his face. He loved the sight of her cheeks approaching his face, as he pulled her closer her ass cheeks widened and the lips of her pussy parted, it was almost an invitation from her body saying, "Take me". He started with her pussy, he felt his tongue parting her lips, he licked upward and licked her ass twice before he felt her pull away and sink his cock into her mouth. David stuck two of his fingers into his mouth to wet them, he used the middle finger to plunge into her pussy, his first finger he used to tease her ass, he watched his finger poke and prod at her ass as his other finger slid up and down the slit of her wet pussy, occasionally he would push down and have his fingers dance circles around her clit. He moaned as she sucked on him, he felt her raise his legs so that his feet were flat on the bed, he felt her spread his legs wide apart with her elbow and while still feeling his cock in her warm mouth, he felt her warm, wet finger part his ass and slowly massage his tight hole, he was back in the heavenly spot he was in a day before, the feeling of her inside of him.

Michelle pushed her body forward, opening her mouth and swallowing David's cock whole. She wrapped her lips around him and flicked the tip of his cock whenever it passed the tip of her tongue. She paused and wet her finger, then reached for David's legs, she guided his legs into a bent position and then used her elbow to push his legs aside, she wanted access to that tight ass again. She made her mouth wet again and lowered her head back onto David's cock. She used her dry fingers to pull apart his ass as she continued bobbing up and down. Michelle watched her fingers draw circles around David's hole before applying pressure with her wet finger and sinking her finger in. She felt David's body arch underneath hers, she felt his warm fingers sliding inside of her pussy and then another start to prod at her tiny, wrinkled hole. As he applied the pressure necessary to pop a finger into her ass she whimpered and moaned into his cock, her pelvis was lying on David's abdomen and she wiggled back and forth mirroring the movements of David's fingers now deep inside both of her holes. When David pressed down on her clit with his thumb, Michelle thought she might hit the ceiling with ecstasy. Michelle drove her fingers into his ass and found his prostate; she massaged it with the finger deep in his ass. David's body responded in a spasm, she thought he might cum in her throat; she smiled and increased the pace of her sucking. Just as she thought he might be ready to cum, David sat up and she felt herself being pushed forward. She frowned as David's cock left her mouth and her finger slid from his ass. Michelle turned around to see David getting up on his knees as she was flat on the large bed.

"What are you going to do to me?" Michelle said with a grin and twinkle in her eye.

David smiled, "you'll just have to see," he said positioning his body above hers.

David moved his body down, parting her legs as he did, he saw Michelle arch her hips upward, presenting her most tender parts of her body to him. He placed the tip of his cock at the opening to her pussy; he slid the swollen head up and down her wet slit. He pushed himself down and rubbed the head of his cock back and forth across her clit. He saw her body shake with lust. David raised himself back up and gently lined his cock up with the opening to her vagina. As he pushed himself inside her, spreading her pussy wide with his girth, they both sighed in deep satisfaction.

When Michelle saw David taking his cock in his hand, she knew what was coming, that moment she had been waiting for, to feel him inside of her, so she lifted her hips to show she was ready. She was amazed how gentle he was, even after all of the foreplay they have just gone through together. Most guys she had been with would have just shoved themselves inside of her, taking her, but not David, no, he was slow and soft with her, allowing her to savor this moment before entry into her. She moaned and rolled her head in pleasure, she shook when she felt the tip of his cock rub her clit. She never wanted this to end. Michelle felt his cock at her entrance; she tried to lift her body up, to give herself to him. She closed her eyes and moaned as his cock slid slowly inside of her. He moved slowly, filling her inch by inch, there was no ramming, nothing hard about it, this was tender love making and she loved it. When she felt the base of his cock enter her and his balls touch her clit she pushed back a little, wanting to take him in as fully as she could. She felt him withdraw and push back in, his first strokes were slow and she felt his hips roll allowing his cock to writhe inside of her.

David entered her slowly; he savored the feeling of his cock inside her tight, wet, warm pussy. She fit him perfectly, he wanted to take his time with her body, to allow her to get used to the feeling of him inside of her, he wanted this to last. Taking his first few slow strokes felt amazing to him. He rolled his hips to move along each inch of her. He leaned down and licked her neck; he followed the lick with a kiss. He pressed his body against her ass and her back, the feeling of her tilted ass against his stomach was perfection. David used his hips to drive his cock in and out of her and increased to a steady pace, but still not too fast. He could hear her deep breathing and the moan that escaped her mouth each time his cock drove into her. He could see that her eyes were shut; her deep red lips were open.

David smiled and asked her "is this OK?"

Michelle had no words for David's question she merely nodded as his cock moved in and out of her with the perfect pace. She reached her hand underneath her and her fingers found her clit. She massaged her clit faster and faster, she felt the honey running from her pussy down and lubricating her clit for her hand to rub. She bucked her body back, meeting David's thrusts. She arched her back, she wanted more of him, she wanted him more than she had ever wanted another man.

"Yes, yes, yes, please don't stop, you're so deep, don't stop," she managed to get out as David increased his thrusting speed.

