tagInterracial LoveMine! Ch. 05

Mine! Ch. 05


Three months later...

I sat on my bed, heels in hand, sexy dress on, hair and nails done, my make up was flawless-as always, but why couldn't I move? Why couldn't I put my heels on, grab my purse, and go to the night club to have a good time with random strangers who just want to get drunk and have sex just like me? Oh, I know why, Michael just had to come over earlier today to hand me a copy of Blake's finalized divorced papers, as if I really gave a damn at this point in my life-or do I really care and that is why I am second guessing my plans for tonight-DAMN HIM AGAIN!!!

Why would he do such a thing? I asked myself this question over and over again, but subconsciously I knew the answer. I knew the answer the moment when the first diamond bracelet landed underneath my pillow the night after I kicked Blake out of my life. I knew he wouldn't get the message. Nothing would get through to Blake. The constant calls, the times he would show up at my parents house unannounced to talk 'business' when actually he kept me in his line of sight the whole entire time, my father even helped the poor bastard to manipulate me.

Now this, the divorce after all of this time, I began to question his motives now. Who was this woman Blake married in the first place? I know he loved the woman, I knew of his bachelor status, but who the hell could get Blake Mitanni to marry and the big question is, why did he marry her only to divorce her now? I know I could of course, but this woman, what did she have that I did not; yes that's right, Blake up until now?

I left as the flashbacks of Michael and I going downtown to the club she owned, actually her daddy owned, and watched her awkwardly sway to some techno music. She was a pale thing, almost vampire like; her hair was a perfect platinum blond, which did nothing to help her non-figure. Blake was a breast man and this girl's chest reminded me of a twelve year old and her ass, oh let me just say it was flatter than Kansas and non-existent as was my love for Blake now.

This had to be some sort of set-up or a joke that everyone forgot to tell me to laugh about, of this I was convinced; until I saw Blake stride in with all his glory and kiss the woman with all the passion in the world. It had me second guessing, about the way he had kissed me which was a major problem.

I cried a lot back then, even cried this morning when Michael handed me those bloody papers, but I found myself slowly getting over it. Actually my pace matched a snail, but that's very debatable as I left to go out and have a good time.

As I got into the car I noticed Blake's car blocking my way out of my driveway. He was on the phone chatting away in Italian as he got out. I inwardly groaned as his gorgeous face slowly came into view. God I would always have a weakness for this man, even if I was married with a liter of kids, he would always be the man I once loved.

I kept my head down as I walked to my car, scrabbling for my keys in my purse, trying to ignore his presence, but his cologne was seriously engulfing me with arousal, to the point that my thong was already soaked and he hadn't even said one word to me verbally, yet his eyes and presence was already wreaking havoc on my damn body-damn hussy is what she is for him.

As I found my keys, I couldn't help but to look at my freshly cut lawn mournfully, knowing I was about to run it over, in order for me to get around Blake. I opened my door only to have it slammed shut by Blake's massive hand. I rolled my eyes trying to swing the door open once again, but nothing moved this man. I sighed dramatically, still not able to meet his eyes and turned back around to go back into my house. Blake was obviously here to tell me something and I damn sure wasn't leaving until he told me what he wanted this time around.

No words had been exchanged between us, but this banter was somewhat usual for us. I opened my door, heading straight for my liquor cabinet, poured a shot of Vodka and tossed it back rather quickly while Blake finished his conversation.

"What do you want Blake?" I asked annoyed as I finally met his narrowed gaze. He was pissed! I could tell by the way his lip was slightly slanted and his stance as he crossed his arms across his broad chest. Damn that man can fill out a pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt and let's not talk about some silk boxers- damn, slow down girl before you start something that you definitely Know that he would love to finish.

"You, of course," he sneered. I refused to react to the tone in his voice. He was trying to get me mad, he was trying to make me furious to the point my fist would be hitting him, he'll grab me, and he'll fuck me against something. That scenario was not going to play out, not tonight, never again with him anyway. Oh, he had another thing coming.

