tagIncest/TabooMilk and Cookies Mom Ch. 07

Milk and Cookies Mom Ch. 07


The following morning David awoke in his Mother's bed. As he opened his eyes he saw the adoring face of his Mum, June looking down at him. She smiled at her Son as she stood by the bed. David propped himself up on to his elbow.

He looked at the woman who he had fucked with such abandon the night before and his cock once more began to stir. She was stood by the bed dressed in a tight white blouse with one too many buttons undone showing her plentiful cleavage, this was tucked into a black mini skirt that ended mid-thigh. Tied around her waist was a dainty white apron. On her legs she had a pair of shiny tan stockings on, different to the pair that David had ripped and laddered the night before after his brutal fucking of her against the kitchen table. On her feet were a pair of peep-toe black heels. Looking her up and down, David's cock rose to attention.

"Good morning, Sir." June told him.

"Good morning, Mum."

"It's time for Sir's bath."

David rubbed his eyes and then looked with some surprise at what his Mother had just said. She responded by picking up a towel from the drawer next to her. Once more she told him it was time for his bath. David shifted out of the crisp white sheets of his Mum's bed and walked over to the door where June was waiting for him. She reached a hand up to his cheek and kissed him on the lips. David responded by kissing her back, but only for a moment.

June broke the kiss. "Follow me please, Sir." With that, June strode off in front of David, hips, swinging lightly from side-to-side, her ass wiggling in that short black skirt. David's cock was now rigid.

In the bathroom, the bath was full, with steaming water covered in bubbles. June indicated for David to get in. David did as requested and lowered his naked body into the water.

"Not too hot is it, Sir?"

"No, not at all, Mum." David began to cup water over his shoulders.

"Let me do that, Sir." June knelt down and rolled up the sleeves of her blouse.

"Mum, you don't want to get that blouse wet, do you?"

June paused. "Well... no, Sir."

"Perhaps you should take it off then."

It wasn't a question, it was an instruction. June nodded and, still kneeling, undid the buttons on her blouse. David leaned back in the bubbles and found his cock. He began to stroke it as she undressed. The final button undone, June pulled the blouse off over her shoulders revealing a surprise for her Son. She wore no bra, her breasts were free and sat proudly in front of her boy. David moaned as he jerked off in the water looking at his Mother's wonderful tits.

The sexy Mum fished around in the water for the flannel and began to squeeze water all over her Son's chest. Removing his hands from his erect prick, David tried to relax. His Mother's hands hands worked expertly over his teenage body rubbing and smoothing the flannel around him. David closed his eyes as she bathed him. It felt wonderful. The steam and the heat of the bath were going to his head, he sighed contentedly.

His eyes opened once more as June took a hold of his cock. She pulled the foreskin back to reveal his red, ready head. Her Son mewed with delight. Her fingers squeezed and tickled his balls as her David moaned.

Satisfied he was nice and hard, she told him it was time to get out. David agreed and stood up, his cock pointing right out in front of him as the water trickled down his body. June stood and grabbed the towel she had brought. Opening it wide, David stepped into the towel and the Mother wrapped it around her Son. She began to vigorously dry him down and David smiled as she moved the towel over him. He ogled his Mother's breasts as they bounced with her rubbing movements. She paid extra special attention to his penis dragging the towel over it with rigor.

June took a step back. "Oh dear, that doesn't look like it's going down does it?"

David bit his lip and shook his head.

"Well, Mummy will take care if it, dear." June stepped forward and put her hand under her little white apron and wrapped it around his cock. David gasped. "There, there, darling. Just relax and let Mummy take care of you."

She shook his cock hard. David groaned and grunted as the material of the apron rubbed up and down his swollen prick. He watched her breasts shake up and down as the horny Mother jerked him off. He clenched his fists as he felt the cum rising in his balls, boiling, desperate for relief. June continued to encourage her Son and his hands quickly went to his Mum's tits and squeezed both of them. It was her turn to moan with pleasure and she increased the pace on his cock. David squeezed his Mummy's breasts hard and the cum erupted from his cock. His hips moved back and forth as the semen sprayed into the white material of the apron. June continued to shake his cock as the boy's seed spilled out. His Mother milked his prick until the last drop dribbled into the fabric of the apron. David swayed unsteadily from side-to-side.

"There, dear, wasn't that a nice way to start the day?"

"Yes, thank you..."

Half an hour later and David sauntered downstairs to the kitchen and sat down at the table, he took a moment to remember the deep fucking he had given his Mother the evening before. June meanwhile had replaced her blouse and was making tea. She placed two mugs on the table and sat opposite her Son, making sure to cross her legs and give him a good view of her legs.

David took hold of the mug. "So, Mum... I wanted to ask you about the cupboard?"

June blushed a little and looked into her tea. She then met her Son's gaze. "Well.. I needed some space that I could go and be a different person. One who enjoys being tied up and fucked and could wear clothes, that well, now I can around the house."

"And I love the fact that you do."

She smiled. "So that was why I needed the space."