David kept fucking her, he knew he was close to orgasm; in fact he had been close to orgasm as soon as she had wrapped his mouth around him and plunged her finger into his ass. There was, however, one more thing he had to do. He pushed his body up and gave a few more strokes, slamming his body into hers. He heard her moan, almost squeal. Then, he pulled his cock out of her.

Michelle was so disappointed when he pulled out of her, she was almost there, "why did he stop?" she wondered. Her body continued bucking, her body wanted more. She felt him start to lower himself back onto her, but this position was slightly different. She felt the heat of his cock approach her skin, then, she felt the warm wetness of his head parting her ass. She continued rubbing her clit and reached back with her free hand and pulled at her ass cheek, splitting her ass for him.

David moved his cock into position and pushed forward feeling the cool skin of her ass cleavage on either side of his cock. He smiled as she spread her ass for him, he placed the head of his cock on her rose colored asshole and moved his cock slowly up and down along the slit of her ass. He applied pressure to her puckered ass and felt it slowly give way to him. He was very slow pushing into her ass, he allowed her ass to take the head of his cock, he could see the stretching of her tiny bum hole as it tried to accommodate his width. He pressed further, slowly inching his way into her butt. The tightness was spectacular; he could have spent the rest of the night in this position. He pressed on and heard Michelle moan, he stopped again to allow her to get used to the feeling of his cock inside of her. He felt her hips rise to take more of him in. David pressed on until he could lie on top of her, he resumed kissing her neck, he wanted to make sure that she was ready for him to fuck her ass.

"OK, are you ready?" He asked softly into her ear, he didn't hear a reply, but he saw her nod a little.

David pulled back and then pressed back in, he heard the groan escape her mouth, then he withdrew again and pressed back in, he once again felt her hips rise up to meet his body. Soon he was thrusting in an out of her ass with vigor. They were both matched each other's moans as he made love to her ass.

Michelle felt David's cock against her ass, it had been a long time since she had a cock up there, but she wanted him to take her in every way possible. He was so gentle with her body, letting her get accustomed to his cock in her ass. David was thick and long, so she welcomed the pauses he gave her. She did her best to relax the muscles in her ass and push out slightly to allow him to enter her more easily. She couldn't believe how full she felt, the rubbing of her clit helped to ease the twinges of pain that came occasionally as her hole grew wider. He pressed his body to hers and she knew he was as deep as he was going to be at least until the thrusting started. Her body was so overcome with pleasure when she stuck a finger in her pussy as she rubbed her clit, it almost felt like being fucked from both holes. She thought it was so sweet when he asked her if it was ok to go in her ass. She couldn't answer though; her body was seized with pleasure, so she nodded. He started fucking her ass, it was a little painful at first, but the pain was pleasurable. Then he increased his speed, she wanted him to keep going, her finger deep inside of her pussy, her other rubbing her clit, and David deep in her ass was too much, she was going to cum.

"He better not pull out this time," she thought to herself. "David, don't stop, keep going, I'm cumming." she shouted as her body bucked on the bed.

David nodded his head, he knew she couldn't see it; he did his best to hold his orgasm to time with hers. It was difficult to do as her ass was so tight, and the sight, when he looked down, of his cock spearing her tiny ass was too much. He needed to cum, he grunted louder and louder, he could hear her moans getting louder, he saw her bury her head into the white comforter of the bed and shout. He felt her ass tighten around his cock, almost to the point where he couldn't move, he thrusted once more as he felt his cock unleash what felt like a gallon of cum deep in her ass. They bucked and moaned as they climaxed together, he saw her hands ball up into fists and his toes tightened as he kept cumming inside of her before collapsing on top of her.

Michelle wanted to cum, she wanted to feel David cum, she knew it meant the end of their lovemaking session, but she had to let go. She put her head into the soft comforter and moaned louder, her body pressed up taking David's cock in her ass to the base, he couldn't be deeper inside of her. She came hard, harder than she had ever come, her ass squeezed David's cock. She felt him thrust into her against the tightening of her asshole, then, she felt his hot cum explode deep inside of her, they had come together. She thought they came for minutes, maybe longer. Then, she felt David's body collapse on top of her and his arms wrap around her, she felt safe, she felt love.

"Stay in me for as long as you can," Michelle said to David. She felt his head nod against her shoulder.

He kissed every inch of skin that his lips could reach, she lifted her head and their lips met. Eventually, David's cock slipped out of her ass. They lay pressed against one another in shared exhaustion. David lifted his body off of hers and he put his head on one of the stacks of pillows, he reached out his hand to her.

Michelle watched him get up to lay at the head of the bed and took his hand when he reached out. He pulled her up so that her body was curled against his and her head was on his shoulder. She placed a bent knee across his thigh. She sighed contentedly wiggling her body against his. They lay in silence for a while, recovering from their love making which had taken all of their energy.

"That was incredible," David said breaking the silence that hung in the air.

Michelle's smile spread across her lips and she said "yes, yes it was". She lifted her head and they kissed passionately several times.

She saw David's brow wrinkle, and she got a nervous look on her face.

"Didn't you say something about toys at your house?" David asked as he pulled her closer to him.

Michelle thought about the things she had bought at the store, she smiled and said "next time."

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