Mid Life Crisis Book 05


She opened her thighs a bit, he continued stroking her upper thigh, now going down to her inner thigh, but stopping just before he got to her pussy.

She looked down and saw that his prick was beginning to show signs of attention. She reached out and touched it, marvelling at the instant reaction.

His exploring hand got a bit bolder and just about touched her pussy. Her legs opened wider, silently imploring him to touch her.

He found it hard to resist the temptation, but eventually, her stroking of his now hard prick, encouraged him to open her up.

"I want this to fuck me," she said, lustfully, "have you any protection?"

"Not needed," he said. "I've had the snip."

"Then fuck me," she pleaded.

He laid her on the sofa, and climbed between her thighs, she opened her legs to accommodate him as he grabbed his erect prick and slowly entered her.

"Oh God, yes!" she cried out as he slowly started thrusting into her.

He thrust slowly, wanting to prolong the experience; she meanwhile was urging him to go faster as she was approaching another climax. He kept a steady rhythm as she got more a more frantic until she cried out in ecstasy as another orgasm took hold of her body. Charlie stopped in mid stroke as she came, and then following her pleading started gently thrusting again, seemingly prolonging her orgasm.

He was aware of a tingling in his balls, the tell tale sign that he was getting close. He tried to slow down some more, but Debbie wasn't having any of it.

"No, please don't. Go faster!" she pleaded, running her hands over his back and lifting her legs up to somehow get ore of him in her.

"I can't stop cumming," she cried again. "What are you doing to me?"

He knew he was very close and what ever he was doing was soon going to end.

"I'm going to cum!" he cried, as he spurt once, twice, three times maybe more into her as his orgasm filled her and relieved him.

He slowly pulled out of her and lay down to regain his breath.

They lay together in silence.

"I had better go," she said.

"Cant you stay?" he asked.

"No, but thank you," she said, hugging him and giving him a chaste kiss on the lips.

She stood up and again he lustfully took at her nudity.

She put her knickers and bra on and went to the toilet, returning to put the rest of her clothes on.

Charlie was still lying on the sofa, but had put his boxers on.

She knelt down, "I'll order a cab, I think you have had too much to drink to take me home," she smiled.

"Are you sure you won't stay?" he asked.

She thought for a moment.

"OK, but will you take me home early tomorrow?"

"Of course," he replied, kissing her on the lips.

They went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

How many does this make? Charlie asked himself as he drifted off.

Charlie woke and looked at the clock. 6.05.

Debbie was fast asleep. He gently woke her. "It's just gone six,"

"Ok," she sleepily replied.

Charlie got up and went downstairs. Is she a coffee of tea girl he pondered?

Deciding on coffee, he made two cups and went back upstairs. She was getting dressed and thanked him for the coffee.

He quickly got dressed and within minutes was taking her into town and dropping her outside a modern block of flats.

"Thanks, Charlie," she said. "I look forward to looking after your case and seeing you around."

"Yes, me too," he said.

They kissed each other and she ran off to the entrance of the flats. He turned around and headed home and back to bed.

His sleep was woken by the phone ringing.

"Hello," he sleepily said, not looking at the caller ID.

"Hi, it's Sue."


"Sue, Barry's husband, your recent shag partner," she giggled.

"Oh that Sue," he laughed, inwardly dreading what she wanted.

"I thought it was some time since we had seen each other and Barry is away tomorrow, so I thought, maybe, you know, we could," she then hesitated.

"Yes?" he said.

"Don't play with me Charlie. Actually, that is what I want you to do. Play with me. Can we have another illicit liaison?"

"Oh, I see."

"Charlie, you're a bastard."

He laughed.

"Well can I come over and see you tomorrow?"

"OK," he said, not over enthusiastically.

"Well thanks for your welcome," she said sarcastically.

He could sense she was not happy.

"Yea, sorry Sue, I'm not with it, I have just woken up. Come over after lunch tomorrow."

"Good," she said enthusiastically now, "see you then."

Charlie aimlessly killed time for the rest of the day and a half. He had just finished a light lunch when the door bell chimed.

Opening the door, Sue stood there with an overnight bag and a bottle of wine.

"Come in," he said, standing to one side to let her enter the hall.

She stepped in and put the bag and wine down, before leaning into Charlie and kissing him.

