tagLoving WivesMillie's Valentine Present

Millie's Valentine Present


"Come on love, we'll be late, do you have to tart yourself up so much, bloody trollop."

"I'll give you trollop you old sod, now there's a fine thing my husband calling me a trollop, I don't know hey."

"Serious Millie we are going to be late love."

"OK, OK, I'm nearly ready Peter."

"Ohh Peter is it, who's getting a hump on then, wrong week or something, I bloody hope not."

"You know it isn't my blobby week or I wouldn't be bothering to go would I."

"Why not Mill's I'm sure some of them wouldn't be fussy."

"Ugh Pete, shut up you dirty sod, you're disgusting."

"OK I'm ready, let's go."

"Wow Millie, the slit skirt and loose top treatment, you are on the pull tonight darling."

"Got the skimpy bra and frilly red knickers on as well have we, hehe."

"Shut up you sod, I always wear this outfit to a new place."

"Hmm just as I said, a tart on the pull."

"Ouch! Mill's that hurt."

"It was meant to you sod, hehe."

"Come on then woman into my chariot and I'll whisk you away to your fate."

"Chariot, haha, bloody old thing's falling to bits. Pete we really need a new car darling, and soon."

"Hm, one day soon, I love this old plodder though Mill's."

"Ha just like you darling, an old plodder, hehe."

"Cheeky cow, you wait until later, I'll give you old plodder."

"Right which way Mill's, Jess did tell you how to get there I hope."

"Of course man, we women aren't all daft."

"Hm, just some of you then."

"Ouch! That hurt."

"Going to be fun if it all works out darling."

"Umm, what's that love."

"Tonight, going to be fun if it all works out, Jess has been doing her best all week to sort out someone for me bless her, Jess is a darling, isn't she, the way she's taken to helping us."

"Woman's an angel Mill's, absolute honey."

"This is it down here, Oh no, sorry love, no next left, next left".

"Bloody hell woman you'll have us in the ditch in a minute."

"Hmm, there's a thought, never had it in a ditch, hehe."

"Trollop, you've had it just about everywhere else."

"You sure it's down here Millie this is just a country lane."

"Yes I remember now, it's a converted barn, Jess said it was a converted barn out in the sticks no worry about the noise see Pete, that's why they opened it there."

"Hmm you sure we need to come to a new place Mill's, I mean it would be easier at the New Wave, we know people there."

"That's just it though darling we know them all, I was getting bored with it there, I needed a change, it is my Valentine treat after all."

"Hm, maybe I should have just got you a card instead."

"Here look Pete, Valentines dance tonight, Ballard's Country Club, see I got us here didn't I darling"

"Nearly got us in the bloody ditch a couple of times though, hehe."

"Well I'm sure old plodder or one of them would have got us out again darling."

"Piss taking female, hehe."

"Wonder if Jess will be here Mill's, hope so I could do with a nice bit of company."

"Cheeky sod Pete, you're with me aren't you, what's wrong with your bloody wife for company. You don't need anyone else do you."

"Yea but how long for once you get going and bugger off."

"Well I don't know; it might be no good here, if Jess isn't here we'll have a job getting to know people won't we. Anyway even if it is OK you'll be there won't you."

"Huh job getting to know people, the way you go on we'll know them all in 20 minutes you horny sod."

"Pete, that's not fair, hehe"

"Do you want me there tonight then Millie, you know right through to the end."

"Might do."

"Might do, you always say that, I never know what to expect you devil, and you know I love being there."

"Hm, we'll see Pete, I like you being there you know that, but they don't sometimes do they, they get embarrassed and it isn't so much fun for me."

"Come on let's go in, looks OK, nice place well done up for an old barn."

"Oh God look at Lurch the doorman, hehe."

"Shut up Pete, he'll hear you."

"Hello mate, just the two of you."

"Yes just the two."

"For now, hehe."


"That's 12 quid mate."

"Bloody hell this better be worth 6 pounds each Millie, we could have got in the New Wave free tonight."

"Oh don't be so fucking tight man, isn't your wife's Valentine present worth 6 bloody quid."


"Alright tight arse, twelve bloody pounds."

"My darling I'd lavish a million pounds on you if I had it, but as it happens I'm a bit short this week, hehe."

"Bollocks to you Peter."

"Language Millie, do you want to get me all turned on with your dirty talk so soon, hehe."

"Yes please."


"Hey there's Jess over by the window, wow look at the young studs she's with, fuck me, three of them."

"Calm down Tigress, calm down, I'm sure they'd love to fuck you, hmm lovely Jess."

"Your turn to calm down Peter, I told you I might want you there tonight, so maybe no Jess to play with."

