tagFetishMinnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 05

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 05


The following day nothing was mentioned of the previous evening's antics. Angie and Peter were initially deeply embarrassed when they came down the stairs for breakfast, but Minnie was her usual cheerful self and acted as if nothing had happened. But to Peter and Angie something had happened. Something that was totally humiliating but also sexually powerful. As much as they tried to deny it, both knew it was the most erotic experience they had encountered in their lives to date. They also sensed they had reached a tipping point, and their lives were not going to be same from now on.

That evening, after a busy day's work at the café, Peter and Angie watched television with Minnie. There was only sporadic conversation, yet the air was full of tension, mixed with anticipation. When 'Dancing with the Stars' finished on TV the newly weds politely excused themselves and went up to their room to shower. As they dressed in their flannelette pyjamas, both starred at each other with an awkward air of embarrassment. On a number of occasions they had attempted to discuss with each other what had happened, and how they felt. But embarrassment, combined with a lack of understanding of how to express their own feelings on their submissive behaviour, meant that the conversations had been brief and superficial.

As they exited their room to walk down the stairs to the lounge where they knew their landlady would be waiting, Peter took hold of Angie's hand and they walked down together. It was a silent show of support that Angie appreciated. It was recognition that they were aligned in whatever fate awaited them.

As they entered the room Minnie turned off her TV and beckoned Peter and Angie to stand in front of her. Nervously they shuffled over, Angie almost tripping on her pyjama bottoms, causing them fall down her hips. She quickly gripped them just has her pubic hair peaked into view. Angie could not help but blush with embarrassment.

"From tonight my dears," Minnie smiled, "The rules are going to change. Not a lot. Just a little."

Both Peter and Angie sucked in air in anticipation.

Minnie continued. "From now on before you enter the lounge you will go into my bedroom and fetch my hairbrush. When you come into the lounge you will stand before me, remove your pyjama pants totally, and hand me my hairbrush."

Angie's bottom lip dropped, and Peter could not help but wince.

"It does not mean I am going to punish you every night. If you have been well behaved and do as I ask, you will not receive a spanking. However, if I decide you need to be punished, for whatever reason, then you will be soundly spanked. You must do as I ask without question or comment. If you don't I will double your punishment. Are all my requirements crystal clear to you?"

"Yes," they both chorused without hesitation

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mummy," Angie whimpered.

Minnie stared at Peter.

"Yes, Mummy," Peter stammered.

Minnie continued. "When you are in this lounge with me you must always address me as Mummy."

Angie opened her mouth to enquire as to why they had to address her as 'Mummy'. Their experiences with their landlady were humiliating enough without them being further demeaned by having to address her as if they were a couple of her young children, not the adults they really were.

"At all times!" Minnie's stern response made it clear that any comment was not welcome, and likely to result in a sound spanking.

Angie closed her mouth and looked down at the floor as if she had found something fascinating in the pattern on the carpet.

"Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, Mummy," they chorused without hesitation.

"Right. Now, have you forgotten something?"

The newly weds looked at each other, bewildered, then turned to Minnie.

"Pardon....Mummy," Peter stammered.

"The hairbrush, my little darlings." Minnie rolled her eyes as if she was explaining something to young children. "Fetch it."

The newly weds quickly scampered out of the lounge and into their landlady's bedroom. The hairbrush was perched ominously on the dresser. Peter and Angie hesitated, neither keen to pick it up. Peter, trying to look braver than he actually felt, finally reached out and took the heavy wooden object in his hand. The hairbrush was no longer just a hairbrush, but an instrument capable of dishing out severe punishment. He looked at it briefly before quickly retreating from the bedroom, his wife silently following.

They shuffled back into the lounge and assumed their position in front of their landlady, Peter awkwardly holding the hairbrush in front of him. For a moment they stood silently while Minnie gazed at them from the comfort of her arm chair. Angie then realised what her landlady was waiting for. Quickly she elbowed Peter to get his attention, then untied the cord holding her pyjama bottoms up, letting them fall to the floor in a heap around her feet. She easily stepped out of them so that she was naked from the waist down, although her baggy pyjama top did at least afford her a modicum of modesty as it covered much of her pubic region.