"Blake, there is no reason for you to be here. I told you I do not want you and by you finalizing your divorce papers doesn't mean shit to me now. You shouldn't have married her in the first place, but who am I to tell you what to do with your life? I was once the love of your life and you were once the great love of mine, but I'm finally starting to move on, something you do not understand and won't let the thought process through that thick skull of yours. I am no longer in love with you and DO NOT WANT YOU ANYMORE!!!"

"I honestly thought you would be past this point. I gave you three months to get your shit together Bailey." My eyes widened.

"Three months? You were always there. Not a day had gone by in the three months that I have not seen you. You didn't even let me have time to grieve what could have been. Do you know how long I have suffered with the thought you would or could prayerfully change into a better man?" Before he had the chance to answer, I beat him to the punch. "Since I was seven, Blake, at seven years old I had to watch as you protected me from everything and anything, I had to watch as my feelings for you grew even though I didn't even know what was happening to me."

"Bailey, can I talk?" He asked, his stance loosing as the guilt pressed upon his false angry exterior. I shook my head.

"No, Blake. You cannot talk. You will never know the heartache I have felt over the years, as I watched you bring girl after girl into your house knowing exactly what was going on. I've cried in Michael's arms, my dad's arms, my mother's arms. I hate you Blake. I hate you for everyday, every minute I spent thinking that you were the dream guy for me. Sorry if I sound like a whiny bitch, but it's about time I started showing some fucking backbone and calling you on your shit and actually mean it."

"Are you done?" He sighed.

"No, I'm not. I'm only beginning you bastard. Why couldn't I fall in love with Michael? Why couldn't I let him be the man who stole my heart, who stole my very breath every time I saw him? He's the one who actually deserves me, not you. You will never be able to deserve me, Blake."

"Why does Michael, Bailey? Yeah, he has been there, but what about me? I've been there for you. Anytime you needed me I was fucking there." He shouted at me stepping forwards.

"You were never there!" I screamed at him. "You were only there if a guy was giving me a hard time and that was it. Michael was there for me. He watched every corny movie with me, baked with me even though he dreaded the idea, shopped with me, even though he hovered over the front entrance making sure none of his friends saw him in the mall shopping. He suffered with me through the fucking pain you put me through. He even suffered with me when I had my miscarriage a few years back." I gasped as the last of the words spilled from my mouth. I covered my mouth as I instantly wrapped my arm around my stomach.

"What was that?" Blake whispered. My eyes shot towards his and the hurt that was forming along the planes of his face made me cringe inside.

"Bailey, what was that?" he repeated again, this time his voice was a little hoarse as if he was holding back tears. I blinked rapidly to bring back the tears I swore that wouldn't fall if this situation ever came up again.

I cleared my throat as I looked him in the eye. "That night we were together, you didn't use a condom and I wasn't on birth control at the time. It was in the heat in the moment, which I blame the pregnancy on. I was stressed and the big move.... I lost the baby, who by the way would have been a girl. I lost her when I was three months along, stupidly not heeding the doctors' warnings to take it easy and rest." It was a long silence after that. Blake stuttered on a few words before he sat down; actually fell down on the couch. He had buried his face into his hands and muttered the apologetic words I craved to hear so long ago, but in his native tongue.

I felt the need to comfort him, but how could I? I was scared to death about everything that was happening. What with the death of my daughter, hiding away from him, while allowing France to be a form of comfort for me at that devastating time in my life. I couldn't move to help him grieve, because I had already mourned the daughter he never knew about.

"What would you have named her?" He said tearfully, his head never leaving his hands. I smiled slightly as I absently rubbed my stomach.

"Luna De Mitanni," I whispered.

"Would you have ever told me about her? If she were still alive would have had the gall to tell me?" He asked harshly as he roughly wiped his face. I winced slightly as he stood up abruptly and made his way towards me.

"Yes, I would have told you. I'm not cruel, Blake. I would have told you after I had gotten everything settled. I would have given you the opportunity to be a father to her."

"You expect me to believe that after everything? After you left me in the middle of the night, packed away all of your things and moved across the world without so much as a breath towards me? Did you even think about me after you left? Think about what you were doing to me?" He accused me as my back hit the wall. His hands came up by my head sharply, blocking any and every exit that I could have escaped from. Fine, if he wanted to play this game, than let's play damn it.

