tagIllustratedMilf's Teen Crazed Cunt Fantasy

Milf's Teen Crazed Cunt Fantasy


Summary: Straight MILF discovers the amazing world of submission.

Thanks to Rebecca for her exotic, inspiring artwork... your work is what started me writing and will keep me writing for years to come.

Thanks to: Robert, Tex Beethoven,

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For many years I had lived a boring, humdrum life. Married, conservative sex life with my husband, boring job as a lawyer, raising a daughter through high school (Samantha was even well-adjusted and well-behaved... not even the normal tumultuous teenage crises. Pleasant and I loved her dearly, but hardly exciting), a husband who traveled for business a lot, blah, blah, ho hum, doesn't it ever get any better?

But a while after my daughter Samantha had started college, two strange accidental things happened... well, three if you include the final incident that turned me into a lesbian submissive to two college girls, well, they all happened one after the other after the other. And they not only awakened my long dormant sex drive... but they stirred in me a hunger I had never contemplated.

The first happened in early July when I came home a couple hours early from work because I'd forgotten a file I needed. My husband, as usual, was gone for the week. I rushed into my house and froze as I heard my daughter beg, "Harder, fuck me harder!"

What? Who was she fucking? I didn't even know she was dating anyone. Christ, Beth, her best friend, was here pretty much 24-7. I mean I would be delusional to think my sweet Samantha was still a virgin. I mean, its 2016, she's eighteen, and a cheerleader even. But it is nice... even comforting... to live in a delusional world when it comes to the idea of your children having sex.

The next voice startled me even more as I learned it wasn't a guy fucking her.

It was her best friend.

"Oh yeah, you like it rough, don't you, slut?" Beth asked.

'My daughter is a lesbian!' I thought to myself, appalled. Well in retrospect perhaps I hadn't been appalled, but it felt like it at the time.

She couldn't be.

Could she?!?

"God, yes," Samantha moaned. "I love when you pound me hard."

"It's the least I can do after you munched me to three orgasms," Beth teased.

Holy shit! My daughter is a lesbian.

"You wouldn't let go of my head," Samantha justified.

"Well, your tongue did feel really good," Beth replied.

"And your cunt tasted so good," Samantha elaborated. As I listened to the surreal conversation I was surprised to find that my own pussy was getting wet. Actually it was getting very wet. "Now shut up and fuck me like you did Mrs. Jones at the beach yesterday."

My eyes went big.

Mrs. Jones was Joyce, my neighbour across the street and my best friend. We both complained to each other about our sex lives... or lack thereof. Even if the other wasn't any better off, it was comforting to talk to someone who understood.

"Oh yeah, I'd love to have seen Casey's face as I bent her mother over and slammed her with my strap-on in the lifeguard's break room," Beth relished.

Shock continued compounding shock, and I found myself paralyzed... I shouldn't be listening to this, but I was powerless to move. I could still hear everything clearly; just a wall was separating my daughter, who was having lesbian sex, from me.

"Yes, that's it, fuck, I love when you just fuck the living shit out of me," Samantha moaned loudly.

"You especially liked... literally... getting the shit fucked out of you last week, didn't you?" Beth probed, accurately jabbing another of Samantha's buttons and making my eyes go big. Again. My daughter took it in the ass?!

"I was drunk," Samantha protested defensively.

"Sure you were," Beth teased.

"Shut up and fuck me," Samantha demanded, evading the embarrassing subject.

"I am, you dumb slut," Beth responded.

"Yessss!!!" my daughter screamed.

"You crave it that hard, my cunt-licking ass-taking little cum slut," Beth gloated, clearly enjoying the dominant role she had over my daughter.

"Oh yes, I do love being your pussy-munching slut," my daughter confessed, her breathing getting more laboured.

My pussy was inexplicably on fire as I hung on every word, every sound, hearing my daughter getting fucked. I couldn't stand still, I needed to see them in action! To use Beth's word, yes, I craved to see them in action... even though the motherly thing to do would have been to stop them from having sex in my house... in my living room.

Breaking my stunned paralysis was surprisingly difficult, but finally I managed. I slipped out of my heels, and tiptoed to the living room entrance in my stocking feet, as if I were a teenager sneaking in after curfew, and peeked around the corner.