"And did you always tie yourself up, with the handcuffs and stuff?"

"No, not every time. Sometimes it was just enough to lift my skirt up and, you know, get myself off..."

The thought of his Mum masturbating all alone in that cupboard made David very aroused, but also quite sad too. He played with the handle of his mug. "Show me," he asked her.

Nearly choking on her tea, June put the mug down and stared at him. "You mean, here?"

"Yes. Lift your skirt up and show me what you used to do. I'll keep an eye on the garden, make sure no one decides to visit us."

June looked out the window, and then nodded to David. She stood up in front of him and pulled the hem of her skirt upwards, bunching it up over her bum. She wore neat, black satin panties, pleasantly framing the tops of her thighs where the dark band of her hold-up stockingtops were. She put her fingers to the panties to pull them down, but David stopped her. He stood up and firmly took hold of the elasticated band of the black panties and pulled them down. He crouched as he did so, allowing his Mum to step out of them with her high heels still on. He looked up at her already glistening pussy, with it's inviting lips and neatly trimmed hair.

"Thank you, Sir," said June. She then sat back down into the chair and spread her stockinged legs wide giving David an unrestricted view of her pussy. David settled back down to, still holding her panties. June put two of her fingers into her mouth, moistening them and then slowly moved them down to her cunt.

David watched, fascinated as the fingers carefully moved across the folds of skin and found the pink, fleshy button of her clit. With practised rhythm, June began to draw her fingers back and forth over her already swollen sex. "Don't stop, Mum, just keep going."

June nodded and continued to massage her pussy with her slender fingers. David's fingers toyed with the satin of the black panties in his hand.

"I don't think you'll need to wear panties any more in my presence, Mum. Do you?"

"Oh, I definitely won't, Sir."

"Also I want you in stockings and heels all the time. Do you understand?"

June let out a low moan as her fingers pressed around her clit in a circular motion. "I do, Sir. I promise, nothing but stockings and heels for my Son."

Pleased with the result, David decided to go further. "From now on, Mother, no more cupboard. You ask my permission to cum if you need to. Understand? If I'm not around you call me. However if you need to cum, then come and find me and we will do it together."

Leaning back in the chair as her fingers continued to work, June nodded in assent. "Yes, Sir, I will ask your permission."

"I think you will need to be spanked regularly. Would you agree?"

"Ohhhh, yes, Sir... yes...." June could feel the beginnings of her climax stirring within her.

"Failure to adhere to these rules will mean I withhold any sort of contact. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yessss, Sir. Perfectly... ohhh, shit, yes perfectly clear."

David could see his Mother was near to cumming. "Stand up," he told her firmly.

June stopped and carefully got up.

"Face the table, press down on the table with your fingers. No matter what happens you don't stop touching, clear?"

June nodded and turned. Her fingertips pressed on the table.

"Legs apart," David commanded. She did as she was told. "Open your mouth, wide." David took the black panties and gently pushed them inside his Mother's mouth to act as a gag. June moaned as he did so and he smiled at her. He then drew his own fingers to his lips and sucked them. Reaching around his Mother his fingers went straight to her pussy.

June almost screamed. David's fingers were now massaging around her clit, just as her own hand had done a moment before. June shook with trepidation and excitement. She looked at herself, her reflection appearing in the kitchen window. Open to humiliation should anyone walk up the garden path, her own panties stuffed into her mouth to gag her, legs wide apart like a slut for her Son.

David slowly increased the speed of his fingers on her swollen clit. He looked over shoulder to see one of her fingers lift up from the table's surface.

WHACK! His hand went straight across her pert bum, leaving a light red mark. June howled through the black panties.

"I told you, Mother, your fingers must stay on the table."

June quickly nodded and began to moan even more deeply from her Son's magic touch and the pleasurable stinging of her ass. She tried to rotate her hips to meet with his touch, but it was soon too much. Her muffled groans of joy grew longer and louder. She tried to beg for permission but the panties-gag wouldn't let her. David began to vibrate his fingers back and forth over her clit. June dug her nails into the table to keep them there as her orgasm was unleashed.

She trembled and quaked as she came on her Son's fingers, almost humping his hand with wild need. She bit down on the satin of the panties and looked at herself, cumming like an incestual slut from her Boy's fingers.

As the orgasm began to fade a little, David reached up and pulled the panties from her mouth. June gulped down deep breaths as David pulled her towards him. His arms wrapped around her in a protective embrace and her head found the nape of his neck.

"Oh, oh thank you, Sir. Thank you!"

David held his Mother tight against him.

That evening David was once more working in his room. After this weekend the exams would begin and the revision time over. He was loathe to admit it, but this would seriously cut in to all the fun he was having with his Mum. David realised the importance of the exams though. He didn't want to let his Mum down, after all she'd done for him, so he continued to study, spread out on his bed in his t-shirt and boxers, once again trying to remember the key dates of battles from classical antiquity.

There was a knock at the door. David asked his Mum to come in.

