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Midwest Mom


Chris looked out the window of the plane as it circled around the medium-sized midwestern city that he called home. He took a deep breath and enjoyed thinking about absolutely nothing. He was not the type that generally took much time just to do nothing. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he was so beat, and longed to have nothing on his mind for a few days. Fortunately, thats all there was to do at home.

For his whole life Chris had moved from one goal to the next, tackling every obstacle with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. He worked hard in high school to get into a good college, and he worked hard in college to get into a good law school. And after three years of law school, he studied hard to pass the bar. His hard work had been rewarded. He had a great job lined up in New York. Fortunately, he had almost two months off before he was scheduled to start working. He was glad. Unlike many other law students, who took the opportunity to go visit exotic places, Chris was in no mood for adventure. He was perfectly content to go home and worry about nothing except baseball and reading some good fiction.

Chris got off the plane and walked down the corridor to meet his mother, Sandy. As he picked her out of the crowd he was filled with warm feelings. Her smiling face showed that she was also quite looking forward to seeing her only son. Chris noticed that Sandy was wearing a white tanktop tshirt, tucked into black shorts shorts. Chris was well aware that his mother was a very attractive woman. She was about five and a half feet tall and she had strawberry blonde hair. She also had fairly large breasts, which he sometimes imagined would be slightly more than a handful. She also kept herself in great shape. As a result, she had always been able to wear summer clothes to great effect. Even pushing 50 years of age, she had a flat tummy and her legs looked like she was in her 20s.

Chris embraced his mother, feeling her soft breasts crush against his chest through her bra. She pecked him briefly on the lips and took his hand as they walked to the baggage. They chatted easily, and Chris could feel the tension accumulated over the summer of intense studying start to slip away in the presence of his mother. He felt nothing but comfortable with her, and he was certainly glad to be home.

They drove home with the windows down, letting the air cool them instead of using the AC. It was about 80 degrees and sunny - a beautiful day in late July. Chris took in the familiar sights as they drove along. In addition to the parks and schools, Chris' attention was drawn to his mother's cleavage. His eyes were initially drawn by the glint of the simple gold cross that his mother always wore. It settled nicely just where the clefts of her breasts began to rise. His eyes followed the inviting lines to take in the three inches of exposed flesh. He appreciated the way they shook slightly, with the bouncing of the car. He tried to be careful not to stare too much, but he was out of practice and his mind was not sharp. Her eyes caught his as he drew them away from her chest. He caught the beginnings of the smile on her lips as she refocused her eyes on the road. Chris chided himself silently and tried to keep his eyes off of his gorgeous mother. But he couldn't help himself and with one last peek at her chest he thought he saw her nipples beginning to poke through her bra and tshirt. He started to harden at the thought of it.

When they got home, his mother opened the door to their big, empty house. His sister still lived in the city, but she attended college and lived apart from his parents. Chris' figured his father was still at work, unable to enjoy the wonderful summer weather.

"Why don't you take your stuff upstairs and get relaxed. I'm gonna start on dinner," Sandy suggested.

Nodding in appreciation, Chris hauled his bags up the stairs. Reaching his childhood room, he lay down on the bed and let the happy thoughts associated with home spill through his head. He loved it here, what with the big midwestern rooms and large yard of their corner suburban lot. He let some of the good memories of his childhood wash over him. Strangely, he found himself thinking about his mother. He recalled an image of her wearing a white bikini at the beach, and how he had watched a bead of sweat trickle from her collarbone down into the depths of her cleavage. Or the time he was burying her in the sand and he was able to make out the outline of her vagina lips through her bikini bottoms. Or how she looked with her breasts bouncing in her sports bra as she jogged around the block.

Chris quickly opened his eyes and adjusted his hard cock so it didn't show. Where were these thoughts coming from? He had nothing but respect for his mother, and he had always appreciated her beauty in what he thought was a platonic way. Why did he have these memories of her pussy lips or her bouncing breasts now? He didn't remember thinking about her in a sexy way when he first observed these images. But there was no doubt he was thinking of her in a sexy way right now. Maybe I'm just stressed and happy to be home, he thought. He also noted that he hadn't had an orgasm in quite a while, and he hadn't gotten laid in even more than a while. The stress of passing the bar had put getting some action on the back burner. All that saved up sexual energy must just be coming out now that I'm done, and my mom was the first woman I saw, he told himself.

