tagNonHumanMine...Yours Pt. 15

Mine...Yours Pt. 15


Author's Note: This starts right where I left off in Part 13...right as Lucretia walks towards her father. I will add it here for continuity.


Lucretia dropped her spell the moment she saw Marid and her eyes were wide and had gone completely black. Gwen finished her turn and squealed before getting up from the couch and sprinting over to join the vampire in squeezing me! And I thought Jemima was squeezing me too hard!

"I am so glad you're alright...so worried...look a new scar!" Their words washed over me and I could feel their care and concern. They really did care about me! That thought rose above the other feelings and I could feel unashamed tears fill the corners of my eyes as I hugged them back.

"I missed you too guys!" I murmured and relished the soft arms around me. I could feel Lucretia let go of my hand and I watched as she stepped into the room and slowly approached her Da...I mean, Papa.

(Lucretia's View)

My Papa!

I walked closer, slowly...still in my human form but even that comfortable shape was trembling as my true form fought to reach the surface. I could smell him now, he was always larger than me, and smelled of dry heat and stone. I reached a hand out and laid it on his bicep, trembling a little.

"Papa...?" I was almost ashamed at the Timidity in my voice, but a larger part of me wanted to laugh and dance!

"My Little Bird!" He rumbled, and I could feel my skin tingle with the power of his voice. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gwen's hair begin to fluff up from the static charge! My Papa was as full of emotion as well, made me feel better about being timid. Hearing his voice say my name after only hearing Balmont say it as a way to torment me, I let out a sigh and a knot in my chest began to loosen. My Papa was in front of me and I hadn't seen him in over 30 years. This called for something special!

My form changed in mid swing, my muscles groaning with the strain as I aimed a blow to the center of his chest. My foot darting forward at the same time to strike him in the knee! I solidly hit on each blow, only to find his large black hand holding my fist against his shoulder and his leg turned so my foot was resting on the thick part of his thigh! He was smiling down at me, his teeth so white in that dark face of his. Papa reached down and folded my wings back as he gathered me in his arms and picked me up against his broad chest. I felt more than heard his words as he murmured to me.

"Oh, my Little Bird! My precious Daughter! You still remember my lessons well!"

"Always strike when not expected!" I whispered back and cuddled my arms around his neck. I let Papa feel the sharp tips of my claws on the back of his neck and he chuckled darkly. "Good girl!" Then set me back on my feet. His large hands, my Papa's large hands and fingers touching me! He placed them on my shoulders and started to turn me, I stepped back raising my arms and arching my wings while turning. I could feel my Papa looking at me, I could feel his Pride!

(Greg's View)

"Look at you my Darling!" Marid gushed, his voice rumbling like thunder over the horizon. I could see Lucretia's face smiling as she preened before her dad, or papa, or...just Marid.

I should just call him Marid. Or should I call him Dad? I mean I am sleeping with his daughter, and we are in a relationship. I mean I call her mother, "Mother" so would I call Marid Dad? Oh...shit! I am having sex with his daughter. Mother had no problem with it but this is her father, and I have been boning his "Little Bird!" He is a djinn, and djinn are not really known for their patience and understanding. They are noble and powerful beings with a mercurial nature. Marid is a force at the very least as strong as Mother, which means much stronger than me. I had only met him once with Lucretia just as my roommate. We hadn't done anything really sexual beyond kissing. Now, considering not even 15 minutes earlier she had been bent over my kitchen table...

"You appear to be well Gregory, both inside and out?" Marid asked.

While having a whole lot of thoughts run through my head I had missed Gwen and Jemima stepping away from me as Marid came closer. Lucretia was standing next to him, her arm around his waist as his arm was around her shoulders. She was giving me a strange look. Marid just seemed to smile knowingly, which made my skin crawl! I wondered if he could read minds too like Mother could? Or if he had just been around long enough to be able to guess at what I was thinking?

"I am doing better than well," I answered, "It's good to see you again...am I supposed to say something formal on meeting you or...something?" I held out my hand to shake, but got a shock when he brought both arms forward and gripped my face in his large hands and kissed me on each cheek before embracing me! I almost tried to yank away from him until he released me and gave me a small bow while words I did not understand were spoken. He bowed once and kissed his fist, again and held out an open palm to me. I looked at his hand, and said, "I do not understand..."

