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Mile High


Mile High

Chapter 1

I've always had a passion for long, hard, cylindrical objects. My favorite piece of machinery is a Pile Driver because it fucks the world with perfect rhythm. When I see one at a construction sight, I sit there mesmerized just listening to the sound as it pounds its pilings into the yielding earth.

Once, a few years ago, I dated a man who was a pilot. He flew single engine planes and I loved watching the planes as they took off and landed. I was surprised the first time that I realized how hot I got when a small Leer Jet landed at the Lakefront Airport. Every time Neil and I would go up in a plane we talked about joining the Mile High Club but alas, as a pilot it was too dangerous to attempt while he was flying the plane. So I never had that dream come true.

A few years later, I met James. In the course of our getting to know one another, I shared with him that dream I kept in my heart of becoming a member of that exclusive club. We talked a long while about flying and the feelings associated with it, but soon our explorations followed other adventures and I just sort of kept it in my heart and mind hoping someday I would achieve that ambition.

My birthday was yesterday. When I awoke, in the morning, James had already run my hot bath and had my clothes lain out on the bed. As he helped me into the tub he hinted as to the adventures of the day.

As he bathed me he hinted, "I have a great day planned to celebrate the wonder of you, Ma'am! After breakfast, I'm going to take you to your birthday present."

"Take me to my birthday present?" I asked, "You've hidden it somewhere and I must find it?" I chided.

"No, Ma'am! It's just that it was too big to bring home so we need to go to it," he smiled.

"Oh no, you know I hate to wait! You must tell me what it is now!" I begged.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, I cannot do that. You would be angry with me if I told you of your gift before you saw it yourself.

This really got my curiosity up and I was anxious to know what it might be. But James held fast and refused to give me even the tiniest of a hint except to say, "It is something you will absolutely love!"

Well, this didn't help much because there is little that I don't love. I'm really fairly easy to please when it comes to surprises and gifts.

"That's not fair! Tell me!" I exclaimed.

He just smiled and shook his head no as he lay my breakfast before me. Then he took his time cleaning the kitchen and dressing me after we ate. I kept bugging him and begging him to at least give me a hint.

"No Ma'am, I don't want to spoil the surprise! I already gave you a hint and I can give you no more!" he scolded me for persisting.

Finally, I gave in to the fact that there would be no way to convince him to tell me what he had planned. I thought, 'Maybe a blowjob. He hadn't gotten one of those in a long time. Then, nah! It's my birthday not his... he got his present last week.'

I decided just to ride the wave until he decided to take to what he had planned.

At last, he completed all the chores for the morning and said, "You ready to go?"

"Oh yes, more than ready!" I cried and walked out the door he held open for me.

He held the door of the truck open and helped me in. The smile on his face never faded. I knew he was up to something really good and I knew it would be something great for me, but in my wildest dreams I never would have guessed.

The first part of the drive we didn't say much. Then he turned into the small tarmac that led to the small airport that only accommodated small aircraft.

"We have to fly to our destination?" I asked.

"Yes, Ma'am, sorta," he said.

"Are we flying to New Orleans?" I continued to question him.

"No, Ma'am, not today," he said with a sly smile and a sparkle in his eyes.

"But we are flying?" I drilled him further.

"Yes, Ma'am!" he came back.

I smiled and settled for that answer. I loved flying and anywhere would be wonderful to me.

James pulled the truck up to a hanger and a man walked out to meet him. They shook hands and talked quietly between themselves. Straining, I heard James ask, "Is it all ready?"

"Yes sir, I think it will be all that you hoped it would be," the man in a jumpsuit said.

James returned to me and said, "Well, the plane is ready, are you?"

"I don't know where are we going?" I asked.

"Up!" came his evasive answer. I laughed out loud. "Why are you mysterious today?"

"It's your birthday and I just wanted to give you this surprise that I know you will love. Please be patient just a little longer before you crucify me, Ma'am!" he begged.

I took a deep breath and let it out. "Okay, but I am getting really anxious here! One last question, are you going to take flying lessons?"

"No Ma'am! I'm not that brave and I don't have big enough balls for that!" he smiled and I laughed out loud.

