tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMikey becomes Melodie Ch. 02

Mikey becomes Melodie Ch. 02


I lay there under this incredibly beautiful fully transformed girly-boy, her lipstick covered lips still softly and tenderly kissing me, kissing my lipstick covered lips, my rouge covered cheeks, my eye shadow covered eyelids and my mascara coated lashes, showing how much she loved having me under her, her huge still hard cock buried deep inside my pussy/bottom. I could still feel the twitching of her dick in my butthole, still throbbing from the massive orgasm that had shot more cum into my feminized body than I had dreamed possible, filling me with the warm, sticky wetness that was her sperm

My legs were spread wide apart with my hands still grasping my nylon covered ankles to keep my pussy/bottom open for her, and the weight of her completely feminine body pressed my nylon sheathed thighs down on my shoulders so that the full length of her wonderful penis reached deeply up inside me. I loved the heavy fullness of the big beautiful breasts that her mistress had let the doctor implant on her chest against my flat, boyish chest, and wished that someday I could have big lovely breasts like hers. Lying there was like being in heaven and if I could have stayed there forever with her cock buried to the hilt in my sweet little butt, I would have been happy to have done so.

But then she lifted her face away from mine and I felt her pull her hips back and suddenly I was aware of a terrible emptiness in my pussy/bottom as her cock slipped out of me and she leaned back on her knees. As she did, I realized that the crowd of onlookers, nearly twenty women and eight or nine men were all cheering at the way she'd plundered me, applauding and laughing at my complete and total humiliation by my Mistress Heather, her girlfriend Miss Eileen, and the gorgeous and incredibly feminine Miss Suzette who had just finished fucking me.

Heather leaned in as Miss Suzette pulled away from me and grabbed my tiny little pee-pee, holding it with one hand and peeling off the pink cum filled rubber into which I'd emptied my own load of cum only a few moments earlier. She grinned and held it out to me.

"Here you go, Melodie. You know my rule is that anytime you squirt your disgusting cum out of that ridiculous little thing of yours, you have to eat your sperm for me."

Knowing that I had no choice, I took the rubber from her, letting go of my ankles and letting my legs relax down to the ground, still widespread but at least not pinned to my shoulders any more. Then I lifted the rubber up to my lips, opened them as wide as I could, and holding the opening of the rubber as wide open as possible, held it up over my face so that all of my own sticky, wet cum dripped down onto my face, covering my cheeks, my eyes, and my hot pink lipstick covered lips. I squeezed the rubber to get as much of the cum as I could out of it, not daring to actually eat any of it without Miss Heather's permission, but knowing that if I left any of the cum in the rubber and not on my face my mistress would punish me severely.

The cum dripped all over my completely feminized and heavily made up face, leaving droplets and rivulets all over my cheeks, lips and eyes; there were even droplets of sperm on my mascara coated eyelashes. I loved the way it felt on my face; heavy, sticky, luscious and utterly humiliating.

Then to my surprise Miss Eileen stepped in close to me with a camera in her hands and went down to one knee.

"Here you go, little sweet Melodie. Let me get a close up of your lovely face with all that slimy cum all over it.

"After all, I've been filming you the whole time, when you were sucking Suzette's cock, and then begging for her to fuck you, and of course all the time she was fucking you, kissing you all over, and I'm sure you're going to be quite the hit on the internet. There's a great porn site that specializes in little sissy girly-boys and I'm sure they're going to love the performance that you and Suzette put on." And as she said it, the crowd surrounding us all laughed and applauded again. "In not too long, boys who wish they were girls will be playing with their little cocks, masturbating while they watch you getting your ass/cunt fucked." And she grinned, shaking her head in disgust.

Miss Eileen stepped back, and Miss Heather reached out and grabbed my ribbon cock leash, jerking on it so that she tugged painfully on my little pee-pee.

"Get up now, Sissy Melodie. No more lying around on your slutty back -- time to get up and get busy, sweetie."

Of course I had no choice, particularly with the painful jerks and tugs on my little thing, and I scrambled to my feet. Mistress Heather then ordered me to take off my torn nylons and put on a new pair, still pulled up to just below my little cock and balls, and then had me pull my tiny short-shorts back up over my hips and butt. As before, she had me fasten the metal stud of the shorts around my waist, leaving my little thing and tiny smooth shaven balls hanging out the fly of the shorts. She then zipped up the front until it was so tight that every step I took made the base of my pee-pee and the lower part of the fleshy sack holding my little balls strain painfully against the zipper, and with the continuous tugging of the ribbon cock leash on the tip of my tiny penis, I was in almost continuous pain.

