tagFetishMinnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 09

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 09


The following day was Saturday and both of the newly weds, Angie and Peter, were scheduled to be working at the Replete Café. Peter had tried to enquire from Angie as to what had happened the previous day but she seemed embarrassed so he did not press for the details. As they were about to leave the apartment to walk to work, Minnie poked her head around the corner.

"Don't be late home my darlings as I am having a party tonight," Minnie chirped.

"A party?" Angie responded.

"A fancy dress party, actually."

"A fancy dress party?" Angie repeated.

"Yes, my little parrot. A fancy dress party. Guests are to come dressed as a nursery rhyme character and you are both invited."

"But we have nothing suitable to wear to a fancy dress party." Angie was almost apologetic.

"Oh don't worry, I have already chosen something special for you both." With that Minnie disappeared back into the kitchen.

Peter and Angie glanced at each, a little surprised. It was nice that Minnie had invited them to her party, and even though they weren't really into fancy dress parties it did sound like it could be fun. Angie informed Peter how, the day before, Alice had made her wait outside the shop while she collected fancy dress costumes from inside. For the rest of the day they speculated on what the costumes might be that Minnie had got for them. They tried to recall all the nursery rhyme characters they could think of.

By the time the newly weds had finished their day at café they were full of anticipation. They arrived back at the apartment just before dinner time and quickly tracked down Minnie in the kitchen and excitedly asked if they could see their costumes. Minnie laughed at their enthusiasm but told them they would have to wait. She informed them that once they had finished dinner they were to take a shower and wait in their rooms until Alice came in with their costumes.

Like children eager to open their Christmas presents, Peter and Angie quickly ate dinner with Minnie and Alice before disappearing to have a shower. While they were in the shower Alice brazenly entered the bathroom and began putting on her makeup. This embarrassed the newly weds who were reluctant to exit the shower while eighteen year old Alice was in the bathroom. They tried to wait her out but clearly Alice was in no hurry. Realising they could not stay in there forever, Angie quickly stepped out of the shower and hurriedly reached out for her towel. However she had no sooner taken it off the rail when Alice stepped over to her and took the towel from her.

"Mummy can do that," Alice smiled, "Now lift your arms up above your head so I can give you a good rub down."

Angie was embarrassed by the close attention from Alice, especially as her husband was watching intently from within the shower. Obediently she put her arms above her head as requested, and Alice proceeded to dry her off with over-vigorous rubbing with the towel. Alice paid special attention to Angie's pert small breasts, massaging the towel across them several times until her nipples were firmly erect. Alice then tapped the inside of Angie's thighs so that she opened her legs, and then began to rub the towel over her buttocks and pubic region. Not surprisingly, she also paid special attention to these regions, making Angie hold her buttock cheeks apart while her anus was dried, and then crouching down while the towel was rubbed vigorously across her vulva.

Angie could feel herself becoming flush with all the intimacies, but finally Alice gave her bottom a tap, told her she was all done, and then turned to beckon to Peter to exit the shower. Peter stepped out and stood obediently beside young Alice. He was embarrassed by his nakedness, and also embarrassed by the fact his penis was semi-erect.

Alice then proceeded to give Peter a repeat performance of the towel rubbing, making him stand with his hands held above his head. She systematically dried him from head to foot, and when she got to his pelvic region she brazenly took the tip of his penis and lifted it up before vigorously drying his scrotum. By the time she let go of his penis he was almost fully erect, and when she began stroking it with towel he had to close his eyes and force himself not to cum.

Although she tried to tell herself not to be silly, Angie could not help feeling jealous at the liberties Alice was taking with her husband, but she also knew there was no way she was going to complain.

Finally they were both dismissed by Alice, and told to wait, naked, in their bedroom until she came with their costumes. The newly weds darted down the hallway to their room, desperately hoping that no-one would see them in their naked state. Silently they sat on the bed, saying very little but both full of anticipation.

They were kept waiting for what seemed a very long half an hour before Alice eventually entered, holding a shopping bag. She was dressed up as a princess and looked totally gorgeous. With a smile she tipped the contents of the bag onto the bed beside the naked newly weds. To their dismay there only appeared to be a few items of clothing and what looked suspiciously like a diaper. Nothing like the elaborate princess outfit that Alice was wearing.