"Did I think about you, Blake? Every damn day, but guess what? I had to move on and away from you. I was just another girl to fuck, that night meant nothing to you and probably never will. I stopped thinking about your welfare the moment I found out I was pregnant. I hated you the moment I lost her. Stress Blake, fucking stress killed our baby."

"Stress you think I caused you?"

"Yes," I yelled balling my fist at my sides. "I had to worry every damn day at the thought that you would find me, a person who didn't want to be found and dragged back to a bed with the owner who just wanted pussy from me and nothing more!"

"Why do you say such things, Bailey? Why do you think so low of me?" He said through gritted teeth. I narrowed my eyes as I began to beat on his chest.

"Because you treated me like shit. Like complete and utter shit and I hate you Blake, I FUCKING HATE YOU! I would be a mother right now if I didn't have to worry about being used, fucked around with, and treated like a fucking toy. Luna would be alive if I didn't have to worry about you never loving me the way I loved you, worrying that you would never ever accept me, and that I would always be second best."

"I am not the cause of our daughter death!" He roars grabbing my shoulders to shake me roughly a few times. The fist pounding against his chest never wavered. I felt the tears of pent up angry finally being released as the thoughts that held me captive for so long were finally given life as I spoke them to the owner of my hatred, desire and love.

"Yes, you are, we both our. We both killed our daughter and for what? Blake, you will never love me, you will never accept me, and you will never understand where the fuck I'm coming from. I want you to leave! I want you to leave me alone, never to see me again. I want you to go fuck yourself and pretend I never exist. You did it while we were growing up and I know for a fact you can do it again." He shook his head as he grabbed my fist, yanking my arms above my head and against the wall. He kicked my legs open with his foot and put his knee between my legs, hiking my dress up, also lifting my feet off the ground.

"Listen to me, Bailey and listen carefully." He demanded as he moved his face closer to mine. He placed both of my hands into one of his and let his free hand grip my chin, forcing me to look at him. His eyes were cold, but yet hurt smiled at me underneath it, causing me to hurt the more, as more tears slipped from my eyes he began to talk.

"You will never, and I mean never, speak to me like this again. I love you Bailey, I love you more than my fucking life. I'm sorry, truly sorry for the lost of our daughter, but you have to understand I did not realize what I was putting you through and I will probably never understand. Bailey, you must realize that I will never leave you again, and that I will never hurt you again? I will always be there for you, for us." He vowed. I rolled my eyes at the cheesiness of his words.

"Those are just words, Blake." I snapped.

"They are words I will prove to you day by day, night by night. I will never let you leave me Bailey, because you are mine and will always be mine. I'm not promising I won't hurt you again, because I do not know what the future holds, but I promise you I will be there for you, for whatever you need. I should have never married her, it was a mistake, but can you really fault me after you left me like that?"

"No," I admitted, because the truth was I couldn't. I left him, giving him free reign to do anything. I cannot be mad if he chose that path while I chose a different one.

"Thank you. Give me another chance Bailey? Please let me prove myself to you." He begged as he rained light kisses down the side of my face, his soft lips brushing softly against me, working their way down towards the weak spot of my neck. I moaned as he latched on hungrily at the spot between where my neck and shoulder met. His teeth buried in roughly causing my back to arch in pleasure.

"Blake..." I moaned as my toes began to curl, his free hand leaving my chin to make its way down to my weeping core. I screamed as his hand furiously made its way through the silk barrier only to pinch my clit roughly. Not even two minutes of foreplay, I was cumming as a river flows.

In the haze of the powerful orgasm that had just occurred, I could have sworn I had heard someone clear their throat, but clearly I had to be imagining it. Though I blamed it on my imagination I forced myself to open my eyes. I gasped as I looked into eyes of amusement and anger.

"Are we interrupting something?" My cousin Cady teased. Blake mumbled something before releasing my hands and fixing my clothes. I was still coming down from my pleasurable high, my legs barely held me as Blake slowly moved away. I grasped his arm to stabilize myself, before I responded to my cousin.