Lucretia who was beaming at me said, "Papa is offering you his thanks, and his Blessing on us."

"That's great...so what do I do?"

"I assume you would tell him you accept?" Lucretia volunteered.

"How would I do that?" I asked back.

"Just tell him you accept!" Lucretia said, sounding a little exasperated.

"I don't speak the language he is speaking..."

She started to open her mouth, then considered. "I had forgotten that Master, I apologize." She walked next to me and took my left hand in hers, then spoke the words of...acceptance? I think? The way it sounded she could have been telling him anything from an algebraic equation to the Gettysburg Address! The response seemed good though as Marid stood and waved his hand at the center dining room table. In changing clouds of colored smoke platters and trays of food appeared along with drinks and candles and lamps of oil. Thinking back on it, I am able to better describe the foods.

There were several types of salads, and something called "mezze"...which didn't help since there were several small plates that Lucretia called mezze! Which, as explained to me, mezze means "Appetizers!"

This made sense as the olives, goat cheese, grape leaves, hummus and dates all couldn't be called mezze, they were just too different from each other!

Then came the main course, meat that tasted like beef and some fish from different plates all seemed to be cooked in an oddly spiced tomatoe sauce of some sort and was then served over rice. I asked the names of these dishes but I still can't pronounce them to this day! Except for one, and it wasn't a dish, but I fell in love with this drink of theirs.

I think I would drink it over Mountain Dew, if a choice came down to one or the other. I hope I never have to make that decision.

Its called Aryan, and at first I thought it was a milkshake until I saw it was not thick. So I thought it was just milk, with a foamy head on the top of the glass and a sprig of mint leaves to garnish it. I had an extra bit of this meat and rice and it was a bit spicy. I reached over and thought I was downing a big swallow of milk, but I was only half right!

I spluttered but swallowed, didn't want to appear rude to our host. I finished my mouthful and then took another sip. It tasted like watered down, salty, yogurt and mint. Which sounds disgusting I know, but...I'll be danged if it didn't quench my thirst and take the fire out of those spices! In fact, after my second and third drink it tasted really good!

We were halfway into the main course when the front door of the Gatewatcher's home opened and shut and a voice called out into the house.

"Jemima! Gwen! I am home and you are not going to believe what happened last night! Greg's Dad and Lucretia showed up on Pack Lands and "Spoke" to dear old daddy and the bullshit he has been pulling..."

Hildy came walking in.

She kept right on talking as she walked into the dining room her head lowered and sighing, "I didn't even have the energy to stop by the hospital to see how Greg was doing. There is so much stuff to catch you up on..."

We all, Gwen, Jemima, Marid, Lucretia and myself followed her progress as she walked through the dining area. Still talking as she walked out and down the hall to her bedroom. I caught the tail end of her saying, "Just going to take a quick shower!" Followed by her bedroom door closing.

Marid began to snicker, his hand covering his mouth. Gwen giggled and began following suit, Jemima poured another glass of blood and raised it in the direction Hildy's passage!

I looked at Lucretia who was using her clawed finger tips to set another chunks of vegetables and meat on a bed of rice. She had the technique down and could eat without using silverware very easily. I kept on dropping or crumbling it! I had a sort of reverse déjà vu with teaching her how to use a fork and knife way back when we first met.

"Does Hildy know about Marid? Does she even know that I am okay now?" I asked to everyone at the table.

"She knows that I went to heal you at the hospital..." Gwen supplied as she tried more fish, with her mouth full Jemima finished her thought.

"I am guessing that since she has been busy being the new Leader of the Pack and getting settled in, she is just very tired and missed that your all..."


Jemima was interrupted by a shout from down the hall and a statuesque blond in a towel came running into the room!

Hildy stood with a loose towel held with one arm around her torso, her other hand stretched out leaning on the wall for support. Her eyes wide and I could hear her breathing heavily.

"Oh gods!" She murmured and she began blinking her eyes rapidly, like she was going to cry. I stood up and walked over to her, wiping my fingers off on my jeans. I was starting to appreciate eating utensils, eating with fingers is fun, but hard on clothing! Laundry day was tomorrow, its all good. They were work pants anyway, tomato stains are just par for the course!

Hilda was doing her best to keep her face calm, but I could see her emotions beginning to crack through.