Peter was made to stand up and Alice handed him a blue shirt and matching blue shorts which she told him to put on. He asked if he could put his underwear on first but Alice declined the request. The shirt fitted, but the shorts were tight and made of thin satin material which did little to hide the outline of his penis.

Peter felt ridiculous and frowned at Alice. "I don't understand. Who am I suppose to be?"

Alice gave him a condescending smile, "You are little boy blue."

Peter continued to frown, "Little boy blue?"

Alice sighed, "Yes, silly. 'Little boy blue, come blow on your horn, the sheep's in the meadow and the cows in the corn'. Don't you Americans know your nursery rhymes?"

Peter didn't respond. He still felt ridiculous.

Alice now turned her attention to Angie, who was silently eyeing up the items of clothing left on the bed, which seemed to consist of very little. With a cheery grin Alice picked up the small pink tee shirt and made Angie hold out her arms so that Alice could pull it over her head. The tee shirt was several sizes too small and barely came down to Angie's navel. On the front of the tee shirt there was a Barbie doll picture, and it was obvious to Angie the tee shirt was meant for a child.

Alice then patted her hand on the bed and gestured for Angie to lie down on her back. To Angie's horror Alice then reached over her prone body and picked up the oversized diaper.

"No, please," Angie groaned in genuine dismay and humiliation.

But Alice ignored the cries of protest and instead gave Angie a light smack on her leg and told her to lift her buttock off the bed. With great reluctance Angie forced herself to obey, and as she lifted her hips Alice slid the diaper underneath her and deftly sealed the velcro tabs on the sides. Angie was then directed to sit up, and Alice picked up the final item, a matching Barbie doll bib, and tied it around the 'baby's' neck.

"Now stand up and let me admire the both of you," Alice could not contain her smile. She was having so much fun.

Embarrassed, the newly weds both stood beside the bed in front of an admiring Alice.

Angie finally overcome her shock enough to find her voice. "But I am dressed as a baby," she protested petulantly, "I can't go to a party dressed like this. I feel so stupid."

"Well you don't look silly. I think you look like the pretty little baby you really are," Alice responded.

Angie stamped her foot angrily. "I don't feel pretty. Who am I suppose to me anyway?"

Alice sighed and rolled her eyes. "Rock a bye baby, in the tree tops, when the wind blows the cradle will rock. Don't you know that nursery rhyme?"

"Yes I do," Angie agreed reluctantly, "But I can't go to a party dressed like this. I look ridiculous."

"So do I," Peter chimed in.

"Oh, stop being so silly and ungrateful. Minnie has put a great deal of thought into your costumes. You don't want to upset her, do you?"

Peter and Angie both hung there heads, feeling bad about their petulant behaviour.

"Besides, everybody will be wearing silly costumes. I bet no one will even notice you." With that reassurance Alice departed the room, confidently smiling to herself that she had set the scene for what was sure to be an entertaining party.

Left alone in the room, Peter and Angie both sat down on bed, bewildered and with mixed emotions. Despite Alice's reassurances, they knew they both looked ridiculous. They could hear all the guests arriving but decided to wait a while longer until the party was well underway in the hope that they could slip in unnoticed.

Eventually they could wait no longer and, hand in hand, they walked down the stairs and attempted to sidle into the lounge without attracting attention. However their attempts failed and the raucous conversation in the room tailed off markedly as people began to notice the new arrivals. Shyly Peter and Angie glanced around the room. Everyone was dressed magnificently as kings or queens, princes or princesses. No one was dressed in a costume that was even remotely embarrassing, with the exception of themselves. Both blushed with embarrassment as they felt all eyes focus on them.

Eventually Minnie sauntered over, looking very regal in her costume, and offered both of them a welcome glass of wine. She then turned to her guests and introduced them.

"These are my lovely tenants, the American newly weds I was telling you about, Peter and Angie. Aren't they just delightful?"

Much to Peter and Angie's continued embarrassment there were murmurs of approval from most of the guests. Several of them then came over and began to engage them in conversation. Gradually they began to relax, but both had this constant feeling that the guests were eyeing them up and down. Peter was conscious of his penis being barely contained in his blue satin shorts, while Angie was aware that her erect nipples were protruding through the thin material of the tee shirt. She tried to adjust the baby's bib so that it covered both of her nipples but it was nowhere near wide enough. She didn't dare look down at her diaper as she was mortified at how she looked down there. Her slim, attractive tanned legs looked so incongruous poking out from a pair of diapers.