All the nasty talk, all the sounds of fucking still hadn't prepared me for the actual sight of what I was suddenly witnessing.

My daughter was bent over the side of a sofa, moaning loudly as Beth fucked her.

"Oh yes, fuck me, pound my cunt, I'm so fucking close," my daughter babbled, as her moans increased in volume and I could tell she was near orgasm.

"Yes, my little slut, come for me," Beth urged.

"Oh yes, harder, make me your bitch," Samantha demanded, her eyes tightly shut as she focused on the pleasurable sensations of the hard fucking.

Almost without my noticing, my hand had moved itself inside my skirt waistband, inside my pantyhose, inside my already sticky panties and began rubbing my pussy. Maybe it was the fact that it had been three months since I'd last gotten laid, or maybe it was the hot sex act I was now watching live, but my mother hat was suddenly tossed out an imaginary window, replaced promptly with my slut hat. It was like an old, cherished, but half-forgotten friend. I loved my slut hat, but I had not worn it much in the last decade. My sex life with my husband was pretty much dormant.

"Come, you fucking slut," Beth ordered, grabbing my daughter's hips and really reaming her hard.

Fuck, how I needed to get fucked like that. My slut hat agreed, and I fantasised reaching up and patting it affectionately.

Yes, I really needed to get fucked like that.

Just pounded.

Just used like a slut.

Just dominated!

"Oh yes, yes, baby, I'm... I'm... oh God, yes, I'm coming," my daughter screamed, enough to alert the neighbours, if any real windows had actually been open.

I was close too, but not wanting to get caught, I pulled my wet fingers out, frustrated I couldn't get off like my daughter just had, and tiptoed to my shoes, which I picked up before sneaking out the front door.

I was back in my car, my pussy trembling, when I realized I hadn't gotten the file I'd come home for.


I pulled out of the driveway, drove a couple of blocks away and called my daughter.

Her cell rang five times before she answered it, "Hi, Mom."

"You okay? You sound out of breath," I asked, wanting to know what she would say to that.

"Oh, I was just working out," she lied quickly. How long had she been lying to me? That said, I let it slide and didn't mention the word about what I saw. But I did smirked to myself at her answer of a work out... she had indeed received a work-out.

"I need a quick favour... I'll be home in like two minutes. I forgot a file I need for this afternoon. Can you grab the Penner file for me in my office and bring it outside? I'm really in a hurry," I said. I glanced at the clock, realizing it was true.

"Sure thing," she agreed, always the sweet helpful daughter.

"Great, see you soon," I said, and hung up. A minute later, I was pulling into my driveway and my daughter was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, perfect work-out wear, with the file in her hand.

She walked to my window and handed me the file, her face still flushed.

I said, "You must have been really working out hard."

"I was," she nodded, before adding, as if hinting at her naughty lesbian secret, "I was giving my body a real full workout."

"Maybe I need a full body workout too," I said daringly, briefly imagining it was me getting fucked hard by Beth. I asked, "Where's Beth?"

"In the house," she said, maybe a bit too casually.

"Was she working out too?" I pursued.

"Yeah, she has me in training for the marathon we're doing next month," she said.

Unable to resist, I quipped, "She must be quite the drill sergeant."

Samantha's face went a darker red as she nodded, "She works me over until I can't take it any more."

I suggested, both to see her reaction and hear her response as well, "Maybe I can have her work me over one day."

Samantha didn't hesitate but her face remained red, "I bet she would love that."

The innuendos were dripping, each of us were saying very different things than the other thought they were hearing. (Or not? I certainly comprehended both versions of what she was saying. Was I being as clever as I thought I was? Hmmmm). I broke out of my internal meandering and said, "Well, I've got to get going; sorry if I interrupted your workout."

"No worries," she said. "I was just refueling after some endurance activity."

"Well, get back at it," I said, as I rolled up my window and began backing up, my pussy burning and my head spinning.

As I drove to work, I wondered why I'd gotten so hot hearing and then even seeing my daughter getting fucked. I also wondered why I'd felt compelled to say what I'd said to Samantha. And I also wondered whether Beth would really like to give me a similar workout, whether I had correctly read behind the innuendo of my daughter's words.