"You're jealous of Jess Millie, you sod, hehe."

"I am not jealous of Jess, you can tease the little slut whenever you want."

"I'll tell her you called her a slut."

"Peter, don't you fucking dare, she's my best mate at work, but she has no sense of humour that way, she'd take it to heart and God no body could be further from being a slut than sweet Jess."

"OK you daft bitch I was only joking."

"I should hope so too, and don't call me a bitch, call me a slut if you want but not a bitch, hehe."

"Trollop slut bitch."

"Ouch! That hurt,"

"It was meant to."

"Hello Jess darling how are you tonight, so happy to see you my God you look lovely I'm stiff already."

"Don't take any notice of him Jess, he's in a funny mood, on the change of life I think, hehe."

"Hi Pete, Hi Millie, glad you could make it."

"We're so glad you could make it as well Jess, hey you've friends as well."

"Take a seat folks, any friends of Jessica's are friends of ours, I'm Tony by the way, Jess's young brother."

"Hi Tony, Jess has told me all about you, I work with her and she's always on about her big little brother, this is my husband Pete."

"Hi Tony, lovely sister, hehe."

"Sit by me Pete this side, Millie can sit the other side by Tony if she wants."

"Oh I want Jess, Hi Tony."

"Thought you would Millie, how's it going then Pete haven't seen you for ages."

"Fine Jess, just fine, you OK, got a husband yet, pregnant yet."

"Oh Peter you are terrible, hehe."

"He really is in a very strange mood Jess, don't take any notice, hehe."

"So who are these other two handsome young chaps then Jess, you are a bit of a dark horse."

"Oh Millie don't be daft, this is Tony's friend Jake, and this is Jake's friend Brian."

"Hi boys, I'm Millie."

"Hello Millie."

"Hi Millie nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Brian and Jake, Mmm."

"Right who wants a drink, my treat."

"Oh thanks Pete, umm we've been drinking Hooch, you know Vodka and juice."

"OK I'll go get a tray of Hooch, we can all loosen up and get to know each other better."

"So Tony do you come to this club a lot with your two friends then."

"Well yes Millie about every other week I suppose; it's good here, mainly young people our age, no old fuddy types."

"Hmm so, I see, I must come here more often myself, I know I'm a bit older but I try to act young, hehe."

"I have to go to the loo, do you need a pee Millie you can escort me."

"Yes I'll keep you company Jess."

"Umm Millie I hope you don't mind, I told Tony what you like, you know your little game thing. Well I mean I had to really it was the only way to persuade him to associate with us older one's all evening, and sort of make sure he chose the right friends to be with us, I wanted to help as best I could."

"Oh Jess darling you're a honey that's OK, nice, it'll help with the evening, make it all happen quicker, I want it to happen quick tonight, I'm more than ready, you think I'm terrible don't you Jess."

"No Millie, I don't think that at all, I just wish I could be as open and unrestrained as you, and God you are so lucky with Pete, how many women have a husband who'll do anything for them like that."

"I know he's a darling, but hey don't tell him he gets all big headed, hehe."

"Do you want Pete to keep you company tonight Jess, you know later on."

"Umm can I, do you mind Millie, you know I love being with Pete while you're playing, he's so sweet to me."

"I never that mind love, you know that, Pete loves looking after you as well."

"You know Jess we could all be a lot closer if you wanted, like you me and Pete, you could come round the house anytime you wanted."

"Thanks Millie, I'd like that, I do get lonely sometimes."

"Never be lonely darling Jess, you come round anytime as I say, and you know Pete's always there for you if you ever want him that way."

"Hey we'd better get back to the guys, they'll think we've deserted them."

"Yes, or maybe playing dirty girlie games, hehe."

"Jess, you little devil, I didn't know you were like that, hehe."

"Oh if only I could Millie, if only I could."

"Shit what am I saying Millie, you're going to get worried about me soon, must be the Hooch making me feel sexy."

"Come on you, let's get back to the others before I say something I shouldn't as well."

"OK then lads drink up, plenty here."

"Bloody hell Pete, you trying to get us all pissed up there's enough here to last all night, hehe."

"Well no point spending all night at the freekin bar Tony, get enough to last that's my motto."

"Come on Jake and you Brian dip in, my treat."

"Cheers Pete mate."

"No prob."

"Ah here come the girls, well they're like girls to me, you lads probably thing they're old hags."

"Not at all Pete, not at all mate, sis never looks her age, and your Millie, Christ she only looks about 25."

"Don't tell her that for fucks sake Tony, she won't get her head out of the door frame, hehe."

"Can't believe Millie's older than Jess though Pete."