For the next couple of hours Peter and Angie tried to mix and mingle as best they could, despite their self-consciousness, and both drank a few too many wines to try and overcome their embarrassment. It was clear that many of the couples that were present were gay couples, both males and females, ranging from late teenagers to mature persons in their sixties.

The relative harmony of the evening was eventually broken when Jane and Bev, who had been on the other side of the room chatting to another female couple of similar mature age, made their way over to the American newly weds.

"Well, hello my darling Miss Tiny Tits," Jane greeted rather too loudly, her words slightly slurred from all the wine.

Angie hung her head, embarrassed at the reference to her small breasts that many of the guests heard. "Hello Aunty Jane," she responded shyly.

"And this handsome fellow must be Peter." Jane turned her attention to Peter.

"Hi," was all Peter could think of saying, not knowing who this overbearing woman was that his wife referred to as 'Auntie Jane'.

By now all casual conversation in the room had ceased and Peter and Angie were again the centre of attention. There was a palatable air of anticipation filling the room. Minnie and Alice came over to join Bev and Jane beside the newly weds. Peter and Angie quickly exchanged glances. They sensed events were about to take a turn for the worse.

"So you have met my little boy blue," Minnie joined the conversation.

"Little boy blue," Jane pondered.

"Little boy blue, come blow on your horn, the sheep's in the meadow..., you know the nursery rhyme."

"Indeed I do, but I don't see his horn," Jane added mischievously.

With everybody watching, Minnie let her eyes deliberately stray down Peter's torso until she fixed her gaze on his crotch. "I think I might have spotted something. Naughty little boy blue is hiding his horn in his pretty blue shorts."

All eyes were now focused on poor Peter's crotch and he squirmed at the unwanted attention. To his horror he could feel his penis becoming erect and pushing out the bottom of his shorts. In desperation he tried to nonchalantly place his hand in front of his crotch, but Minnie quickly spanked his hand away, admonishing him like a naughty child. This caused laughter to erupt amongst the guests, which only served to increase Peter's embarrassment and at the same time increasing the hardness of his erection. His penis was now clearly visible poking out beneath his tight blue satin shorts.

"I think it is time Mummy removed those shorts of yours so everyone can see the horn of little boy blue, don't you?" Minnie's licked her lips seductively, resulting in a further chorus of laughter to ripple through the room.

"No, Mummy, please don't." Peter felt that his voice sounded like a childish whine.

"Now, Peter is it not true that you love to drop your pyjamas in front of Mummy so that she can give your naughty little horn pleasure."

Peter screwed up his face in shame. It was true. So very true. He derived intense pleasure from being made to exhibit himself and then allowing someone to force him to orgasm. Slowly he nodded his head, acknowledging to Minnie that he knew she was right.

With a knowing grin Minnie gripped the waistband of the satin shorts and slowly began to lower them. Once Peter's penis was free it sprung upright to attention. It was rigid hard and pulsing. You could have heard a pin drop in the room as everyone's attention was firmly locked on the submissive young male. Minnie had promised all her guests that she had entertainment planned that was guaranteed to make their pulses race, and she was not wrong.

Minnie lowered the shorts to the floor and made Peter step out of them. She then unbuttoned his blue shirt and removed it, leaving him totally naked.

"Now my little boy blue, put your hands on your head and I want you to walk around the room and proudly display your horn to our guests."

Peter had never felt so humiliated, but found himself doing what his landlady had requested. With his hands on his head he walked over to the first group of guests. He couldn't believe it when they all took turns at reaching out and touching his penis. Some just stroked it lightly, while others squeezed him so tightly he winced.

Peter continued to move around the room, and he could feel himself beginning to sweat as all the manipulation of his penis was making it hard for him to fight off the urge to cum. The final group in the room consisted of six males, of which a two of them were acting overtly homosexual. Peter suspected they were probably all gay, and the thought of standing naked in front of them with a penis crying out for relief was almost unbearable.