Angie glanced over at Peter and found that he had also followed suit and removed his pyjama bottoms.

Minnie reached out and took the hairbrush form Peter.

"Lie down on your backs with your feet facing me."

Both were surprised by this request, especially as they were expecting to have to adopt a position that exposed their buttocks. They quickly complied, lying down with their arms at their side.

"Now bend your legs and lift them above your head and hold them there, keeping your knees wide apart." Minnie smiled, knowing the impact her request would have on her tenants' modesty.

Angie's eyes widened in horror. They were indeed going to have their buttocks exposed, and in the most degrading manner that she could ever imagine.

"Quickly my young ones," Minnie urged, "or the punishment will be doubled."

With great reticent both of them lifted their legs and pulled their knees to their heads. Angie was sure the shame was going to crush her, but with a deep breath she managed to find the courage to pull her knees apart. She had never felt so exposed.

Minnie stood up and looked down at her two totally exposed tenants. She could not believe the wonder of the sight before her. The power she had over the two of them was thoroughly intoxicating.

"Get those cute little butts of yours higher in the air," she commanded, "And open those legs wider."

She got the total compliance she wanted. The buttocks were raised higher and the legs pulled further apart to expose themselves even more obscenely.

"You are both going to be spanked ten times, and you will count each spank and say 'thank you, Mummy.' Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mummy," echoed back. "And if you move or fail to count, I will start from the beginning. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mummy."

The first spank landed sharply on Angie's raised buttocks, causing her gasped in pain.

"Owww! One, thank you, Mummy," she managed to grunt.

The next blow connected with Peter, and the intensity of the pain surprised him. It took him a moment to catch his breath before uttering "One, thank you Mummy."

Peter and Angie were both reduced to tears by the time they had received their full complement of ten spanks on their totally exposed buttocks. But despite the pain they both bravely held their positions, their legs pulled above their heads and knees spread wide apart.

Minnie placed the hairbrush on the table. "Don't either of you move, or I will repeat your punishment."

With that Minnie reached over between Peter's legs and gripped his flaccid penis. It only took half a dozen long hard strokes of Minnie's expert hand before Peter was fully erect. A dozen strokes later and he was grunting with ecstasy. When he came his sperm pulsed out from his penis in long hard spurts. Minnie used her hand to direct the flow of the sperm so that it landing humiliatingly on Peter's own face. Peter was wide-eyed with shock but was far too gone to be able to do anything about it.

With his orgasm completed Minnie directed him to hold the position, his face awash with his own sperm.

Minnie then turned her attention to Angie. "Now, how is my little Angel? Keep those legs nice and wide for Mummy."

Despite her discomfort from having held the position for so long, Angie managed to open her legs wider. She felt so degraded as her landlady knelt before her, obviously taking in the sight of her total exposure. But despite the humiliation, Angie also knew that she was wet with sexual excitement.

Angie's arousal was quickly confirmed by Minnie as she ran her finger along her tenant's slit, and then held it up so that Angie could clearly see just how wet she was.

"My little girl gets very wet when being spanked by Mummy, doesn't she?" Minnie moved her finger closer to Angie's face.

Angie's response was to pout her bottom lip and screw up her face in embarrassment.

"Open up your mouth and suck on Mummy's finger."

Reluctantly Angie slowly opened her mouth to allow her landlady to insert her finger. Angie instantly tasted the saltiness of her own cum.

"Suck harder," Minnie directed, inserting her finger even further into the mouth of her hapless tenant.

As Angie sucked noisily on the finger, Minnie reached down with her other hand and thrust several fingers deeply into Angie's vulva. Angie's eyes bulged wide with shock at the sudden invasion, but she continued to suck hard on the finger.

As Minnie stroked her fingers quickly in and out, she used her thumb to encircle Angie's clit. Very quickly Angie was panting with excitement, struggling to take in breath because of her posture and the fact that she was sucking on the finger that was still inserted deep in her mouth. Angie's orgasm hit her like a giant tidal wave cascading onto a beach. Unable to scream as she normally did when in the froes of orgasm; she emitted long hard grunts of total ecstasy, breathing noisily out of her nose. The waves of pleasure just kept blasting through her like nothing she had ever experienced. By the time her orgasms subsided Angie was near collapse.

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