"Only two years though Tony, Jess is 34 still isn't she."

"Yes bless her."

"Makes me feel bloody old at 40 with all these youngsters round me, so you and your mates are all in your twenties now are you Tony."

"Yes Pete, I'm 22, Jake and Brian are 21."

"Ah, hello girls, come on pull up a Hooch and get drunk, hehe."

"I think I'll just do that darling, I feel like getting drunk tonight."

"Jesus look out boys, mad Millie drunk, whew, no body will be safe from the trollop."

"Ouch! That hurt."

"It was meant to, sod, hehe."

"Wish I could get drunk."

"Why can't you Jess darling, go on have a few bevies, do you the world of good, I'll look after you."

"Don't trust him Jess, I'd never trust Pete with a drunken pretty girl, hehe."

"Millie, that's hurtful how can you say that about me, your innocent husband, as if I'd take advantage of an intoxicated young lady like Jess, hehe."

"Ohh, I wish someone would take advantage of me Pete, hehe."

"Jess what are you saying, you little devil, wait until I tell the girls at work Monday."

"Oh Mill's would you please, that would give my image a hell of a boost, hehe."

"Oh you devil Jess, I think you're a bit pissed up already."

"Yes she has had a couple, haven't you sis, hope you aren't going to start fighting everyone again later Jess, hehe."

"Tony don't be mean."

"Oh he always says that sort of thing Mill's, you wait until I get him home, hehe."

"OK boys who's going to dance with me then."

"Oh ho she's away, look out, lock up your son's."

"Shut up you Peter."

"Yes OK Millie, can I, I mean OK."

"Oh trust me to be too slow, I was about to ask you Millie, damn, hehe."

"Ooo two of you fighting over me already, no need to fight over me boys, I like sharing, come on Jake and you Brian, you can both look after me."




"I'll go and get some more drinks."

"Oh OK Tony mate, want any help."

"No I'll get another tray Pete, same as you did, fuck we're all going to be well gone at this rate; I'm feeling woozy already, hehe."

"Me too mate, still that's what it's all about, a good time had by all."


"Yes Jess darling."

"I hope you don't mind, I told Millie this already. Umm I told Tony all about you and Millie, you know all about you and what tonight's all about. Well I had to make sure he'd be interested in joining us you know what I mean."

"Hey Jess darling, that's great, no problem love, I was just wondering how we were going to play it, or even if you wanted Tony involved, great. Like how does he feel about it love, not shy is he."

"Not at all shy Pete, he's a sod for the women, I told Millie that at work a while back and she said she'd love to meet him. God he's been like a little kid all week since I asked him to help out with this."

"Yes so has Millie Jess, well hyped up all week since you told her of the club holding with a Valentine dance and all the young studs would be here, bless her."


"Good, good, we can get it under way soon then Jess, I know Millie's desperate for new blood in the pot. God look at the trollop she's almost eating those two boys out there, Christ if that's dancing I'll have some of that any day, hehe."

"Thing is Pete we had to make sure he got the right sort of mates to help out as well didn't we, I mean Jake and Brian are very discrete and very mature, they're both clean as a whistle as well, you know sensible and careful, but just like Tony they love a bit of dirty fun."

"Do they know, you know, know what they're here for Jess."

"No, Tony thought it would be more fun if it came as a surprise to them later, hehe."

"Good, I love seeing them squirm, bastard aren't I."

"No you're lovely Pete, God I hope I marry a man as generous as you, if I ever marry that is, can't see it happening but there."

"Hey Jess, you'll marry one day, how could you fail love, God how you've got away with it and stayed single this long I'll never know. Hey and I get my fun out of all this as well darling, it isn't all one sided with Millie and me, I'm not really a Saint."

"I know Pete, but her fun is your fun mainly isn't it."

"So, I love seeing her enjoy herself and be fulfilled, that darling Jess is my fun, but don't forget I am as free as Millie to play if I want to."

"Hmm but you hardly ever do Pete, do you."

"I need the right person to do it for me Jess love not just any trollop, you'd be the right person if you ever wanted."

"Ohh Pete, you'll make me all frisky in a minute, I do get frisky you know, quite often, but it's finding the right person to get frisky with, hehe."

"I'm free, hehe."

"Oh don't Pete, you really are putting ideas in my head now, hehe."

"OK sis, OK Pete, drinks on me."

"Ah Tony with the refreshments, good man."

"Nice one bro."

"Right then Tony mate, no more beating about the bush, Jess has told you everything hasn't she, bet you think I'm twisted to fuck don't you."

