tagBDSMMike & Peggy Ch. 03

Mike & Peggy Ch. 03


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a long story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:

Part 3

The week was dragging by. Peggy had made it clear she had a huge project due on Friday and they would have no time together before then. There was a concert on Friday night that she really wanted to attend, and Mike had promised to try and get tickets, which he did.

They barely even talked on the phone, and then just very short conversations in which Peggy would remind Mike of his two promises and ask if he was still keeping them. The calls almost all ended with the same routine. Peggy giggling, "Good, it will be worth it I promise!" in response to Mike's assurances that he was indeed keeping the promises. This hint of things to come made Mike's cock stir every time. He was keeping his promise only because he truly believed that Peggy would somehow know if he didn't, but the constant ache in his groin made it increasingly difficult to do so.

By Thursday Mike couldn't think straight. He was walking across campus, completely distracted thinking about the coming weekend. He was in a world of his own, not really paying attention to anything around him.

She had to practically yell at him the second time before he heard her.

"HEY MIKE!" It was Mary, Peggy's best friend and without a doubt the best built of all the cheerleaders.

"Oh, Hi Mary. I'm sorry, I was thinking about something else."

"Duh! Wouldn't have been my blond friend would it?" she teased.

"Well, actually, yeah it was," he admitted awkwardly.

"Buy me a cup of coffee?" she asked rather more seriously than she usually did anything.

"Sure, I've got a while until my next class." Mike actually liked Mary. She had a reputation for being wild, and dressed and acted to promote it, but Mike suspected that on the inside she was actually pretty nice and far less flamboyant than she liked to act. And since she and Peggy were best friends, there was really no pressure on Mike when he was around Mary, which virtually no other guy on campus could say. At least there hadn't been until now.

The seriousness was quickly gone. As they headed to the student union Mary started in, "So you been gettin' any lately?" she giggled.

"I suspect you know the answer to that quite well, but for the record, no, I haven't." Mike was keeping his promise to Peggy, quite sure that any conversation with Mary would be reported in detail.

"Oh yeah, she actually likes you, so you're running around with blue balls, right?" Mary laughed rather heartily. She was in her sluttish role.

Mike felt himself blush. He assumed that Peggy had told Mary much, if not all about their weekend, but they were up to the order counter, so he said nothing as they got their coffee and moved to a table that was rather isolated.

Once they were sitting Mike worked up the courage to ask what he was thinking, "What did you mean about Peggy actually liking me?" Mike was afraid that Mary would just be flippant as usual, or worse make fun of him. Instead she became serious again like she had when they first met earlier.

"Mike, I've known Peggy since high school, before actually, and I'll never figure her out when it comes to guys. I think she got weird back in our freshman year here, when that guy she really fell for screwed her over. Ever since then she hasn't let herself get serious about anybody. Oh the stories you hear about her being easy are bullshit. Sure, she has laid a lot of guys, but she never cares about them and they're history after a couple of romps. And she is the one who is always in control, she isn't easy, she just likes to fuck." Mary said all this so conversationally that Mike had no doubt it was completely accurate, and it felt like he'd been kicked in the stomach by a mule.

Mary could see the pain in Mike's face. "You know I wasn't talking about you, right? I mean you know she really is serious about you, don't you? But there will be a Hell of a price!"

The relief in Mike's face was quickly as obvious as the pain had been. "I guess I'm not sure what I know after what you've said."

"Mike, Peggy is an incurable cock teaser. She always has been and always will be. You will spend most of your time with an aching set of nuts if you keep going with her. Sure she loves to fuck, as much as any girl I know, but she is going to save that for guys she doesn't really care about. Don't ask me to explain it, I can't, but it's true. You will never get in her pants. Somehow she takes that as a sign you really care and are being loyal. The only way you're ever going to have sex with her is to get married to her, and believe me you don't want that!"

Then a change came over Mary, she stopped being so serious and her wild side began to show again. "You know Mike, I've always been disappointed that you've never asked me out. I think you're pretty cute."

This caused Mike to blush, even though he was sure she was putting him on, "Yeah, right!"