"Good to see you Charlie," she said. "I thought with Barry away, we could spend some time together."

"Great," he said trying to sound more enthusiastic than he really was. "Come through, shall we open the bottle?"

"Or should we go to bed?" she said, her intentions clear.

Charlie smiled; "we have loads of time, let's have a drink first."

He went to the kitchen and got a bottle opener and two glasses.

Sue, meanwhile, had made herself comfortable in the lounge.

"Have you missed me?" she asked, "I have missed you. Barry still isn't interested in me."

"Oh dear," he said ignoring the question.

"So what shall we do?" she said crossing her legs and showing an expanse of thigh, which despite himself, Charlie found arousing.

"Well," he said, pouring the wine, "we could discuss the political situation in South Africa or we could think about the best way of fucking each others brains out."

"I like the second option," she smiled, sipping the wine. "I have something new to show you by the way," she added teasingly.

"Yes, what's that?"

"Shall I show you here?"

He nodded.

Sue put her glass down and stood up and walked towards where Charlie sat, stopping in front of him.

Charlie was intrigued, but tried to show a total non interest.

She started to undo her blouse and showed her bra less breasts, her nipples getting harder as they were exposed to the air.

"First there is this," she said showing a small devil tattoo on her right breast.

"Nice," he said nodding and looking at her breasts, they really were very special.

Sue then undid her skirt, stepping out and showing firstly that she had gone commando, secondly that she was now totally shaved and finally, she pointed to another tattoo, a small snake, on her inner thigh; the snakes tongue looking as if it was going to lick her bare pussy.

"You like?"

"Yes, I would like to be the snake," he said pulling her onto his lap, and kissing her roughly on the lips while caressing her breasts.

She broke the kiss, "its not fare, you are still dressed."

She got off his lap and bent down to remove his polo shirt and undo his trousers. He smiled as she removed his clothing, but offered no assistance.

He was soon naked and she sat back on his lap, enjoying the feeling of flesh on flesh.

The resumed their kissing as his hands roamed her body, over her breasts, tweaking her nipples, down to her pussy, enjoying the feeling of the lack of pubic hair and stroking and fingering her.

She was already very wet and accommodated his finger as it alternated between finger fucking her and stroking her clit.

He stopped kissing her and moved so he could suck on her nipple.

She was very turned on, it was clear she would soon cum, so he doubled his efforts and fingered and stroked her wet pussy as she moaned louder and louder, her enjoyment clear by the noise and the jerking of her hips.

"Make me cum," she pleaded.

He gently bit her nipple; she seemed to enjoy that so he bit harder.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "harder."

She now grabbed his hand and forced it so that his finger was as far as it could go inside her pulsating pussy. She was cumming and she couldn't stop. Unable to talk she kept moaning and shaking and forcing herself against his finger, her muscles clasping and relaxing as her orgasm showed no signs of abating.

Eventually it did subside and she relaxed, allowing him to remove his finger.

She sat up and looked at him. "My God, I don't think I have ever cum like that before!"

He smiled and said nothing.

Sue moved off his lap and looked at his hard prick.

She bent down so her mouth was inches away as she gently stroked him, moving the foreskin over the head and back. She gently blew on it before licking the end and then putting the head in her mouth, gently sucking him.

He moaned and sat back, enjoying the sensation. She was very good.

She sucked hard and then soft, concentrating on the head and the rim, stroking him with her hand at the same time, Charlie knew he would soon cum.

"That is so good, I wont last you know,"

Sue didn't stop; she kept the same rhythm as he moaned louder.

"Sue, get ready!" he cried, moments before filling her receptive mouth with a load of sperm. She didn't stop until he pleaded with her to do so.

She looked up at him and smiled, wiping some sperm from the side of her mouth and licking her finger.

"I know someone that likes that," she said, patting his prick, which was quickly getting flaccid.

He nodded.

She got up and passed him his wine before sitting back on his lap.

They made small talk and laughed about previous experiences that had had as couples and what Barry would say if he saw her now.

The afternoon wore on, and they both were getting peckish. Charlie went upstairs and got a couple of bath robes. They both went into the kitchen and started raiding the cupboards and fridge to make supper. Charlie picked up a cucumber and laughed as he lewdly put it between his legs; "that will make you smile," he laughed.