But a part of Chris' mind told him that his rationalizations were just that. His balls were tingling and the tip of his cock was extremely sensitive. He brushed his hand over his penis and felt it respond. He considered having a jerk, but he decided against it. He enjoyed the feeling of sexual energy, but even more than that, he liked how exciting he found these newfound thoughts about his mother. Part of his mind told him that he shouldn't be thinking about her body. But a much deeper part of him was thrilled by the new and taboo subject matter.

Without thinking too much more, Chris jumped up off the bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen. He found his mom at the sink, peeling carrots for a salad. Her butt wiggled as she made the effort to scrape the carrots clean. As she whipped around to greet him, Chris quickly moved his eyes away from her butt and he smiled at her somewhat awkwardly. He had never had to think so much about not oggling his mother. But as he moved to meet her gaze, a feeling of ecstacy swept through his body - she looked absolutely gorgeous. The rich, muted light of the summer evening streamed through the window behind her highlighting her beautiful features and reddish-gold hair in a way that melted Chris' insides. The moment seemed to resist the movement of time. Chris was overwhelmed by the feelings he held for this woman, feelings that he had always held deep inside, but which were now pouring through the barriers of his consciousness.

"How about a beer?" Sandy asked, breaking through the transcendent moment and bringing Chris back to reality.

Realizing that he was standing with his mouth agape, Chris moved to compose himself.

"Sure mom. I'd love a beer," Sam said, noticing that his mother had a glass of wine going. He didn't remember her drinking very much, and thought that this must be a new habit.

As Sandy bent down to grab a bottle from the lowest shelf in the fridge, Chris did not miss the opportunity to watch her shorts ride up into the crack of her butt, exposing her long and firm thighs all the way to their nexus. Chris' cock was at full attention. His whole body seemed to be infused with sexual energy, coursing outwards from his cock. Never in his life had he felt so alive with sexual energy. Unfortunately, he didn't have anywhere to release his sexual frenzy for the next couple of months. But if his subconscious were speaking, it would say that there was only one object for his growing passion, and she stood only feet away from him.

Chris sat back and chatted lightly with Sandy as she continued to prepare dinner. He filled her in on his life and she listened with interest as she continued to prepare dinner. The beer felt good, and he loved hanging out with his mom. The growing realization of his mom's sexuality added to the pleasantness of his surroundings. Each movement she made in the kitchen brought new sexual thoughts into Chris' mind. She was preparing hamburgers to cook on their patio grill, and Chris was admiring her legs as they tensed while she formed the patties.

Just then, the phone rang and Chris moved to answer it. It was his father, Rob. Chris was glad to hear his voice, but he was not as upset as he might have been at his father's news that he would be staying late at the office. After catching up some, Chris left his dad to his work and hung up the phone.

Sandy, having heard one side of the conversation said "I'm sorry your father can't make it home tonight. At least Diane will be here so your homecoming isn't just you and me." Chris didn't think homecoming alone with his mother sounded bad at all, but he was looking forward to seeing his sister.

Chris then went outside and started up the grill. He was glad his parents kept a charcoal grill instead of a gas one. He liked the ritual of getting it started and the smell of the coals, not to mention the taste of good outdoor barbecue food. He used an electric starter and piled the coals around it so they would begin to brun. Then he went back inside and found his mom sitting at the table. She had refilled her wine glass, and he decided to get another beer. He suggested that they go outside and enjoy the evening while the grill heated up.

Sandy and Chris sat down in the chaises longues on their patio and appreciated the gorgeous evening weather. There were few bugs, it was a perfect temperature and the neighborhood was alive with the sounds of kids playing and adults gathering in their yards.

"BethAnn looks like she's pregnant again" said Sandy, nodding across the street at a woman who was watching as three young children were racing around on skateboards.

"What is that number four for her?"

"Yah, and she's not even Catholic like we are" said his mom. Chris had never considered his parents views on birth control. They were hardly strictly religious, although they did attend Church every week.

