tagFetishMilk Club Ch. 02

Milk Club Ch. 02


Walking out to the car Heather said, "I am going to take you to my house. I have some things there that you might be able to use."

"But I ought to be back at the office by now." I protested. "You're with the boss's wife," she reminded me, "and I can do anything I like!"

Driving to their home, Heather told me a lot more about her relationship with Bob. Things that I would never have realized if she hadn't have told me.

"As far as my being a 'cow' is concerned, Bob told me when I was pregnant with Natalie that mother's milk was a great turn on for him, and since then I have been able to indulge him." she told me. "Bob is a very open, honest man, and our relationship is built on that honesty, and, above all an ability to communicate with each other. I do so hope you and Ron have that. It is so valuable in any marriage, I don't think ours would have lasted without it. Of course that openness extends to our sex lives as well, and we indulge in all the things that please us both. Bob had always loved my breasts, and when Natalie was born, it was a fantasy come true for him. I would just lower a milk-laden nipple to his mouth and he would get an erection immediately. And that was a turn on for me. The difference between a baby suckling and a grown man was more than psychological, and it quickly became a part of our sex lives that we didn't want to give up. I was producing far more milk than most first baby Moms, so there was no danger of our game damaging the future of our child."

"Yes, I replied, "The doctor has told me that I ought to make more milk than the baby will need." I told her.

"I would think so!" she replied.

We arrived at the house and went in through the kitchen. Heather stopped to pour two glasses of wine and I followed her to the master bedroom. Opening a dresser drawer, she scooped up an armful of bras in all colors, shapes and sizes, which she allowed to spill out of her arms and all over the bed.

"There must be something here that will fit you," she began, holding up one that seemed enormous. Approaching me, she held it up to my bosom.

"Slip out of the dress, and we'll try it on." she said.

I think that, under any other circumstances, and with anybody else, I might not have acted so blatantly. But in Heather's company I felt perfectly at ease and did as I was bid, immediately dropping the shift to the floor almost before the words were out of her mouth. There I stood, my belly sticking out, my boobs dangling, looking like a little schoolgirl about to receive a spanking.

Heather handed me the bra and, as I put it on, adjusted the straps for me. It was almost too big, but I thought that might be good thing.

"I have several others you might try," she said, rummaging through the pile on the bed. "Try them on while I take a shower."

She unbuckled her belt, and then, as she undid the buttons on her dress, I saw the rest of her body for the first time. Underneath the dress she wore only a garter belt and stockings, and her pussy was shaved bare. Noticing my stare she asked, "Surprised?"

"No." I managed to reply.

"You will be!" she announced, and sat on the edge of the bed. I watched, fascinated, as she spread her legs wide and, with finger and thumb, reached inside her open pussy. She slowly pulled out a long, almost penis-shaped sponge and held it up for me to see.

"Another one of our games." she said. "Bob knows how much my pussy gushes when I come, so many years ago he suggested I save it. Using the sponge means that when I have an orgasm the sponge can easily soak up my juices and they don't run down my leg, which could be embarrassing!"

"What do you do with it?" I asked incredulously.

"Flavor salads, drinks, anything that could use a little spicing-up!" Heather told me. "We use it on unsuspecting guests and both Bob and I get a kick out of it." Then she added, almost as an afterthought, "So do the girls and James."

Heather squeezed the sponge over a funnel she had inserted in the neck of a small jar on the dresser.

"Oh! It's lovely and wet!" She exclaimed. "That's because I came three times in the restaurant!"

"When?" I asked her as I unhooked the bra she had given me.

"When you were sucking on my tits, of course!" She answered, squeezing the last drops out of the sponge. When she had finished she raised her fingers to her nose and inhaled deeply. "Ahh!" she sighed, "I don't know why it is but I have always loved both the smell and the taste of my own sex."

I took her wet fingers and held them under my own nose. The heady musky scent of her sexual juices had an immediate and profound effect on me. All those memories of school came flooding back in an instant, my nipples instantly hardened and I could feel the wetness between my own legs. I could almost see those days in the locker room with Jennifer, and recall how we would masturbate together, and then masturbate each other. More recently with Ron, one of the things I loved was to kiss him after he had eaten me out for a while. I reveled in the taste of my own pussy juices, just like Heather. Her scent was similar to mine and I loved it!