"Greg I'm...so sorry...my Dad, and you getting attacked...I wanted to visit...your Dad came to visit...I..." Her mouth opened up and shut a couple of times and her lips were quivering. Tears were threatening to fall from the corner of her eyes. I stopped her by stepping in and hugging her tight. I heard a small growl behind me, and a low rumble from Marid. The growling stopped and the large djinn gave a low soft chuckle as Lucretia sighed in annoyance.

Hildy stepped back out of the hug and her eyes got wider as she saw the massive black djinn in worn silk vest, shoes and baggy pants. I still don't know what to call those pants either. I also still want to laugh at those curl toed slippers he seems to favor wearing. However I like remaining unhurt so I will stay silent about them!

"A djinn!" she snorted in disbelief.

"Bless you!" I replied making her look at me in surprise. "What you said...? It sounded like a sneeze so I just...Never mind. Want to come out and eat with us and tell us what's been going on?"

In a few short minutes Hildy was out and sitting with us and wolfing down food. I got to hear what everyone's side of the story was from their own perspectives which was odd. Very odd.

It's hard to describe, and it sounds kind of arrogant in a way. I always see everything from my own perspective, and maybe it makes me a little self centered? I don't know. But hearing what everyone was saying about their expereicnes while I was out cold was eye opening. Also humbling.

Gwen riding her bike out to the hospital and healing my body up, Hilda talking to her Dad the Alpha, Lucretia carrying me to my parents and then working with my Dad on the dumpsters...

"Oh damn! My job!" I groaned. Hilda waved a hand at me to get my attention, she had a mouth full of meat sauce and rice and swallowed hurriedly.

"Since I now am the, associate alpha, I guess you would call it. I asked for a volunteer to take over your job while you were in the hospital. Just say the word and you can step right back into it." She blushed a little.

"Tyson asked for it, said he owed you for not having your back. He told me to tell you he feels guilty over what happened."

"Well, that was nice of him. I will be sure to tell him I appreciate it." Hildy just stared at me, a small grin starting on her mouth. I looked back at her blankly and took another sip of my Aryan. Her grin got wider and I didn't look at her and instead tried some more of the veggies that Lucretia was putting on my plate.

"Greg?" Hildy said in a wheedling tone. I ignored her and looked over at Gwen and Jemima. Jemima was taking a long drink of blood and looking the other way away from me. Gwen was smiling at me and popping little appetizers in her mouth and chewing with relish.

Lucretia was giving me a curious look, and Marid was smiling broadly. He must have gotten the joke too!

"Greg...do you even know who Tyson is? Tyson Westcott?" Hildy asked.

"Nope!" I replied and continued eating.

Lucretia filled me in, "He was the dark werewolf. His skin is black like Jemima's."

Ah! Now I remember him! The one who didn't want to kill me, and I let run away.

"So...Hildy?" I asked. Changing the subject completely. "You are now the Associate Alpha? What does that mean?"

Her countenance turned business like and she nodded once while refilling her drink. "Basically it means that the Pack has given a vote of no confidence in my father. He still has the lines of power that comes from being an Alpha, but the trust is gone."

Marid stirred, "Little wolf, an Alpha would simply force submission through the Pack Bond. It would not matter if his wolves trusted him or not. They would simply obey."

Hildy jumped a little as Marid spoke and looked over at him again, peering a little. "This is Lucretia's father, we call him Marid." Gwen supplied.

"I thought Succubae killed the father's after...?" Hildy began when Gwen snorted in an unladylike fashion.

"Tell me about it! I am writing a whole new thesis paper on this whole subject, Marid has offered to tell me things on his perspective. Did you know that whole histories and civilizations are left out of our studies? The whole tale of the lost city/state of Atlantis...!" Jemima placed a hand on Gwen's arm and snickered.

"Another time babe." Then gave Gwen a quick kiss on the lips. Which made me sit up a little straighter when I saw that!

"Man! What else did I miss!? How long have I been out?" I said in surprise. Gwen and Jemima blushed under my scrutiny. Well, Gwen did. I couldn't tell if Jemima was.

Lucretia spoke around a mouthful of food. "They are carpet munchers Greg, some women are. Is it surprising? Some women just like women."

Hildy spit out her mouth of food and began coughing. Marid patted her back to help clear her throat. Gwen was staring in shock. Lucretia looked around at us in cofusion.

