Mine he thought as he watched his prey from the shadows. She was perfect. She was everything he had been looking for. She was no great beauty, but she was pretty nonetheless. She stood about 5’6”, and weighed around 120lbs. Her body was amazing with its tiny waist; small but pert breasts, and the roundest, juiciest ass he had ever seen. Her skin was as dark as mahogany and looked baby soft. It made his cock stir just thinking about placing his pale hands all over her dark body.

She had an attractive face, with full well shaped lips that he longed to kiss. When she smiled she had the most adorable dimples he had ever seen. His favorite feature of hers, were her eyes. Her eyes were large and expressive. He liked that. He wanted to look straight into those dark brown pools when he finally took her. He wanted to watch her reaction as he slid his cock between her soft thighs. She should be getting out of class soon, he thought irritably.

He was anxious to see her. She never walked out of her class with anyone, always seeming to keep to herself. She was the shy type. He liked that as well. He also liked the fact that she didn’t date much, all the better for him. She was his!! He knew everything about her: her name, her background, where she lived, and her likes and dislikes. She was a good girl, another plus. He had been watching her carefully for months now. It was finally time to make his move. It was finally time to make her his.

* * * * * * * *

Narissa walked out of her class just after nine. Glancing at her watch, she knew that if she hustled she could just make the 9:15 bus; otherwise she would have to wait until the 9:45. She hated waiting in the dark but until she was able to save enough money for a reliable vehicle, she would have to rely on public transportation. She worked in the mailroom of a large law firm, which paid well for the position, and she got along well with most of her co-workers. Narissa had recently saved up enough money to take a computer course at a local technical school. She hoped that upon completion of her courses, she would be able to find a higher paying job. With a higher salary she could afford to buy a little car to get around in, and find a place of her own.

Currently she shared a three-bedroom apartment with a brother and sister whom she wasn’t particularly close to. Narissa had supported herself for a little over a year now, and she enjoyed her independence. Her thoughts turned to the upcoming test in class. She really wanted to do well or else she would not receive the certification at the end of the course. She was so deep in thought as she walked along that she didn’t realize she was being followed. Narissa was only a couple of blocks from the bus stop when she was suddenly grabbed from behind. “If you make a one sound bitch, I will kill you.” A raspy voice said in her ear.

One of her assailant’s arms was tightly clenched around her waist while the other hand was cupped over her mouth. Narissa’s heart was beating fast. Why was this happening to her? Her attacker dragged her off the sidewalk to some bushes. Once the initial shock of the situation wore off, she began to fight in earnest, kicking and clawing at his arms and legs. Her aggressor pulled forcibly on her hair so hard that her neck snapped back painfully. She brought her foot down hard on his. “Ouch!! You fucking little whore!” He shrieked in pain.

He turned her around and smacked her hard in the face. Taking advantage of her while she was stunned, Narissa’s attacker dragged her behind the bushes and threw her on to the ground. Just as she tried to scramble up, his large body came down on top of hers.

“Please don’t hurt me. I will give you all the money I have on me.” She pleaded as tears streamed down her face.

“Shut up bitch. I don’t want you goddamn money. I have something more valuable in mind.” He smirked lowering his face to hers. This was the first time that she had gotten a good look at her would be rapist. He was a black man with a dark complexion, even darker than her. He had a scar at the corner of his eye. He was a heavyset man, and at this moment with his weight on top of her, she found it difficult to breathe.

She struggled when his lips crushed hers. When she felt the intrusion of his tongue, it gave her the strength to wrench her arm from under his body and rake her nails down the side of his face. “Shit!” He yelled. “You’ll pay for that bitch.” And with that he dealt her a painful blow to the side of her face. Her head began to spin. She could hear the rip of her blouse and she tried once again to break free only to bring forth an open handed slap in the face and then to her surprise, he rammed a fist into her stomach and she lost all ability to breath completely. “Now be still you whore.” He hissed as his fingers grabbed roughly at one of her breasts.

“Oh my God,” She thought to herself. “He’s going to rape me, and then he’s going to kill me.” Resigned to her fate, she lay limply beneath him, not wanting to give this animal the pleasure of a struggle from her. She lay there as his hands pawed at her breasts and then he cupped her between her legs.