An image popped into my head of me submitting to Beth. Or perhaps to describe it even better, Beth dominating me and I submitting to her, helpless to deny her anything... like my daughter moments ago.

Shit, I was a bad Mom... a bad, bad, but horny, Mom.

I ignored the burning in my loins and the naughty thoughts in my head as I drove back to work, realizing I didn't have time to quench the burning inferno I was so often neglecting... sigh, I would have to neglect it again... at least until after the meeting.

That evening, when I got home from work, with pizza (the meeting had gone overtime and it was after six when I got home), Samantha and Beth were on the couch watching something on Netflix. The same couch that Beth had fucked Samantha on just a few hours earlier.

I had seen them on that couch hundreds of times, usually watching Netflix, and never once considered them as anything but friends. But now as I watched them, side by side, I couldn't shake a recurring picture of Beth fucking my daughter.

How did it start? How long has it been going on? They looked so sweet and normal sitting there... like they always did. If I hadn't seen what I'd seen, I would never have believed it.

But it did happen.

And it turned me on immensely.

That night while in bed, I pulled out my favorite toy, and finally attempted to resolve the turmoil that had started in me hours ago.

I began with the fantasy I almost always had... Ryan Reynolds. But as my orgasm built... quickly... I recalled the thought that apparently Beth had fucked my good friend and neighbour Joyce. Instantly, an image of that popped into my head.

I imagined Beth in her cute little lifeguard outfit, bending Joyce over the table and fucking her from behind... similar to how Beth had fucked my daughter earlier. Getting fucked from behind was a submissive position and I imagined Beth calling Joyce nasty names while being completely in control.

That image had my pussy on fire and I began to frantically rub myself while simultaneously fucking myself with the toy until my orgasm hit really hard, forcing me to scream louder than I'd meant to.

Seconds later, my eyes closed as I savoured the waves of sensations still coursing through me, Samantha crashed into my room, catching me with a vibrator obviously deep inside me as she asked, panicked, "Mom, are you...?"

She halted mid-sentence, realizing it hadn't been a scream of pain. She stammered, as I quickly tried to cover myself up, even as the damn vibrator kept buzzing, "S-s-sorry, Mom." She left quickly, looking mortified.

I was equally mortified as I belatedly shut the vibrator off.

I grabbed a robe, went to the washroom and cleaned the toy as I pondered what to do. I knew I had to speak to her. So once I'd put my vibrator away, I headed to her bedroom to face the awkward conversation.

I knocked on her door, "Honey, can I come in?"

"Sure," she answered.

I walked in and she was on her laptop.

"I'm so sorry you had to see that," I apologized, walking to her bed.

"It's okay," she said a bit uncomfortably, before adding, "we all do it. It's just I wasn't expecting it."

"Yeah sorry, again," I repeated. "I was just really horny tonight."

She laughed, "TMI!"

"TMI?" I wondered.

"Too much information," she laughed.

"Oh," I nodded, wondering if I should tell her some other information I knew... but I didn't. I then asked, realizing that what she'd said a moment ago might provide an opening to the forbidden subject, "But what do you mean 'we all do it'?"

She said, "I'm eighteen, Mom."

"No," I shook my head with a smile. "I insist you stay ten."

"Too late," she laughed, standing up and giving me a hug. "I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, honey," I said, hugging her back.

When she broke the hug, I joked, "I'll try to be quieter next time."

She joked back, "And I'll be louder."

"TMI!" I said, covering my ears as we both broke out in laughter.

I returned to my room and got ready to go to bed.

The visuals of what I'd seen this afteroon wouldn't go away. I eventually fell asleep, but was drawn into a really vivid dream of my submitting to Beth.

I was in the living room watching the news when Beth walked in and sat beside me. Close to me... something she never did. I looked at her questioningly and asked, "Where's Samantha?"

"She went out for a bit," Beth answered, not explaining where, which was equally strange.

"Oh, and you didn't go with her?" I asked curiously.

She put her hand on my leg and said, "No, it's time you and I got to know each other a little better."

"Excuse me?" I asked, surprised by her words, and by her hand on my leg.

"Samantha tells me you fucked yourself last night," Beth said bluntly, as her hand explored under my skirt.

