tagIncest/TabooMiss Hairy Armpits 2003 Part Ch 1

Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Part Ch 1


I have received several letters from readers and some of them had asked me to write about “Miss Hairy Armpits 2003”. Instead I replied to them to send entries, which would meet the criteria, which include (i) hairiness and (ii) some sex involved. Here are the ten best entries. I have edited some portions of the story.

My name is Jorge and I live in a village just outside Madrid. I am 21 and my older sister Julia is 23. Her boy friend Miguel is a real stud and I have always had a crush on Julia ever since I saw her naked in the pond which runs alongside our house. She is hirsute which her thick eyebrows always highlighted and when I saw her nude with tufty luxuriant hair in her underarms and a thick bush of pubic hair I was in love with her. I had fantasized her sucking my cock and even fucking her but I banished these thoughts except when I furiously masturbated every night thinking of her in the room next to mine and her bristling jet-black unshaven armpits.

A few months ago it had got unbearably hot and my parents had gone to Madrid I was alone at home when Miguel came in to meet Julia. Soon they were out near the pond and as I sneaked there I just stood there, dumbfounded. Julie was splashing in the nude with her boyfriend. Her arms were lofted above her head and at least six inches of long bushy hair sprung out of her unshaven underarms. I was immediately erect as my sexy sister was kissing Miguel. For an instant, all of my fantasies rushed in to my head but were soon chased away by my jealousy.

They were swimming around, playfully splashing and laughing, but kept their distances. Julia’s breasts are, in my opinion, almost perfect even as her bushy armpit hair almost grew till her breasts upwards in a curve. As I got closer, I wasn’t sure but I thought I could just make out his large cock sticking out of his trunks. I knew, that at that distance, his oversized schlong could be rubbing against her hairy belly.

As Miguel lowered his trunks I couldn’t help notice that his prick was even thicker and longer than before. It must have been at least eleven inches now and still was not fully erect. Julia was watching him too and her nipples were quite hard and her breathing short.

Miguel’s hands were now in her underarm forest. He tugged at the thick tufty locks in her hairy armpits and lovingly bent down and kissed the bushy hair in her untrimmed armpits. I heard him shout “ I love your extremely hairy armpits” and I could see he was fully erect and that his cock was simply massive and thickly muscled. She covered her mouth as his huge cockhead pressed hard on her soaked hairy opening. I heard a barely muffled scream and then a popping sound as he entered her. He had managed to work close to eight inches into her hairy pussy as his mouth licked the long hair in her unshorn underarms. I had started stroking my cock as I watched my sister being fucked by this strong sexy man. He began pounding her harder and harder. Suddenly Julia pushed him away. He looked surprised. She looked up at him and smiled and said, “I want you here pointing to her anal orifice. I was shocked. Did Julie want him to fuck her anally? This was exciting. "I love being fucked from behind, Miguel. Put your big cock in me Slam it in me deeply!"

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than he was up behind her with his cock throbbing and pointing at her wet open hole. I took a deep breath and jerked myself as he shoved his prick into her. She gasped as he stretched her asshole as his shaft pushed in. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh I love it” she screamed as my meat pulsated in my jerking hands.

Seeing the wild growth of dense hair in her unshaven armpits coupled with her being anally fucked was too much for me to take. I groaned and I saw Julia look up and spot me masturbating. Miguel was shocked at being seen fucking Julia and surprisingly he pulled his prick out of her and dashed away. Julia seemed a little put off at her lover being frightened and all of us were a little scared but Julia and Miguel seemed more scared and even as Miguel ran way my nude and very hirsute sister was in front of me looking at me with pleading eyes.

I seemed to be in a more superior position or at least it appeared from the reactions of Julia. My cock though was still hard and I could see that Julia was sweating as her bushy armpit hair was wet a mixture of sweat and water. The hair in her underarms looked very thick and sexy as I lurched towards her.

I pulled my rock hard cock out of my briefs and moved my hand to the back of her head and pushed it down towards my erect cock. “Please no!” She pleaded as the head of my cock touched her lips, “Please don't make me do this!” “Shut up Julia and start sucking or else I will tell Mama and Papa,” I ordered. I hoped she would agree even as Julia started crying now, she reached up and took my cock in her hand and began stroking it. She ran her fingers up and down my hard cock even as my hands pulled at the thick bushy hair in her jet-black hairy armpits.

I pushed her head down further and she started sucking near the head and kissing and licking further down. Her armpit hair was quite coarse as she moved her mouth over to my cum filled balls and licked them. She sucked one of my balls into her mouth as I groaned. Her tongue and lips worked to devour one cum filled ball, then switched to the other before returning her mouth to my cock. I looked down at her and watched my cock slide in and out of her mouth.

Her tongue licked and flicked along the underside of my shaft as I reamed it in and out of her throat. I grabbed her head and roughly moved her head back and forth along my prick as I continued to fuck her cock hungry mouth. Despite the fact that I was face fucking her Julia was definitely turned on. I gasped as I felt my balls swell in anticipation of exploding with a heavy load of sticky cum.

She sucked harder as she instinctively murmured, “I love sucking your cock Jorge.” These words of my sister had a salutary effect on me. I could not hold back and I said “I’m cumming baby. Swallow it all.” My hands grabbed her head and I shoved her hungrily cock-sucking mouth down hard onto my jerking cock. I exploded in her mouth as I spurted three or four large loads of my cum in her mouth, filling her mouth with my hot cum.

I started showering her entire body with my cum that covered her unshaven armpits, her pubic patch to her face. My darling hairy sister with her six inches of bushy armpit hair was a definite contender for Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 on account of her extreme hairy underarms and her insatiable sexual appetite.

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