Almost instinctively I opened my mouth wide and sucked her fingers in up to the knuckles. I sucked hard, savoring the taste of her secretions. Bob and Heather were right: Heather tasted wonderful! I knew the sexuality of the moment was having its effect on me, my own juices were running down my thigh, so turned on I had become. I couldn't remember having such a copious flow since before I had become pregnant.

Heather took her middle finger and rubbed it along the length of my slit, feeling how wet I had become. She put her finger in her own mouth.

"Mmmm," she murmured, "You taste as good as I do, but I think I would like to drink directly from the fountain."

With my enormous belly in the way, I would have to be in a better position for Heather to accomplish this. She led me to the bed and I sat down. I laid back, my feet still on the floor. I couldn't see what Heather was doing over my huge belly, but I could feel it. I could feel the beginnings of orgasm well up in my pussy as her tongue teased my clit. With deep strokes of her tongue, she pushed deep inside my juiced up cunt and then she would withdraw to tickle my clit with the tip of her tongue.

I started to play with my own nipples, stretching and twisting them as the pleasure within my bowels intensified. I had always thought Ron was good at eating my pussy, but he wasn't as accomplished as Heather in this art. Her tongue was making circles around my clit, teasing it then flicking it. Then she would grip my clit between her lips and suck hard on it. She seemed to know exactly how hard I liked it done, how I love to have my clit sucked on hard. And as Heather sucked hard on my clit, I pulled harder on my nipples, for, like every woman I know, my nipples and cunt are joined by a direct line.

Heather had me writhing, so intense was the sexual pleasure I was receiving from her mouth. My orgasm was so close, but she managed to keep me just on the edge, not quite taking me over the top. I was really enjoying this terrific sensation, it felt like I could come at any moment, but then I wasn't coming, just staying nearly there. Heather's teeth gripped my clit and pulled on it. The pleasure coursed through my body in waves and I could feel my orgasm begin, I could feel my pussy contract, my muscles tighten, my whole body starting to shake as the sweet feeling of orgasm raced through my body. Heather slackened her grip on my clit as the effects of the orgasm subsided until she was just gently licking my pussy again, savoring the taste of my emission and making sure she didn't miss a drop.

Eventually Heather's head appeared over my stomach, her hands slowly caressing my huge bulge.

"You take good care of yourself," she remarked, "You must use your anti-stretch mark cream regularly. I don't think you'll even have one stretch mark by the time this is all over."

"I hope not," I replied, "I'd still like to be able to wear a bikini when I want to. Ron and I have made quite a game out of rubbing the cream on my boobs, ass and stomach. We do it at least twice a day and more if we can."

"That'll do it, every time." said a voice from the doorway. I looked over to see who it was.

"Victoria, this is my daughter Natalie." Heather said as the naked figure walked into the room.

Heather was right, this girl had even bigger and fuller boobs than she did, they were so big they hung down to her navel but they weren't what you would call saggy, they were just very full, topped with nipples that were not as long as her mother's, but quite a bit thicker. Like her mother, Natalie was shaved which served to show off her long labia lips even better.

"How long have you been standing there?" Heather asked her daughter as she walked toward the bed.

"Long enough to get a few tips on technique from the expert." Natalie replied with a big grin on her face.

"Well as long as you are here," said Heather, "You can make yourself useful and keep Victoria company while I take my shower." With that she handed a bottle of anti-stretch mark cream to her daughter and headed for the shower. Natalie poured some of the cream in her hand and started to spread it over my distended belly.

"Feel good?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," I replied, smiling up at Natalie, "I love having my belly rubbed, I always have, but its even better now I have a good excuse."

She poured more lotion on her hands and started to rub it into my boobs. She was careful to avoid my nipples although I really wished she would touch them.

"So how does Mom know you?" she asked.

"I work for your father." I replied.

"Oh, yes, how silly," she said, "You're Dad's new secretary, aren't you?"

"That's right."

"I'm sorry," she went on. "I've only been back at home for a couple of months and I still don't know all that's been going on while I've been away."

"Where have you been?" I asked.

"It's a long story," Natalie told me, "Basically I got married three years ago and went to live in D.C. with my husband. Mark, our baby was born just over two years ago, but my husband seemed to be more interested in his work than his family, so I left him and came home."

"I'm sorry." I said.