Chapter 2

James took my arm and led me into a small office. Four sets of eyes turned and looked at us as we walked in. All of them were male. All of them were gorgeous. I turned to James then glanced once again at the flesh before me. "You didn't, did you?" I said.

He pulled his shoulders up to his ears with bent elbows and palms up flat as if to say, I have no idea what you're talking about. The smile on his face betrayed his false claim.

"Mistress, this is Marcus, he is a pilot. This is Ryan; he's a navigator. They will be flying the first leg of the trip. Then he turned to the next two men. Pointing to a beautiful black man he said, "That's Ethan he's a pilot and the other guy there is Bill the navigator. We figured they would be able to get us, or you, where you need to go," he smiled and just stared at me.

I glanced over the crew and asked, "Gentlemen, can you tell me where we're going?"

"Up," they said in unison.

I shook my head in disbelief. I turned to James and asked, "How long have you been planning this trip straight up?"

He looked at the other men and said, "Oh what do you say guys, three, four weeks?"

They shook their heads in agreement.

"And what if I don't want to go flying for my birthday?" I smiled rebelliously.

"You are too curious to stay on the ground, I can see it in your eyes," James said softly knowing me all too well.

Once again, I looked from him to the flyers. Oh they were nice looking and sexy. Ryan was about five-eleven and his sandy blonde hair was short. His green eyes were the color of new grass. His hands were large with perfectly manicured nails. The arms that hung by his side showed he worked out on a regular basis.

Marcus was a dark haired god. His smile showed me perfect, white teeth and his brown eyes sparkled as if there were stars shining in them; his jaw was finely chiseled. He appeared to have some Latin in him with his bronzed skin.

Ethan's smile was broad and his deep set black eyes showed his wisdom and his eagerness to do all that he could to make sure that I had all I needed. His chest was wide and his hands large. Ethan was definitely comfortable with himself and seemed to be the type of person that made those around him relaxed as well. He was a beautiful black man.

Bill was a bit different that then others. He was maybe five-eight with indigo eyes. His face was gentle, kind, and sported a smile that glistened like the stars. He seemed at peace and very graceful. He was not as well built at the others and I felt his strength rested in his mind, not his body. I could just imagine the images running through his thoughts.

"Well, gentlemen, it is really nice to meet each and every one of you. I am looking forward to going UP with you," I said. I turned to James and said, "Are you going up with us?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I want to see you enjoy my gift to you!" he replied.

"So, how large is this plane we're going up in?" I inquired.

"It's a six passenger with an area behind the last seat," Bill told me. "So we could conceivably get two more people in the plane. That's not counting the pilot and navigator."

"Okay, are we ready to go UP?" I inquired.

"Yes ma'am, whenever you're ready so are we!" Ethan said and started out the door. I looked at James and he motioned me to the door with a bow. I nodded my head and stepped out in front of him.

Chapter 3

Bill jogged in front of me and caught up with Ethan. He opened the passenger door for us and held his hand out to support me as I climbed the steps, head down so as not to bump my head on the plane.

James followed me and as I glanced at the inside of the plane I realized what his gift was. I knew why we were going UP. Behind the six seats that passengers sat in there was a queen-sized mattress. Thus, the reasons there were two pilots and two navigators for this trip was so that while one team flew the plane the other duo piloted me. I liked that idea. I turned to James and kissed him.

"You remembered! I can't believe it, but you remembered! Thank you! You couldn't have given me a better birthday present! I could be the oldest woman to ever join the Mile High Club. This is so terrific!" I was in awe and my pussy started filling with thick fluids to prepare me for two of these airmen.

I turned to look into the cockpit ('what an appropriate name' I suddenly thought and smiled) "Who wants to be first?"

The four of them looked from one to the other then turned to me. Their faces were blank and they looked as if it was my decision. "Okay, I can see that you are going to force me to choose.

"Choices, choices, choices! Why do you force me to make these choices?" I asked the population.

"It's your birthday, ma'am and we feel you should choose the ones you want to take you to this exotic place you have never been first. Then the rest of us will eventually take you there too," Ethan explained.

I glanced at them and looked into their eyes. There was something about Bill that made me want to keep him for last. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but whatever it was, I knew that he would take me where I really wanted to be. "I think I'll have Marcus and Ryan first," I smiled and kneeled down on the mattress.