"No I mean it. And Mike," she went on with a huge grin, "you wouldn't have blue balls if you were going out with me! I like to fuck just as much as Peggy, but I like to do it with the guys I DO care about. There is more too. When Peggy does let a guy cum in her mouth, she spits it out. I swallow!" She was laughing as she said this, more at Mike's reaction than anything else.

Mike had never had a conversation with a girl that went anything like this, and in his current state it was making his cock start to harden. He was at a complete loss. Like many guys, he figured girls didn't think like this and damn sure didn't talk like this. He had a great deal to learn.

She leaned in real close to him, he could smell her perfume and in his state it set his hormones into high gear. In a sexy whisper she said, "Mike, we could go to your place and spend the rest of the day in bed. I promise you won't have blue balls when we're done," and she leaned even closer as she finished and stuck her tongue in his ear.

Mike had a full hard-on by now, "Oh go on!"

Mary looked Mike straight in the eyes and with a sincerity he couldn't doubt said, "Mike, I'm dead serious. I'd love to spend the rest of the day making love to you. I think Peggy is crazy to pass that up!"

Mike was speechless. It was clear she meant it. Mike would never have dreamed of asking Mary out for the expectation of total rejection and here she was coming on to him in a major way.

"But, Peggy?" he mumbled, already about to cave in to this sexpot.

"Oh she'd have to know, and I'm sure she'd hate you, probably me too, but then you and I would be together. And like I said, it would be the end of your blue balls for good!"

Mike was a complete and total wreck. He had no idea what to do. He still felt a love for Peggy, but had no doubt about anything Mary was saying. Here was a chance to go from total frustration to mind boggling sex with one of the prettiest, and absolutely the sexiest girl on campus, and yet he was still hesitating. You could call him old fashioned, or maybe just not capable of the betrayal this would mean. And probably actually in love with Peggy. So somehow, in a way that most of us would never be able to duplicate Mike said, "Mary, you are sexy and pretty, and any guy would die to be with you, but . . ." he paused.

Mary continued for him, clearly disappointed, "but . . . since it means you have to choose between Peggy and me, you choose her. I don't know what it is about her, but that's always the way it goes."

She got up and started to leave, but paused and added, "Don't say I didn't warn you." And with that she left.

Mike called to her after a few steps, "Mary! Mary!" but she never turned.

Mike muttered to himself, "Michael, you are a total fucking idiot!" Then chuckling quietly added, "Well fucking isn't the right adjective."

It had seemed like it took forever, but Friday afternoon finally arrived. The plan was for Mike to pick Peggy up at six, they'd go have pizza and a beer and be at the concert hall well before the eight o'clock opening act.

At six sharp, Mike walked into the waiting room at the sorority. A few minutes later Peggy came in to meet him. To Mike's great shock, she was wearing a big fluffy bathrobe and slippers. Her nose was all red and her eyes were bloodshot. At first Mike thought something was terribly wrong and that she'd been crying. Then he noticed the wad of Kleenex she was clinging to, and she sneezed about five times.

In a very raspy, congested voice she croaked, "Mike, I'm so sorry, but I have the worst cold of my life. I can hardly breath. I'm really sorry, but there is no way I can go tonight."

She leaned close and whispered, at least as well as she could, "I'm really sorry Mike, I know how disappointed you must be. We were going to have such a fun weekend. I know this must be adding terribly to your frustration." She glanced at his crotch as she said this, with a wistful smile.

It was obvious she was really sick, and at least she had convinced Mike that she was genuinely sorry. That was little solace to a guy who had spent a solid week looking forward to just one thing.

"I know how much trouble you went to for the tickets, and I don't want tonight to be a complete bust, so I asked Mary to go with you in my place. That's okay isn't it?"

'Shit!' Mike thought, this wasn't a good thing. Not only was he not going to get his rocks off with Peggy, he knew spending the evening with Mary would only exacerbate his problem. Wisely however, he managed to smile and say, "No, that'd be just fine. I like Mary, I'm sure we'll have fun."

Before either of them could say anything else Mary came bouncing in, looking a bit sluttish as usual, but very, very sexy Mike noticed immediately. She was wearing a very tight short skirt and a snug top that showed plenty of cleavage and left her midriff bare.

"So, looks like you're stuck with second best tonight. That okay with you?" This last part she said as if she really wasn't sure how he would react.