"Not really, you just stopped a mistake from happening." I admitted taking my hand away from Blake's now flexing bicep.

"Really, Il mio amore?" Blake hissed in my ear. I tried brushing him off, but he quickly wrapped his arm around my waist bringing me closer to him. Michael was clearly not happy about this by the look on his face.

"Attendere fino a questa sera," he vowed before roughly releasing me. 'Wait until tonight'? I wanted to laugh. Tonight I would use the excuse of my cousin. Thank God for surprise visits.

I walked over to my cousin and Michael as Blake made a bee line to the kitchen. I embraced Cady while Michael gave me the 'Michael glare' that made me feel like a disappointed child. I didn't want to let go of my cousin, but Michael yanked me out of her arms and dragged me upstairs. I heard Cady laughing as she followed close behind. Michael, gently but roughly, threw me into my bedroom while Cady silently closed the door.

"Siete fuori della vostra mente?" He yelled at me. I let out a humorless laugh, as I contemplated Michael's question. Was I out of my mind or was I finally getting it back?

"No, Michael. I told him how I really felt, I even told him about Luna." Michael's mouth snapped shut as his eyes widened. My cousin gasped from the doorway.

"You did B?" She whispered in amazement. I looked at my cousin with a small smile. God we were twins, everything was the exact same, but she was a little bit lighter with blonde highlights and blue green eyes. Talking to her was basically like talking to myself.

"Yeah, it kind of slipped out, but now everyone who needs to know now knows. I feel relieved, but I told him I didn't want to be with him anymore, but you know how Mitanni men are. Their women are their women. Once they stake a claim, they mean it. Isn't that right Michael?" I asked trying to change the topic. Michael narrowed his eyes at me in warning while my cousin giggled.

"Mikey have you already staked your claim on any willing victim?" She asked playfully, but I could hear the hope and weariness in her voice. I grinned as Michael became uneasy and started rocking back and forth.

"Anyway, why is he here Bailey? I thought we were all through with the Bailey and Blake drama?" Michael questioned avoiding Cady. I sighed as I moved over to my bed and sat down.

"I thought I was too, but he showed up today and everything spilled out. I honestly think he may understand somewhat of the pain he caused me, and he seems genuine in fixing the problems, but I don't think I can give him another chance. He'll try and force me too, but I don't know anymore. Maybe I should just move away for good, you know under the radar, not tell anyone where I'm going, and not even You guys."

"You're going to run away again? Really? You're going to leave us and put us through this shit again? You almost got killed Bailey, what part of that do you not understand?" I shrugged as I lay down on my bed.

"I suspect the woman he married, but that could be the jealous side of me. Maybe it's over now, maybe it's not. If I die, I die. I'll be with Luna." I hadn't realized what I was saying, but the small sound of a tearful hiccup caught me off guard. I sat up and looked at Michael comforting Cady.

Shit! One rule between Michael stated to me as he started pursuing my cousin was to never, ever, ever make Cady cry. Michael would be pissed and seriously cut me out of his life for like six months at a time, but this time I didn't do it intentionally which I hope he noticed.

"How could you talk about your life like that, Bailey? I love you like you were my own sister; I wish you were my sister. If something happened to you...even when Luna died I thought...God don't talk like that Bailey." She cried as Michael wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. I watched as she naturally leaned into him. Aww, my cousin was hooked unknowingly.

I gave Michael an apologetic look before getting up to hug my cousin, sandwiching her in the middle. Michael laughed lightly as I apologized over and over and over again.

"It's fine, Bailey. I've realized depressed Bailey has come to town, but that train is about to leave, because Michael is taking us out for a night on the town and you are coming even if we have to drag you out." I laughed.

"Let me change," I said as I turned around.

"Change your underwear too. I love you and all, but that scent is a little inappropriate, especially with Michael around." She warned. I blushed, but brushed it off as I gave Michael a wink. Cady was being protective of Michael. She was the one claiming her territory while Michael was standing around waiting for her permission.

Oh, what lies ahead for Michael and Cady no one knows but them.

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