James came to me and helped me out of my light dress. As he pulled it over my head I heard mumbling and approving words of pleasure coming from the guys.

"You had better be sure to save some of that stuff for us," Ethan said jokingly as he watched James sit me on his lap, pull back my long hair, kiss my neck and cup my breasts in his hands. Then he and Bill turned and went to the cockpit.

"Have you ever seen tits as pretty as these gentlemen?" he asked them.

Heads shook back and forth, eyes blank and cocks pressing against fabric eager to experience this new piece of pussy.

"Come make my Mistress happy and give her all that you have!" James invited them as he lay me on the makeshift bed.

Quickly, Ryan tore off his shirt and unzipped his trousers releasing the ever-growing prick that was pressing against the zipper. And what a beautiful specimen it was.

Marcus was the first to touch me. His fingers softly circled the fullness of my tits then his hands covered the entire mound leaving only the nipple exposed. His mouth opened and he bent down licking the nipple. Just as the plane lifted off the ground he bit into the tender flesh and a shot of hot passion traveled to my cunt.

James knelt on the edge of the bed watching as the two men ran their hands over my body learning the contours and nuances of this new daughter of Eve they had privilege to explore. I heard purrs of pleasure as their fingers traced the curves of my breast, the folds of my sex and the softness of my belly.

I watched as they swiftly tore their shirts and pants off. I licked my lips as the length of their manhood fell from the fabric that had concealed them. Long, full pricks swayed as they knelt back onto the pseudo bed.

Licking my lips I reached for the dick between Ryan's legs. It was easily nine-inches with a five-inch girth. The head was a perfect mushroom and felt like satin as I ran my hand over its shape.

My tongue flicked out tracing it then pulled it into my mouth. The drop of precum waiting there tasted salty and the sample made my nipples hard.

I became conscious of hands on my knees then realized that Ryan was parting them. I relaxed and allowed him to do so. At first all I felt were his fingers tracing the folds of my Libia then there was the sensation of wetness as his tongue snaked its way down my slit then back up to my clit where it danced around my pleasure dome.

My nipples became hard and I took a deep breath to still myself. My hands reached between my legs trying to control the excitement that played there and keep it just where I wanted it. Ryan definitely knew what he was doing there. I wanted to enjoy this excitement as long as possible.

I managed to place my hands on the sides of his head and place his tongue onto my clit by guiding him there. Once he discovered my female cock he sucked her into his mouth and with the tip of his tongue he excited her causing ripples of fervor to attack my body. My limbs tremble with the hot flashes of excitement that attacked my senses.

Then he began to nibble lightly, causing my back to arch and try to push my little she dicklett deeper into his mouth. I felt I would explode if he went much longer. Then it happened, my head came up and my back arched. I had lost all control of my body. My legs jerked, arms flailed, and head tossed from side to side. Pleasures as I had never known nor dreamed were assailing my body. We were just getting started.

I managed to pinpoint James in the confusion that was dancing in my head. I reached for him and pulled him toward me. I kissed him hard and whispered. "Thank you baby," as my body was assailed by another wave of delight.

The wetness between my pussy lips pulled back and I felt the stiffness of an eager dick press against the door of my runway of delight. Slowly the pressure built as his hips pressed harder against the resistance it found. With persistence he continued to press deeper into the darkness of my hungry love canal until he obtained entrance. When the doors finally opened he fell into the waters of lust and magic occurred.

Bright lights danced behind my eyes sending shots of electricity through my entire body. My back arched and my head flailed. I had never felt anything as exciting as this man's prick fucking my yielding cunt.

He slammed his manhood deep inside of me and with each collision fire and ice ran through my body. I cried out in a sound that was not human. James quickly came to my side. He bent next to my ear and whispered, "Mistress, are your okay? Do you want this to stop?"

I pushed him away. My mind reeled and my body reached for Ryan's. I sucked hard on Marcus's cock like a baby bottle and he exploded in my mouth. The thick fluid so thick that it overflowed my lips ran down my chin and James lapped it up.

As his rod slipped from my lips, James took over cleaning more of the tacky cum from my chin and neck. My hair was even matted with the thick fluids of copulation. And there was a subtle smell of his seed as it caked on my skin.