"Hah - I bet you and dad would've had more than two if you were strict Catholics!" Chris replied.

"Just what are you suggesting young man? That your pious old mother would commit a sin such as using birth control?" she asked, taking mock offense. Just the idea of his mother talking about sex had Chris rock hard. His body pulsed with sexual energy. He wanted to keep on the subject of sex.

Chris turned to look at her and joked, "I have no doubt you are as pure as the Virgin Mary, dear sweet mother." Her legs were drawn up against her, holding a pose that showed the back of her legs all the way up to the start of her butt. He pretended not to look.

"No way man - the Virgin Mary missed out on the fun part." Chris couldn't believe they were directly talking about sex. They had never done so before. He wanted his mother to show him her fun parts, and in only half a day that desire had come to consume him.

"But only twice, right? And definitely only for propagation." Chris said.

Sandy stood up, and leaned over Chris as he sat in his chair. Her necklace dangled tantalizingly between her breasts, which he could clearly see as they sat cupped in her bra. She touched his nose playfully, locked eyes with him, and with a sly little smile, she said in a husky voice, "twice that you know of." Sandy then turned her back to him and walked bouncily over to check the grill.

Chris, for the second time that day, was speechless, barely able to deal with the intensity of feeling he had for his beautiful mother. He sat on the chair with a dumb look on his face, coming to grips with the way his mother was seemingly flirting with him. He could not recall any other time when she had so brazenly revealed her tits to his view.

Snapping out of his reverie, Chris heard a crash followed by his mother screaming "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Shit!" Chris snapped out of his reverie at the sound of his mom's high pitched, ear-piercing scream and use of a curse word. The whole neighborhood turned its attention to the patio.

Not used to dealing with grills, Sandy had caught her leg on the cord of the electric coal starter as she walked towards the grill. She had tripped on the cord and as she fell the red-hot piece of metal was pulled from beneath the coals and landed on the back of Sandy's arm and her back causing a nasty burn and singing her shirt black where it touched.

Chris quickly jumped to action. He grabbed his mom and led her inside to the sink, where they ran cold water over her burn as best they could. It was hard to reach that part of her arm and water splashed everywhere, getting Sandy's shirt quite wet. Chris gave up and prepared an ice pack to place on the wound, worried as he watched her fight away the pain with a grimace. After a few minutes the pain started to subside and Sandy started to feel more embarrassment at her clumsiness.

Meanwhile, Chris was entranced with the new views of his mother. To better place the ice pack Sandy pulled the singed strap to her tshirt and bra over her shoulder. Chris noticed the area around the burn was red, but it didn't look too serious. He also took the opportunity to take in his mom's breasts, which were clearly outlined against her wet tshirt. Her right breast was partially exposed as the held her tshirt away from her skin in the back. Chris could not help but take in the gorgeous sight of his mother's partially exposed breasts. As Sandy turned to ask for his help Chris quickly averted his eyes.

"I need to get this thing off" she said. It took a brief moment for Chris to understand. When he grasped her request he tried to conceal his excitement.

"Sure mom, here" he said, as he moved towards her.

She grabbed the bottom of the shirt with her left hand and Chris took hold of the other side and they lifted it over her head. She stood in the kitched, clad only in her bra, with only one strap holding her bra on. She was flushed and uncomfortable so Chris did not want to take advantage of looking at her charms. But he couldn't help it and kept sneaking glimpses of her mostly exposed bosom.

"Surely you know how to work one of these" said Sandy. She was holding the strap away from her burned arm and shoulder with her left hand and she couldn't reach the bra clasp with her right hand. Chris realized she wanted to take her bra off as well. Just the thought sent waves of pleasure from the bottom of his spine through his whole body.

Chris' hands shook as he reached out and tried to undo the bra. He never thought he would be taking off his own mother's bra. He fumbled under the pressure of the situation. He didn't want to tug on it any more than necessary to unclasp it, but he couldn't quite get it unhooked. His mom let loose a bit of a chuckle at their situation, easing the tension and allowing Chris to finally unhooked her bra. When she had eased it off and over her shoulder she turned to face her son. He made no effort to look away from her beautiful orbs. Her nipples sat on ample aureolas, which were flushed a dark pink. Sandy's ample tits swayed gently in front of her only son. There was some sag to her breasts, but they still somehow pointed upwards. Chris was transfixed with his mother's display of sexuality. Sandy tossed the bra at her son, saying "here's your prize, big guy" before she pranced up the stairs.