"Oh yes," she said her eyes wide open.

She turned around and continued her food preparation as Charlie moved behind her. She tried to ignore him as he raised her robe and she felt something cold slide down her bum cheeks.

"You dirty bastard," she smiled as he slid the cucumber up and down her cheeks.

"Open your legs," he said.

She hesitated, but then did as he asked, allowing him to now slide the cucumber along her slit, still wet from the afternoons activity.

"Charlie, no!" she cried, but she couldn't hide the fact it was turning her on and she squatted a bit to open herself up.

Charlie changed the angle and he managed to get the tip of the cucumber inside her.

"Oh my God, that feels so strange," she said as Charlie forced it in a bit more.

He laughed as she moved again to ease his access to her.

He started fucking her with the cucumber, slowly entering and withdrawing from her.

"Play with your clit," he commanded.

She didn't need to be told twice and started playing with herself as he continued his playing with the cucumber.

She started to rock and press herself against him.

"Oh God, I'm cumming already," she said as her fingers played with her clit and the cucumber entered her even more, stretching her wet pussy to accommodate it.

She froze as she did cum, Charlie stopped all movements leaving the cucumber obscenely hanging between her legs.

He gently removed the fruit and let her robe drop.

"Naughty girl," he mocked. "You enjoyed that didn't you?"

"Yes," she said, "I would never have thought it, now lets eat and," she smiled and pointed at the cucumber, "I guess that needs a wash!"

They finished their preparation and sat down and eat.

"Fancy a banana?" Charlie asked when they had finished.

She smiled. "You don't give up do you?"

He laughed. "No I don't."

They moved to the lounge and sat next to each other. Charlie leant in for a kiss. "You OK?"

She nodded, returning the kiss.

"Let's go upstairs," she said, standing up and reaching out to Charlie, lifting him up.

They walked to his room and she turned around to face him, undoing her robe and stepping out of it.

He did likewise and reached out to hold her, starting to kiss her passionately.

They fell onto the bed as their kissing consumed them; his hands exploring her as she opened herself to his inquisitive touching.

He turned her around and made her lie on all fours, her bum in the air.

He stroked her pussy and upwards to her tradesman's entrance, circling her tight puckered hole, his indication clear.

He reached into the bedside draw and found what he was looking for, a tube of KY.

Liberally smearing the jel on his fingers and around her bum, he put one then two fingers inside her. Sue offered no resistance as he entered her secret hole and murmured appreciatively as the exploring fingers plunged ever deeper.

He stopped and put some more KY on his hard prick and then slowly and carefully entered her. She remained totally still but sighed as he slowly continued entering her until he was fully in. He withdrew a bit and then fully entered her again, before he started slowly thrusting. The naughtiness of the act, her total acceptance of him and the obvious enjoyment were having an effect as he thrust harder and faster. He stopped to put some more KY on him and around her open and gapping hole, before he resumed the act, the end being close as he cried out and filled her with his seed.

He slowly withdrew and lay down exhausted, his prick covered in a mixture of sperm and KY.

Sue lay down too.

Neither spoke for a while.

"What would Barry say now?" Charlie said. "His wife fucked up the arse by his friend."

She didn't reply for a while,

"Probably the same as Jane," she said smiling. "They wouldn't take it well."

"You take it OK," he said stroking her bum and trying to enter her again with his finger.

She brushed him away. "You're insatiable!"

He nodded; "And you point is?"

"That's why I am here," she said smiling and rolling over and lying on her back.

They soon fell asleep, waking in the small hours and having another quick fuck, before waking properly at about 8.00.

Sue got up and showered and was not at all put out when she felt her back being massaged, soon followed by the unmistakable feeling of a hard prick pressed against the small of her back.

"Good morning," Sue said as the hands now found their way to her front and started massaging her breasts, making her nipples once again become hard as Charlie played and tweaked them, marvelling at their responsiveness.

He continued massaging them with one hand while his other hand moved lower and starting playing with her pussy.

She moan appreciatively as his finger found how wet she was and entered her, touching her sensitive clit as he played with her. She opened her legs to help him access her.

Charlie asked her to lean forward. As she did, he grabbed his dick and let it slide along her wet and aroused slit, resting at her opening. She wriggled and reached down, guiding him inside her.

