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Mirror Mirror Ch 10

byMy Erotic Tail©

(I would like to thank all of those who wrote a chapter of "Mirror Mirror" making it an excellent chain story. Chapter 2 was even the chain story category winner for April 2004. I hope everyone gets a chance to read all the chapters and enjoys them as much as I have. Thank you, and enjoy this ending tale as the Mystery unravels.)

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Chapter 10: The Mystery unravels

The Mirror cracked into a thousand pieces from one small hole punched through the glass. Bill had fired his .45 pistol at the mirror after I had screamed, "No." The sound of the glass continuing to crack and got louder. Bill stood there with the .45 still aimed at the Mirror.

"You dumb ass, now were gonna get caught," Donna said as she scrambled to gather her things.

"I heard someone behind that Mirror scream," Bill said still pointing the barrel of the pistol at the Mirror.

"You idiot, it was probably the room next door," Donna spat. Sarahhh lay on the bed in shock and fear from the loud noise the gun blasted. I felt my body for holes because the bullet had to of gone right through me. I guess you can't kill the dead.

The glass still cracked a bit and then started to fall apart a little at a time. A vacuum sound started to ring out as vapors filled the room. The mirror crumbled in pieces to the ground bit by bit. The old Antique Mirror that was in the family for over thirty years. My Mother always said it had magical powers but today its destroyed.

The window (mirror) into the bungalow suite was disappearing as the glass slowly fell piece by piece. I didn't know what to do. I went to the mirror and tried to hold the pieces in place but my hand went right through them. 'Huh,' I reached even farther and my hand went through the wall. I couldn't see the suite or Bill and Donna. The Mirror was destroyed. The glass lay in a thousand pieces on the floor. I put my hand in and out of the wall, testing this strange feat. I can't see anything but a wall that my hand goes through it.

Hearing a low creaking sound I turned and looked back to see the door in my room was opening. "Huh," I was confused, my mind was racing. 'What to do?' I ran to the door and peered down the long hall with lots of doors along its stretched out, walkway. I went into the hall and slowly walked and checked every door knob. They all seem to be locked. After about seven or eight doors, one of the knobs turned. I stopped, I eased into the room and looked around. Seeing another Mirror that peered into another room at the Resort. I saw Rosie cleaning.

"Rosie, ROSIE..." I screamed at the top of my lungs. "The Honeymoon suite, GO...to the honeymoon bungalow...NOW!" I was yelling over and over, Rosie looked around. I knew she heard me when she laid her cleaning rag and spray bottle down and left out of the room quickly.

I turned and ran back to my room that I stayed, I couldn't see anything, the Mirror was broke. I went to the wall and placed my head to it to listen. I went right through it. I was in the room of the Honeymoon suite and my feet were still in my old room. I went through the broken mirror. Slowly I eased into the room and Bill and Donna were going out of the door. Sarahhh lay on the bed still.

"Oh my God, they killed her," I thought as I ran to the bed and tried to grasp Sarahhh but my attempts were futile. I leaned down and gazed at her laying there and saw her chest move. "She's alive," I was relieved.

Then came a knock at the door. "Hello, anyone here? I the lady to clean you room. Hello?" It was Rosie.

"Come in Rosie, NOW...come in." I shouted.

I heard the door knob turn and she entered. Her eyes got wide as quarters when she saw Sarahhh on the bed tied up. "Oh dear," Rosie said as she darted to the bed and turned Sarahhh over. Rosie began to untie her, then ran around the bed to the phone and called the front desk, "I find woman tied up in Honeymoon suite, call policia pronto." Rosie then went back to checking on Sarahhh.

The Ambulance, Police and Administrators for the resort all converged quickly in the honeymoon suite. Sarahhh was rushed to the hospital and the names on the registration were of course John and Jane Smith, according to what I over heard. The Police questioned Rosie several times. I walked over to Rosie and whispered ever so lightly into her ear.

"Their names were Bill and Donna, they did this Rosie. Tell them, Bill and Donna, they'll know who they are." I leaned back and Rosie looked around with a bit of fear, then told the Officers their names. I smiled, they won't get far now.

"Now, for my revenge." I said to my self.

I, Charles Falcon the third, who was murdered at my own estate am free from the Mirror that I became intrapped in when I died. Now I can try to bring to justice the one who murdered me, so long ago now I couldn't begin to say when that was. But My time has come.