As she slowly started to lose consciousness, she felt her attacker’s massive weight removed from her, and felt as if she could breath again. “What the fuck?” She heard him shout. She tried to get up to see what was going on but she collapsed to the ground. Hearing a scuffle was the last thing that she remembered.

When she came to, someone was carrying her. She struggled a bit, but the arms tightened around her. “Relax, I won’t hurt you. I want to help.” She heard a deep reassuring voice. Surprisingly enough, she believed him, and then she passed out once more.

* * * * * * * * *

When Narissa came to again, she was in a car. Not sure where she was, it took her a moment to gather her thoughts. She looked over to the driver. His profile was strong. And perfect. His short dark brown hair was cropped attractively close to his head. From what she saw from the side of his face, he was a good looking man, but one could never really tell until you saw the whole picture. “Where are you taking me?” She asked, bravely.

“To the hospital. You have a nice shiner there.” The stranger said looking straight ahead.

‘No please don’t! I don’t want anyone to see me like this. Please let me out.” She began to panic. Who was this man?

“Calm down Narissa. I won’t hurt you. I just want to help. I was going to my car when I heard a commotion in the bushes. I pulled that animal off of you, and almost had an altercation with him myself, but he fled like a cockroach. You need some medical attention so I’m going to take you to the hospital and then I’ll take you home.” He said firmly. His tone suggested that he was not going to discuss this matter any further and Narissa didn’t think she had the strength to argue.

She leaned her head against the window and let the tears fall while she clutched her sore head. Her face hurt and she could barely see out of her left eye. Her whole body ached actually. They drove in silence until something hit her. “How did you know my name?” she asked suspiciously.

“I looked through your purse for identification. I’m sorry if I was intrusive but I needed that information for the hospital just in case you didn’t gain consciousness.”

“Oh, Thank you.” His explanation sounded logical enough. She felt a little uneasy, most likely because she wasn’t really use to dealing with strange men. Especially white ones. The only white men she had contact with were the ones at work and school, not that she had anything against them. She just never had a chance to interact with any outside of those settings. This guy seemed nice enough. She shuddered to think what would have happened if he had not come along.

When they pulled up to the hospital, Narissa found that she had trouble getting out of the car. Her legs felt weak. Her rescuer came to her aide and put his arm around her for support. “What’s your name?”

“Jake Daniels at your service ma’am.” He smiled showing her one of the whitest, most perfect smiles she had ever seen. Finally getting a good look at him, she almost lost her breath. This man was movie star gorgeous. He had the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen. His eyes were the color of emeralds. She had initially thought that he was good looking but she had to change her opinion to devastatingly handsome. He stood about 6’3” and she could tell that he was well built. He is too good looking, she thought, and suddenly she felt shy around him not knowing what to say to him exactly with her looking the way she was.

He probably thought she was terribly stupid for getting herself involved in this situation. He looked to be in his late thirties to early forties. With herself only being twenty, she could imagine him thinking of her as some dumb kid. Once she made it through this night she would probably never see him again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jake was good enough to wait for her while she was seeing the doctor. The doctor cleaned her cuts and bruises while asking some pretty embarrassing questions. “Were you penetrated?” He asked officiously. Narissa was sure that if her skin wasn’t so dark, she would have been beet red.

“No. Someone came to help me before that happened.” She shuddered at the thought of her close call.

“Did you know this man?”

“No!” She denied vehemently.

“I’m not trying to upset you, I just want to help. Do you plan on reporting this to the police?” He asked.

“No. I want this ordeal to be over and not think about it again. I wouldn’t even be here if Mr. Daniels hadn’t insisted that I go to the hospital.”

“And it’s a good thing that he did. If you don’t want to report this to the police you have to realize that this man can do it to someone else. I’m not trying to pressure you but I would like you to think about it.”

“I will think about it.” She conceded.

“Good. Now, I will give you a few pills to get you through the night. You should take some Tylenol, if your pain continues. If it continues for more than a couple of days, you need to come back to the hospital. Your eye is swelling pretty nicely there but if you keep some ice on it, it should go down in a few hours.” He instructed.

“Thank you Doctor.” She breathed a sigh of relief that that was over.

Jake was waiting for her when she came out of the waiting room. She was half expecting him to be gone but there he sat casually thumbing through a magazine. “So how did it go?” He asked looking up when she approached.