June entered the room wearing a black robe that ended just above her knees. In the lamplight of David's room he was amazed at how her legs looked. The stockings she was wearing were the shiniest he'd ever seen on his Mother. They were flesh coloured, but looked so smooth that his mouth dropped open. On her feet were a pair of patent black slingbacks with a two inch heel.

She put her hand on her hip for moment, posing for his pleasure and grinning before slowly, sexily walking into his room. David noticed than in her hand she what appeared to be a black jewellery box.

"Hi, Mum. What's in the box?" David sat up on the edge of the bed as his Mother approached. She continued to smile at him as she stopped and held the box in both hands.

"David, I've been waiting, well, hoping really, for the right man to do this. Up until, well, this morning, in the kitchen, I wasn't sure who it would be, now I am convinced."

"Convinced about what, Mum?"

"David. I want you to collar me."

"Collar?" What, thought, David, like a dog?!

"Yes, Son, when a Master, takes a servant or slave he collars her in order to show she belongs to him. I bought this hoping one day I would meet the right man, only to find he was living with me all the time."

June offered the box to David who took it and opened it up. Inside was a choker made of white pearls, three lines on top of each other. David carefully fished it out of the box and held it up to examine it. On the back there was a small clasp.

"You want me to put this around your neck? To signify that I... own you?"

The Mother nodded. "Yes, David I do. Please."

David nodded and stood up. "Undress me please."

June stepped forward and pulled the t-shirt over his head. She then quickly pulled down his boxer shorts. His cock was once more erect at the sight of his Mum and she grinned as he stood naked before her.

He reached for the thin belt of her robe and pulled it open, pushing it back over her shoulders to the floor. Her breasts were encased in a beautiful purple demi bra that pleasingly bunched her breasts together. Below that she wore a matching purple garter belt that was clipped neatly to the tops of the shiny, shiny stockings. She wore no panties and her pussy was now completely bare, shaved and smooth.

"Oh my God, Mum," was all David could manage. Looking at her for a few seconds more he then sat back down on the side of the bed and ordered June to kneel.

June complied and knelt before him.

David picked up the pearl choker. "Repeat after me. I, June Anderson-" June slowly repeated each part of David's speech with all due reverence. "Do solemnly declare, that I wish to be collared by my Son, David Anderson. I will submit myself to his will and obey his every command. I will take no other lovers or sexual partners without his consent. This choker, represents an unbroken bond of love and ownership that can never be destroyed. Do you consent?"

Hanging on his every word, June nodded. "I do, my Son, I do."

Pleased with his little speech, David told his Mother to come closer. She lifted her head up as David placed the pearl choker around it. He held the choker in place, both ends of the clasp between his fingers.

"Now bow down and take me in your mouth, Mother."

Without hesitation, June bent her head down and wrapped her mouth over the top of David's cock. The teenager gasped as her lips and tongue flicked over his penis. Satisfied that she had taken his cock all the way in her mouth, David clasped the pearl choker in place. It was complete. David had collared his own Mum.

"Now show me thanks, Mother."

June went to work on his cock. Her fingers curled around the base and squeezed. Her lips slid up and down his shaft like soft glove. David groaned with delight. She sucked hungrily, wanting to show him how good she was, how he had made the right choice to collar her. However David was not going to be satisfied with his Mother's mouth tonight. He wanted to be inside that wet, hungry, hairless pussy. Smooth and inviting. He told June to stop and then told her to lie down on his bedroom floor. She quickly agreed and lay down on her back parting her legs for him.

David knelt in front of her, his hands on her knees, sliding over the sheer, shiny stockings. He brought his cock up to the stockinged legs rubbing it over them, enjoying the sensation of the friction the nylon caused. June begged him to get inside her. David crawled over his Mum, as her breasts heaved. He felt her hand guiding his cock towards her pussy and then cried out as it plunged into her wet hole.

He pushed both her arms back, holding them down above her head as he began to fuck her. He had more confidence now and eagerly slammed his cock inside her, thrusting his body to meet hers. June tried to match his movements, wrapping her stockinged legs over his naked ass and humping back. He kissed her chest, her tits wrapped in the gorgeous purple material. He kissed her on the lips too, tongues entangling. She belonged to him now, she was his fuck anytime he desired. David's balls ached with the need for release as they slapped against his Mother. He was pounding her into the floor, eager to flood her Motherly pussy with his cum.

June could feel her own orgasm building, quicker but no less intense than this morning's climax. Her whole body was crying out for this. Being used, being so wickedly fucked on the floor of her Son's bedroom. This time she begged his permission to cum.

"Yes, Mum, yesss, you can cum, yessss!"

David couldn't hold on any longer either and with a roar of passion started to spurt inside his Mother's wanton cunt. June's own orgasm blasted every area of her body as she came. She writhed and strained under her Son's body as he continued to pump his sperm inside her. She squeezed his body, tight against her with her arms and legs, riding out every last moment of ecstasy as the room shook and they tumbled towards release.

Slowly as June came around from her intense climax she saw David planting little kisses along her pearl choker. They were now committed to a new life of possibility and excitement.

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