But it was a wonderful pain, and I loved that she cared enough about me to make the effort to keep me suffering and see me so completely and totally humiliated.

Finally, as she finished with my shorts, she nodded to Miss Suzette and handed her the end of the cock leash.

"Here you go, Suzette. As we promised, we're going to give Sissy Melodie to you to be your very own sissy lover and toy. You can do anything and everything you want with her tonight, and Eileen and I will be sure to get the two of you together a lot in the future. I'm sure you'll enjoy having your very own sissy toy, especially after you've been serving Eileen as her pay toy." Of course everyone laughed at this, but for me, it was incredibly exciting. Miss Suzette was the most incredibly feminine and beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life. Knowing that she had really been born as a boy, and that her massive tits and delightful femininity were the gifts of her mistress who had transformed her from a boy into an incredibly beautiful girl made me wish and hope that if I were a good little sissy toy, someday I'd be able to be as beautiful, as feminine as she was. I even hoped that maybe if I did everything that Mistress Heather and Mistress Suzette told me to, one day I might even have my own big, full, wonderfully delicious breasts just like Miss Suzette had.

As Miss Heather handed Miss Suzette the end of my pink ribboned cock leash, she laughed, then turned away and putting her arm around Miss Eileen's waist, the two of them walked away.

I looked tremulously at Miss Suzette, not knowing what might come next. Smiling softly at me, she then jerked hard on the cock leash, pulling my pee-pee painfully and forcing me to step closer to her. I was now almost back as I'd been when I first came to the party and saw my wonderful Mistress Suzette for the first time. My long golden blonde wig fell down about 5" to 6" below my shoulders and my hot pink sissy tee shirt proclaimed in light pink letters: "I love to have my girlfriend dress me up as a girly-girl, but I'm really just a useless little sissy boy."

I was wearing all sheer suntan nylon pantyhose, an amazingly tiny and incredibly short pair of white short-shorts that left nearly three inches of my smooth shaven nylon covered bottom exposed and the most delightful fluorescent pink flowered pumps, with 1½" platforms and 6" spiked heels. Miss Heather had forced me to spend hours walking around the house in them, practicing walking as a model would, placing each footstep across in front of the one before to make my butt swing back and forth in a very exaggerated but quite sensuous way.

Naturally underneath my outerwear I had on a gorgeous hot pink brassiere and panty set, and the night before the party Mistress Heather had taken me to a shopping mall where she'd paraded me all over the mall, showing me off in my short-shorts, heavy makeup and spike heeled pumps. In the process she'd stopped as a kiosk and had my ears pierced for the 5" gold hoops that I now wore, and then on the way home had stopped at a beauty salon and had them give me long false nails painted a hot pink with tiny little white hearts on them.

The only change since my arrival had been that just before she fucked me, Miss Suzette had taken a pair of large and very realistic silicon filled falsies and slipped them into my bra. She'd said that she couldn't fuck me if I had a flat chest, that she needed to feel big full breasts under her own real 40D breasts so that when she was making love to me she wouldn't feel like she was fucking a boy.

As Miss Suzette pulled me to her, she looked into my eyes and sadly shook her head.

"Sweetie," she said. "You have cum all over your face, and it's dripping down your cheeks and all over your lips. You need to take your fingers and scoop up all of that disgusting cum and eat it before we can do anything else." She flashed me a quick smile, then jerked viciously on my little pee-pee with the cock leash, sending a shock of pain through my tiny dick. "Now, sweetie," she commanded.

"Yes, mistress," I murmured, and quickly took my makeup mirror out of the adorable pink clutch purse that Miss Heather had bought me the night before. Looking in the small mirror, I saw that -- of course! -- Miss Suzette was right, there was cum all over my face, dripping down my cheeks, droplets of sperm on my bright pink lipstick covered lips, and even droplets of it on my mascara covered eyelashes.