Trying to walk the tightrope he sensed, Mike replied, "Hey Mary, no one would consider you second best. You look great by the way." Of course he meant every word, but was trying not to be too enthusiastic in front of Peggy.

She was so sick, she really didn't pay much attention, "You two have a good time," then with a weak smile added, "just not too good a time. Both of you behave, especially you Mary!"

The girls giggled at that, then without another word Peggy headed off to bed.

"So, let's go have some fun!" said Mary very eagerly now that Peggy had left.

With equal excitement Mike replied, "You bet! We'll have a great time!"

And so Mary took Mike's arm and out the door they went.

Somewhat to Mike's surprise, Mary was a great deal of fun to be with and wasn't at all outrageous. They ate pizza and drank beer rather quickly, and then went off to the concert. During the show Mary would hug and touch him, and rub against him, but really nothing blatant. Mostly she was driving him crazy because she just looked and especially smelled so damn good!

It was after midnight by the time the concert broke up. Mike realized how much fun he'd had just being with Mary, although she had done nothing to ease his sexually charged state. He really didn't think she'd done anything intentionally, Hell, she hadn't done anything at all. It was just that she was so damn sexy, and in his state being with a girl a lot less sexy than Mary would have had a similar effect, but probably not quite as much. He'd been semi-hard most of the night.

Now they were driving back to campus. He intended to drop her at the sorority and go back to his room. The second he got there he intended to whack off as many times as it took to relieve the ache. After all, he'd kept his one-week promise to Peggy and it sure wasn't his fault she got sick. Naturally he would have preferred that it was her getting him off, but at this point he really didn't care all that much to be honest!

Mary was leaning against him with her head resting on his shoulder and her hand resting on his thigh. She was just softly resting there, unusually quiet for her. Just as they reached the edge of campus she spoke for the first time in quite a while. "Mike, would you turn right at the next intersection." She was indicating a service road that led to the science buildings.

She felt Mike stiffen (his whole body!) and she softly added, "Please."

Mike said nothing, but did as she asked. In another minute they reached a very small parking lot at the end of the road. It was nestled amongst the science quad. There were no lights anywhere and it was deserted and secluded, but not so far off the beaten path that they were likely to be mugged or even hassled.

Mary sat up and looked at Mike. He could barely see her, but well enough to see that smile of hers.

"I have a surprise for you!"

"What would that be?" Mike asked cautiously, showing his deep suspicion.

"Oh don't worry, I'm not going to bite!" she giggled.

More seriously she went on, "I know how horny you must be, Peggy told me most of last weekend, and the promise she extorted from you!"

Mike thought Mary's choice of phrase a little much, but he said nothing. He was not terribly surprised that Mary knew all.

"And she told me to tell you how bad she feels that she can't be with you tonight to give you some relief. I don't really believe her, and I can't imagine why you would put up with what she does to you, but hey, that's not my business!"

Going on, with a clear smile in her voice, "She did ask me to give you a hand job, to ya' know, help. If you want, that is! I promised not to kiss you or let you feel me up, but I'll give you some relief if you let me." Mary sounded hopeful that he would.


Mary laughed hard, "What's a matter big boy, 'fraid?"

Mike was thinking hard. It sounded so much like Peggy. Definitely manipulative.

Somehow trying to avoid being a complete jerk, he replied, "That sounds kinda' one sided, doesn't it?"

"Well, if you just want to take me home and be done with it, it's up to you," she said, but at the same time she reached over and stroked his rock hard cock through his pants, "but your friend here seems to like the idea!" She was laughing softly as she spoke.

Mike could only groan now.

"Mike, really, I'd like to do this for you. You must be in a pretty bad way by now. I really should just leave you to suffer because of that bitch, but I like you too much. Here, let me help you decide."

And with that she stuck her tongue in his ear and increased the tempo over his fly. This elicited an even larger groan from Mike. Receiving no resistance, she undid the button on his pants and started to work the zipper down, gently rubbing the underside of his cock as she did so.

Mike had said nothing, but just kept groaning since he'd made his half-hearted attempt to be a 'gentleman'.