Marcus lay beside me trying to catch his breath and watched Ryan as his pole slid in and out of my fuckhole. He reached over and pinched my clit as it stood tall crying for attention. Upon contact my body jerked and lightening flashed between my legs and before my eyes.

"Oh GAUD!" I cried out as my head pulled off the pillow and my legs jerked towards Ryan's back. My tits became rocks and my nipples transformed into hard domes.

James scampered behind Ryan and sucked his tight balls into his mouth. Ryan hesitated for a short instance then resumed his perfect rhythm. With James sucking his sac, Ryan's cock seemed to penetrate my cunt deeper and with more power.

Then his body tensed and he looked into my eyes with pleasure in his. He lifted his hips high over me and came down one last time. As his staff plummeted deep within me, he spewed his seed deep within my garden of delight.

"Augggggggggg!" he wailed as his head arched up toward the heavens. His weight fell on me and my arms encircled his head, which landed on my heaving breast.

Our breath came in unison as we tried desperately to fill our lungs and calm the wild beating of our hearts. Lifting his head he breathed, "That was fuckin' fantastic!"

I shook my head in agreement and kissed him still trying to suck air into my lungs. Then I turned to Marcus. "You have great tasting cum! I'll suck you anytime you want!"

"Great, but now that I'm rested I want to feel that tight ass over this dick of mine," he smiled.

Chapter 3

James had just finished cleaning me up. He looked at me for confirmation and when I shook my head he helped me turn over and pulled my hips off the mattress. He reached into his pocket and pulled out lubricant and a condom. He handed the condom to Marcus and poured the cold liquid over my ass and it ran down my butt to my pussy.

Ryan took his place in front of me. He was stroking his cock and already precum was surfacing on its tip. I licked my lips in anticipation of his size in my mouth. Then I flicked out my tongue and tasted the drop of precum that glistened there.

"Mmmmmm, too good!" I whispered. Then lapped at its head once again.

I felt the pressure as Marcus attempted to fill my butt hole with his size. He was at least eight and a half inches with a girth of about five. Oh what a nice thick dick to fill my bottom. It burned as he forced his way in. I felt the fire of little tears as he burrowed deeper and deeper.

James squirted lubricant for the length of his tool to insure that I wasn't hurt too badly. Once he was in, Marcus placed his hands on my hips and gently moved his in and out to adjust the fit. I heard him fill his lungs and release the air. Then once again he breathed in and let it out. "This is really nice," he sighed. " I could be happy here."

Everyone laughed and James said, "Well, we might be able to work something out. Don't you think Mistress?"

"Hmmm, there could be a possibility," I answered and pressed my hips back toward Marcus.

"Oh gaud, this is just too good. I gotta take this slowly or I'll blow my load in the first five minutes. Don't make any moves that are unexpected, please!" he pleaded.

I giggled.

"No, NO! Please don't giggle; I'm serious. This is just too good," Marcus begged.

James and Ryan laughed; I bit my lip so that I wouldn't.

"I have never felt anything so nice in my life. I swear this is just beautiful." He whispered as he slid his prick slowly and cautiously in and out of my ass.

With each thrust he whispered, "yes, oh yes, ohhhhh gaud!"

Ryan's dick snaked down my throat with each inward thrust of Marcus's dick into my butt. Each time he pulled it to my lips my tongue wrapped around its smooth plumb shaped head. Then he would push it deep into my throat and do what I could only describe as mini fucks in my esophagus. It was rather exhilarating.

He would then pull all the way to my lips and then, with his hands holding tight to my head force me once again to deep throat him. The two of them worked in unison giving me pleasure after pleasure as they received euphoria from by body.

I felt Marcus pull almost all the way out. He paused his head just inside me and his fingers squeezed tightly the fleshy mound between his hands; his nails dug deeply causing me a strangely pleasing pain. Taking a deep breath, Marcus held me steady as he assailed my ass with a thrust that seemed to push him against the thin membrane that separated my ass from my pussy. I felt it was going to rip. But when he hit his head felt as if it rebounded and as it did, I felt the warm stream of his seed splash against the walls of my ass then flow over my butt and down my legs.

Then I felt the warmth of James' tongue as he quickly reacted and started lapping the flowing cum off my legs.

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