I wanted back at Mansion so I began walking but as soon as I took a couple steps down the sidewalk I was walking up the steps to the Mansion. Strange, but thankful, time is a funny thing in the realm of the unliving.

345 Hickory Lane, my home for so many years, I was saddened and happy at the same time. Knowing the estate was sold in an Auction but it was still home. I went right through the front door without a thought as to turn the knob or stop and knock. Went straight to the study as I had done so many times repetitiously when I resided here.

The furniture was different but that didn't matter. I knew my wife was a crazy decorator, never kept stuff in one place to long. Always moving furniture around the Mansion. That's why I had a secret wall safe built years ago.

I walked to the marble slatted wall and gazed into its mesmerizing polished stone. Probably one of the best things I ever did was have this secret compartment built.

I heard voices from the front entrance. A mans deep raspy voice, then the study door opened wide. I was astonished. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Tom White...the Governor?" What the...

I stood back and watched as he walked to his desk sorting through the mail. He tossed some papers on the hard wood surface and settled into his seat. Pushed a button on the telephone and the messages began to play.

"Mr. T, This is Lady Hawk and Raven, we huh...ran into a problem. We still haven't found those documents and Raven...the dumb ass, well he got a little carried away. You shouldn't be concerned though were going on a little excursion that will put us out of touch for a few weeks. You have my cell if you need us. Bye."

"Dumb shits, couldn't find a pecker with both hands," Tom spat.

I recognized the voice. It was Donna, they're running. Where, I wondered? What documents? Then the chimes rang out from the front door bell.

"Senior White." The maid called.

"Yes Blanca," Tom answered.

"It is the police, they wish to speak to you, Senior," Blanca never come into the study, she yelled from the hall.

"Oh, huh...ok. Send them in." Tom scrambled to clear his desk. I found this curious so I went to the side of his desk to see what he was hiding. I wasn't quick enough, he shut his desk drawer as the study door opened. In walked a man in plain clothes with two dressed in uniform officers.

"Governor White, I have a writ for your arrest," said the detective in plain clothes. They all walked in quickly and each uniformed officer went to either side of Tom to ensure his cooperation.

"What is the meaning of this?" Tom spat angrily.

"Well, seems your accomplices, Bill and Donna have confessed for a lesser charge. They claim you and Allen Falcon, Killed Charles Falcon for the estate, company and some missing stocks, bonds and accounts in the Caymans. You have the right to remain silent..."

This is an outrage...I never," Tom yelled. My mind swirled into memories. I recall the night I was shot. I turned and saw my brother behind me. I couldn't believe he had shot me. But he was standing there behind me. But I recall once I fell into the mirror I was disoriented...but a voice telling my brother, Allen, he was a coward. That voice again...It was Tom. They were in on it together? My grandfathers fortune had not been found because I had it hid.

I turned towards the Marble slatted wall where all those papers lay. This was what they wanted. The police took Tom out of the study and I presume to jail. My Brother? Who knows. He never really had it in him to kill, but to get into a dirty deal...well yes. Now what?

I reached through the wall but I could pick anything up. I could tell the hidden area was there, I know all my grandfathers wealth is still here. But how do I get it and who gets it now. "My wife, Trixy." Trixy was my pet name for yer.

I ran back to the front hall and heard the car drive off out front. Blanca come back into the house confused and mumbling in Spanish. "BLANCA," I shouted and she stopped and looked around with fear. "Blanca, please help me, call Trixy Falcon...TRIXY FALCON!"

"Seniora Trixy?" Blanca said with a slight whisper.

"Yes," oh God yes, she heard me, thank God. "Yes, Trixy Falcon, tell her to come immediately, pronto." I was excited and thrilled and confused. My emotions were tangled but I had to see my wife. I just knew this was so very important. I missed her. I didn't know if she and Allen were in this together, but now I know it was Tom. Blanca went into the kitchen were she usually stayed and called Trixy on the phone, I heard her say it was important. I was relieved and scared at the same time.

It was a couple hours. I was on pins and needles with anticipation, when I heard the front door chime. I was in the study and became frightened and couldn't move. My wife after all this time. I heard Blanca answer the door.

