tagNonHumanMidnight Hour

Midnight Hour

byCrystal Tigress©

The clock struck loud a bong bong to signal the midnight hour. Jason awoke suddenly with the sound and decided to get up from his slumber. He made his way down the long hallway in silence with only a hurricane lamp to light his way. Shadows bounced on the wall from the light. All was quiet now; a deathly silence had befallen the night. Entering the study, he placed the lamp down and looked at his desk. The pile of work he had before him was enormous and he thought he would get some of the paperwork done for his accounting firm. He settled down behind his desk to begin his work, when the wind began to howl. It blew the curtains to and from from the open window. Papers scattered across the room. He bolted up from his chair to close the window and looked out into the night.

There was a mist starting in the darkness and he could barely see the graveyard out his open window. He was not sure if his eyes deceived him but he could barely make out a figure walking the cemetery grounds. He tried to peer harder to make out the form. He could barely see the form of a female, which seemed to have stopped at a grave. He watched for awhile and she dropped to her knees and he could hear a crying sound between the sound of the wind. He wondered what she was doing and why she was there at this time of night so lost and so alone in the night.

He decided his work could wait and he would go see what she was about. He went quickly down the hallway, out of the study to put on his cloak. And went out into the night. He walked past the tall trees whose leaves rustled in the winds and he could still hear the cry from her as she lamented something or which he was not sure. Was she real of imagined he wondered as he made his way to the graveyard gate? As he went past the headstones he could still see her. As he managed to get closer he could see that she was just a shadow of a figure and not quite solid. For he seemed to be able to see through her.

As he approached she turned, tears streaming down her face. He looked at the grave and then the ghostly phantom before him. She came towards him floating on the wind. Embraced him in her arms, which were of the air and held him tight. He knew then. She was lonesome. Her lover of a long time past had not come to her. He tried to hold her back, this ghostly woman and give her the love she so craved. Passion on the wind. Her desires were strong as he stood back and looked at her. She was lovely dressed in a long beige gown. She led him off into the woods by the hand and he followed, there beneath an oak tree she kissed him. His hands could barely feel her, she was there, but yet she was not. She touched him with her simple fingers moving aside his cloak and shirt. His skin tingled at her touch. She touched him so lightly; it was almost like being kissed by a breeze. Her lips met his chest and he seemed to meld into her. Her eyes at that point seemed to laugh looking up at him, and her lips broke into a slight smile.

He was under her spell of seduction and he could not resist as she started to fondle him further below. He could feel her love. She touched him so tenderly between the legs, his cock gave a leap as if touched by fire. She fumbled slowly and released him from the restraints of his pants and stroked his maleness. He was hard and firm and he could not understand the spell he was under. This phantom, this ghost had him in her grips. And he knew nothing but to succumb. He gave way and tore at her ghostly dress and kissed her mounds of breasts. He suckled at the mist’s breasts and savored her flavor. Her nipples responding hard and standing up proud and erect. He could tell he was overcoming her sorrow at her lover’s passing and coming no more. She was not at rest still, and desired the things of the earth. She desired to feel and would not let go. He felt under her dress and felt a heat and wetness come as she moaned into the wind.

She dropped to the ground and he could see her taking on flesh and becoming more solid. Her hands felt warm upon him. She kissed the tip of his penis and opened her mouth wider. She fondled him with her lips taking him deeper inside her and she started slowly to suckle with passion. He fell back against the tree, his legs weakened. She persisted and devoured his essence. He grew hard inside her and she touched his balls and caressed them with tenderness. She wanted more from him. He could hear her moaning. She suddenly tore her mouth away from him and said, “You shall be my lover for tonight”. He calmly responded that he would and what ever it was that she desired he would do. She gave a rather fiendish smile and said she wanted to please him.

She pulled him down to the ground and pushed him into the leaves. Her body over him, she climbed on to him letting her dress fall about his face. She pushed herself into his lips. He could taste her dripping heat and drove himself right into her. She gave out pleas of more and he could feel her whole body trembled as he had her in his grips. She moved herself down and kissed over his chest and then came up. She drove her tongue between his lips and they danced for a little while. She lowered hand to between his legs. She gripped him in her hands and gently pushed the tip of his manhood against her clit. Teasing her self with him. He felt her harden against him as she lowered herself on to him. Her body shaking as she impaled herself on his staff. She held him tight inside her; he could feel how wet she was for him.

He felt her throb as she moved slowly up and down on him. She held tight to his neck and kissed him again. He never felt like this before as this vision slowly took him. She moved up and he looked into her eyes. Eyes on fire. Driving her face into his neck she slowly nibbled him and kissed his neck, as she started to move faster. Thrusting herself into her. He met her thrusts and wanted to drive himself deep into her. His body lurched as he pushed and she pushed as the beat grew in temp. She whined and whimpered as he could tell she was going to unleash her passion. He felt the wetness creeping down his shaft and dripping over his balls. Suddenly she gave a cry of urgency, her eyes closed and she bit her lower lip. He let his torrent go as he jerked inside her spilling his sweet cream. They came as one so intense with desires.

She fell on to him holding him so very close. He squeezed her and wanted to love her so this ghostly delight. There was a sudden tenderness for a moment until she looked up to him. He could see a slight tear from her eyes. He tried to gaze into her this spirit to find out her story. But she was hidden from him. He would never know. She was a mystery to him this night. He wondered if he would ever see her again. She lifted up her hand and whipped the tear from her eye and smiled at him.

He felt her disappear into his hands. Her flesh seemed to vanish. He could feel her no more. The mist started to surround them and she was getting harder to feel and see. She was vanishing in the mist. Then she was not there. He got up and put himself together and looked around. She was gone. As strangely as she appeared. He walked towards the house glancing behind him. There was nothing. He started to wonder if it was just a dream. He entered the house and took one last look into the night. He heard the clock strike three. He put his cloak away and walked to his room to lay awake and wonder if he might ever see her again.

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