"Did I say it wrong? Carpet Muncher?" She asked, clearly enunciating the two words.

"Uh...you said it clearly." Gwen said quietly, and a little sadly. Jemima broke in sharply, "There a reason you calling us that Lucky?"

Lucretia looked confushed, "It's what you are called right?" She looked over at me for confirmation.

"I know I never used that word before. Lucretia, where did you hear it?" I asked.

"Oh! On television. There was a man in glasses with white hair who had dark robes and a long purple scarf around his neck. He was talking on TV and pounding on the wooden stand in front of him. He was saying how carpet munchers and faggots were going to burn in a lake of fire or something like that. He showed pictures of females kissing and males kissing, it didn't make any sense to me. I see females kissing each other all the time, and males kissing each other all the time." She stopped for a moment and looked at all of our faces.

"Did I say something wrong?" She asked again. I chuckled and shook my head. "Yes and No sweetie. Those are words you use when you don't approve and think what they are doing is wrong. They are just words, but words that are rude to people who are homosexual. People who like the same sex. Understand?"

Lucretia nodded, but I could tell we were going to have a conversation about it later. Now wasn't the time though.

Marid slowly stood and addressed us. "I need to depart soon, I would like to speak to my daughter alone before I leave." It wasn't a request but I stood as well and kissed Lucretia's cheek and taking her hand I transferred it to his. My succubus giggled a little as I did it, which didn't sound creepy at all. I felt a small sense of loss though as she looked up at her Papa and then they disappeared.

That was creepy! I hate...HATE when people do that disappearing thing!

"I think you need to monitor more closely what Lucky watches on television." I heard Jemima say behind me. I turned and saw her crossed arms as she tried to look at me with disapproval. Her lips kept quivering as she tried to fight her smile.

"I never expected to be called that either!" Gwen said with a giggle before she popped another grape into her mouth.

I sat back down closer to my three neighbours. I just looked at them, really looked at them.

With my Door gone, I could feel my emotions more readily and not like I was...I don't know how to describe it at all! All I know is that looking at the three of them I could feel tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. Gwen got up from where she was sitting and draped her arms around my shoulders as she hugged me from behind.

"You're open now. I feel it! Tell us what happened?"

And I did.

Yeah, I could tell everything, but why use up journal space? If you need a refresher then here it is...

I got threatened, attacked, passed out, saw Lucretia's Mom in a dream, broke down my Door because I needed to help Lucretia, dealt with my demons, got a big old boost in my magical abilities, and Lucretia and I kicked a Planar lord's horned butt!

Then I accepted Lucretia as my own and told her I loved her, then showed her I loved her in a very very physical way.

"You had sex with her!" Gwen said excitedly? She ran away and snagged her notebook from her back pack. I raised up my hands to stop her!

"No No! That's personal. I am not, repeat NOT going to give you details about what sex with Lucretia was like."

Gwen waved her hand at me in a pacifying gesture, "I don't want to know about that! I want to know about the wish."

Which threw me for a loop! What was she talking about? She could see my look of confusion.

"You took Lucretia's virginity correct?"

I nodded.

"So...what did you wish for?"

I felt I must have nodded off in the middle of this conversation because things were not adding up.


"Yes Greg?"

"What does virginity and wishes have to do with the price of cheese in India?"

Hildy leaned forward now, "So Lucretia never told you?" Now I was getting mad! Everyone seemed to know something and was surprised I didn't!

"It wasn't something we ever really talked about in great detail so please will someone tell me what you all are talking about!?"

Gwen sat straight in her chair and cleared her throat. I rolled my eyes, "Sheesh...go-go gadget professor mode!" I chortled at her.

Jemima quietly laughed, Gwen narrowed her eyes at me and pointed a finger at me threateningly. I raised my hands up in mock fear of the little witch, and couldn't help myself, "I get it. "Surrender Dorothy!" and all that. I will be good."

Hildy gave a loud bark of a laugh, and even Gwen was starting to smile. Then she began to explain.

"It is a tradition, kind of like geisha, that someone pays to be the first for a succubae. It usually happens when they reach the Age of Maturity. There is a...what would you call it? A well? A reservoir? Reservoir is probably most accurate. There's a reservoir of power that they carry that builds up over time. It is something that is used for the person who lays with a succubus as her first. The succubus cannot use it, it can only be directed by her partner/victim."

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