“Ok, I guess. The doctor thinks that I should file a police report and I just want to forget about it. I never want to think about this night again.” She sighed.

“That’s understandable. Let’s go.” He gently led her out of the ER. She didn’t think to disobey him because this was all so surreal. When they got to his car, she noticed for the first time, the silver Mercedes. It looked slick and expensive. She took a quick glance at Jake, to see that although he was casually dressed she could tell that his clothes were not cheap. Narissa was really intimidated at this point by not only his good looks, but also his obvious wealth. He put Narissa in the car and then slid in next to her. “You look as if you could use a drink. I know a place on the way to your place.” He suggested.

“No, I want to go home. I can’t go anywhere looking like this.” She wondered why this man would want to take her out for a drink especially when she looked like Quasimoto right now.

“You had quite a nasty shock tonight. It might help.” He said as if he had read her mind.

“No,” she said firmly. “I want to go home.” He simply shrugged. The rest of the way home was in silence. When they pulled up to her apartment complex, Narissa was nervous. How did you thank someone after an incident like she had just experienced? “Thank you Mr. Daniels----” She began but he cut her off.

“You don’t need to thank me Narissa but I guess you could do something for me in return.” She looked at him startled? What could someone like her give her possibly give this man?

“What do you want?” She asked tentatively?

“I don’t want you walking to the bus at night like you were tonight.”

“But I have to. I don’t have a car.”

“I will pick you up from school.” He offered smoothly.

“You can’t. I can take the bus. It’s no big deal.”

“You can say that after what happened tonight? I would prefer that you didn’t. I will pick you up each night, say around ten?” Her mouth dropped. This man was just too good to be true. She didn’t know this guy from Adam and here he was offering to pick her up from school after class. There had to be some catch.

Not really knowing how to respond she finally said, “I appreciate the offer but that wouldn’t be a good idea.” She said sliding out of his car. Jake simply let her go, which made her think that he hadn’t cared one way or the other. She was glad that she wouldn’t be seeing him again. Almost.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In her apartment, one of her roommates was lounging on the couch munching on some popcorn. It was a little past midnight, and Narissa had hoped her roommates would be in bed. “What the hell happened to you?” asked Tamara, not seeming to show much concern but just wanting to know what happened out of sheer noisiness.

“I was attacked.” Narissa confided. She so wished that she had a closer relationship with her roommates so she would have someone to confide in. Her only friends were a few of her co-workers, and she rarely saw them outside of work. Tamara and her brother Taj only spoke to her when the rent was due.

“Someone attacked you? Did that take your money? Are you going to be able to pay the rent this month?” Tamara demanded stuffing more popcorn in her fat mouth. She was a rather rotund girl and Narissa could not remember seeing Tamara when she wasn’t eating. Narissa could feel tears welling up in her eyes. After her ordeal, she had hoped that her roommate would show her a little compassion. She has so little of it in her life up until now.

“I-I-I’ll b-be able to pay the rent.” Narissa stammered. You fat cow, she thought to herself. She ran to her room before she burst into tears. Narissa had been living in this apartment for almost a year and it was still like living with a couple of strangers. She had answered an ad from the newspaper about a roommate needed. She initially thought that she would get along with Taj and Tamara, who were brother and sister, but actually living there was a different story. Tamara was always on the phone, eating or smoking pot. Sometimes she had her boyfriend Pete over and they smoked pot together. Pete was this little Puerto Rican guy who was about ninety pounds soaking wet. They were a funny looking couple. Pete reminded Narissa of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Tamara reminded her of Shirley Hemphill from the television show, “What’s Happening?” Whenever Narissa was around she could feel Pete’s eyes on her body and it made her skin crawl. Tamara was aware of her boyfriend’s roaming eye, which was one of the reasons she didn’t like Narissa whom she considered to be a goody two shoes. Taj on the other hand was hardly ever there. She had a bit of a crush on him in the beginning because he reminded her a young Denzel Washington, but she later found out that he was a flaming homosexual. She had nothing in common with the two people she lived with and she felt almost as lonely as she did before she struck out on her own. Narissa lay on her bed and cried herself to sleep. The painkillers had begun to kick in.

That night she dreamed of a pair of piercing green eyes.

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