"No Pete, I don't. I did at first, but the more I thought about it and the more Jess and I talked about it I realised why you do it, both of you. Jesus man you're a fucking saint in my eyes."

"Not really Tony mate, as I said to Jess just now, I get as big a buzz out of it as Millie, can you understand that mate, a lot of people can't."

"That's what I thought about most Pete, how you must feel, and to be honest it gave me a raging bone-on thinking about it from your point of view. Christ if I marry a woman like Millie, I'll never restrict her."

"Good for you mate, good for you, it saved our marriage, and we're more in love now than we ever were before we admitted our sins, God the arguments we had."

"I can believe that Pete, I can really."

"Hey Jess darling we're ignoring you here."

"Oh no, don't worry about me, I was watching Millie playing with Jake and Brian on the dance floor."

"Umm hot bitch."

"Pete don't be mean, hehe."

"OK Jess, Millie knows I don't mean it really when I call her trollop and stuff, hehe."

"Listen Tony, Jess, Millie's ready anytime now, she's been ready all week since I promised her a nice Valentine present, don't hold back the sooner we get her sorted the better, she needs it, so the fuck do I."

"How do we do it then Pete."

"Anyway you want Tony mate, just let yourself go, nothing's taboo, no holds barred, honest mate, Jess will tell you, Millie likes being wound up and treated like a whore."

"Heck, Jake and Brian are going to love this once they get over the shock, hehe."

"Good, I'm glad to hear it mate, let them know it's on, you know take them to the loo and drop a few big hints, that's best, tell them you're going to have a go for Millie, tell them I'm after Jess or something and I wont be interfering, but make them think they've got to wind Millie up for it. Tony mate believe me this is the fun bit starting now, seducing the unknowing young men into it, hehe."

"I like you a lot Pete, you're as twisted as me, hehe."

"Believe me Tony mate, you got a long way to go before you get that bad, hehe."

"Hey you guys, they're coming back."

"So they are, how about you Jess, you ready to do your bit. You're the angel darling, the way you understand us and help Millie with her little problem."

"I'm no angel either Pete, I get a big buzz out of it too, and I get you all to myself while she's at it, Mmm."

"Jess love, I wish, I just wish, Ooo I mustn't say any more."

"Oh Pete, say anything you want love, I'm ready when you are, hehe."

"Sis, you little devil are you drunk already."

"Tony thinks he has to look after me Pete. I keep telling him I'm a grown woman now, hehe."

"Hi trollop, had a nice horny dance then."

"Now listen to that Jake didn't I tell you, hey Brian, the way my darling husband talks to me, don't you feel sorry for me."

"Yes, terrible Millie isn't it, perhaps you should go with us for the rest of the evening if Pete isn't interested."

"Oh Tony, don't temp me, your mates have already got me warmed up nicely, haven't you boys, and I think I've got them interested."

"I'll say you have."

"See, Brian likes me."

"So do I."

"Ha, and Jake does."

"Don't forget me Millie darling."

"Ohh, Tony too, this has the makings of a fun night."


"Balls Peter."

"Hehe, anyway I have my darling Jess, don't I Jess."

"Anytime you want Pete, anytime."

"See trollop, you aren't the only one who can pull."

"Bloody hell, if my dad called my mum a trollop she's hit him, doesn't it worry you Millie, like Pete being mean to you and calling you a trollop and that."

"Not at all Jake darling, anyway I do hit him when I can get close enough, hehe."

"I'm going for a piss, coming Jake, Brian."

"Oh OK yes I need one too."

"Me too Tony, yes."

"Back in a minute folks, call of nature."

"OK Tony mate, better out than in, hehe."

"You are about to be talked about madam, and in the Gents toilet of all places, hehe."

"Ah you've had a chat with Tony then, Jess told me he was in on it all."

"Yep I think very soon my darling wife is going to have her wicked way with those boys, kiss darling."

"Thank you darling."

"Want a kiss Jess, hehe."

"Yes please Pete, Mmm."

"Thank you Jess."

"They're well hot for it darling, Jake and Brian, God I could feel both of their hard cock lumps grinding against me as we danced, my knickers are soaked."

"Filthy lovely trollop, I love you."

"Oh you two are so sweet, it almost brings tears to my eyes."

"Jess, lovely Jess, we love you sweetheart, no need for tears of emotion, this is for fun."

"Best put on your flirting head for when they get back, Tony's only hinting to them Mill's, you still have work to do."

"Oh goody, I love this bit."


"Love you Pete."

"You too Mill's."

"Hey that Millie's a fucking hot number, and in front of her husband."

"Fucking hell Tony I'm hard as fuck after that dance, she's a fucking nympho I'm sure of it, how old is she."

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