Expertly each of them began flicking their fingers at Peter's penis, causing him to squirm in discomfort. They knew he was on the verge of coming but by just flicking his engorged member he was not getting the stimulation he needed to orgasm.

"Arch your back and stand on your toes," one of the men commanded.

Peter obliged, arching his back and thrusting his penis forward. He managed to go up on his toes even though it was hard to balance. He felt he was displaying his body in the most obscene way possible. Yet he had never felt so exhilarated and so fulfilled sexually.

One of the males stepped forwarded and roughly gripped Peter's penis, squeezing it tightly, causing Peter to groan with the mixture of pain and intense pleasure. Continuing to hold it tight he quickly stroked it several times with long hard strokes that stretched the foreskin to its maximum. Suddenly the male released his grip and sperm immediately began pulsing from Peter's penis, arching out over the carpet in a series of waterfalls. Peter tried to contain himself but he was beyond having any control as the intense orgasm ripped through his body. There were gasps of astonishment from the guests.

"What have you done, you naughty boy, Peter," Minnie's voice quickly brought Peter back to earth. "You are a very naughty little boy blue. You need to be punished. Now go and get Mummy's hairbrush."

Peter grimaced, then quickly left the room and returned a few seconds later with the hairbrush.

Minnie snatched it from him, feigning anger, and took the hapless Peter by the ear to the middle of the room. "Now open your legs and bend over."

Peter quickly obliged, bending himself over like a staple. What followed was a prolonged assault on his buttocks that lasted the next fifteen minutes. Minnie started the spanking but then invited guests to step forward to take their turn. Peter was reduced to tears and sobbed loudly as the each guest eagerly took their turn. Some of the guests were relatively gentle on him but, but others clearly did not know their own strength and caused Peter to scream out at the pain. When it finally ended Peter was ready to collapse on the floor in exhaustion. Minnie kissed him on the cheek and suggested it was time he went to bed. Peter did not protest.

Angie felt a lump in her throat as her husband shuffled out of the room, rubbing his tender buttocks. She felt for sure that the attention would now turn to her. But to her surprise Minnie informed her guests it was time for more drinks, and conversation began to return to the room. Alice thrust a large glass of water into Angie's hand which she was thankful for as her mouth was dry and she had already consumed too many wines.

Minnie seated herself in her favourite chair and beckoned Angie over to join her. Angie giggled as she felt unsteady on her feet. Her head was swimming with a warm fuzzy fog, partly due to the wine, and partly due to the eroticism of what she had witnessed happening to Peter.

Minnie indicated for Angie to sit at her feet. Angie knelt down, glad to be seated, and rested her head on her landlady's lap. Gently Minnie ran her fingers through Angie's hair as she conversed with the other guests. Angie felt secure and contented. Her embarrassment over being dressed in only a diaper and a thin pink tee shirt was dissipating. She wasn't sure if it was the wine, but in a weird way her situation almost felt natural. When she tried to rationalize her situation it just confused her, and it was just so much easier to accept the inner feelings of contentment that radiated through her body.

Angie had drifted off into her own little world as she rested her head on Minnie's lap, only vaguely absorbing all the conversation that was taking place around her. She was aware that Minnie was talking to someone seated beside her, and could hear a strange noise that sounded like a baby crying. Angie turned her head slightly so she could see who Minnie was talking to. To her surprise it was a woman who was cradling a young baby who looked to be a few months old. The woman was an attractive, dark skinned Pacific Islander of a similar age to Angie.

The woman was trying to get the baby to stop crying, but then decided it was obviously hungry. Angie gazed up in fascination as the woman began to unbutton the top of her dress and reached in to fondle with her bra. She then exposed one of her very full breasts and Angie was surprised at how large and dark her nipple was. The woman gently cradled the baby in her arm and guided its mouth onto the nipple, whereby the baby instantly stopped crying and began sucking hungrily.

Angie gazed contently at the sight of mother and child, and couldn't help imagining herself as the baby, suckling contentedly on the breast. Minnie glanced down at Angie and smiled when she saw the envious look on her face. Moving her hand from the top of Angie's head she slid it down to touch her lips. Almost as if by instinct, Angie parted her lips slightly and allowed her landlady to insert a finger into her mouth. Without hesitation she began sucking, keeping her eyes locked on the baby and the mother's breast.

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