Miss August 2001


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

It was a typical hot afternoon dawning over L.A. while a party was underway at a luxurious mansion. Summer time was always good for social events, if money could afford it. Outside, the sky was blue with no clouds at all. The perfect day of summer weather spent at a pool large enough to hold a dozen people. Today was a party at the mansion of a successful filmmaker's high profile place. Curtis Johnson had spent the past couple years boasting and indulging in the excess of the high life ever since making it into Hollywood.

Bryce found himself attending the party despite not wanting to show at first. The man in his early 40's, dressed down in a white button up shirt and jean shorts while his shoes flipped and flopped a sound as he walked to the back of the mansion. His body was athletic in build, even with the first few buttons of his shirt undone. Despite being in his early 40's, the sandy blonde hair over his head had yet to fade out and he could still pass for a younger age. His face was clean shaven, just like his body was tanned from exposure in the sun. He was a fitness trainer, one of the most notable in town as he had worked alongside a number of high profile models and celebrities. His gym had made it on television in a feature regarding fitness training and high profile names many times over the years.

The big number of 46 was fast approaching his birthday in the following weeks of August. Bryce could remember when he first started in fitness training far back in the early 2000's when he was only 31. Time passed a long way since then, but all that was tucked in the back of his mind right now as he heard the sound of commotion, water splashing and people talking as he made it to the back of the mansion. His eyes gazed at the pool full of people enjoying their day. Over to his right, a black man approached him holding his hand out to shake.

"Bryce, nice of you to make it today."

"Likewise, man. How you been doing?"

"Just fine...just fine."

The two men shook hands together and then Curtis turned to look back at the swimming pool. He was dressed in swim trunks and with a towel over his shoulders exposing his hairy chest. It was obvious from his appearance that he had not jumped in yet but was about to.

"You come here to swim, Bryce? Or is this just a social visit?"

"Maybe both, kinda depends. I had a pretty rough night trying to sleep."

"I hear ya on that, well the waters cold if you want to get in."

A blonde girl in a red bikini came stepping out of the pool, throwing her hands up in her wet hair as she looked up to greet Curtis. She was skinny with what appeared to be big tits and a piercing in her belly button.


"Susan, how the hell are you!?"

The girl ran up to Curtis and embraced a big hug over his body. Bryce stood there and watched before she turned to look at him and Curtis spoke.

"This is my friend Bryce, you meet him yet?"

"No, never seen him before."

The girl extended her hand out to shake Bryce's before Curtis carried on.

"This guy here, he's one of the best fitness trainers I've ever seen."

Bryce spoke next.

"Name's Bryce."

She smiled at him before responding.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Susan. Maybe you can give me a work out sometime. See you later, handsome."

The blonde stomped off, walking away from both men before turning around and teasing Bryce with a sharp smile. He couldn't be bothered, a dime a dozen blondes all over this part of town were very common. Curtis threw his towel away and climbed into the pool. Bryce turned his attention to look over the pool. So many people were in it, and from the distant view it appeared that the pool had a large deep end for good swimming. His attention would be attracted seconds later to another creature climbing out from the pool.

A tanned figure in a red bikini came stepping out. Her hair wet, and her hands running through her hair as she looked up into Bryce's eyes. Those brown eyes and this curvy yet muscular figure was something he could never mistake for anything other than this woman. Jennifer Walcott stepped out of the pool dripping wet and smiled at him.

"Oh my god! Bryce! It's been so long!"

"Jennifer! How are you doing, wow you look amazing as always!"

"Oh I'm doing great, can't believe I got to see you again."

Her smile radiated memories to him. It had been so long since he had a chance to see Jennifer again, all the good times they shared back at the gym and training. He had been her personal trainer a long time ago back when was fresh off the success of her Playboy cover. Looking at her again, her body was still in remarkable shape. Those big round breasts were still amazing to look at, but most of all was that smile of hers. Bryce smiled back at her and reached out to hug her.

"I'm so glad I came, I got to see you!"

"I wasn't expecting to see you here, like oh my god! I almost had to do a double take!"

