Mike & Peggy Ch. 03


"Oh Mary, it's okay, honest," he said still holding her tight.

"Mike, it's just that I can't stand to see that bitch use and torment you like this. You deserve better!"

Mike was surprised to hear Mary keep calling Peggy a bitch, and she said it with such venom that Mike knew she was serious. "I thought you and Peggy were best friends?"

With a laugh she replied, "We are! That doesn't mean I don't know what a bitch she is!"

That did not clear it up for Mike, but he let it go.

However, since Mike had brought it up Mary went on, "Mike, she is going to tease and frustrate the shit out of you, leaving you walking around with the worst blue balls you can imagine all the time, while she is out fucking and sucking all the stud jocks on campus! I repeat, you deserve better. I've told you, and it's true, if you and I were together you'd get fucked and sucked silly every time we're together! And we'd both have a great time! If you let me, I'll prove it to you starting right now." And with that she reached down and started to gently stroke his cock again.

Mike groaned deeply, but somehow reached down and tenderly, but firmly grasped her wrist and removed her hand from his prick. "Mary, I just can't. I'm the one that should be sorry, but I can't."

"Oh you will be. Mike, please take me home while I still have a little pride left."

Mike pulled up his pants and put himself back together. Mary never said another word until Mike pulled up in front of the sorority. He started to get out of the car to go around and open her door, but she grabbed his arm and stopped him.

"I'd rather you didn't walk me to the door Mike. I just have one last thing to say to you. Every time, and it will be often, believe me, you end a night with Peggy and you end up sporting a terrible case of blue balls, you remember that you could have spent that evening with your big hard cock in my nice wet pussy, cumming until you couldn't get it up again!"

And with that she got out of the car and ran inside.

Mike just sat there with his head hanging down and his grip on the steering wheel so tight that his fists were white. He'd never been so morose in his whole life. He knew he loved Peggy and this sacrifice was what he wanted. Wasn't it? Too late now. SHIT! he thought.

Finally he headed home. By the time he got there, he'd managed to put all thoughts of the evening out of his mind for the moment. Everything else notwithstanding, his greatest need right that moment was physical. He'd kept his promise to Peggy and now he was going to go straight to his room to give himself some relief. Maybe then he would be able to think straight.

Mike was glad to see that there was no sign of his roomies. He went straight to his room, threw his jacket on the chair and was about to undress when he noticed the flashing light on his answering machine. He froze. He was tempted to ignore it. He wanted to ignore it. It might be Mary. It might be Peggy. He both wanted and didn't want either one of those to be the case.

"Shit!" he muttered to himself as he picked up the phone. He input the code and the tinny digital voice said, "You have one new message, first message."

It was immediately obvious it was the quite ill Peggy. Mike hit the time stamp key before she got past, "Hi Mike . . . "

It had been received at 6:18. He and Mary had barely been out the door at the sorority by then; so it couldn't have anything to do with what had happened tonight. At least that was a relief. The message continued.

" . . . by the time you get this I'll long be sound asleep. I hope you and Mary had fun and that the concert was good. Mike, there was something I didn't get to say to you before Mary showed up. I really, really want you to do something for me. It's real important to me. I want you to continue to keep your promise until next weekend, you know, the one about not cumming. Please Mike! If you do, then I'll really, really, really know I can trust you, and then I PROMISE it will be worthwhile next weekend. You will be so glad if you do this, really! But Mike, if you don't wait, them I'm going to think that cumming is more important than being with me, and that would make me real sad, 'cause then we won't be together any more. And one last thing Mike, I'll be able to tell, you know I well." CLICK

"What the FUCK!" he yelled out loud, "that fucking bitch, who the Hell does she think she is!"

He threw the phone down and screamed, "God Damn it!"

He raved on for a few more minutes before he could get control of himself. As he started to calm down just a little, he realized that Mary's prophecy was coming true already. And he couldn't shake the words gnawing at the back of his mind: "terrible case of blue balls . . . your big hard cock in my nice wet pussy . . ."

'Oh fuck, what have I done' he thought. Right now he really wished he had decided to forget about Peggy for good and hook up with Mary. Sure Peggy was the most sought after chick on campus, and she was prettier than Mary, but Mary had the far more voluptuous body and she had made in perfectly clear she loved sex and wouldn't pull the bullshit that Peggy was. What's more, Mary had made it real clear that she wanted to be with Mike in the worst way. Mike had just about convinced himself that Mary was the better choice.

His thoughts were interrupted by that siren noise that the phone makes when it's off the hook. He picked it up off the floor and set it on the table in its cradle. He nearly jumped as it rang the second he set it down.

"Christ, now what?" he mumbled, "Hello!"

"Mike, it's Mary."

"Hi Ma . . ."

"Just listen!" she cut him off "I give you my solemn promise, I'm not going to tell Peggy anything about tonight. I'll tell her we had a lot of fun and that's all, period! Now unless you are even dumber than I think, you'll do exactly the same thing. You have nothing to confess, I tricked you."

"Wait, Mary, about you and me, I was . . ."

She cut him off again, "Way too late Mike, way!" CLICK

Mike really had no idea what to do now; so lacking a better idea, he decided to go to bed, without giving himself relief. He figured he'd better keep his options open until his head cleared a bit, and he knew that breaking Peggy's rules would be the end of their relationship, such as it was. He knew she would know if he did. He didn't know how he knew that, nor how she would know, he just knew it was true.

To be continued

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