"Seniora Falcon, please come this way." I got to my feet from sitting on the floor and encircled in thought. I went to the front hall and there she was. The love of my life. She was as elegant as ever, her ora glowed a bright light blue. I had never seen an ora before but I saw hers. Blanca was rambling about ghosts and Tom taken by the police. Her confusion mirrored mine, only I was the ghost with just as many questions about how all this come about. How do ghosts live? I'm a ghost and I couldn't tell you. Other than it's a lonely life with just as many questions as the living have.

Trixy walked slowly about the house with wondering eyes. I followed her around like a faithful dog. I wasn't sure what to say yet. I was just in heaven to be here at home and see her again. Free from the Mirror that had trapped me for so long.

"Charles?" She spoke. My heart sank. I was shaking like a leaf and I was the ghost.

"Trixy." I said lightly.

She spun on her heels and looked dead straight at me, as if she saw me. But then she looked off just an inch so I knew she heard me but still can't see me. "Trixy, go to the study." I said in a low tone. Trixy turned and in almost a run darted towards the study. I knew then she could hear me loud and clear.

Once at the study she inched her way into the big room. Looking around high and low. "Charles?" Trixy asked with a curious tone.

"Yes Trixy,"

"Oh my God," her hands covered her mouth and tears whelped up in her eyes. I saw her hands. Her wedding band? It was different. I had bought her a huge diamond ring. This was not it.

"You remarried?" I asked with a harsh tone. Anger filled me and I didn't know why. How long had I been gone?

"No," she replied.

"You have a different wedding ring?"

"No, silly. Remember...this is the one you gave me the night you proposed. I had to sell the big diamond ring to make ends meet. But this one is the one that is special to me, Charles. Charles? Are you OK? God I've missed you. Where have you been?" Trixy's question rolled off her tongue faster than I could answer them. The ring then seemed familiar, that had been a lifetime ago.

"Trixy, listen...this is important. Go to the desk and go through the papers on the right hand side and lay them out on the desk...please."

Trixy looked puzzled but did as I asked. She went behind the desk, opened the drawer and pulled out the papers that were there and laid them out. I began scanning them for a clue. What clue? What was I looking for? A reason? Money wasn't the only motive was it? My eyes darted across each page as Trixy laid them out.

"Charles, what are we looking for?"

"THIS..." There in front of me was the answer. The reason the son of a bitch had me killed. For my grandfathers money. For the Falcon wealth. The family was used by this scoundrel for financial gain and for what? "Trixy, pick up the yellow note pad...and read it."

Trixy looked around the room as if trying to locate me. Then gingerly picked up the pad and began to read: "Isle of Capris...4.2 million dollars, Harrahs...980.000 dollars. Charitable benefit to bring 500.000 dollars will pay to Harrahs first." Trixy stopped but there was more. "Does this mean Tom owed this money?"

"Bet your sweet ass he did, oh my...you still got a fine figure dear." I couldn't help but notice her bent over the desk with one hand supporting her weight while the other held the yellow pad daintily. I recalled several great times we had in this room. We couldn't wait to up stairs so we made love right here. Over a different desk, but in the same spot, with her bent over pretty much the same way. Her moaning and pressing back into me. I had a hold of those luscious thighs and driving my cock deeply into her sweet ass. She was a bit of an anal lover. God how I missed that. Her breasts were firm and the longest nipples you ever saw. I use to tease her, of how if I would investigate, she would win the Guinness book of records for the longest nipples. An inch at least. Both were lightly pink, protruding from a darker pink oval. One was just a tad larger than the other. I would lick and suck them till they were so hard she would say they hurt.

"So who...well...shot you Charles? My mind has thought of that ever since that night." Trixy became saddened.

"Seniora Trixy," Blanca called from the hall while knocking on the door.

"Yes," Trixy answered.

"This may help, it is a black light, I go to the children's room and get for you. It will show if the ghost come." Blanca looked all around the room slightly scared. Blanca plugged the light into a wall and started to turn it on.

"No" Trixy spat. "I will do it, thank you, Blanca.

"No problema," Blanca turned cautiously peering all around for the ghost that she knew was there, just couldn't see.

Trixy waited till the door shut then she went and turned the over head light out and turned the black light on. Turned slowly towards me and as I moved from behind the desk her eyes followed me.

"You can see me?" I asked.