Together they laughed at her words, before she stepped back. From the embrace of a hug, Bryce's shirt became a little wet. Jennifer spoke up while looking back at him.

"So, you still training anybody? I know you still have that gym."

"No not lately, I'm supposed to be working with some model that did Sports Illustrated. But the manager hasn't called me back and it's been a week now."

Jennifer nodded to him and then smirked before replying.

"Well, maybe I can drop by tomorrow. Catch up on old times."

"I'd love that. I won't be busy or anything, so drop by anytime Jennifer."

"I will see what I can do, see you later Bryce."

She began to walk off from him but not before she turned around and waved to him. The two had old times together, many memories stretched out over the years. What felt like a long time ago had all of a sudden come flooding back in Bryce's mind. For every model he ever trained and had to work with, Jennifer was always the greatest achievement in his career. It wasn't even that she was a Playboy cover girl, she was the Miss. August and that month of his birthday. Seeing her for the first time in some years had sent his mind to another place, almost to the point he couldn't focus on this part anymore.

Jennifer had walked off and now Bryce sighed to himself as he began to leave the party. No one else recognized him in the span of a few minutes, not that he had to worry of any familiar faces. He smiled to himself, for now all he wanted to do was go back home and reminisce on the good times he once shared with that wonderful woman. The whole point of attending the party was just to go as a token of friendship to Curtis, but none of that mattered at this point. He had to go home and soak in the remembrance of all those old good times he spent with her.

Going back home, the man could not shake the thoughts from his head. It was a long time ago, but those memories were still fresh. By the look of Jennifer's body, she had aged to perfection. He had reached over the age of 40 some years back and soon she would be crossing that line too. Back at his apartment, he put on some old music for the sake of thought. His photo album had been taken down from a shelf and now he dived into the old times that were captured in still photos.



August 16th, 2003

Light shined brightly out of the windows upstairs to the gym while Bryce sat back in his chair over looking some photos that Jennifer had brought to him. She walked tall in a pair of huge white platform high heels that boomed loudly over the floor. Her amazing body was decked out in matching white 'daisy dukes' style shorts and a bikini top with a pattern of cherries over the white fabric. Underneath her shorts was a thong matching in the cherry pattern and her signature Playboy bunny tattoo looking lovely on the right side of her chest below her belly button. The outfit had been worn to a previous photo shoot and now she was showing off for Bryce.

"These photos are amazing, wow...but what can I say when I have the real deal standing in front of me?"

Jennifer smirked looking down at him. There was truth in his words she could not deny. Softly running her hand through her brunette hair, she made the move to put her hand on the back of the chair and then straddle a place right on his lap to sit down on. Bryce breathed in hard as he starred into those beautiful brown eyes of hers. Jennifer leaned in and pushed her lips to his and sunk into a deep passionate kiss. She didn't come here for nothing, dressing in the same outfit of a recent photo shoot. This was all for pleasure and fun with one of her closest friends. Slowly breaking the kiss, she leaned back on his lap to give him a view of her muscular body stretching out and those huge amazing roundly shaped breasts.

"You didn't come here for a work out, did you?"

She slowly shook her head keeping eye contact with him. A small grin had appeared over his face before she answered him.

"The only work out I need is through you and me! Both of our bodies together!"

With a smug smile, Bryce nodded. He moved the photos from his hands and allowed them to fall to the floor.

"That can be arranged."

"Oh, I know it can!"

Jennifer began to grind her hips over his lap. His growing cock could be felt over her plump ass. She leaned up as Bryce moved his hands over the strings holding the little bikini top together. She decided to help him by reaching behind her back and untying the little white strings. Snatching the bikini top to reveal her huge round breasts to him, Jennifer smirked while throwing the bra to the floor.

"You see something you like?"

"Oh yes, I do!"

His hands ran over her tanned bronze body before clamping his palms over those huge breasts. Jennifer's tits were a unique pair to Bryce's eyes, something he valued with their large size. She closed her eyes and moaned while continuing to grind her hips over his lap. She spoke up once more.

"I think you're ready to play, aren't you?"

"Fuck yeah, I'm ready!"