"Young lady, that is enough," I gasped, even though I felt my pussy leak slightly into my panties. Oddly, I didn't push her hand away. Even more oddly, I wasn't even sure I could.

"While you were fucking yourself," she emphasised deliberately, "were you replaying watching me fuck your daughter yesterday, or did you imagine me fucking you?" she asked confidently, just as her hand reached my pussy... and without a conscious decision I even opened my legs a little to give her better access to my wetness.

"Beth, what are you doing?" I squeaked, even though the question was stupid... it was obvious what she was doing.

"Answer the question," she ordered, as her fingers traced my pussy lips through my sheer panties.

I moaned involuntarily.

"Now!" she demanded, moving her finger away.

Needing her finger back there, and startled by her dominant tone, I stammered, "I-I-I actually imagined you fucking Joyce at first, but as I climaxed it was me you were fucking."

Her hand returned reassuringly to my hot box as she cooed, "There, there, was that so hard?"

"No," I moaned, as her fingers worked magic.

"Do you want me to make your fantasy a reality, Mrs. Turner?" Beth murmured, as her finger first slid inside my panties and then in one quick motion deep inside my very wet pussy.

"Yes, please," I answered, not even pretending I didn't want it. I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked hard... to be pounded really hard by this sexy, dominant teen.

"Get undressed," she ordered.

I stood up, hands trembling, pussy leaking, and pulled down my skirt. I wasn't trembling because I was reluctant, but because I couldn't wait for what seemed to be about to happen. I then took off my blouse and bra, not at all ashamed to be getting naked and blindly obeying my daughter's eighteen year old friend. Finally, I tugged down my panties.

As I did, she pulled her dress over her head to reveal that not only was she completely naked underneath, she was also wearing a strap-on.

I gasped.

"Knees, my little cock hungry slut," she ordered.

If my husband had called me a 'slut', I likely would have cut off his balls and fed them to the dog, but somehow that same word coming from Beth's mouth turned me on.

I obeyed instantly, dropping to my knees in front of this beautiful blonde.

"Get my cock ready for that wet... needy... hungry... helpless... cunt of yours," she drawled slowly.

I sucked Carl off on occasion (usually birthday, Father's Day, and when I was drunk and horny), but I was never a fan of it. Yet, I didn't hesitate to obey when ordered by Beth. I leaned forward and took the fake cock in my mouth.

"Good girl," Beth purred, "get it nice and wet."

I obeyed again, swirling my tongue around the cock and using as much saliva as I could... oddly trying to put on a sensuous show for her.

"I've wanted to make you my slut for a long time, Mrs. Turner," she informed me, which made me wonder how long was 'a long time' and how long she had been fucking my daughter... in any case the declaration flattered me; it was nice to be wanted... even if it was by a girl... an eighteen year old girl... and my daughter's best friend.

After a couple of minutes of sucking, she ordered, "Get up on the couch on all fours."

I crawled onto the couch and got into the position she wanted me in.

"What a nice ass," she said, as she moved behind me. "Does Carl fuck your ass?"

"What? God, no," I gasped, startled by her question.

"Your daughter loves it in the ass," Beth informed me teasingly as she rubbed her fake cock up and down my pussy lips.

"Oh, God," I moaned, not actually thinking of my daughter getting ass fucked, but really responding to Beth's insistent teasing of my pussy... although ass fucking was likely what this looked like.

"So fucking wet," she purred. "How long have you wanted to be my slut?"

I answered the truth, "Only since yesterday."

"Really?" she asked. "I've noticed you checking me out for a while, Mrs. Turner."

That wasn't true. I explained, "I have been envious of your perfect teen body for forever."

"Hmmmmmm," she purred. "So what does Mrs. Turner want?"

"I want you to fuck me," I breathed.

"You want your daughter's best friend to fuck you?" she insisted, teasing the hell out of me by rubbing that cock up and down my pussy lips.

"God, yes," I moaned loudly.

"God, yes, what?" she asked.

I let it all out in a rush! "God, yes, I really need my daughter Samantha's gorgeous best friend Beth to fuck the hell out of me and make me her very own slut," I cried loudly, so desperate to have her cock in me... to feel her body slamming into mine... to feel the same rapture I'd seen my daughter experiencing at Beth's hands yesterday.

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