"Yes Charles," She began to cry, I went to comfort her but as I gripped her, my hand went right through her as it does with just about everything. I knelt before her and she looked at me, sniffling. "God how I've missed you."

"I missed you too, honey." I was about in tears myself. "Trixy, Tom shot me, Allen was supposed to but chickened out so Tom did it. You'll have to convince the police you know this with the evidence on the desk."

"What evidence? There are some debts but that's not enough." Trixy dried her tears.

"Come here." I walked to the Marble wall and she followed. I pointed to the trick button that looked like a diamond stud. "Push it." She seemed a bit surprised but her shaking hands pointed and her long lean finger with red nails pressed the button and the hidden compartment opened.

"What's this?" Trixy's eyes got wide. She gazed into its lighted space.

"This is the Falcon fortune...this is what they wanted." I was relieved that it was not going to be hidden forever. "Now our kids and you...will be able to live here and run the Falcon estate and empire like my Grandfather would have wanted. I looked Trixy up and down.

"What's this?" A mans voice came from the door. It was Allen. My brother the scoundrel.

"Allen," Trixy spun on her heels and looked back at the open secret compartment.

"I told Blanca to call me if anything funny went on, or if you showed back up here. I even gave her a couple hundred dollars. Amazing what money will do." Allen turned on the light then slowly walked to the safe.

"Allen don't you touch a thing." Trixy spat. She looked at me then back to Allen. I knew they couldn't see me anymore so I moved behind the desk. The drawer was open. There sat a recorder. I went to press the button but my fingers went right through it too. I was pissed now.

"The ROD?" I thought, the rod is solid. Well the only thing I can touch that will touch other things. I reached in my jacket pocket and pulled out the rod and pushed the record button. "Now I'll get his confession to helping Tom.

"Allen, Charles is here." Trixy said as Allen walked up and kissed her. There lips met then separated.

"What, that's crazy?" Allen scoffed.

"I'm serious, how do you think I found this?" Trixy pointed to the hidden safe.

"You fucking bitch, you and my brother?" I yelled.

"Sorry Charles, but we were together a long time and..."

"Your crazy," Allen spat. "You actually think Charles is here?" Allen looked around laughing. Trixy darted over and turned out the over head light and there was Charles coming from around the desk.

"See." Trixy blurt.

"Charles?" Allen saw me too.

"Yes, you sorry asshole. Didn't have the guts to shoot me yourself so Tom had to do it." I blurted.

"Well actually if Tom had waited a few more minutes I would have pulled the trigger myself, But you know Tom...he's impatient. How come your here now? You been here all this time?" Allen seemed curious.

"No..yes..I seen what you two have been doing." I said

"Oh so you saw me fucking your wife for weeks after you died...how poetic."

I was growing enraged but I had to get him to talk, to record this event for anyone. I walked around to the front of the desk and tried to get them to talk towards the recorder. Yeah, that's it use my head, not my anger.

"Well, then you know I had some large debts with the mob. The casinos tore me up. I had to come up with the some large cash quick. But you had the shit hid Charles, I couldn't find the accounts or the bonds, stocks or even the fucking mortgage. But I got around the mortgage, sold the whole damn estate to pay my debt. I still owe a lot of money and if I don't pay them soon, well you know how the Mob is." Allen said while rubbing his hands all over Trixy, letting me know she was his now. Her eyes barely left the floor with her head hung low.

"Yeah that's right," came a voice from the half open door to the study.

"Vinney," Allen began to sweat bullets. A couple of men in black suits come through the door.

"Sorry senior Falcon, Trixy, these men they just come barging in." Blanca said following in behind them.

"It's OK Blanca, thank you," Allen said nervously. "Vinney, I will have your money in a couple days, see I found my Grandfathers fortune." Allen pointed towards the open safe. Vinney and the two men with him walked to the safe and looked inside.

"I don't see any money in there Allen," Vinney said disappointed.

"Well no...there's stocks and bonds though and accounts in the Caymans," Allen said with a hint of fear. Vinney turned towards the two men with him and with a nod of his head they rushed and grabbed Allen.

"You see Allen, I been telling you for weeks to come up with the money. You haven't even given me a call and said hey Vinney, I got stocks and bonds and accounts in the Caymans." Vinney walked around in front of Allen. The two men pressed him to the ground. Vinney opened up his jacket and pulled out a pistol with a silencer attached.

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