Very carefully, as daintily as I could, I scooped up the cum little by little with my long pink nails and licked it up with my tongue, trying my best to get it all, and licking my fingers clean after every drop while taking special care not to mess up the lovely hot pink lipstick that covered my lips. Miss Heather always made me eat up all of my own cum on those very rare occasions when she'd allowed me to squirt, so I'd come to associate being allowed to cum with the taste of my sperm, and hence had come to love the taste. Now, eating it with the lovely Miss Suzette watching me so closely was amazingly embarrassing, completely humiliating, and even though I had squirted my cum so recently I felt my little pee-pee beginning to stir.

Out of the corner of my eye I had a quick glance of another woman, a very petite Eurasian lady who even in that brief glance I could tell was strikingly beautiful, holding up Miss Eileen's camera, filming me. Knowing that I was being filmed while licking up my cum off my face, and that very soon I'd be splashed across thousands of internet connected computer displays all over the world, I did my very best to lick up all the cum and swallow it with a smile on my face.

Soon there was no remaining sign of my jism left on my face except for a shininess that the juicy sperm had left, and Miss Suzette nodded approvingly.

"Now to touch up your makeup for you, Melodie," she said, and proceeded to reapply my rouge, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara, making me again look like a sweet though rather slutty young girl.

She took her time, making sure that every bit of the heavy feminine makeup that she put on my face was just perfect, and when she'd finished she held the mirror up again so that I could see. I was again amazed at how absolutely lovely and feminine I looked, and my tiny pee-pee, which had gradually reawakened as I watched the beautiful Miss Suzette doing my makeup was rock hard and actually quivering with excitement.

As I was gazing at myself in the mirror, truly almost hypnotized at the thought that the beautiful young girl I saw looking back out of the mirror was really me, I noticed Miss Suzette raise her eyes, which were widening in surprise, and look over my shoulder. Her luscious glistening pink lips parted slightly, in what might have almost been fear, but then turned up in a smile.

From behind me I hear a lovely voice. "So, little Suzette, Eileen has given you your own little toy, I see."

"Yes, Miss Kylie." Miss Suzette nodded, still smiling. "Miss Eileen said that the true test of how well she'd done in transforming me into a virtually complete girl was to see if I could take another boy as my toy and make him over into a real girly-boy, and to learn to enjoy using her the way that...that I've learned to love being used." And as she said that, I saw her eyes flicker down as if she found it hard to meet the eyes of the lady behind me, and her smile faltered a bit more, again in what I thought might be fear.

"Well, Suzette, I'm sure you'll do a fine job. Eileen has done a wonderful job of changing you into a sweet, adorable girl, as of course Zach and I both know very well." Again Miss Suzette's eyes flickered down, then back up.

"And even though you've apparently just started, we wanted to come over and see if we could help." The voice behind me broke into giggles, then she went on, "Didn't we, Zach, honey?"

The voice that answered her was deep, extremely male, but both well spoken and well modulated. "Indeed we do, my dear. Indeed we do." And then the couple came from behind me around to stand beside Miss Suzette and I was able to see them for the first time.

The woman, Kylie, I quickly mentally corrected myself: Mistress Kylie -- was truly unbelievably, incredibly beautiful. That she was attractive was no surprise, because every woman I'd seen at this party was gorgeous and very sexily dressed, but Kylie was far beyond the norm even here. Miss Heather had the perfect 'Nordic goddess' look with her long golden blonde hair, shining blue eyes and fantastic figure, and Miss Suzette's mistress, Miss Eileen was of the same mold -- blonde, blue eyes, and full figured.

Miss Kylie was Eurasian, very slim, and very petite, probably only 5'2" or maybe 5'3", with a long shimmering curtain of midnight black hair falling to the middle of her perfectly shaped bottom and her face, with high cheekbones, a fine aquiline nose which was, of course, most exquisitely made up. Her lips were covered with a gorgeous hot pink lipstick that was enhanced by a shimmering, glittery translucent lipgloss that made me wish it were on my lips, and her dainty ultra-feminine nails naturally matched her lipstick perfectly. Her eye shadow was a wonderful blend of pink on her lids merging into a smoky, glittery black on her lids, and her perfectly done ultra-black mascara-coated lashes framed eyes that seemed to be almost purple. All this was capped by her huge hooped earrings, each of which was probably 6" in diameter, so big that they actually rested on her shoulders.

