tagBDSMMiss Harrison Gives Detention

Miss Harrison Gives Detention


Gary Edwards was eighteen years old and was all set to leave college within the next month when his final exams were completed.

In study class that afternoon Gary had become very disruptive. He boasted to his friends about the hot date that he had that evening with Jennifer Cousins. His friends were an appreciative audience to Gary's tomfoolery. Miss Harrison the class tutor was certainly not impressed by Gary's antics and ordered him to stay behind when the lesson finished.

The lesson ended and with class dismissed Gary was forced to wait to receive his punishment. Gary was annoyed because as it had been the last lesson of the day he now had to wait before he could go home and prepare for his date. His mind wandered to the possibility of having sex with Jennifer that night.

Miss Harrison didn't saying anything for about five minutes after the class had left for the day, but she stood at the classroom door making sure the corridor cleared. Gradually the voices of staff and students became less audible as they left to pursue that particular evening's entertainment.

Miss Harrison came into the room and locked the door. The classroom and the building were very quiet. Gary was still in a world of his own. Miss Harrison walked up to his desk, which brought Gary back to his current situation. She leaned forward placing her hands on the desk.

"You have been a very naughty boy," she said.

Gary could not help but ogle Miss Harrison's cleavage and could clearly see the white material of her bra. The words that she used did not register in his mind initially. He had been thinking erotic thoughts and the sight of the Miss Harrison's cleavage did nothing to stop the rock hard erection that he had. Gary was thankful that she hadn't made him stand up because the bulge in his trousers would be so evident.

"Stand up," ordered Miss Harrison.

Gary looked up at her open mouthed. Miss Harrison repeated her instruction. Gary pushed the chair back and stood up. The tutor gazed down at Gary's crotch and back up to his face. Gary's face had flushed red with embarrassment. He had no audience or classmates to 'play to' and was now in a detention situation.

Natalie Harrison was forty-five years old. She was a tall woman at five feet eleven inches, in fact as tall as Gary was. She had long dark hair that she tied in a ponytail. Natalie Harrison liked to keep in shape and she was proud of her size twelve figure. Her breasts were reasonably large.

Gary looked down at the floor as Miss Harrison moved behind him and pushed the chair away. She then moved in front of Gary. As he looked up she pushed a finger against his chest. Gary reeled back about three feet until his backside rested against the desk behind him. Natalie now moved to stand exactly in front of him.

Gary was an attractive young man with dark hair and an athletic body. He was also captain of the college soccer team. Natalie was now putting her career, future and reputation on the line. Gary couldn't believe his tutor was coming on to him but despite his embarrassment he found himself not wanting to stop her and not wanting her to stop.

Natalie pulled up Gary's shirt that was tucked inside his trousers. Gary just looked at Miss Harrison who was revelling in the situation. She eased down the zip and unbuttoned Gary's trousers and quickly pulled the garment down around his ankles. Gary's erection was still hard and a damp patch of pre-cum was visible against the light blue material of his underwear. Miss Harrison placed her hands either side of Gary's hips and eased down his briefs. As she leaned forward to push the garment around his ankles his stiff cock sprang straight up almost brushing against her face. His cock must have been about nine inches long. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock.

"What a nice big cock," said Miss Harrison.

Gary couldn't believe what she was saying or what was happening, not that he was complaining.

Natalie placed one hand on his balls and with the other she felt his cock. She could feel the heat of his cock as she tightened her grip. Gary felt he would explode any second. Natalie started to push Gary's foreskin back. She squeezed his balls with her other hand causing Gary to groan loudly. Gary was already sweating and breathing heavily but Miss Harrison seemed very calm and cool. Natalie began to masturbate Gary but as soon as she started his body started to spasm and jolt as he spurted out a thick jet of hot cum. Their followed two further thick spurts of cum. Gary almost buckled at the knees as his spunk splashed over Natalie's blouse, skirt, over her hands and fell onto the floor. She continued to milk out every last drop.

"What an impressive load," said Natalie as she looked at her spunk stained blouse and skirt.

She slid her cum covered hands across Gary's face. She pushed a finger into his mouth forcing him to taste his own cum. She lowered her hand to squeeze his balls and fondle his cock that had lost a lot of its stiffness.

Natalie told Gary to dress. Gary pulled up his underwear and trousers and he thought that would be that but Natalie had other ideas. When Gary had dressed he allowed Natalie to lead him into the storeroom. At the back of the class Natalie opened the storeroom door, almost pulling Gary inside. The room was small with metal shelving but there was also a chair.

"Let's see you," demanded Natalie.

Almost in a frenzy of lust she unbuttoned his shirt and actually tore at the garment, which sent buttons flying. She pulled off his shirt and ran her hands across his strong shoulders, his smooth toned stomach and chest. She quickly knelt down and pulled off his shoes and socks. She unfastened and pulled of his trousers and underwear in one swift motion. Natalie was impressed to see that Gary's cock was already stiff again and as erect as it had been just a few minutes before.

She gestured for him to sit in the chair, which he did. Natalie guided her hands all over his athletic body. Gary was moaning quite loudly as her hands explored him. She fondled his shaven balls and ran her fingers through his sparse pubic hair and giggled as if it amused her. She grabbed his erection and could see that the tip of his penis had become a darker shade of purple. Natalie could feel his cock throbbing in her hand. She briefly masturbated him before moving away from the chair slightly and standing in front of Gary.

She unfastened her skirt, which fell to the floor. She quickly slid down her black knickers and Gary stared opened mouthed as Natalie's dark pussy pubic mound was revealed. Gary had never seen a woman with such a hairy pussy, not even in magazines. Natalie kept her black spike-heeled shoes on as she positioned herself on Gary's lap.