He started thrusting into her, one hand still massaging her breast, the other stroking the cheeks of her bum as he fucked her from behind.

She was turned on and met his thrusting rhythm as the water in the shower continued to fall onto them.

They moaned in the shared enjoyment and his thrusting became more urgent. His desire became overwhelming; he didn't care about her enjoyment as he reached his climax. Sue didn't care, she was nearly coming herself, enjoying the ravishing that Charlie was doing to her compliant body.

He grunted and stopped; he came inside her. The sensation of which was enough to push her over the edge and join him, her internal muscles clasping his jerking prick as she came at the same time.

They broke apart and laughed, before washing each other clean.

A leisurely breakfast followed with both Charlie and Sue sexually satiated and sitting in their gowns, before Sue decided that she had better go home before Barry returned.

She dressed and kissed Charlie farewell before rushing home.

Charlie decided to go into town and have a pub lunch; unfortunately Debbie from the solicitors wasn't there so he had lunch on his own.

An afternoon spent in front of the TV was followed by an evening of doing the same.

His solitude was broken by the ringing of the door bell.

He got up and opened the door, surprised to see Jane standing there.

"Hello," she said sheepishly.

"Err, hello," he said, "do you want to come in?"

She nodded and stepped into the hall.

"How are you?" he asked.

"OK," she nodded. "Yea, I'm OK," she smiled.

"Good, come on through," he said walking towards the lounge and sitting down.

"Thanks," she said sitting down, somewhat nervously.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked.

Jane nodded.

He went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of wine.

"Remember the last wine we drank?" she said looking at him.

He nodded. "I do, I do indeed," his mind taking him back to the evening she came and they ended up having the best sex they had had for ages.

"So do I," she said, now blushing.

They were both quiet, Jane breaking the silence: "I'm sorry to disturb you," she said, "but I was just passing and wanted to stop and say hi, nothing more."

"That's nice," he said, "and you're not disturbing me. I was just channel hopping trying to find something decent to watch."

"Oh, good," she said.

They were both quiet again, both sipping their drinks and deep in thought.

"What have you been up to?" she asked, "anything interesting?"

"No, not really," he replied. "You?"

"No, nothing much either," she smiled at him.

"Let me top your glass up," Charlie said, going to the kitchen.

"Ok, but just the one, I am driving and I will not stay today," she laughed as she continued, "I'm not sure having sex with your soon to be ex husband is the thing to do!"

"Oh, I don't know, I thought it was bloody good," he said raising his glass and smiling warmly at her.

"That's as maybe," she said, "and I didn't say it wasn't good, it's just wrong."

They both smiled at each other.

"Well I won't tell anybody," he said.

"Good, I should hope not!"

"How is the house sale going?" she asked.

"Not bad," he said. "I've even managed to screw the estate agent and the solicitor," he laughed.

"In your dreams!"

If only you knew he thought. "Yea, in my dreams."

"Seriously, I think it is going OK, a couple came round a few days ago and they seem interested and the estate agent is expecting them, to make an offer."

"Good," Jane said, but not sure she really meant it.

"How's your Mum?" he asked.

"Driving me crazy!" she smiled. "That's one of the reasons I was passing, I just had to get out of the house. She is treating me like a two year old!"

He smiled at her. "I can imagine."

"She is always digging about what happened between us," she sipped her wine; "she won't let it drop. She just doesn't get it that I don't want to talk about it."

"You should tell her what happened the last time we met up," he joked.

"God, she would freak," she laughed. "She would die if she thought I was having sex with you!"

"I'm not that bad, am I?" he said in mock indignation.

"No, your not, you certainly hit my buttons, but that's not the point; having sex with a soon to be ex is...."

He smiled.

"And you know you hit my buttons," she said quietly. "That's the problem."

"What is?"

She sighed. "I was a bloody fool, and I know we can't go back, but the sex we had last week, was the best I can remember and I threw it all away. I was so turned on and, well you know, it was great."

He nodded.

"Look, thanks for the drink, I'd better go," she said.

She put her glass down and stood up.

"Bye Charlie, sorry to have interrupted your evening."

He also stood up; "You didn't interrupt anything, it was good to see you.

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