"That's OK," She replied, "It's much more fun here at home, I should never have left, except I wouldn't be able to do all the things I do if I hadn't gone."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Well, as you've probably noticed," she stopped massaging my breasts, "I have these!" She grasped both her huge breasts. "And they still do this!" She squeezed them and two jets of milk hit me in the face. "Just like Mom's, only I make more than she does. On a good day I can make a couple of pints."

"Well you are quite a bit better endowed than your mother." I remarked.

"Size doesn't really have a great deal to do with it," she continued, "But I certainly do have that on my side, don't I? Anyway, when I came home, Mom suggested that I use my boobs to earn a living. And that's exactly what I do." Natalie started to massage my aching breasts again. "Now I express off the milk and sell it to guys who are into breast milk. I get $100 for four ounces, although I do have a couple of special customers." Her fingers were getting closer to my nipples until she was just tracing patterns with them around my aureolae. I reached up and started to the same thing to Natalie.

"Oh that feels so nice," she said, "don't stop. As I was saying, I have a few special customers and I let them drink directly from the fountain." She even used the same phrases as her mother, but this was in a slightly different context. "But I charge them quite a bit more for the privilege."

"How much more?" I asked.

"Three or four times as much." she replied.

"Four Hundred bucks?" I asked incredulously.

"At least, sometimes more." she replied. "After all, they are getting to play with the best pair of tits they'll ever see and I do spend an hour with them. Don't you think I'm worth it?"

Natalie was playing with my nipples now, gently rubbing them between her thumbs and forefingers. I started to do the same thing to her.

"Every penny," I replied.

"Most of them are not as gentle as you." she said. I could feel her milk on my fingers as I rolled her nipples in my fingers. Pulling gently on them, I found I could make a small jet of milk come out of her distended nipples.

"I'm very full at the moment and I should really be milking myself," Natalie went on, "Would you like to come and help me?"

"Of course." I replied and let go of her nipples. She gave on final good tug on mine and got off the bed.

"I have everything set up in my room," she said and that's where we headed. Natalie sat down in an armchair and lifted two clear plastic tubes running from the machine on the floor by the chair. Putting a little dab of cream on each nipple, she started the machine. She attached a bottle with a suction cup to each of the plastic pipes and they went to work. Almost immediately I could see the bottles begin to fill with her milk. After only five minutes or so, both of the bottles were full and Natalie turned the machine off. Taking fresh bottles, she replaced the full ones and turned the machine on again. This time it took quite a bit longer, but in a quarter of an hour, both bottles were full. She turned the machine off and stood up.

"Come on Victoria," she said, "Let's see if Mom has showered yet." We went across to her Mother's room, but she wasn't there. Going downstairs, Natalie lead me into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and put the four bottles of fresh milk on the shelf. There were several other bottles there labeled 'Mom', 'Karen' and 'Natalie' and all dated.

"I didn't know your sister Karen was a milker too." I said.

"Oh, yes," said Natalie, "But be careful when you talk to her. You see, her baby died just two months ago, a crib death, and Karen hasn't really gotten over it yet. We all have to be careful."

The phone rang and Natalie answered it. I could hear her end of the conversation making arrangements for someone to come over later that evening.

"Eight o'clock, then?" she said. "See you then." And she hung up. "That was one of my 'gentlemen' friends, he's coming over at eight." She glanced at her watch and I glanced at mine. It was 5:30 already, I didn't know where the time had gone. "I should be ready by then."

"Ready?" I queried.

"My jugs should be full again by then. You see, that was Alan, he's one of my special customers, he likes to take my milk 'direct from the fountain', as my mother says.

"I ought to be getting home or Ron will be wondering where I am and what has happened to his supper." I said.

"Don't worry about Ron," said Heather, standing in the doorway, "He called the office for you this afternoon and Bob told him you were here with me. Ron has to work late, said he'd be home around 9 or 9:30. Bob told him we'd have you home by then."

"Oh great!" exclaimed Natalie, "Now you'll be able to stay and meet Alan. He will really like you, he loves pregnant women."

"Good idea," said Heather as she turned and walked away.

"But what can I do?" I asked Natalie. "Surely he doesn't want to have me in the room while he's nursing on you?"

"You bet he would," she replied, "Particularly if you would let him run his hands over your distended belly as he suckled on me!"

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