Natalie grabbed hold of Gary's cock as she gyrated her hips on his strong legs. Gary could feel the wetness of her pussy juices dripping onto his legs. Natalie was moaning loudly and as she forced Gary's foreskin back she raised herself upward before guiding his rock hard cock into her sodden pussy. Natalie gasped her breath and almost shrieked with pleasure as she impaled herself onto Gary's throbbing cock. Natalie began to ride Gary harder and faster. Her partner was a once-a-night man as far as sex was concerned, but this young stud had become aroused again within a few minutes. Natalie found herself giving in to total sexual abandonment and pure lust.

Despite his bravado Gary was not very sexually experienced. Natalie was an attractive woman of that there was no doubt. His feeling of embarrassment had gone and he was now a willing student in her sexual game.

Natalie was urging Gary to fuck her as she continually thrust up and down on his erection. Gary was profusely sweating as he unbuttoned her cum stained blouse. He started to fondle her breasts through the material of her bra. Natalie pulled the bra above her breasts so Gary could fondle and caress naked flesh. Natalie's nipples were dark in colour and looked swollen but were long and firm as Gary felt them. Gary moved forward to tentatively lick and suck her nipples. Natalie pushed his head against her bosom to keep him in that position. Gary licked and sucked her nipples hoping that she was enjoying it. One thing for sure was that Natalie was enjoying pleasurable sensatuions and she continued to bounce on the teenager's erection. Natalie had reached a number of screaming orgasms as she became overwhelmed in complete euphoria.

Gary pulled his head up. His face was red and his body convulsed as he was on the verge of cumming. Natalie knew he was about to cum and urged him to fuck her deeply. With a final thrust Gary spurted his cum load, pushing his cock deep into Natalie. The thrusting continued as Gary ejaculated another huge cum load. Natalie was almost crying as she was so overcome with sexual pleasure. She continued to rock gently on Gary's still stiff cock for a time totally enveloped in the erotic and sexual sensations. Gary was breathing heavily and still coming to terms with the situation he found himself in. Gary had said very little but his body language and his eagerness to please as the situation evolved was evidence of his enjoyment.

Eventually Natalie moved off Gary and stood before him. Both Natalie and Gary were sweating profusely. Natalie took a moment to ogle Gary's naked body. His cock was semi-erect and Natalie's juices and his own cum made his shaft and balls glisten. Natalie looked very dishevelled but even in that state Gary found himself turned on and very aroused looking at her naked body.

Natalie told Gary to lay on the floor, which he did. Natalie knelt above him and lowered herself. She guided her pussy to his now eager mouth. Gary gently slid his tongue into her as she held her pussy lips apart although it was so well lubricated it was not necessary. Gary swept his tongue inside her wet pussy in an unknowing fashion. Natalie's juices gushed over his tongue and into his mouth. Gary thought he would suffocate as he tried to lick, breath and pleasure Natalie in what was a new experience for him. Natalie guided his head so eventually Gary found the spot and started to lick and work Natalie's clit. He worked his tongue for all he was worth and hoped he was hitting just the right place. Natalie was moaning loudly and was in sexual heaven as Gary took her to another crashing and screaming orgasm.

Natalie adjusted herself above Gary, turning so she could see and feel him. She guided her hands over Gary's chest and stomach before leaning forward to take hold of his semi erect cock. She ensured that Gary kept his tongue deep inside her wet pussy. Gary was almost gargling on Natalie's strong flow of pussy juices. She had become so sexually aroused and fulfilled that she hadn't cum so much or so strong for a number of years.

She started to fondle and feel his cock and to her delight it soon became stiff and erect once again. Natalie praised Gary on his large cock as she slowly masturbated him. Gary was licking and probing Natalie's cunt with great gusto. Her pussy juices ran freely across his tongue and down his throat. Gary could also taste his own cum as he brought Natalie to orgasm again. Both Natalie and Gary were noisy and their moaning and groaning would have been clearly heard had anybody been within the building.

Evetually Natalie hauled herself up panting and trying to catch her breath. She now sat across Gary's chest and continued to masturbate him. His cock was as stiff as when she had first undressed him in the classroom. Natalie leaned forward to take Gary's cock into her mouth. Gary let out a long lingering moan. Natalie sucked his cock before licking his shaft and moving down to lick and suck his balls. Gary felt her mouth return to sucking his cock. Gary felt his cock devoured by her expert mouth. Natalie took the full nine inches of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She repeated it a number of times. Gary felt as if he would explode as Natalie took his full length, something none of his future lovers would be able to do.

As Natalie returned to sucking he felt himself explode into her mouth. Some of his spunk dribbled from the corners of Natalie's mouth and ran down his shaft as she sucked. The remaining spunk load she happily tasted and swallowed. Natalie continued sucking harder determined to taste every last drop of what was his third cumming that afternoon.

Natalie moved herself off Gary. A drop of spunk ran across her cheek, which she took on her finger before licking it off. She ran a hand across Gary's stomach and along the length of his cock, which caused it to quiver.

Natalie and Gary both took time to recover and come down from the experience. Natalie thought she should feel embarrassed and ashamed but at that time all she could feel was total sexual fulfillment.

Gary watched as Natalie slowly dressed in front of him. Gary pulled on his cum stained briefs. Natalie stood in front of him to stop him temporarily dressing. She pushed her mouth against his and they exchanged a long lingering kiss. Natalie used one of her hands to squeeze his balls and cock through the material of his underwear. She then stood back and allowed him to dress.

They both returned to the classroom. Natalie unlocked the door and Gary left. Natalie left the building about ten minutes later, passing the caretaker on her way out.

Never before had Gary found himself in such a situation and the wonderful experience would linger long in his memory.

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