This fantastically beautiful vision wore an almost completely transparent shimmering silver dress that clung to her like wet silk, hugging every curve of her amazing body. It was very low cut with what seemed like a built in brassiere that lifted her breasts to display them as if they were on a shelf, and did nothing whatsoever to hide their magnificent beauty in any way. Her big ripe nipples and the luscious curves of her huge breasts were enhanced, not hidden, by the silvery shimmering fabric of her dress. The hem of the dress came a scant inch or two below the neatly trimmed patch of pussy hair covering the area around her cunt.

Through the dress a skimpy black lace garter belt and matching crotchless panties were quite visible, with all sheer black nylons attached to the garters reaching down her shapely legs. And her shoes! My goodness, I never dreamed that anything so incredibly beautiful and sexy existed. They were black platformed pumps whose thin straps wrapped around her ankles and calves, reaching nearly 10" up her lovely calves, with at least 5" platforms and what must have been 10" spiked heels.

As my eyes widened at the sight of those amazing "Fuck Me" shoes, I instantly wished I could fall at her feet so she'd let me worship her by kissing and licking those beautiful spike heeled pumps.

Her partner, Zach, as she'd called him, was, unsurprisingly, the complete opposite. He was a huge, ebony black man who looked like he must be a former football player, at least 6'8" tall, probably weighing over 300 pounds, but obviously all muscle, with not a visible ounce of excess flesh or fat anywhere on him. He was wearing a cream colored silk polo that clung to his upper body, emphasizing his chiseled pecs, abs, and upper arms. I couldn't help wonder how big his cock was, fleetingly wishing that I might someday find out.

Kylie grinned at me evilly and explained that Zach was almost always horny, but that she was a very jealous woman, and never wanted her husband with any other woman, and that he was also a very jealous man and never wanted to think about her with another man. Then she giggled and went on.

"But we both agree that little sissy girly-boys don't really count as men or women, so we figure that when we find the right little submissive sissy girly-boy, we can both fuck the little pansy faggot without either one of us being jealous.

"I've had some wonderful evenings watching him while little Suzette sucked his cock as I fucked her pussy/bottom with my dildo, and we've also had fun with him fucking her in the ass while I sat on her face so she could eat my cunt for me." She giggled again and looked at Suzette, then went on.

"You do like sucking Zach's big dick, don't you sissy Suzette? And having both of us fuck that sweet little ass/cunt of yours?"

Miss Suzette looked down at her feet in embarrassment, and softly murmured, "Yes, Miss Kylie. I do like sucking your husband's cock, and I love having both of you fuck my pussy/bottom."

Mistress Kylie went on. "So you see, sissy Melodie, now that you're sissy Suzette's little playtoy, we're going to let her watch while we do all that to you." And both she and Zach laughed.

"So, Suzette, bring your little sissy girl over to the couch for us, and then you can tell her how we want this to go."

Then she and Zach walked to a couch against the wall, and Mistress Suzette, pulling me along by my cock leash, followed her obediently. When we got to the couch, Zach sat down in the middle with Miss Kylie on his left, then she pointed to the spot on the couch on his right.

"You sit there, Suzette, and explain to sissy Melodie what we want her to do.

"You know how we like it -- you've done it for us so many times yourself, haven't you sweetie?" And again she giggled.

Miss Suzette went and sat beside Zach, and as she sat down he reached over and put one of his big powerful looking hands on her thigh, immediately beginning to fondle her leg.

She glanced over at him, then at Mistress Kylie, and with a slight sigh looked back at me, smiled and began to explain.

"Well, Melodie, as Miss Kylie said, they both enjoy playing with sissy girly-boy toys." She shrugged slightly, smiled at me again, and went on. "Miss Kylie has a dildo which is an exact replica of Mr. Zach's cock, made out of a new kind of plastic that looks, and feels, just about exactly like a real penis." She glanced over at Mr. Zach, and I saw her eyes flicker down to his crotch. Following her eyes, I always looked at his crotch, and realized that he was already getting a hard on -- the bulge in his pants was unmistakable, and I found myself involuntarily licking my lips in anticipation.

"What they want is to have their toy -- that's you, of course - do sort of a table dance in front of him, nice and close, so he can reach out and touch you while you're dancing. Touch your legs, your bottom, and wherever else he wants to touch you."

Miss Kylie added, "Like that silly little thing of yours, Melodie. What you used to think was your penis." And she giggled, while Mr. Zach laughed and nodded.

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