Once she had his pants complete undone, Mary slid her fingers under the waistband of his briefs and with three fingertips she gently caressed the head of his cock. That was it, Mike could remain silent no longer, "Oh God Mary, shit that feels so good. Oh God don't stop! Please!"

"Don't worry lover, I'm not going to stop," but she did momentarily. "Lift your hips and help me for a sec."

He quickly complied and between the two of them they had his pants and briefs pushed down off his thighs and below his knees in no time.

"Now lay your seat back as far as you can."

Again he quickly did as she instructed. It was a little awkward, but he was now mostly reclined with his pants below his knees and she was lying with her head on his chest and could get at his equipment with both hands, which she promptly started to do.

At first she just 'played' with him. Touching him, touching his cock, feeling his balls, tracing a finger up and down the shaft, gently squeezing the head. Mike was squirming and moaning constantly.

"Relax Mike, Mary's gonna make it all better," she cooed.

"I know you aren't going to last very long, but I'm going to go a little bit slow so it feels as good as possible, okay?" she said with genuine tenderness.

"Mmm, um," was all that came out of Mike in return.

She finally started to stroke him slow and gentle, with a loose grip using one hand, while the other constantly caressed his balls. She kept up a nice steady rhythm, pushing him progressively toward a massively explosive orgasm they both knew he would have soon.

"Feel good, little boy?" she said in a teasing voice.

"Oh God Mary, Oh God!" Mike gasped. He couldn't be truly coherent.

She picked up the pace a bit, escalating the already extremely intense pleasure Mike was experiencing. He was very, very close. She increased the pace some more. He felt his whole body start to tense, his balls got rock hard and started to contract and she felt his cock seem to expand in her hand.

She stopped completely and released him! "I can't, I just can't. I'm so sorry Mike!" she burst out.

"AHGGGGGG! Shit! Oh NO! GOD MARY, WHAT? WHAT?" regaining a small measure of control he went on, "Mary, what's wrong?"

Mike felt like he was having a heart attack his chest was pounding so hard, at least he felt like what he thought one would feel like. Actually he couldn't think at all. What had just happened to him was not only the most extraordinarily frustrating experience of his life, he had no idea what the Hell was going on.

When he turned to look at Mary, she had turned her head away.

"Mary, what's wrong?" he asked a bit more gently, actually a bit concerned.

When she turned back, he could make out in the very muted light that she was weeping.

He took her in his arms tenderly and asked very soothingly this time, "Mary, what's wrong?"

She let out a sob or two and then with a sniffle that seems to help her regain some composure, in an incredibly soft voice she simply said, "I lied."

Mike was completely lost. His balls felt the size of grapefruits and they really, really ached, his cock was still rock hard and actually throbbing and pulsing, and he had no idea what had just happened or what in the world Mary was talking about.

He hesitated for a little while then said the only thing that came to mind, "About what?"

Mary sighed deeply and seemed to steel herself a bit more, "About Peggy."

Now he really was lost, "I don't understand, what about Peggy?"

One more deep breath and Mary had regained her control. She started to spill it all out, "Mike just listen until I finish, please." She went on without waiting for an answer, "Peggy never said anything about giving you a hand job, I made it up. She'd kill me if she knew I did this and she'd dump you if I'd finished, even though you hadn't done anything wrong. That's just how she is!"

"But why, Mary, why did you do it?" He was more confused than angry, but some of that too.

"Mike" she said turning and looking him square in the eye, "I like you, I mean I REALLY like you, a lot! I knew if this happened we would probably both tell Peggy and I also knew she'd dump you and probably not speak to me for a while, but then you and Peggy would be through and I thought you and I would end up together."

Gently she went on, "I really want that."

Mike tightened his hold on her and just continued for a minute without saying anything.

Finally, "Mary, I'm stunned, and totally flattered, I, uh, I really don't know what to say."

Mike was totally perplexed, he had no idea what to do. He had no idea what he even wanted to do.

"Mike, I'd love to finish what I started," she reached down and gave his still rock hard cock a couple of light squeezes, "and then we could go to your place and I'd suck you and fuck you the entire rest of the night! But, I couldn't go through with what I started without you knowing the truth. Besides, I was afraid if I did you'd hate me." And with that she started to sob softly again.

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