Chris had barely collected his thoughts when he heard his mom call him from upstairs. He went up and opened the door to her bedroom and realized she needed help treating the burn. Of course, she still had no shirt on. Chris could barely believe his luck as he put aloe on his finger tips and gently applied it to her distressed skin. After he had amply covered her burn with the soothing aloe lotion, his mom turned towards him, making no effort to conceal herself and kissed him on his lips. She didn't open her lips, but their lips met for a beat longer than usual.

"Thanks, hon" Sandy said before she moved to her closet. Without asking him to leave, she pulled on a loose-fitting shirt, without a bra. Her shirt was made of silk, probably the lightest fabric she could find in order to not aggravate her burned skin. But the result was a very clear outline of her breasts very well displayed to Chris' view.

Chris had a raging hard-on. Moreover, he felt tingly all over his body. It was all he could do to resist the urge to reach out and stroke his mother's breasts and kiss her soft skin. But instead he resisted. He grabbed her hand and they went downstairs to salvage their coals and cook a late dinner.

When they got downstairs there was a message on Sandy's cell. It was from Diane, saying she wished she could be home to see Chris, but she was struggling with a paper and needed to stay and finish it before the due date.

"Just as well. Not like I was able to cook anything anyways," Sandy said, somewhat discouraged about the failure to make Chris' homecoming dinner special. Of course, it had become special in another way.

Chris poured his mom a big glass of wine and took the burgers out to cook them himself. Neither of them was very hungry but he decided to cook the burgers so they didn't go bad. Meanwhile his mom made a salad for two.

When Chris returned with the burgers, his mom was setting the table, and had lit several candles. The soft light once again made her appear almost otherworldly beautiful. She was also getting slightly flushed by the wine, which she was taking in big gulps in the hopes of diminishing the pain of her burn.

Chris poured himself a glass of wine and sat down. They sat next to each other instead of across from each other and Chris paid more attention to Sandy than the food. Meanwhile, Sandy's inhibitions had dropped considerably, and she seemed to be enjoying this new kind of attention from her son. Chris was also almost painfully aware of her unconstrained breasts and his eyes were drawn to every movement of her prominent nipples beneath her shirt.

Finishing her last bite of hamburger, Sandy turned to Chris and suggested that they open another bottle of wine and move to the other room to watch TV or something. Chris watched her slightly intoxicated steps and followed her to the other room.

"Should we check on your wounds?" he asked.

"Yes. I could probably use another application of aloe" she replied.

Chris went to get the aloe lotion and when he returned he found his mother topless, waiting for him. He was already hard and he did not miss the fact that she noticed his condition.

"Sit behind me here on the couch" she said, as she scooted forward some. As Chris swung his leg over her his cock practically stabbed her in the face, but she barely flinched.

He put aloe on his hands and started to gently apply it to her burns. When he was done, he started to rub her back gently. She sighed and moved forward. As she did, Chris no longer was leaning against the back of the couch and balancing on his feet. Instead, he slid down and his hard cock pressed firmly against the small of her back. There was not much room for his arms so he started rubbing her shoulders and neck. As she responded with oohs and ahs, he started to rub higher on her neck and around her ears and temples. She was obviously enjoying the treatment.

Then, as Chris rubbed her face gently, she leaned back into him. He felt her press with her back against his rigid penis and without a conscious thought his hands fell to her breasts. She sighed. He was in heaven. He oh so gently ran his palms over the nipples, feeling them rise to meet his gentle ministrations. Then he firmly held her breasts in his palms and lifted and squeezed their heft. She leaned her head back on his shoulder and his lips found the sensitive spots between her ear and her neck, kissing and breathing on her as he caressed her body. He reached down and ran his hands slowly down her sides and up again, once again cradling the breasts that were the first thing he knew in this world. He continued rubbing her up and down with his hands, and he rhythmically thrust his cock into her lower back, enjoying the pressure.

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