"Good, so am I!"

It was time to get naked, at least for her. Jennifer lifted herself from his lap and stood in her huge platform heels. She unbuttoned the little shorts she was wearing and went to sliding them down, just as she could see Bryce's rod poking right up in his pants. His shirt was already unbuttoned exposing his muscularly built chest. Once the shorts were off and she wore nothing but the matching red cherry thong, Jennifer kicked the shorts off to the side. She lowered herself down to her feet, still standing tall thanks to the support of such large high heels. Grabbing at the white strings holding her bikini thong together, Jennifer stopped herself and looked up at Bryce with hungry eyes. She had other things on her mind now at the sight of what was poking right up in front of her.

"You can take this off soon, right now I wanna play with your big cock."

"I'm not going to object to that, let me get these pants down for you."

"Oh no, leave that to me."

Her eyes gazed up at his with a look of ambition. Jennifer was hungry and there was no way he was allowed to say no to her. She placed her hands up at the front of his dress pants and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them. Luckily, he wasn't wearing a belt to hinder in the way. She pushed his pants and underwear down at the same time, revealing his meaty cock. Bryce had shaved his entire body like other body building trainers did. She didn't have to worry about any ball hairs. Once she got his pants pushed down past his knees, she leaned in and wrapped her right hand around his cock while her left hand played with his balls. Jennifer smiled at him while stroking his meat up and down.

"I think you're ready for some action."

Bryce nodded to her and just smirked. Jennifer had that playful smile on her face that he had witnessed moments earlier in the photos. Stroking his cock up and down, she came to a stop and moved her thumb over the head as if she was pressing a button. Looking into his eyes, she parts her puffy lips and then lowered. Taking his dick into her mouth as she slowly began to suck on it. He moaned softly as the beautiful Playboy goddess began to give him oral pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, that's it baby. That's it."

She ignored his words full of moans. Jennifer was focused solely on sucking his huge cock, bobbing her head up and down on it over and over. After a good bit of sucking, she came up and made a loud pop noise to come off the head. She gritted her teeth looking at him before spitting on it and stroking his cock again.

"Oh yeah, you like that Bryce!?"


"You like me sucking you off, getting you about ready to blow?"


"Mmmmm, so do I!"

Jennifer laughed before leaning up. She took his cock and began to beat it up against her left breast, teasing him as it created a slapping sound through the room. While she could have easily sucked him off until he blew a nut for her, she had other ideas. Jennifer wanted to be fucked right now. Returning his cock towards her mouth, she gave it a few more loving sucks before plopping her lips back off of it. She looked up into his eyes and spoke in a demanding voice.

"Get up. Get up and fuck me, Bryce!"

"If that's what you want, that's what you're gonna get..."

One heated event would lead to another, in all due time. She raised herself from her feet and gave him another face. Gritting her teeth and dropping her lip, Jennifer had the look of an animal. She turned around to him and decided to not give him the treatment of removing her thong. She untied the strings while Bryce began to raise himself up from the chair. He still had to get his shoes and pants off before he could properly give her the fucking that she had desired. Slowly she let the thong fall to the floor, exposing her huge ass to him that was rightfully shaped with her incredible body. Jennifer looked over her shoulder to make sure he was getting up to undress and then she took the loud walk forward over the wooden floor.

From the distance was a workbench that caught the corner of her eye. Jennifer stomped her large platform heels forward over to the workbench. There was on a couple of small weights sitting on it, but it was perfect to support her body in a position for him to make use at fucking her. This had been far from the first romp they shared in the gym, last year they made sure to moan up every corner of this large room. She put her hands over the workbench, looking down at the blackness of the paint on the front. A couple seconds later, Bryce's shadow loomed over her. The man had stripped completely naked and was ready. Jennifer turned around to look in his eyes before he kissed her softly on the lips. Putting her hand at the back of his head as he kissed her, she turned her body forward to face him. Breaking the kiss, he spoke in a low voice.

"You know baby, those heels make you a little bit taller than me."

She giggled before responding.

"I thought you'd like that."

"I do, I think it's cute."

Biting her bottom lip playfully, Jennifer responded to him.

"I'm ready, you gonna fuck me?"

Bryce nodded, no need to respond in words. He put his hands down on her hips to lift her up over the bench. She spread her legs for him on each side of his body. He looked down to see her sweet opening, the small patch of hair there gave him the sign just as her wetness leaking from the inside. With his hands hugging over her hips, he thrust forward watching the head of his cock enter her. Jennifer gasped and threw her head back. Just as she expected, he slid right in and now it was time for a ride. She used her hands to hold herself against the workbench while Bryce began to thrust into her. Moaning loudly, she called out for him.

"Yes! That's it, fuck me Bryce!"

With him pounding into her, Jennifer went on and made use of those huge high heels. Wrapping her legs around him, the end of the heels poked down into both of his ass cheeks while he pounded his cock into her pussy just the way she wanted it. His cock entered her pussy and slid back out before pumping right back in. Over and over, her large breasts began to shake a bit as the workbench made racket sounds to the rhythm of their bodies. Looking up into his face, she screamed.

"Yeah! Just like that! HARDER! FUCK ME!"

He groaned as he continued to thrust into her. Over and over, fucking this gorgeous woman. Her heels dug into his ass cheeks but he couldn't be bothered as he received so much pleasure pumping his cock into that tight pussy. Bryce's eyes wandered to her breasts and he simply couldn't resist. He moved his hands to push over her tits and squeeze them. She closed her eyes moaning. He was always the man to give her a hard fucking, just what her strong body was built to handle. Jennifer eventually lost her grip on the edge of the workbench and her back hit the back of it as he continued to pound into her. She immediately clawed her hands to his back, breaking the flesh as she scratched her nails into his back. He cried out in pain and pleasure.

"God! Damn!"

Jennifer knew that soon she would be reaching her climax. The way he fucked her every single time, he knew just how to work up the breaking point for her pussy. She breathed in heavy and threw her legs out to spread them wider while he still continued to pound into her pussy. Closing her eyes, she swallowed hard. It was coming, as much as she was trying to hold off from it, it was inevitable at this point. Gritting her teeth for a bit, she groaned before crying out to him in a soothing voice and closing her eyes.

"Ohhhhhh, ohhhh yes! Bryce, make me...make me explode!"

"I will baby, you know I will!"

"Yes, yes, do it! Do it!!"

Bryce had to slow down. Her incoming orgasm was the least of his concerns, he wanted to try and hold off his own before he slid his cock into her other hole. With her hands still wrapped over pushing into his back, he moved his palms from her breasts and pushed down on the table. Thrusting into her hard one last time. Jennifer's legs began to shake as she cried to him.


The woman closed her eyes and moaned to the ecstasy of her climax. Bryce took a deep breath before he moaned himself, only for her own voice to drown the man out. Luckily for him, he had managed to hold off from busting a nut deep in that pussy. While she was lost in the ecstasy of pleasure, he softly slid his cock out to escape her opening. Bryce then lowered himself down to see it with his eyes, before placing his mouth over that lovely pussy and sucking her juices dry. Jennifer opened her eyes at the feeling of his tongue slithering inside of her.

"Ohhhhh, how sweet of you. Always the nice man you are."

Jennifer laughed at her own words. Not every man knew how to lick it down below, but Bryce made sure to suck her juices dry into his own mouth before swallowing it all down. He came up, kissing her pussy lips as he looked up at the goddess stretched out on the work bench. Bryce had another idea in his mind for his own orgasm right about now.

"I want you to get up and turn around for me. Hands on the table."

"Oh yeah, you want me from behind?"

"Yeah, I want to fuck that ass baby."

She let out a quick laugh before looking down to see that he had stepped forward. Jennifer couldn't blame him, he made sure to work her body out and fuck it just the way she was built to handle a session. Lifting herself up from the work bench, she turned around just as he asked her to do, and placed her hands over the front of the workbench. She hoped that it was sturdy enough to not fall over from the way he was going to pound her. This was not the first time she had done this with Bryce, she knew full and well how he was going to hammer her ass.

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